Sideshow Sarah Palin @ NQC 10

Alas, ’tis true. From the NQC Facebook feed just now (h/t, KC):

“Governor Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker at NQC on Thursday, Sept16. Details will be on tomorrow”

And so it gets just a  little bit harder to explain to my non-sg friends why I listen to and love southern gospel. You betcha.

PS: NQC has a keynote address? Daniel Mount notes that Palin’s Thursday appearance is in the spot formerly held down by the Singing News Fan Awards, so maybe a keynote address by a former half-term-governor is NQC’s idea of improving on the Fan Awards coveted time slot (at least we know that right-wing politics has been ever before the mind of at least one prominent NQC owner). But who knows. Meanwhile, Mount wonders which will attract more people - Fan Awards or Sarah Palin - but that’s rather like wondering if more people would turn out to see Tiger Woods at Augusta, or a live taping of a Maury Povich special about philandering sports celebrities and the women who clandestinely loved them.

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  1. Irishlad wrote:

    hopes she picks foreign policy as her chosen topic…what an empty head,worse the ones that voted her in.

  2. Dean Adkins wrote:

    More time in the Exhibit Hall for me.

  3. judi wrote:

    Gosh, when I saw the headline to this post in my blogroll I thought sure it was an April Fools joke. Guess not.

  4. Irishlad wrote:

    I read GW’s article about Health care reform,well when he comes to N.Ireland later this year maybe he should ask someone-preferably someone informed-about our N.H.S.I’m sure the enlightenment would help him understand better what his present government is trying to do.

  5. RF wrote:

    What a mess. Mix religion and politics and you lose half your audience. My Dad said that years ago ane he was right. Yep, the faithful cheer and the rest yawn. And stay away. I’m sure they’ll have a crowd as the anoited one winks and has all the old men lusting in their hearts. But no one will know. Guess the DVD will have exerpts of her speech. No thanks.

  6. Greg wrote:

    Nothing quite says “National Quartet Convention” quite like Sarah Palin, does it?

    Seriously, with the move of the SN awards ceremony to Dollywood, the NQC must fear impending financial peril to resort to this.

    Things are likely to get even worse for the NQC if they continue to take steps which are likely to alienate a substantial portion of their customer base/audience.

  7. Tony wrote:

    I could see it if they tell her to limit her remarks to her faith in God, but otherwise this is just a gimmick that will backfire.

  8. 2miles wrote:

    How come we can judge Sarah Palin and call her an “empty head” and then judge everyone who may have voted for her, even going so far as to judge people by saying “old men will have lust in their hearts” but if I was to stand up (with Biblical references) and “judge” homosexuality, adultery or whatever sin one maybe be blatantly partaking in…I would be blasted (more than likely by many of the folks that are judging on this post) for “judging”…?

    Please, please, please say that it’s because of the things that she has said or done in the past or the fact that she hasn’t “repented” for saying or doing these things or that she is actively pursing some sort of “sin” (in your eyes) agenda…

    I have asked similar questions to this for many years and have yet to get a straight answer….I don’t see the difference…obviously some of you more spirtiually minded folks do…

    Please enlighten (no relation) me…

    *In your response, please remember to include “all those that voted for her” as well.

  9. Rob wrote:

    DISGUSTING…..Are they turning NQC into a political rally?

  10. mrs.noah wrote:

    Gee, I’ll be spending that time slot somewhere shopping - rather than spending my money at NQC. Nothing personal again this speaker, I just do not spend $1000+ and fly across the country to go to a political theatre. I do not spend one dime at the booths of the groups who get political on stage - no matter which side of the fence they are on. I go to NQC to get away from all the stress, politics, bad news, yadda, yadda, yadda. This may be my last trip there, too.

  11. art wrote:

    I’ve never been to NQC and probably never will go. But I agree with #5 and #10. When I go to an SG event, I am alienated when political topics come up — even the indirect references that slyly signal the audience that the performer is a fellow Republican.

    I have strong political opinions that probably differ from those of most people in an SG setting. We all have the right to express our opinions.

    But I love Southern Gospel music, and I’m looking for spiritual growth. Political talk at an SG setting distracts me from that. Is that what the performers want?

  12. jonathan edwards wrote:

    And this discussion is excatly in my opinion why our country is in the shape she is in. The left can call names and landblast without any facts to back up there assumptions ( Empty Headed ) how about you run for office win and let me interview you or at least sign your name to the comment, and see if you can handle the pressure. She is a Christian speaking at a Christian event don’t see the problem if you don’t like her go shopping but for some I look forward to hearing what she has to say. By the way those of you vote dem. let me ask this question how can you vote and be a part of a party that goes so against the Word of God? Abortion? Lazyness Rewarded? Gov’t Control over the Home? Homosexuality? I don’t ask this is anger just would like a straight answer.

  13. Sensible wrote:

    Maybe The Steeles can come and sing, “We Want America Back” after she speaks. Then we can all have a nice glass of tea.

  14. NG wrote:

    The details of Palin’s showcase is now on the NQC website:

    Apparently she’ll speak for 30 minutes and then answer questions for 30 minutes during the afternoon session.

    At least this is a stand-alone event and not in the middle of the evening singings. Hate it when MCs or entertainers start talking politics in the middle of their performance. I recall one opening act — a Texas folksinger-songwriter — who used up half of her limited time on stage in Toronto bashing Bush. Then there were the gospel acts with the Hilary jokes. Not sure any of them realized they were no longer in the US.

  15. lArnold wrote:

    I also thought “April Fools Joke” when I received this email moments ago. Guess they assume that all of us southern gospel fans are Republicans. Guess again!!!!

  16. cdguy wrote:

    One concern I have with this is financial. Hasn’t it at least hinted that NQC was not as financially stable they would have liked? So they spend tens-of-thousands of dollars to bring in a speaker, who is guananteed to alienate half the audience.

    Is that wise use of the resources?

    Do the powers-that-be really think she will sell tickets?

  17. Janet B wrote:

    So…what…is SG supposed to be Switzerland now?

    Whine, whine, whine. Those of you that attend the NQC don’t sit in on every session, anyway…you can’t stand this group or that lead singer - so how is this any different? If you don’t want to hear her, stay away.
    BUT - Sarah Palin is a Christian (which would make her your sister in Christ - yes?). She doesn’t apologize for her beliefs - to the media or to her many, many critics. Maybe she’s going to talk about how her faith has seen her through some really rough times; maybe music (sg even?) has played a big role in that. You won’t know until then, so in the meantime, BACK OFF.

    And really, Doug - if it’s that hard for you to explain to your friends why you love the music so much (and the faith behind it), then maybe it’s time for you to get some new friends.

  18. HRohrer wrote:

    This event is a Showcase and not a replacement for the Fan Awards. I too am bothered by the political statements and often leave when ceretain groups are on stage. To have Sarah Palin as a featured speaker detracts from the Southern Gospel format. I noticed that Dino and the piano is not on the schedule. I hope they do not consider Sarah Palin as a qualified replacement

  19. Gary wrote:

    jonathan edwards. the best way I can answer that question is 1. “work out your own salvation”, 2. Listen to the answer given by T. D. Jakes on abortion on the James Robison show!

    I like many others on here don’t care what political isle you are on, I want to hear SG not ANY roving speaker they deem needs to be there. I don’t care who they are except Christ Himself!

    Here is what happens in my opinion when they start having these kinds of things at a Christian event. The whole platform morphs into something else and then the fans see the event becoming something they don’t want to attend and the event dies a slow death.

    I for one love SG and hope this does not happen.

  20. KDM wrote:

    Someone PLEASE explain this to me?? How did an ex-governor / former VP candidate, whom no one had even heard of three years ago, suddenly become a great torch-bearer for the Christian faith? I even saw her book in a Christian book store over the weekend! Is it because she got beat up by the big bad Democrats? And anyone who’s an enemy of the Dems is a friend of God?? I’ve never even heard her testimony! While I’m sure she’s a very nice lady, and I hear she goes to church, how in the world does that tie in to NQC?

    Though he had many opportunities to do so, Jesus NEVER mixed religion and politics. And political martyrs should never be confused with Christian ones.

  21. Irishlad wrote:

    Referring to Mrs Palin as empty headed does not take a great leap of faith and it certainly wasn’t a judgement.Her grasp of -or rather lack of-crucial political matter foreign policy as already mentioned for example should be evidence enough to back up such a statement.Any politician outside of the US displaying such a blatant paucity in rudimentary facts would understandably be laughed out of the room.

  22. DeepSouth wrote:

    I’m a conservative, and I voted for McCain/Palin, and I don’t really understand the logic here either.

    First of all, as said before, NQC is a place we like to go to get away from it all, especially the politics. And Palin’s apperance is not exactly an escape here.

    And yes, Palin’s appearance will grossly offend all of those who were ignorant enough to vote for the Obama/Biden administration, and it could harm ticket sales. I can see where those NQC goers who took the stand of voting for a Muslim who is intent on turning our country away from its freedoms could get fractious. I mean, Sarah Palin is a conservative politician who takes a Christian stand and opposes the socialistic moves that are taking place in Washington right now. That might impose guilt on the liberal-voting NQC goers, and they may not come back. And that’s not good. Just because they’re wrong, doesn’t mean that they aren’t Christians or devoted southern gospel followers.

    And yet, if a high profile media individual is willing to make an appearance at my concert….I suppose that is an opportunity that I would consider seizing as well.

    But, I still feel like it will be a circus.

  23. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    NQC Board should stick to what they know Southern Gospel Music and leave the politics alone. If the board cannot make enough money off the event featuring what it is supposed to be maybe they should find something else to invest in.

  24. Delton Frost wrote:

    It seems that so many of us are quick to judge before we have our facts. Sarah Palin is a christian who will speak about faith and family at NQC. One of our major problems in our nation today is that we try to separate God from country. Some of our liberal friends need to return to God’s Word and recognize what He says about some of the grave issues confronting the nation today. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing a dynamic speaker address her faith and family issues at the showcase.

  25. NG wrote:

    There will be all kinds of media folks at the Palin event who would normally never cover NQC and likely have never heard of NQC.

    So NQC will gets lots of publicity out of this event but it will be interesting to see how many media reports mention Southern Gospel Music and explain what the Convention has been about in its history.

    The Palin event might result in some people (both SGM fans and others) associating the NQC with Republican politics. Maybe that is what the NQC directors want as part of their marketing strategy. Would seem so if they are willing to pay Sarah’s speaking fees which are reportedly $100,000 (unless she is giving them a deal for an opportunity to get some SGM autographs.)

  26. Gary wrote:

    Deep South, I take offense to the ignorant part of your post. I don’t believe you should call anyone ignorant whether they voted for Obama or the voted for McCain whose wife owns a bear distribution so I guess it is alright to vote for someone like that. That kind of talk should be left at home. Whether you feel that way or not, I do not believe it is Christian and therefore I must judge your fruits!

    By the way, I did not vote for Obama if it is any of your business but, I did not vote for McCain either!

  27. Kitten wrote:

    This Just In — the White House announced this morning that President Obama has added the NQC to his September schedule — as long as it does’t coincide with anticipated campaign appearances for members of his party. Word has it that he will be debating Ms. Palin on the biblical basis for socialism, health insurance (including abortions) for illegal immigrants, and the possible takeover of private IRA and 401-K retirement accounts by the federal government. The NQC board is “delighted” that this display of openness and diversity will be displayed for their guests.

    April fool!

  28. NotAFan wrote:

    #22 I appreciate your overall sentiment re: this event but please stop spreading the lie that Obama is a Muslim. He is not. Even the two people you voted for acknowledge it. So, if you really do still believe that, you are ignorant and need to remedy that with a little education.

    The question everyone needs to start asking is how much of her standard $100K speaking fee (this amount is public knowledge thanks to a recent lawsuit) Palin will be paid and who, exactly, is paying for it, particularly since the Board so often goes begging for money.

    And does her inclusion mean Gaither & Co. will skip out again? I thought his return last year was a good sign. But, he’s gone on record many times stating that he leaves the politics out of all their concerts so that everyone will feel welcome.

  29. NonInsider wrote:

    I read today where this will NOT be a political event and it is at 2 on Thursday… You guys and gals are all up in arms about something that you do not have to attend… This is a free country if the board of directors wanted Palin to come in and speak about her faith then WHO CARES…. I personally am not a big fan of her politically she is a reckless maverick… But I do believe her faith in Christ is genuine, on that basis we should at least maybe give her a chance to speak her mind… But as I said before this is a free country, and no one is making you go so get over it….

  30. Ever Think Of This wrote:


    Okay people, I’ll admit, I am conservative Republican. I am excited about this opportunity! and GUESS WHAT? If Obama was going to be there (as much as I can’t stand him), I’d think it would be great to hear him in person, even though I disagree.

    You all think it’s going to hurt the crowd. You do realize that this lady draws thousands upon thousands to her speaking engagements. That said, there should be a huge crowd of people show up that doesn’t know a thing about Gospel music. But, this could open the door for them to at least know we exist. BUT THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE WOULDN’T IT?

    We have Baptist preachers preaching to us non-baptists at NQC… I hear no complaints, even from me.

    If you don’t like it, don’t show up. I think it is wonderful news. Just because she is going to be there doesn’t mean she’s going to talk politics. BELIEVE IT OR NOT…politicians can be Christians and can share testimony. But God forbid trying to teach the Southern Gospel Fan that!

  31. CVH wrote:

    What a load of crap. I don’t hold the NQC or its leadership in very high regard anyway so I can’t say I’m surprised, and yet…the mixing of religion and politics never ends well for either side. Their buffoonery has reached a new low and as for Palin, I’m sure this is an important high-profile event on her calendar…yeah, right. She’s a shill just like everyone else who’ll be there.

  32. Butch wrote:

    You libs crack me up. Your hypocrisy just stinks.

  33. jonathan edwards wrote:

    Kitten if he could do it and would do it I would be there with an open mind however I don’t think he can or would at least not without the questions ahead of time he already lost that debate against mcain in the saddleback debate.

  34. jonathan edwards wrote:

    Gary thanks for at least putting your name on your post. I don’t get the line work out your own salvation in this context maybe you can help me with that and as far as Mr. Jakes is concerned not someone who I would look to for an answer on anything especially abortion , however unlike most of the folks on the other side of this issue I will at least track it down and listen to it.

  35. PulpitMinusPolitics wrote:

    #24, who is the dynamic speaker going to be?

  36. BUICK wrote:

    What part does she sing? Anyone want to suggest some appropriate selections for her?

  37. Glenn wrote:

    I know that I will not subscribe to their live feed this year.

  38. Gary wrote:

    jonathan edwards, that is part of scripture and why it is in quotes, ” work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” ! T.D. Jakes has won many to the Lord and I for one hold him in high esteem for that.

    Palin may be a Christian and I am all for that as you can tell. I just believe that she will bring politics with her and I am not for that. My Bible says to pray for those in leadership over you, it doesn’t say criticize. I hope I for one am not criticizing. I believe our country would be a lot better off without the mud slinging. I especially don’t like it when it comes from Christian people. If I have done that, I apologize.

    Please take the time to see what Jakes had to say. It was an eye opener for me. It didn’t change my mind about abortion which I do not agree with, it just shed some light on how different people see the abortion issue.

  39. Irishlad wrote:

    #36 She sings know “From Russia with love” being her party piece,well they were her neighbours and she could even see them from her window on a clear day.

  40. Cheap event wrote:

    I wish they would book President Obama and let him share his Christian faith.

  41. mrs.noah wrote:

    Ya know, I have given this serious thought all day, and I will not get in to a debate or slugfest over politics, but I do not count on receiving all my spiritual inspiration at NQC - I get my spiritual inspiration in my own church. In fact, Easter Week found me in my own church 7 times - in 7 days. That is where I am cleansed, forgiven, and ministered to, and I do not go to NQC to have that done, nor do I go there for politics. I am not registered as a democrat nor a republican. I have the option and freedom of choice to cancel the hotel res (within walking distance of Freedom Hall) and I am sure I can sell all our tickets since they are on the floor for every night. I just think this is very poor judgement on the part of our NQC “Fathers”. If I want politics I can turn on CNN or FOX and it is there 24 hours a day. I figure I have contributed roughly $10,000 into the Louisville Economy and sent quite a bit along the way with the SGM groups. I bet Brumley Sing would be happy to see me. lol

  42. Alan wrote:

    Hey, Irishlad - you want me to get started here on the politics and politicians in Northern Ireland? We could have a field day! Mrs. Palin could make a fair number of your politicians look pretty sad! Or maybe I should search for a Gospel music forum in the UK and blast away on their politicians? Let me know if and when you want me to begin. I actually know some of your folks… Larry Ford, Lorne Matthews and I went to Stormont and had lunch with some of them in the Member’s dining room. We learned quite a lot! You keep on Sarah, and then I’ll start. Fair deal? lol

  43. quartet-man wrote:

    #26 Gary, you’ve got to watch those bear distributors. The bears will eat your honey, your pic-a-nic baskets and if still hungry maybe you. ;-)

  44. Mike wrote:

    I am extremely excited to hear that the next President of the United States will be appearing at NQC this year. This is truly a coup and an absolute stroke of genius on the part of the NQC Board. There will undoubtedly be a sold-out standing room only crowd at this great event! Those liberals, commie whiners, and other minions of the current anti-christ wannabe in the White House who are feigning such offense and indignation about this are more than welcome to stay home.

  45. Gary wrote:

    sorry, beer!

  46. Irishlad wrote:

    #42 Alan you fire away,you probably know enough about N.I. to make some remarks,i believe ALL politicians no matter where they’re from are open game.

  47. Randy wrote:

    ……BUT, everyone will still attend NQC. The people that say they won’t, in fact, WILL watch Palin, so they can talk about how horrible it was with everyone of like mind who will also attend.

    NQC/SG Music: A scapegoat for those who love to hate it, but live to love it AND hate it.

    Drama queens! Emphasis on QUEENS.

  48. Lewis Wells wrote:

    Bad business.

    I was at the Southern Baptist Convention in 2006 when Condaleeza Rice spoke. Her speech was to be a family values-esque deal, much like it’s suggested that Palin’s will be at NQC. Make no mistake that Rice gave a purely political, and politically driven, speech. In the case of Rice, she was likely speaking to an audience 90+ percent supportive of the Bush administration’s platforms.

    I think this is a BAD PR move by the NQC board, who seem to assume that the vast, vast majority of those who attend NQC share their political views (only partially right - more Dems than they realize), and perhaps want to politically evangelize the remainder. If this were ONLY about faith, family, and values, there are any number of recognizable people in the church community better qualified (I would think) to speak on those issues.

    Name the last Democrat invited to speak at NQC. Bill Clinton is a professing Christian, and his personal life isn’t any more rowdy than some who’ll take the stage during NQC, and MANY who’ve taken the stage in years past.

    It’s sad to see the political sphere, and the “Christian” political sphere, turn into a Duke/North Carolina or Redskins/Cowboys kind of thing…where people choose a side, and by God, come hell or high water, they’re pulling for their team. Brains shut down. If Christ is to be our example, aside from who might win American Idol this year, name one issue Christ engaged in LESS than politics in his recorded words.

    And for the record, I’m a conservative and consider Ronald Reagan the father of our country.

  49. Greg wrote:

    To Buick (#36):

    How about “North to Alaska?”

  50. Kitten wrote:

    #40 Cheap Event — the problem only with inviting Obama to share his Christian faith is — people don’t want to buy a ticket to something that will only take 2 minutes from start to finish! lol

  51. Fries wrote:

    #28: Do you realize that Obama was raised in a Muslim school?

    Do you realize that he used to be a Muslim?

    Do you realize that on the campaign trail he mixed up the 50 United States with the Muslim states?

    Do you know he doesn’t believe Jesus is the only way to Heaven?

    I don’t care if he claims to be a Christian or not, his Muslim history is well documented.

    The only incentive he has for claiming Christianity is that he knew he would never be President without it.

  52. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 13 nailed it. This is the industry’s version of the “patriotic/automatic standing ovation” song southern gospel groups trot out when the set isn’t going so well.

    And No. 34- the reference is to Phillipians 2:12, but that poster takes it entirely out of the context of Phillipians 2.

  53. cynical one wrote:

    You’re folks are right: None of us who’ve ever voted for a Democratic presidential candidate could ever Christians.

    I doubt Palin’s appearance at NQC will sell many tickets to non-sg fans. IF her speech is covered by the press, do you think they will also cover the music? I doubt it. Do you expect there to be much music during her show (and let’s face it, that’s what it’ll be)? I don’t.

    And as for the people who’ve talked about this being during the time previously occupied by SN Fan Awards — not really. This is scheduled for 2PM on Thursday. The awards show was an evening program. That ain’t the same.

    If I were attending NQC, I, as others have mentioned, would probably attend, just to observe (even though I think she’s the biggest joke on the political scene in years). But I have to work that week, so I won’t have that opportunity.

  54. Cheap event wrote:

    Well, I’m sure glad he was Christian long enough to be elected President. Maybe if Palin remains Christian long enough she will get elected too… It at least got her a gig at the NQC. Whatever that means…

  55. MP wrote:

    First, I don’t think that Obama is Muslim and even if he is? So what? Catholics don’t believe the same as Christians either and we had a Catholic President who didn’t destroy the world or blow it up or whatever it is you think that Obama is going to do.

  56. Kyle wrote:

    I honestly don’t think that having Sarah Palin at NQC will alienate 50% of the audience. I’d say probably closer to 25-30%, given SG’s demographics. Still, as it is not a part of the regular evening shows, I don’t think it’ll have a HUGE impact.

    I still think that Huckabee would’ve been a better choice, though.

  57. pk wrote:

    well, thanks for the notice. I’ll make different plans for that week.

  58. NG wrote: notes that Sarah will not be the first politician on stage at NQC.

    “One year in the 90s the event featured a performance by the Singing Senators, a quartet of Republican Senators including Trent Lott, Larry Craig, James Jeffords and John Ashcroft. That group had some problems later on as Trent Lott ran afoul of the race baiters and ended up resigning his seat, Larry “Wide Stance” Craig got caught doing a little tap-dancing in a Minneapolis airport restroom, James Jeffords quit the GOP and became an independent and in so doing handed the Senate over to the Democrats, and John Ashcroft became a controversial Attorney General under George W. Bush.”

    Full post is here:

  59. MP wrote:

    NG but again political or not were they there to speak or to sing?

  60. Glenn wrote:

    #50 and #51 Ignorance is bliss.

  61. cynical one wrote:

    I’ll add a comment to #51 about the ascertion that Obama doesn’t believe Jesus Christ is the only way to heave. Apparently neither does Glenn Beck, who is revered by many Christian conservatives. Remeber, he’s a Morman.

  62. Rick wrote:

    Re:#- I imagine most Catholics would be surprised to learn they are not Christians.

  63. Rick wrote:

    Sorry. Message 62 is in reference to #55.

  64. Bones wrote:

    Anita Bryant and her message was at NQC in Nashville one year in the 70’s. It didn’t have such an impact that people sold their tickets. Just get over it. It’s just a short time to go get ice cream, funnell cakes and visit Gaither’s booth.

  65. Harry Peters wrote:

    You can count old Harry Peters in for the NQC this year. Old Harry’s wife, Fonda Peters is jealous that she is not going to get to go this year. Sarah Palin is America’s Sweetheart and stands on solid principles. Can you imagine what this president or his long-standing pastor and mentor, the “reverend” Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright would have to say in a speech for any Christian cause? Old Harry Peters will be waving his flag at the convention and singing “God BLESS America!”

  66. Harry Peters wrote:

    #62 Old Harry Peter’s imagines that it would be news to Jesus that Catholics aren’t Christians! But that’s just how old and slow Harry Peters is. Old Harry Peters was under the impression that God decided who was a Christian and who wasn’t. If God wants to let Catholics, Jews, the Great Heathen Obama, or anyone else through the Pearly Gates, it’ll be just fine with old Harry Peters.

  67. Billy Ray wrote:

    I am a Canadian Christian who loves southern gospel music. I strongly object to mixing religion with politics, and am horrified to hear that Sarah Palin would be invited to speak at the NQC convention! She and her lunatic fringe conspirators — Michelle Bachman, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, etc., are creating a dangerous climate of hate and anarchy in the United States! Are Americans blind to this evil movement? Or are you just brainwashed? The rest of the world stands watching, shaking our heads in disbelief that anyone could be so gullible. I repeat — this woman is dangerous!

  68. mrs.noah wrote:

    #67 - this brings to mind something someone posted to me the other day “If ignorance is bliss, she must be living in Paradise”….true statement, in my opinion.

  69. Wade wrote:

    Hey Harry… you would go to see her not matter what she was pushing!! ;-))

    Good to see ya back Harry!!!

    I still don’t see the big deal of having someone like her at a SHOWCASE in the afternoon!!!

    The STUPID thing in this concept was for The AWARDS to be taken out of the NQC!!!

    Still like to have been in that meeting when THAT decision was made!!! The BACK STORY I bet is JUICY!!

  70. Dixie Dawg wrote:

    All Southern Gospel singers should boycott the National Quartet Convention. Once again, Christians and Christian organizations want to align themselves with the political faction, just like they aligned themselves with George Bush.

    My husband is a Southern Baptist minister and author, and we are constantly discussing the ever-growing trend of blending Christianity and Politics. In reading the New Testament, I don’t recall this as being a practice of Jesus Christ. If you don’t think this is a growing trend, read material by Christian Lawyer and Author William Stringfellow (who passed away years ago). He saw it coming in the 50’s and 60’s.

    One of my first questions is, “Who is paying for her to speak at the convention?” I’m sure she is not showing up for a nice meal and a love offering. I would assume that her speaking engagement fees range from $25,000 - $100,000. Good grief, to get her foothold into this arena, she may have offered them a “good deal”.

    Christians are being deceived by this woman….. and the lack of discernment among the Christian community is distressing, to say the least. Folks, she is “one of them”. Look at the title of her book, “Going Rogue”. People don’t understand that the elite who are instrumental in destructive government constantly tell us WHO they are through their business names, books and non-profit organizations. Many times evil openly reveals itself.

    Check out Cerberus Capital, a company owned by a group of right-wing elitist AND very rich Republicans. Want to know what Cerberus means in Greek mythology? In Greek mythology, Cerberus is a three-headed dog who guards the gates of hell. Why would a group of Republicans name a company after a Greek mythology figure who happens to guard the gates of hell?

    Oh well, Mrs. “Going Rogue” can meet some the Southern Gospel elite who will have another opportunity for a good photo op and maybe a chance to be seen in the political arena. Is Christianity affecting the world or is the world affecting Christianity? WWJD…..yeah, wonder what He would do?

    By the way, the next time a Southern Gospel group comes to our area and “whines” about their expenses and their “sacrifice” on the road (which usually includes at least two cruises a year), I have an idea. Maybe they can dip into the same fund that is bringing Palin to the NQC.

  71. Charlie Gladiator wrote:

    first ,any one who doesnt truly know JESUS ,REPENT OF YOUR SINS,and put your faith ,and trust in JESUS . christians going to heaven vote the rep.,+ dems.and certainly one party is truly buy GODs word,more correct . and as for what presidents are christians or probably not dig go 2,3 pages more deep.oil spill bps fault,oil spill cleanup obamas ,hello.palin great attention for nqc,better her then a few others ty politics,and religion mixed quite well with many of our past politicians .however we are talking about mainly god fearing born again christians . please ,let us all read our bibles more,and witness about JESUS AND MANYgospel groups let you know what they think about what best serves GODS WILL ,As a christian,and as a politician ,its in the book,spelled BIBLE,ITS Gods word .

  72. Charlie Gladiator wrote:

    I remember awhile after I got saved ,some years went by,I noticed this person a christian said words some he shouldnt,got mad ,and angry sometimes,even voted for people not in GODS WILL ,HE DIDNT REALLY study enough,or truly understand what each republicans,and democrats were about .then I realized that more than average smart guy was me.I dont have all the answers,I dont even have all the questions lol.however ,I truly rededicated my life.And God revealed to me a more excellent way. Palin will probably bring more attention to nqc,and help ticket sales overall,and some souls may get introduced to JESUS who dont know him ,this site may help souls come to know JESUS AS LORD .I HOPE SO. may GOD BLESS THIS SIGHT ,AND his readers with a greater enrichment of him ,and his will.

  73. A. Gardner wrote:

    To call Gov. Palin “empty headed” is to admit that you are one of the pitifully gullable who still choose to believe what Obama says rather than to objectively watch what he is doing, and for that matter, to watch the impact Sarah Palin is having on combating his march to national distruction. God bless Gov. Palin and her fight to redirect this nation back to the God given principles on which it was founded.

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