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The interns went out on a Goodwill run today and ended up in Canaanland, ca. 1970s. First up, still partially shrink-wrapped, The Cathedrals, Easy on the Ears, Heavy on the Heart (Canaan, 1976), produced by Marvin Norcross and Ken Harding (with a Bill Gaither jacket blurb). Check out the decor and fashion:

I swear, before he lost weight and those sideburns, Glenn Payne was a ringer for a sober George Jones.

But the real score is this three-LP Gospel Jubilee compilation (Canaan, 1977).

My Crackberry’s camera phone doesn’t render the type very legibly, but you can sorta make out enough of the artist names on the first two records to get a sense of the scope and range of the contents. It’s a real gem:

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  1. Janet B wrote:

    Ok - I need new glasses, so trying to make that out is giving me a headache. I see Happy Goodman Family, Rex Nelon Singers, Florida Boys, Blue Ridge Quartet, Thrasher Bros, Lewis Family, Wendy Bagwell and the Swelterers (or Solitaires?)…Inspirations, and…Buddy Muffin and the Scones.
    Am I close?

    Actually, that album cover looks really familiar…it was probably in my parents’ collection at one time.

    Ah - 1976 was the era of the “Leisure Suit.” My dad had one, complete with a loud, polyester shirt. I think he really missed wearing a tie…

    And…Glen Payne looks like he’s swathed in a cobweb.

  2. NG wrote:

    It’s appears to be the whole Canaan Records lineup from the mid-70s on the compiliation disk. In addition to those listed by Janet B, I see Singing Christians (who later became Mercy River Boys); Kingsmen, Jimmie Davis, songwriter Cleavant Derricks (”Just a Little Talk with Jesus”), the Cruise Family and bluegrass artist Lester Flatt.

    It’s Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters and Teddy Huffem and the Gems (a black group who were big in SGM).

  3. quartet-man wrote:

    Janet, I am on a teeny netbook, but it should be Wendy Bagwell and the Sunlighters Teddy Huffam and the Gems.

  4. quartet-man wrote:


  5. quartet-man wrote:

    I also misspelled “sunliters.”

  6. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Just when I thought I had the complete Nelon collection, this compilation appears with the Rex Nelon Singers doing “King Jesus”–I gotta find it!

  7. copperhill wrote:

    Since the interns wimped out of actually listing the artists/songs, for the visually challenged such as myself, I have enlarged the photo and here goes with the songs and artists:
    SIDE 1 (LEFT)
    I’m Taking a Flight-The Inspirations
    Beyond the Sunset-Blue Ridge Quartet
    Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown–Jimmie Davis
    Meet Me There-Teddy Huffman & Gems
    The Old Rugged Cross-Florida Boys
    O What a Sunrise(?)-Wendy Bagwell and the Sonliters (?)
    John the Revelator- Happy Goodman Family
    He Made a Rainbow of My Tears-Cathedral Quartet

    SIDE 2 (LEFT)
    He LovesYou- Florida Boys
    I’ll Go-Rex Nelon Singers
    The Eastern Gate-Happy Goodman Family
    Through it All-Thrasher Brothers
    He Didn’t Come Down-Cathedral Quartet
    When I’m Gone-Jimmie Davis
    Honey in the Rock-Lewis Family
    Touring the City-The Inspirations

    SIDE 1 (RIGHT)
    Wait’ll You See My Brand New Home-Teddy Huffman and the Gems
    Let Your Fingers Do the Walking-Happy Goodman Family
    I Believe He Died for Me-The Inspirations
    The Old Ship of Zion-The Kingsmen
    Sweet Bye and Bye-Cathedral Quartet
    Prescription for Salvation-Reverend Clevelant Derricks (?)
    Special Kind of Man-The Singing Christians (?)
    Handshakes and Smiles-The Florida Boys

    SIDE 2 (RIGHT)
    Carpenter’s Tool-Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters
    Pick Me Up Lord-The Lewis Family
    Redemption Draweth Night-The Thrasher Brothers
    The Good Old Days-The Crouse(?) Family
    The Old Gospel Ship-The Florida Boys
    The First Million Years-The Inspirations
    King Jesus-Rex Nelon Singers
    There is No Mountain (You Can’t Climb)-Jimmie Davis
    Stepping on the Clouds (Happy Goodman Family)

    About 15 years ago, I chauffeured an elderly former school teacher who was very much into the country/bluegrass scene to a concert at Southeastern La University featuing Jimmie Davis and also The Lewis Family. He was in his mid-nineties but could still sing quite well and he autographed his coffeetable book for me.

  8. Extra Ink wrote:

    The Cathedrals photo setting really looks like the fireplace at the front of the Opryland Hotel…possible? Somebody should give me an award if I have that right….

  9. Janet B wrote:

    NG & quartet-man -
    Are you two really short, by any chance? Cuz that sailed right over your heads.

  10. NG wrote:

    Janet B: Actually I am short but that’s no excuse for your humor sailing over my head.

  11. Deron J. wrote:

    #8- Since that album came out a year before the Opryland hotel opened, that’s highly improbable.

  12. NG wrote:

    #6 Tad: I’m not aware of the Rex Nelon Singers ever recording “King Jesus.” However, the LeFevres with Rex recorded the song in the 70s before the group became the Nelons. I’m wondering if there is a mistake on the listing on the compilation. Maybe one of one our expert collectors (Dean) can clarify.

  13. quartet-man wrote:

    9. Actually, I’m quite tall. :-P
    12 I presume since the Lefevr’s “morphed” into the Rex Nelon Singers ,they just used the then current name of the group.

  14. quartet-man wrote:

    Typo, I meant “Lefevres”

  15. Kelly Nelon Clark wrote:

    Actually, It was the year we um…”morphed” but it is not us on the recording. It is from Happiness is Gospel (King Jesus) 1973, and Stepping on the Clouds (I’ll Go) 1974 both recordings had Teresa McNeil singing soprano, and I think Rex Foster sang King Jesus. My memory might fail me on the last. lol

  16. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    You can find hidden more hidden treasures at Salvation Army and Mennonite stores.

  17. quartet-man wrote:

    Janet B, Is this the same Goodwill that was sung about in the song “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night”? It says “Goodwill henceforth from heav’n to men” ;-)

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