Kenneth Kirksey’s mind at play

If you’re looking for some non-sg blogging from a sg type, Kenneth Kirskey has a new blog about … well, whatever seems to strike his fancy. Kenneth and I sparred a bit back in the day when Avery first opened for bidness and Kirksey was still blogging periodically at the SN site. If you recall those exchanges, you already know that Kirskey and I don’t agree on a lot, but in the ensuing years, he and I have had occasion to correspond on this or that. And I’ve come to find him one of the most enjoyable and engaging and amiable and enlightening people to disagree with from the sg world.

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  1. christy wrote:

    Looks interesting, but noticed no one has commented on the posts. It must be kind of a bummer to post without response.

  2. buttercup wrote:

    “amiable” as opposed to Unthankful?

  3. Wade wrote:

    christy…. that happens much at other blogs about SGM.


  4. christy wrote:

    I guess Doug should feel all warm and fuzzy inside from so much attention.

  5. RF wrote:

    Well, I checked tonight and the conversation has picked up. Check it out.

    I enjoyed his blog.

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