From the department of “I Toldja So”

Among the favorite songwriter nominees for the 2010 SN Fan Awards: Joseph Habedank. My only mistake was being too conservative in my guess about his ETA on this list.

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  1. markp wrote:

    Doug…you’re such a genious….NOT!

  2. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Given the quality and quantity of his output the last few years, including a few #1 songs - and given the fact that these awards are biased toward singer/songwriters, I also expected it. And I, for one, am delighted to see it come.

  3. Lovelife wrote:

    Way to go Joseph….Not many 24-25 yr. olds writing songs about our Lord and Savior.

  4. KDM wrote:

    Learn to spell genius, genius.

  5. Joseph wrote:

    Thanks for your prophecy, Doug!

  6. MikeG wrote:

    Some time back, I thought of a great hook to a song. Even I was smart enough to ask Joseph for his help. Be listening for our#1 hit……. We haven’t written it yet, but it’s gonna be good.

  7. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Really? I tend to think this has more to do with the obvious multiple subscription base within Daywind/New Day and the concentrated effort on their part to boost their nominees. I’ve written on this before when the Crabbs, Triumphant, and LV were signed. Other obvious newly-signed-to-Daywind-and-suddenly-”fan”-favorites inclusions are Valerie Ruppe and Kim Lord. Though every bit deserving of the noms (and I’m a huge fan of both), this is their first year in awhile if ever though both have been part of more known group names prior to starting Sisters over the last year. Their mainline recording hasn’t even been released, yet fans suddenly love them more than in the past? And how about the Blackwoods, also recent Daywind signees, in the top 10 quartets? Other than the name history, where’s the merit or the sudden “fan” interest? With the multiple Blackwood offspring who have had or have groups in the last few years, I seriously question fans latching on to this particular version under the Blackwood name.
    I guess we’ll find out next year if Triumphant (who’ve recently left Daywind) has as many noms.

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