Field Report: The Perrys

A friend of mine went to a Perrys concert last night in Springfield, Mo., and since we haven’t had a live music update around here in a while (too long!), I pass along his report fwiw (thanks, Jrod!).

First off, I am a fan to the ‘nth degree. I just love to watch Libbi Stuffle. That said she was sick. They tried their best not to feature her on several tunes. Which is like running your car on bacon grease. Slippery at best. I was most surprised by the lack of material they did. In an hour’s time, 8 songs. Lib struggled through 4, ending with PKTC, before they took a break. Which from stem to stern lasted 27! minutes! I understood the goings on: Tracy talked and talked and talked and talked and fired up the ol’ chainsaw, and talked some more so that Lib could rest her voice for the next 4 songs. The big numbers, Did I Mention, Prior to A Prayer (one of the highlights of the evening for me), and ending with If I Knew Him.

Troy Peach, imo, faltered at times; his more country style doesn’t match the rich tones that come out of Haby, T and Lib. He is a beautiful harmony singer tho. JoJo was good, for the most part. He tried his best to fill the gaps that were left by Lib’s vocal struggles. She overcompensated on tunes in a lower register, sometimes hitting the big notes a little too big. Sick or not, though, her nuance and subtlety when she could muster the strength was perfect. D.I.M. is a great tune. I know you aren’t big on the lyrical construct, but they sell it.

The venue: full and rowdy. In all of the singings that I have been to in my life, a Baptist church in Springfield, MO, the rowdiest? People were whooping and jumping into the aisles during all of the faster songs. And, the place was packed. I showed up 5 min. late and had to wedge myself between a group of teens and a harem of blue hair’s in the balcony. I’d say 600.

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  1. MikeGibson wrote:

    How incredibly ignorant to take the time to evaluate one of America’s top groups on a night when Libbi was sick?? Are you even serious?
    Several things come to mind, but not many of them are pleasant. What a joke!! A fan to the nth degree would not have posted such horse crap!! A real fan would protect their friends from being discussed online and sharing all of their shortcomings on a night when Libbi was probably living on NyQuil.
    This just proves a point about this site. For the record, who is this “Friend of Mine” Doug that shared this.
    250 dates a year? And this smutshop evaluates the one night that they show up handicapped…. And then post it for everyone to see? Real Class, huh?

  2. quartet-man wrote:

    Umm Mike, I think the friend rated that concert because that is the one they went to. I don’t know who Jrod is (at least I don’t think I do), but maybe they just sent it to Doug as an email between friends because Doug knew they were going and wanted to know how it was. Perhaps they didn’t submit it initially to be published, but I suspect that Doug might have cleared it with them if this is the case.

    I love the Perrys too. They are one of the best on the road. I am fairly new as a fan (even though I liked songs of theirs back in the “I Wish I Could Have Been There” days. However, maybe your love of the people and desire to protect them is masking things a bit. The way I see it, it shows their determination to give a good show to the best of their abilities in spite of troubles. He (or she) also complimented Libbi on some songs that she was able to do well in spite of the ailment. Face it, even excluding illness (like what Libbi had), there are some days we can’t do as well as others. We all have off days and it is a fact of life. So, the reviewer caught them on a lesser night. He or she still managed to compliment them and explained why it wasn’t an average night.

  3. RDB wrote:

    MikeGibson - Ah, someone else missing their hour from the weekend!

    Hey, it’s spring, do a happy dance.

    Btw, some of us don’t get to a lot of concerts and therefore have to make do with what we get. Tough life, isn’t it?

  4. KDM wrote:

    Geez, dude. Calm down! I’d imagine the reviewer reviewed the concert she did because it was the concert she was AT. It’s not like the Perrys perform in Springfield every weekend or anything. I thought the review made it very clear that the reason the Perrys weren’t at their best was due to Libby’s illness, and not any inherent shortcomings of the group. There were just as many glowing compliments as there were constructive criticisms. I doubt anyone who reads the review is going to come away thinking the Perrys are awful and should never be seen again. Relax!

  5. Bryce wrote:

    MikeGibson wrote, “A real fan would protect their friends…”

    No one’s claiming friendship here, pal. And if you think artists are truly friends with most of — or in some cases, any of — their fans, well…

  6. ITF wrote:

    I saw Greater Vision a few months ago, the first SG concert I’ve been to in awhile. I had forgotten how few songs a group can do in an entire concert.

  7. gina wrote:

    I thought in the past I heard that the Perrys get a fill in when Lib can’t sing. Or was this a sudden illness when they were already on the road?

  8. Irishlad wrote:

    As you might expect us SG fans don’t get a lot of groups over,so when we do it’s with great expectation.However a few years back PSQ came over without Tony Peace leaving BC,KB,JP and a stand-in to fill the baritone part.They were dreadful,they knew it we knew it the dogs on the street knew it but what could be done?I think if a slightly negative review had been written the core of people would have understood,the reasons being self evident,as in The Perrys case.I don’t think the reviewer was overly harsh.

  9. NonInsider wrote:

    I also don’t think the commentator was overly harsh… Some people just have trouble accepting a truly objective report on anything… To many SG fans are looking through rose colored glasses at something that is not as rosy as and nice as they want to believe… I agree with Bryce… Very few SG artist are truly “friends” with any of their fans… They see most of their fans as their meal ticket…

  10. MikeGibson wrote:

    Irishlad, very well put. My frustrations were not and are not with the reviewer. This was a simple opinion of how they did while sick. My point is that you cannot find a review of the Perrys anywhere on here when they were extremely healthy and on the top of their game.
    As stated, it is a perfect example of how this site loves to jump all over the negative happenings within SG. After further review, I would like to apologize for the statements earlier. WHY? Because even horse crap has its place and serves a need in society.
    KDM, I feel like you missed my point.
    Bryce, your comment couldn’t be farther from relevant. I’m not seeking friendship. If you knew my capacity in the industry, you would know that I have served artists for years in the entertainment industry. My point is that if Doug were a friend to the artists, he wouldn’t pick such a review for the Perrys 15 minutes in the spotlight. They truly deserve a little more respect after the sacrifices thay have made for so many years. If offered, I will write a review of the concert we had recently with them. We’ll see if the invitation is extended?………

  11. Charlie wrote:

    I love the Perry’s myself and have seen them several times in the last few years.That being said,they need to sing more and talk way way way less.The last concert I attended they did 10 songs over the course of (about)a 2 hour concert.I love their singing I dont need to hear Tracy wax poetic about the Vols.I’m reminded of going to see the Cathedrals and they sang for 3 hours and performed what seemed like every song they had every recorded and I loved every second.

  12. buttercup wrote:

    why wait for an invitation? just e-mail it in and see what happens

  13. Irishlad wrote:

    #9 Dear Mr Gibson myself and the SG fans of N. Ireland cordially invite you to write a review of a recent Perry’s concert of your choice. R.S.V.P.

  14. Wade wrote:

    Hey Mike,

    Call your doctor and get some benzo’s. Chill OUT!!

    THIS WAS A REPORT!! The report explained Libby was sick. Everything else negative is true on THEIR BEST NIGHT!!

    They talk tooooo much and are still struggling for a nice blend.

    NONE of us are impressed by who cares what YOUR CAPACITY in the industry is or what you do to service performers. If you want ppl to care tell it!!

    Keeping it secret and using a bogus name, both I do not respect, indicate you are probably one of those IN THE WAY PPL THINKING you are helping at the Product Table or help them find a place to dump the toilet tank. GIVE US A BREAK!! The Toilet Tank and your DRAMA RESPONSE was the only CRAP on this thread.

    NOBODY on here agreed with your DRAMATIZED over reaction…well maybe your sock puppet, but you are probably using it to pleasure your self instead.

    I have read MANY things on THIS SITE positive about The Perrys.

    In the end… The Perrys still talk too much and they need to work on their blend.

    Q-Man you are way too nice. But we both still love THEM OAKS!! Hope your mega church is doing well!!!??

  15. gina wrote:

    Charlie said exactly what I was thinking. The last time I saw the Perrys, Tracy spent far too much time talking about the TN Vols and teasing with the audience about them.

  16. Bryce wrote:

    MikeGibson wrote, “Bryce, your comment couldn’t be farther from relevant. I’m not seeking friendship…”

    We miss understand one another. Your comment that “A real fan would protect their friends from being discussed online” seems to indicate that you think that fans should consider themselves friends of the performers, and should not allow these “friends” to be called out for review in public. I did not infer that you are seeking friendship with anyone. Would you be so kind as to clarify the intent of your statement if we are indeed getting the wrong idea?

  17. MikeGibson wrote:

    The comments from Wade are way out of line. For that reason, I will not take a chance of perpetuating any more conversations that are only pleasing to a potty mouth.
    For the record, My name IS Mike Gibson and I have served in the entertainment transportation business for close to ten years. My reputation and character is greater than anything one individual can destroy. I have served some of the greatest entertainers of our day from Tyler Perry to Bruce Springsteen and many, many more. I have been invited into their homes and they into mine and had dinner with them. I said all of this to prove a point. I, unlike some of the others on this post, have the right to take these comments personally. For the record, I have invested into several artists minstry whether it be by washing their bus for free, dumping their TANK as you call it, or making repairs when they had not the finances to do so themselves. It’s Not because of the fact someone gave a negative review to their poor performance, but rather that they posted a review of an off night rather than a night when they were prepared to give their best. Do we not all know when we are not hitting on all cylinders? Take WADE, for example… Poor guy thinks he’s funny???
    Bryce, hopefully that will clear up the questions you have.
    Wade, I see now that most of the comments that you make on here are uninformed. I also now understand why your Facebook page is commonly BEGGING for talent to come to your so-called comedy club. For if they were left to listen to your poor attempts at humor, it would surely be a painful, useless night unless the drinks were free. If you wanna dance any further, call me. My number is on FB.

  18. Dixie D wrote:

    Did Tracey mention that whenever he exercises he smells like bacon and then he gets hungry? Seriously, I have heard him tell that joke one too many times.

  19. Wade wrote:

    Yeah this guy…Mike Gibson… thinks leasing Motor Coaches to tour companies where the performer rides on the bus excuses his fem over reaction to the things I said above about him.

    Thinks because he leases buses makes him an expert on performing and the right to jump on some poor person who simply reported about a concert.

    He was alot like my 2nd wife and immediately JUMPED to the WORST interpretation of what the reporter was saying.

    Although there he is too chicken to put a link to his name when he post here… but he isn’t afraid to invade my facebook page. Which is fine. I can take it. I love BOOO’s as much as Laughs.

    If y’all think he is an idiot you can comment on my page towards the top. Because he is so fem he probably has his page set with HIGH PRIVACY restrictions, but if he does not feel free to blast him on his page. Here’s the link to it….

    I invite him down to the so called club and we can put him on the stick one night and make him a star, while leaving NO DOUBT!!

  20. Wade wrote:

    Yeah Mikey I am not surprised you would think my comments are out of line since a simple CONCERT REPORT…not review got your panties in your crack!!

    PULESE on all your dinners with Sprigsteen. I am now REALLY impressed @ how you just make my point for me.

    Why did you take your stuff down off my facebook page??? I would have been embarrassed too

    There are some WACKY ppl on here and NONE of them have come to agree with your interpretation of the REPORT!!

    WoW Mikey… so anybody that has every helped an entertainer has the right to OVER LEAP and jump to all kindsa of psychotic non realistic conclusions.

    You GO BOY!!! God Bless Your Heart!! You are in a perfect position to sniff some diesel fumes and it appears you got the flex piped right into your bunk on Tyler & Bruce’s Buses. Run it on in to your dining room next time you have them over.

    Wash their bus and empty their tanks while they are there. I bet that is how you got invited to the dinners. Their Coach’s probably needed cleaning!!

    Now go jump off another cliff!!

  21. Lovelife wrote:

    Guess this is where “Pray for your enemies” and Love your neighbors comes into play. Wade, you are one brutal person. Just sayin.

  22. Aaron K. wrote:

    Hello,to everyone! I just began reading,this blog.. It is really interesting,that one guy (Mike Gibson) gives his thoughts and everybody starts acting STUPID!!! Each STUPID comment about(Mike Gibson) shows that none of knows anything about the Entertainment Business… If you all did,the comments would have not been said.. I agree with Mr.Gibson,comment 100%…. Mike Gibson,keep the correct comments coming…. Lovelife your last comment is so true… Mike,thanks for be a friend…

  23. s.smith wrote:

    I was just reading the thread about where great music comes from, then to this thread. Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

  24. refereeTom wrote:

    Wade, the trash talking was a nice subtle attempt at defacing Mr. Gibson; however, I’m afraid it’s a poor attempt at logical debate. I’m also afraid you lost this one several rounds ago. Someone seems quite a bit jealous of the relationships Mike Gibson has built through the years.
    If Mr. Gibson is the one who sang several years ago in the SG field, he has spent several nights on stage and has the right to share his opinion. Why slam a guy for doing what everyone else on this site does? He gave an opinion; although he seemed convicted about his at the time, it was just that an opinion. You know, kinda like the person that started this whole thing.
    For the record, as someone who enjoys these blogs, Wade, your language and insinuations are very childish and crude. I see you as a child who kicks the ball into the neighbors yard and then makes the other kid go fetch it. Sorry, but someone apparently, obviously has eaten your lunch on this one. Maybe some benzos and a nap would help you rather than Mike??

  25. DP wrote:

    OK - everyone take a deep breath. There - - - - that’s better. I too am a huge fan of The Perry’s. I will see them tomorrow night and post a review when I get home. Libbi has definitely been sick for the past week, so hopefully she will start feeling better soon.

  26. kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    Why would someone trash Troy Peach and say he doesnt fit the blend? Have you heard them live? Like Loren didn’t stick out vocally? Joseph and Troy have a stage presence that is as good as any I’ve seen in a while.. So, Libbi was sick!! I would sound like garbage too if I was sick.
    Nominated for Female vocalist of the year, she has very little to prove to y’all. Her job speaks for itself!!
    Tracy indeed talks too much, but this is a trend that SG has been locked into for many years. I recently attended a Trace Adkins/Martina McBride concert and it was delightfully filled with ALL MUSIC ALL NIGHT!!! They did stop to thank the people for spending their hard earned money during these tough financial times as well as say Good Night, thanks for coming.
    Wade only knows one angle…It usually comes across angry, insulting and everything negative against SG. Just read his comments..I’m just sayin…
    He does seem to be willing to ingest his fair share of diesel fumes when it comes to the Oaks?

  27. Lovelife wrote:

    And how!!!

  28. Aaron K. wrote:

    I am glad to see that there is a few other smart people out there…. And also some wonderful Perry’s fans…. Wade put that in your pipe and smoke it…

  29. hidingbehindfakename wrote:

    I think wade showed himself to be a little petty here. The facebook stuff was childish. Sometimes wade is funny but he also has never been very loving or christlike in his speech. We all could use more of that around here.

  30. Randy wrote:

    Drama is what this site is built on. It’s what SG is built on (man, that’s sad). So, opinions run rampant on here. You love it, or you would just leave. If you’re gonna stay around, fight with a smile on your face :) You’re likely to get hit in the mouth by a fight you started, then complain about it. Consider yourself a pawn on a dog eat dog “gospel” music blog (ran by a homosexual individual) that is a source of gossip for industry fakes. You will expound on numerous topics and boastfully laugh when a colleague is being struck at. You will share this information among your other friends to make your group look better, then one day, WHAM! It hits you and it isn’t so funny. Now, words are unleashed upon the others who are now laughing behind YOUR back and it’s your turn to take it. It’s a sick cycle, but, as I said, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t love it. Personally, I am still trying to find the relevance of SG to modern music culture as well as any evidence of growth. I can’t find it, but this site is proof of its self-collapsing, and I believe the answers why are found in nearly every fine line. (subtle reference)

  31. Mike Gibson wrote:

    FWIW, I never intended to be met with such the likes of Wade’s comments. I feel as though my comments, although they were heartfelt, are very clear and easy to understand.
    My explanation of my position in the industry was granted because I was being accused of hiding behind a fake name and calling out friendships that didn’t exist. After that, I was accused of boasting that I knew these people. Anyways, sometimes you can’t please some people. (thus the failed second marriage, I would suppose!!)
    Let it be known that there have been no hecklers stop by my privacy free FB page for the comments that I made. Furthermore, I sent a message to Wade on FB and asked that we tone it down since this was a site where several christians gather to read these comments. It was after I sent that message that Wade fired off another angry message laced with his fiery venom. That, Wade, is why I removed my post to your Facebook site. I didn’t want anybody to think we knew each other. Still don’t, Bro!! By the way, Springsteen has an n in it and fem is not a word.
    I apologize to those offended by the comments as a result of my starting this blog on a negative tone. I don’t retract my opinion. I just thought this was a place where we could voice them, good or bad?
    So, anyhow…. I look forward to DP’s review. If they are all healthy and stink it up (doubtful), lay it on em, Man!! But if they crawl from the bus to the stage, use a little etiquette when you do your report. Tha’s all I’m saying… Really, that’s all I have been trying to say from the first post.

  32. DP wrote:

    Will do Mike. That’s a promise!

  33. hidingbehindfakename wrote:

    Pass the popcorn please! Lol

  34. DMP wrote:

    I wouldn’t encourage Wade to smoke anymore than he already has.

  35. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    Another item on the Blake’s wishlist: For people to understand the correct use of apostrophes in group names. It’s “The Perrys” as in the plural form of Perry. It’s not “The Perry’s” as in the posessive form of Perry. A guy named Perry doesn’t own anything.
    That said, I think all of us who read the review understand he/she wasn’t bashing The Perrys but was only giving an honest review considering the cicumstances. I consider myself to be a fan and aquaintance (just because you know them by name and have met them doesn’t make you a friend) of The Perrys and I thought the review was fine. I can assure you Tracy and Libbi are not losing sleep over a blog on a website when they are arguably the hottest group in SG.

  36. quartet-man wrote:

    Blake, I know that SG artists don’t always make money, but I think they still own things on this world and the next. Also, there are several people on the earth whose last name is Perry. Surely at least some own things. ;-)

  37. DP wrote:

    OK - just got home from seeing The Perrys. As always - - - - they were great! Very enjoyable from beginning to end. Libbi still seemed to be a little under the weather, but she was very strong vocally. Joseph is becoming one of the best lead singers in the business. He was outstanding on “If You Knew Him” and we got a special bonus when they sang “I Rest My Case at the Cross”. Can I tell you that Troy Peach can flat out sing? He is a very solid baritone and the blend was there big time. His solo’s had a great tone and overall I thought he did a fine job. Tracy has really become a solid bass singer. Great blending voice and he nailed the low notes. His emceeing was very good and he did a good job of reading the crowd and calling the songs. I think they sang 5 or 6 songs before he said a word. I think they may have done 10 to 12 songs before the break. Overall it was a good mixture of talking and singing. We rarely talk about piano players anymore, but The Perrys have a great one for sure. They ended the evening with “Wish I Could of Been There”. They turned it around twice and had everyone on their feet. The sound was perfect - vocals / tracks were balanced…. I have seen The Perrys probably 5 times in the last few years and I had never heard Tracy crank up the chainsaw. Well - he did it tonight and it was pretty darn funny! As in the past, I thought they sang with great annointing. I believe they know EXACTLY who and what they are singing about. They continue to be incredibly humble and they continue to be one of the top groups on the road today. We get 10 to 20 of the top tier groups through this area every year and without a doubt I feel The Perrys are the best of the best. So it was a fun night of Southern Gospel! Oh - I almost forgot: Libbi shared her heart tonight. She brought the gospel with both barrells. It probably lasted just a few minutes - but she made it very clear how much she loves Jesus. And that is what it’s all about….. So - no negatives!!! I know some on here will be disappointed, but that is what I saw and heard tonight. If you get the chance - go see them!!!

  38. Wade wrote:

    Well if Mikey gets all his sock puppets to write in we might choose him to replace Billy Graham.

    Most anybody can look at the entries that support your over reacting Mikey and tell you been real busy PUPPETING… just look at the form of the writing. Even your SO CALLED REFEREE is laughable.

    How is my lunch been eating by some one who is so uptight he can’t get his Granny Panties out of his crack???

    The poor guy who wrote the REPORT…NOT REVIEW of a Project or a REVIEW of a SHOWCASE where the industry was invited to see The Perrys in their best form…but REPORT about a concert. Did you READ the REPORTER reported Libby was sick???

    There were no slams in THE REPORT that would not have been true like I said as it relates to The Perrys on THEIR BEST NIGHT!! They Talk too much and they are still struggling with their blend.

    I had been fairly laid back lately but here are the things that tripped the trigger and made me have to call BS on Mikey… These are QUOTES from The Genius Mikey…

    “Because even horse crap has its place and serves a need in society.”

    “If you knew my capacity in the industry, you would know that I have served artists for years in the entertainment industry.

    The BEST ONE…

    “I, unlike some of the others on this post, have the right to take these comments personally. For the record, I have invested into several artists minstry whether it be by washing their bus for free, dumping their TANK as you call it, or making repairs when they had not the finances to do so themselves.”

    Mikey claimed THE RIGHT to over react because HE HAD INVESTED!! What a laugh!!

    Conrats for coming out of the closet and clearly IDing your self so ppl will know what an idiot you are. Noticed none of your sock puppets linked up their entries and neither did you until you were call out so loudly.

    We are ALL just blown away with all your connections. See if you can do something with them besides trying to IMPRESSED US and try to make THAT The REASON we MUST listen to your moaning.

    You are so stupid you do not even recognize OVER & OVER IT WAS A REPORT not a review and you refuse to even receive that enlightenment cause the SECOND YOU DO YOU JUST BLEW the reason you threw your tantrum.

    Even Mr. Quartetman tried to point this out NICELY, cause that is how he is. Irishladdy even tried to invite you to write your own. But none of THAT worked.

    You did not even have the stones to leave your LITTLE GIRL SOUNDING COMMENT on my facebook page cause you knew it was about to get bad for ya.

    The FUNNIEST thing is that The Diesel Sniffer you are you actually lease buses.

    I don’t know about you Mikey but I have gained 5 new FB friends as a result of this BS calling.

    As far as you go DMP… I am surprised you were able to get your sniffer out of Guy Penrod’s [Edit] long enough to see something beside the hair on his [edit]!!


    It was a REPORT not a REVIEW!!

    AND NONE of us give a [edit] about WHO you CLAIM to have had over for dinner.

    As far as FEM goes you say it is not a word… from a Dictionary site…

    fem - alternative spelling of femme

    Fem is how you are acting!! But you are giving them a BAD NAME!!!

    Please write us more now and TOTALLY SNATCH DOUBT away!!

  39. Mike Gibson wrote:

    Let me be the first to say thank you DP. They were at our church last year and I would say all of the same things concerning their appearance. Thus, the reason for my comment #1.

  40. hidingbehindfakename wrote:

    Hey wade,
    I am not mikes sockpuppet in any way,shape or form. With your last post highlighting all of his comments..I agree with part of your statements.

    My exception is with both of you really. It just seems that people automatically try to rip,slash, and cut around here without having grownup, christ-like discussions.

    Many times I agree with your viewpoint on things and we could probably have a good conversation about sg music and enjoy it. I guess I just don’t care for all the macho, rip the other guy a new one, stuff is all.

    For mike, you did miss that it was just one mans report and there are actually MANY poistive things in the report. I probably would not write an internet report on a group when they were hindered by sickness, but the author was pretty fair.

    It would be nice if we all could contribute a little kinder around here…. I love this music and would love to see the honest and open debate needed….with a little more of the love of Christ showing thru.

    Have a nice day! (It is pretty outside for a change!)

  41. christy wrote:

    Prozac anyone? There sure is a whole lot of crazy going on here.

  42. Tom wrote:

    I think I was at the same Perrys concert that DP (#37) was Thursday night. One thing about the Perrys is that, even though they do talk a bit between songs, they usually don’t overdo it, and–more importantly–they don’t rely on culture war rhetoric or politics or theological exclusivism in order to work up the crowd.

    I think the longest spiel last night was Libbi in the middle of “Did I Mention.” (She even made a specific point of saying that she knew people were going to go on the internet and write about this. Was she talking about us?) While she was “testifying,” I was thinking about last week’s conversation about seriously curtailing the excessive talking on live albums and in concerts and just rely on the singing. And to be fair, Libbi didn’t prattle on excessively. But it served as a platform to launch into the reprise of “Did I Mention,” which brought a pretty significant audience response–moreso than the first time through the song. It occurred to me that, if done right, there can be an effective interplay between the talking and the singing, with the testifying setting the stage for a more intense reprise of the song (both for the performer as well as for the audience).

  43. art wrote:

    #42 - Good point. I’ve always thought Gospel singers who want to talk need to pay more attention to the pacing of their program and showmanship in general. However if they do this, they’re bound to lose the spontaneity and sincerity that we in the audience also value.

  44. Randy wrote:

    If you’re searching for Christ-like anything, you won’t find it on this site.

  45. Krista wrote:

    WOW. I wanna thank everyone for entertaining me while I’m at work avoiding doing actual work (: It’s been very nice. I will pray for you guys (:

    This is probably waaay off topic as to where this conversation was going, and I realize I’m a few weeks late commenting, but something caught my eye(and bothered me) that I just had to say something about.

    “Bryce” and “NonInsider” both made comments about SG singers not actually being friends with their friends. I have to say that both of you guys are very wrong.

    My dad and grandpa are Southern Gospel promoters and have been since 1991. I have grown up around Southern Gospel music and have grown up knowing guys such as Gerald Wolfe, Mark Trammell, Rodney Griffin, and Frank Seamans(just to name a few) since I was born in July of ‘91. I have literally known these guys my whole life and they have watched me grow up and have become a VERY big part of my life. Gerald carried me out on stage when my dad announced Greater Vision just a few months after I was born.

    Other people in Southern Gospel, such as The Perrys, are very close to me as well. I have known for several years. Joseph is one of my very best friends and I consider him like a big brother figure to me.

    I won’t go on any further, I just wanted to make a note to you guys that your statement was incorrect. That is what I love so much about Southern Gospel music is that it’s like no other genre of music. You can personally get to know the people you’re coming to hear and can build lifelong friendships with them.

  46. Bryce wrote:

    Krista, here is my quote:

    “And if you think artists are truly friends with most of — or in some cases, any of — their fans, well…”

    To put it another way so that you can fully understand what this statement means, Krista:

    1. Some artists are fans with none of their fans.

    2. No artists are truly friends with most of their fans.

    If you fall into the category outside of “most,” you are the exception. The next time you are hanging out at the house of an artist who is off-duty, remember that you are experiencing something that “most” fans never know.

  47. Bryce wrote:

    Correction: Number 1 should have read:

    1. Some artists are friends with none of their fans.

    Apparently even I can’t make sense of my quote.

  48. Krista wrote:

    Bryce, I realize that I am one of few people who actually get to have a personal relationship with the singers, and I am very thankful for that. I guess I just thought you were saying that singers are never truly friends with their fans. Sorry if i took it the wrong way. But I assure you I do know that not everyone gets to have the opporotunities that I have had in my life to have these singers become family to me.

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