Inside the producer’s studio

Legacy 5’s Tim Parton, who runs one of the more non-plastic artist blogs, has gone way off into the highweeds of orchestration and arranging, analyzing Lari Goss’s intro to “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”  Worth a look for any inside baseball types.

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  1. NonInsider wrote:

    Hmm very interesting, I have always been interested in orchestration… I also notice on Tim’s blog that they are taking requests for a new CD of gospel classics… Novel idea if you ask me…

  2. burt wrote:

    Next week, Tim analyzes the musical intricacies of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.
    The piece that he’s delving into is pretty cliche anyway.

  3. RDB wrote:

    burt, you’re allowed to catch up on your sleep before you post here again. Must be spring, the cranks are out. I just saw the first crank of spring, etc.

  4. MikeGibson wrote:

    Burt, you would have done what differently? I thought it sounded pleasant as a musician myself. Actually, very very nice!!

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