Goodbye, Jacob

Jacob Kitson’s short stint with Greater Vision is over. A new name is supposed to be forthcoming.

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  1. Jake wrote:

    At this point everybody is saying nice things, but it sounds like something happened. Phrases like — this ended too soon, unexpected turn of events, don’t know what the next step is, etc. seem a little bit foreboding when coming from the official announcement. Next week they are supposed to be announcing his replacement, rather than beginning auditions, which was what they did when Jason left. I hope this doesn’t end up leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths who are going to wonder what “really” happened. This sounds very similar to what happened when Ryan left EHSS, and it wasn’t pretty for a few weeks.

  2. Ron F wrote:

    Wow I did not know this. Has anyone heard if Dallas Rogers has left the Inspirations.

  3. gina wrote:

    Ron - Yes, according to the Inspirations’ facebook page, Dallas has left and will be replaced by Jodi Hosterman. The announcement says he needs to be home with his family, period. I really hate to hear this as I thought he was a great blend with the group.

  4. Mayor wrote:

    Dallas has left the Inspirations.

  5. Clarence Grigsby wrote:

    I almost hope Dallas joins Greater Vision just so I can watch the internet SG community throw a hissy fit.

  6. Steve wrote:

    Sorry to see Jacob leave.

    #1 (Jake) - Let’s not forget what the rest of the release stated. “What all the future holds at present is unclear; however, I do know that the Lord has led me to a preaching ministry as well as singing. So with this I plunge back into the world of Local-Church Evangelism. Preaching in Revivals, Churches, and Conferences across the country. I have an immense burden for the youth of our World, they need Jesus, and I desire to show this generation that He loves them beyond measure”, said Kitson.

    These do not sound like the words of a man who was caught doing anything that caused his departure.

    I wish Jacob the best and I know the next tenor for GV will be as rock solid as the previous ones have been.

    My 2 cents.

  7. Steve wrote:

    Furthermore, Jacob already has his website up

    I would say his departure is quite different that those we have seen of late.

  8. Bryce wrote:

    So, Jacob, what’s it like to travel with Gerald and Rodney?

    “It’s overrated.”

  9. Mayor wrote:

    Bryce, I heard that statement at NQC and it was hilarious. It was keeping pace with Nick Trammell’s deadpan joke about his dad not giving him a job.

    I was there, I saw his face, and he was just joking around. We thought it was so funny because we all knew that he was kidding. If he were not kidding, he would not have made a joke about it, and would not have said it at all.

  10. Mayor wrote:

    On the other hand, Dallas’ statement about “spending more time with the family” is the lamest exit reason I have heard in a very long time. Well, since the last time someone used it anyway.

  11. The Gospel Stache wrote:

    There is always the possibility that he simply didn’t fit the group musically or socially. Or maybe he truly felt called to preach. But either way, glad to hear he’s continuing in the ministry. I’m not very familiar with Dallas Rogers, but from what I hear, I’m not sure if he’s the voice GV is looking for. My money is on a sleeper pick as a replacement.

  12. cdguy wrote:

    I’m sure Dallas is a fine talent, but I’m just wondering, would someone from a group like the Inspirations be interested in singing with stacks & tracks every night?

  13. Randy wrote:

    I think the biggest news here has been overlooked. The Inspirations have a Facebook??? What’s next? The McKamey’s on MTV?

  14. James Hales wrote:

    Dallas is an awesome talent. I’d love to see him find a great group and stay with them. He seemed to fit perfectly with the Inspirations though.

  15. Bryce wrote:

    Mayor, we thought it was funny then, too. And we think it’s even funnier now.

  16. Rick wrote:

    Can’t belive it. Jacob was the best thing to happen to GV.

  17. David J. Stuart wrote:

    Wow, the revolving door of Southern Gospel Music keeps spinning away.

  18. Irishlad wrote:

    i know it’ll never happen,as in(him) coming back,but i really liked their original tenor.

  19. Rick wrote:

    Chris Allman was the orginal tenor. With Jacob they sounded a lot like they did back then.That was a pretty good group with Mark Trammell.In my opinion it is going to be hard to replace Jacob. Too
    many good young tenors leaving. First Eric Phillips now Jacob.

  20. RF wrote:

    Maybe it’s the economy (which always reminds me of James Carville and his line to the troops in the Clinton campaign, “It’s the economy, stupid.”). Chris would be welcomed back by me with open arms, but it’s a pipe dream. It will be someone else.

  21. Glenn wrote:

    Greater Vision is Greater Vision is Greater Vision, is Greater Vision, etc., etc., etc. I’ll probably never hear Jacob preach, but I assume I will probably see Greater Vision again. However, I must admit that since “Faces” they have done nothing that has been particularly notable (I just used two “not’s” in the same sentence without creating a double negative). Bryce, that is kind of funny.

  22. joe wrote:

    #13: LOL!

  23. youngartist wrote:

    I just heard Chris Allman preach last night! It’s pretty amazing that 2 of the 3 former tenors that GV has had, have taken the “preaching” route.

    I too think that the replacement will not be a big name tenor.

  24. Charles Brady wrote:

    I think one of the biggest challenges facing groups is finding folks close enough to God but not so close that He (God) is always leading them in different directions. I wonder if some groups pray that when they get a good working member if the Lord would just leave them alone for a few years……. God sure has a way of messing up a good sounding group sometimes….. I just wonder sometimes why God can’t be content leaving folks together for a while longer…. Why is God always changing His mind?… Makes one wonder….

  25. JTH wrote:

    The news of Jacob Kitson and Dallas Rogers surprises me. Especially considering a job with GV or the Inspirations is pretty much a golden opportunity to a young person trying to make it in the world of SG.

    Neither one of these guys have been around long enough to really establish a name/fanbase they could parlay into a solo career, or launch another group with. So GV will either discover a new talent, or cherry-pick a tenor from another group for GV, just as the Inspos did. Expect to see the later happen, and the musical chairs will just continue.

  26. Bryce wrote:

    Charles Brady, I was just about to roll my eyes in disagreement at your #24, but then I planted my tongue firmly in my cheek and reread, as so few people are apt to do these days.


  27. JEB wrote:

    Outside of family groups - it would be real interesting to go back and see how many groups make a change within 60 days of appearing on the cover of the Singing News magazine. April is Greater Vision… The Dixie Echoes were featured just recently and then Pat Barker left… A couple of years ago, Palmetto State was fefeatured with Burman Porter and Wesley Smith - then mega-changes.

    INTERESTING… Call it the SN curse… Kinda like the front of the Sporting News.



  28. Charles Brady wrote:

    LOL!! Glad you took the time to read again (with tongue in cheek) Bryce. I pastored for 10 years and was always amazed that just about the time the church was about to move ahead “the Lord” would get involved and “move/lead” my members to another church. I mean they said “the Lord” “LEAD” them so who was I to argue with that? Of course I often found out later that something happened like “they didn’t get the accolades they expected” or someone offended them… so I guess I learned a long time ago that “the Lord” got credit/blame for a lot of stuff He really had nothing to do with. I guess it just sounds more spiritual/acceptable when you use “the Lord leading” as the reason…

  29. quartet-man wrote:

    I believe I have said before how the Lord got the credit / blame for things that I believe He never did. I have witnessed it myself with I believe a choir member and even a family member. However, I cannot say for sure one way or the other in this case.

    God can do anything He wants, any way He wants. We can’t be sure if He didn’t place Jacob in this position to get training, exposure etc. and then lead him elsewhere. Or, sometimes maybe it is people thinking they have heard God’s voice, but are mistaken. God knows what He is doing, but we might not always hear Him or we might confuse our wants and wills with His.

  30. Blackstone wrote:

    Re: Dallas Rogers. If you follow this guy, he doesn’t stay for long no matter how good he sounds. He was great with the Dixie’s, and the Inspirations. I have heard from a reliable source that family ties may indeed be the reason, however it may not be his immediate family.

  31. Haley wrote:

    Jacob, do something and forced to quit??? you apparently DONT know what you are talking about!

  32. Haley wrote:

    Ya’ll don’t know what ya’ll are talking about here on this blog! Jacob has a calling and its preaching, ya’ll think jacob did something bad and was forced to quit, ya’ll apparently don’t know ANYTHING! Ya’ll just need to keep ya’ll’s mouth SHUT!

  33. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    #1- Jake- Gerald Wolfe isn’t perfect by any means but he is also not Ernie Haase. Jacob has left and whatever path he takes he needs our prayers, the same with GV but comparing EH/RS with GW/JK is a bit in left field.

  34. Bryce wrote:

    Good gravy, Haley. No one posted anything stating that Jacob was forced to quit. Where did ya’ll read that?

  35. AAA wrote:

    #32. I really don’t have the time, energy or wherewithall to go back and check this, but…6 Ya’lls in one post HAS to be a record.

  36. Bass In Texas wrote:

    #32- You are the biggest “HICK” I’ve heard in a long time. LOL

  37. DeepSouth wrote:

    Let’s face it, this business struggles financially. Many of the top singers in southern gospel music have trouble making ends meet. Groups today don’t even make what the Statesmen made in 1955.

    Groups in our business are always competing and rarely seem encouraging or helpful towards each other. NQC is a stuffy atmosphere. Gossip and backbiting abounds more in southern gospel music than any musical genre I’ve seen. In a business where so many of its singers conduct themselves in this manner, is it any wonder it isn’t going to be blessed financially?

    Now God certainly takes care of His people. So who’s one to criticize if God leads a singer from Group A to Group B, or leads a singer away from a group after a brief period? Unless things start changing with the people in this business, and for the better, then it will never be blessed financially. And God will continue placing His willing vessels in different places, and change will continue amongst quartets.

    We’re doing it to ourselves. The music we love is fixing to die and it’s all our faults.

  38. Sam wrote:

    #34, #35, #36 - I agree with y’all, ya’ll.

  39. Dot Farmer wrote:

    Can we start a new thread about groups saying “ya’ll” so much? Emcees sound like they just came home from a cooking show convention with Paula Deen.

    Ya’ll is so backwoods.

  40. non obama supporter wrote:

    Lol.. I think it’s funny when people always want to find some so called reason for leaving as in we always think it has to be something bad or something they’ve done wrong, ect… Who are we to choose what GOD calls on someones life… Hats off to Mr.Kitson on his choice if GOD called him to preach well by all means he should do what the LORD wants him to do and not one of us have right to question… and the ones who question it (Where are you in your walk with christ? I would think if your always trying to figure out where GOD wants everyone else to be then you wouldnt know where your suppose to be *but thats just my thoughts*) So all in all Congratulation Jacob may GOD continue to use you in wonderful ways… we will miss your singin’ but heck preachin’ is good too!

  41. Bones wrote:

    Maybe Gearld Wolfe is hard too get along with. Maybe he sets high standards like Glen Payne did.

  42. Irishlad wrote:

    #32 ya’all managed to place an apostrophe correctly,maybe the perceived “redneck” was having ya’ll on.

  43. cdguy wrote:

    Dot #39 — “Ya’ll” ain’t necessarily backwoods. A lot of city folks (’specially in the South) use “ya’ll”. And if you’re from the South and DON’T us “ya’ll”, you’re generally considered uppity.

    Have ya’ll never been to Atlanta, Birmingham, or Memphis? Lexington, Charlotte, or Nar’lins? (That’s New Orleans, for you crazy Yankees.) Hazard, Bucksnort, or Santa Fe (which is a small town south of Nashville, pronounced “Santa Fee”).

    Now, if we’d said “you’uns” or “you’uns all”, then that WOULD be backwoods. Probably West Virginia.

    All ya’ll just keep up what yer doin’.

    (Bless Dot’s heart! Her cooooold dark uppity Yankee heart.)

  44. crazyjoe wrote:

    #43 it’s “Naw’lins” not “Nar’lins”. this correction coming from an uppity west coaster.

  45. Dean Adkins wrote:

    “Now, if we’d said “you’uns” or “you’uns all”, then that WOULD be backwoods. Probably West Virginia.”

    I’m shure sorry that we’uns ain’t as smart as you’un’s. I reckin we’uns will jest have to live in ignorant bliss.
    BTW, I do have an idea of what “you’uns” can do!

  46. Irishlad wrote:

    it’s not just the South that use such colloquialisms,over here we say “youse’ns” that’s really the same thing except with a broad Belfast accent.

  47. observor wrote:

    Have been an Inspiration fan all of my life - really disappointed about the new tenor. Not a good fit at all IMO

  48. me wrote:

    I just think this blog is the sweetest littlest
    disappointment I ever been on… What happen to christians…Why can’t you just lift people up that are serving the Lord …
    Why can’t we just all be Gods children from
    east to west to north and south… Jacob Kitson is a very OUTSTANDING young man and so is Gerald Wolfe. Southern Gospel music is great and most singers are true but it only takes one to mess things up look at our nation…

  49. dot farmer wrote:

    cdguy - I am from Georgia and the “ya’ll” thing over the PA from the stage is really embarassing. It brings to mind the folks who always get interviewed about the tornado that tore up the trailer.

  50. NG wrote:

    I’ve been to West Virginia various times and don’t recall anyone saying “you’uns.”
    I’ve been to Belfast and don’t remember anyone saying “youse’ns.” Then again maybe the folks in those places were just being polite to a Canadian who kept saying “eh.”

  51. gina wrote:

    observor - I haven’t heard much from the new tenor (Jodi) but really hope he steps in and does well. One thing that already concerned me was his own comment on another blog hinting that he even thought he might be a better fit with Greater Vision! Huh? Not a good sign. Anyway, I wish them the best but I already miss Dallas.

  52. AnnD wrote:

    “Ya’ll” may be backwoods, but “y’all” ain’t LOL

  53. Sensible wrote:

    I remember singing with the Dixie Echoes one night when Dallas was still there. He said that he had been given the opportunity to sing with the Inspos before but turned it down. He said it paid good, but he just didn’t think he could sing that stuff every night.

    I guess we found out that he couldn’t do it.

  54. Irishlad wrote:

    NG my brother lives in Alberta and years ago we watched a comedy with two Canadian guys-forget their names-they kept saying “eh” and that’s what added to the comedy.It sounded funny to me even though it was meant to be an “in” joke.

  55. EndstageRT wrote:

    #54…Bob and Doug McKenzie from SCTV

  56. dot farmer wrote:

    AnnD, loved your group back in the day . . .

    FYI, ya’ll and y’all are interchangable for backwoods gospel sangin’ folk. It is either “ya all” or “you all” - you know, similar to the hillbillies that sing the hard “t” in often.

  57. Jodi Hosterman wrote:

    Gina, I was responding to a comment that David Murray made on his blog which is where you read that. He said that I would probably be a better fit with Greater Vision and I conceded his point. I fail to see the controversy. If I were to make an honest assessment of my voice and the styles that I have sung in the past (Perfect Heart, Kingdom Heirs, etc.), then Greater Vision would make more sense. That job was not offered to me so we can just move on. I am not knocking the Inspirations. What sense would that make? I am thrilled to have the opportunity to minister with the Inspirations and will do my best to make everyone as happy as possible. If the Inspirations didn’t think I could do the job I doubt they would have called me. They heard a CD of my singing and called me to take the job. I will do everything I can to reward that confidence. I know I can’t please everyone and that is something that you accept if you are going to work in this business.

  58. quartet-man wrote:

    #57 Jodi, I understood your point on DBM’s blog, and was going to reply here, but wanted to re-read it to do so accurately. Just because you think you might fit elsewhere (which was already brought up, you were responding), doesn’t mean you dislike or are badmouthing anyone else.

    As far as not pleasing everyone, it seems to me that Christ was unable to do that and He was perfect and sinless. So, of course you, I or anyone else is going to fall short.

  59. Judy wrote:

    #47 & #51…..don’t guess either one of you are fans of the Kingdom Heirs are you? Jodi is an Awesome tenor singer! IMO, Jodi will do just fine with the Inspirations! He IS dependable & hard working. Jodi IS a good Christian man with morals. Being with the Inspirations will be a joy for him. And Martin Cook must sure think Jodi will/can do the job since he hired him w/o even an audition! Now, how many other singers get that kind of treatment? Most all I know at least have to AUDITION! Jodi IS real excited to start his new position starting Thursday, for a 5 day run, from AL, LA on through TX. You guys just sit back and see, Jodi WILL be GREAT with these guys!

  60. tenorlookingforajob wrote:

    Apparently, they’re making their announcement about 9pm EST this evening (4/07). Can’t help but wonder who it’s going to be…they’ve kept this one under lock pretty well

  61. sarah wrote:

    #33 You are not even in the Ball Park. You do not know what you are talking about.

  62. observor wrote:

    I saw Jodi with the Inspirations this weekend. The harmony was good as always (mainly because David and Melton are extremely good and underrated singers). Jodi really struggled on everything he sang by himself. Nothing against him he has tremendous talent, but Archie Watkins leaves big shoes to be filled. Whether you liked him or not - every night Watkins sang hard and difficult parts consistently without the aid of backup vocals…

  63. gina wrote:

    observor, did they mention Dallas? Did they do anything from their upcoming CD or mostly older stuff that Jodi would be familiar with?

  64. observor wrote:

    No they did all of the usual stuff (including new stuff). Jodi held note cards on most solo songs. he was really struggling, but it had to be one of his first concerts so i guess we should give him a pass.

  65. Judy wrote:

    observer: that WAS Jodi’s first time with these guys. He had a lot of stuff to try & learn, and only a very short time to do it in. He had not even sang with them before. I heard one song on u-tube and thought it was very good. Yep, give him a pass, he’ll get it down. He is an awesome tenor. I find it hard to believe you even compared him to Archie. Goodness, look how long AW sang with the group! I loved hearing AW sing, but Jodi is there now.

  66. observor wrote:

    Of course I am going to compare him to Archie - he is singing songs Archie made popular. Actually the harmony with he, David and Melton was very good (David and Melton are really good singers). All I said was that he really struggled with the words and vocally on all of the solo stuff. Archie sang a lot of solos and lead with the Inspirations. Of course he is going to be compared to Archie.

  67. Judy wrote:

    I hear what you’re saying. All I’m saying is, Jodi had less than 2 weeks to learn words to songs he’d never sang before. Agree, David & Melton are great. And NO ONE can fill Archie’s shoes, no more than anyone could fill J D Sumner’s shoes, though MANY have/are trying still. I just feel Jodi will be good with them once he has time to get the words down. He is a great tenor singer. And he is very happy to be with a great bunch of Christian men!

  68. Lindsey wrote:

    #37, Are you kidding??? Do you personally know where so gospel artists live?? Taking the widows mite, actually finances a very good lifestyle!

  69. observor wrote:

    Judy we agree. I really hope his voice holds up and he is with them for a long time. The harmony was really good.

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