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Not that this crowd needs an excuse for a free-for-all, but we’re about due for one of these, methinks. So here goes. Some stuff to get us started:

  • Changes afoot at the Singing News, including a move to Nashville, Danny Jones becoming editor, and Amy Grant replacing Connie Hopper as columnist.  Ok. I made that  last part up, but the full story is here.
  • Legacy Five is going all in on the Compassion International angle.
  • Well, it ain’t classy, but given the moribund state of Gold City’s stage style in the recent past, I guess you’d have to classify this  as progress in the “signs of life” category (h/t, S).
  • Finally, since folks seemed interested in the first two records of the Canaan 3-LP compilation I scored at the Goodwill this weekend, here’s a not very good shot of the contents of the third record. fwiw.


What else? Consider the floor yours.

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  1. Aaron Swain wrote:

    It was just announced that Phillip Hughes is resigning as The Kingsmen lead and is staying on till a new one is found.

  2. NG wrote:

    How did you miss the big news that the Unthanks will be streaming the SGN awards live this week? Hosts are Sonya Isaac, Mike Bowling and Madison Easter. Must viewing for those lamenting the loss of the SN awards at NQC.


  3. Janet B wrote:

    Ok, Doug. Page 3 is a little more legible - either that or I’ve grown accustomed to tiny, blurry print.

    The only one I can’t quite make out is the Grass Family (would that be Blue or Crab?).

  4. William wrote:

    Kingsmen - Move Bryan to lead and bring Parker Johnathon back :-)

  5. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Didn’t notice you’d already gotten to it the first time. Oops.

  6. NG wrote:

    #3 Janet: I’ve suddenly grown taller because your humor didn’t sail over my head this time.

    #2 My original link re the SGN awards doesn’t seem to work. You could try this link:

  7. NonInsider wrote:

    The Kingsmen need to move Bryan up to lead and bring in Tony Peace… Or even try to convince Parker Jonathan to come back… Also Derrick Selph would be a great hire… They have a chance here to actually make the group better…

  8. quartet-man wrote:

    #6 / #3, I must have grown taller too. :-)

  9. cdguy wrote:

    Janet - That’s the Cruse Family. They were contemporary/southern, when contemporary southern wasn’t cool.

    Actually, a lot of people thought they were sg, but that was probably only people who’d never heard them in concert.

    BTW, one of the daughters (Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff) is Director of Worship & Music at Lakewood Church in Houston (Joel Osteen’s church), and a fairly popular worship songwriter.

  10. natesings wrote:

    #3- The Cruse Family

  11. Janet B wrote:

    NG & quartet-man: Bravo!! :)

  12. quartet-man wrote:

    #11, we couldn’t have done it without ya. ;-)

  13. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    I can assure all of you that Parker Jonathan will not be back with the Kingsmen ever. Not a good parting the first time. But, if we’re going for nostalgia, how about Wayne Maynard or Ed Crawford? Both of those guys can still sing.

  14. David wrote:

    #7, have you forgotten TP was once with the KMen? He just got off of Ben Harris’ bus to follow his son’s high school football career this fall. Unlikely he’s getting back on another bus anytime soon. Certainly enjoyed his MC work with Ray Dean and the boys-he was very Hamill-esque!

  15. NonInsider wrote:

    I did not forget… I just did not word my OP right… It was mostly just wishful thinking on my part… We shall see how it turns out over the next few weeks…

  16. hr wrote:

    if something is done jus for nostalgia sake they can count me out…move forward not back!

  17. oldtimer wrote:

    The Kingsmen bringing back Wayne Maynard ( who is singing better today than 20 years ago - and he was good then) would be the move that could put them back in the Southern Gospel elite. They have not been there in a very long time.

  18. christy wrote:

    The Nelons have a new cd out. Sounds good with Amber growing up now.

  19. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Of all the previous Kingsmen members, I think fans would most like to see Parker Jonathan return.

    A number of people say that will never happen…that the split was just too bitter when he left.

    Of course, a lot of people said the same thing about Michael English/GVB and William Lee Golden/Oaks, too, so what do those who are quick to say “never” really know about what lies in the future?

  20. Bradley wrote:

    How about Chris Whitaker he was with Crystal River and Mike and Kelly Bowling for a while.. I think he may just be the guy!!

  21. Janet B wrote:

    #9 & #10 - What would you say if I told you that my favorite Happy Goodman Family song is “I Wouldn’t Take Nothin’ For My Jersey Cow?”

    (Ng & q-man: I think they might need new platform shoes, don’t you?) ;)

  22. Bones wrote:

    Won’t happen. Parker won’t be back anywhere.

  23. NonInsider wrote:

    Ummm he is back somewhere, he started his own group…

  24. quartet-man wrote:

    #21 LOL

  25. Tom wrote:

    Here’s what NQC may be dishing out for Sarah:

  26. Andrew S. wrote: Does anyone have the new Jeff & Sheri “Live at Oak Tree” cd/dvd thing?

    And does anyone have details about the Gaither taping next month?? Courtney Collingsworth mentioned something about it on Twitter.

  27. KDM wrote:

    #25…I saw that too. I was wondering how much they’re putting out to have SP come and speak at NQC. Where are they getting that kind of cash? First class flight and hotel accommodations, as well as a hefty honorarium…how much are tickets to this thing going to end up costing?

  28. chuck stevens wrote:

    Singfest hits Tulsa this weekend. April 15th, 16th and 17th, ORU Mabee Center. The Hoppers, Jason Crabb, Guy Penrod, Dove Brothers, Perry’s, Gold City and more! Anyone going?

  29. Old School wrote:

    Ed Crawford’s Wife would never let him far enough out of her site to travel on anyone elses Bus.

  30. Videoguy wrote:

    Palin’s NQC appearance is a part of the Women of Joy conferences. (Seems everyone has a second job nowadays.) She probably is not getting the same honorarium, and probably does not have the same requirements as her stumping gig.

  31. cdguy wrote:

    Andrew — I have it. Besides some of their greatest hits, the dvd also features a moment where the whole family sit down and talked about Sheri’s recent bout with breast cancer. I’m told this was the first the kids have opened up about how the ordeal has affected them. Good stuff.

  32. David J. Stuart wrote:

    For choices for replacements with Phillip Hughes….. Parker Jonathan, Tony Peace, Derik or Jason Selph, Jonathan Wilburn, Wayne Maynard, Matt Dibbler.

  33. SM wrote:

    The only group Parker Jonathan will ever sing in, is his own group. I doubt if he will ever get to grace the stage at NQC ever again. But then you never know, after some of the things I have seen this past year, anything is possible……

  34. Olaneljonois wrote:

    #19 & #33 What happened between Parker Jonathan and the Kingsmen? I thought he left to be with his wife?

  35. Wade wrote:

    Old School… lol… I know where you are going with that but he is out quit a bit now isn’t he???

  36. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    #34: I won’t spread gossip, but, from what I’ve heard from friends of the Kingsmen, he’ll never sing for another big-name group.

  37. onemadeupmind wrote:

    My take on the “Canceling” of National Day of Prayer as posted on my blog.

    While I don’t agree with President Obama on many issues, I also didn’t agree with many policies of President Bush’s Administration. The point is, nobody is ever going to agree with someone else, especially in politics, 100% of the time.

    However, President Obama IS MY President, and I have a moral, Christian obligation to pray for him.

    With that said, the following is a summary of the most recent propaganda circulating on the internet per My commentary is included in these remarks.

    “President Obama has decided that there will no longer be a “National Day of Prayer” held in May. He doesn’t want to offend anyone. Where was his concern about offending Christians last January when he allowed the Muslims to hold a day of prayer on the capitol grounds. As an American Christian “I am offended.” if you agree, copy and paste no matter what religion you are. This country was built on freedom!!”

    The United States observed many unofficial national days of prayer throughout its history until 1952, when President Harry S. Truman signed a bill proclaiming a National Day of Prayer. This bill did not fix a specific calendar date for the event, but left it up to each president to designate a date of his choosing. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan fixed the date of the National Day of Prayer as the first Thursday of May.

    In 2009, President Obama decided not to host an ecumenical service in the White House in observance of the National Day of Prayer as his predecessor, George W. Bush, had.

    However, he did not, as claimed in 2009 (and again in 2010) “cancel” the National Day of Prayer; rather than holding a White House service, President Obama opted to continue the tradition of issuing a public proclamation and observe the occasion privately:

    The following statement is from the White House:

    “Prayer is something that the president does every day,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, adding that Obama would sign a proclamation to recognize the day. “I think the president understands, in his own life and in his family’s life, the role that prayer plays. And I would denote that the administrations prior to the past one did proclamations. That’s the way the president will publicly observe the national prayer day. But, as I said, privately, he’ll pray as he does every day.”

    There has always been a National Day of Prayer. But there wasn’t any “Prayer Service” at the White House before George W. Bush. Only proclamations noting the special day. That is still being done, just like BEFORE George W Bush.

    There are many activities for the National day of Prayer being planned. You can find the information at .

    Also, as far as I can ascertain, there is no national “Islamic Prayer Day” acknowledged or observed by the White House — perhaps someone has confused the private prayer service held by Muslims on Capitol Hill in September 2009 with an officially designated Islamic prayer day.

    While I respectfully disagree with the President concerning partial-birth abortion and other issues, I will cut him some slack on this one. I mean really, if this WERE true, are you telling me that 1 person could stop a day of prayer? President Obama is more powerful than I thought he was! LOL.

    If the “copy and paste” post was factual, then sure, re-post it. However, it isn’t. The originators of this post, (not my friends who innocently copy/paste and re-post it, thinking that it’s factual because it’s on the internet, lol) in my estimation are no more than rumor/hate mongers, trying to create insurrection among white, middle class Americans by stirring up fear in their hearts. And that my friends, is wrong, regardless of what side of the political fence you sit on.

    As for me, I refuse to live in fear or in bondage to someones propaganda.

  38. David J. Stuart wrote:

    Oh , everybody’s trying to make out this “bad blood” between Parker and the Kingsmen. That’s nonsense! He was at the Kingsmen’s 50th Anniversary concert as well as Hamill’s funeral. People just wasnt to stir up trouble. Whether or not, it was on good terms when he left, that is over with.

  39. SM wrote:

    Nobody ever said there was “bad blood” between Parker and The Kingsmen, but being at their 50th Anniversary Concert and at Jim Hamill’s funeral is totally different than ever singing with a big name group again. And that is that!!!!!!

  40. David J. Stuart wrote:

    Well SM, i guess you told me!!! ;)

    ps, i was corrected , Jeremy Peace emailed me and said that parker was not on the 50th anniversary.

  41. David J. Stuart wrote:

    …and besides, like the Kingsmen song says…”The past is past”!

  42. Neil Sedaka wrote:

    #38, DJS, quit stealing my song title. ;-0

  43. William wrote:

    I myself mentioned bringing Parker back, but have no idea if it will or will not happen. My question is: Does anyone know if they are looking for someone to take the lead position or move Bryan up and find a baritone? My vote is for Bryan to move to lead.

  44. William wrote:

    Sounds as good as ever:

  45. RF wrote:

    Bravo, #37! Bunch of bunk. All Presidents proclaim a national day of prayer and then ignore it, with the exception of George W. Bush, who tended to make a spectacle of it and that was his prerogative. Check out snopes about the Islamic “Day of Prayer” if you want. It’s never existed. It’s OK to not like Obama and it’s OK to not vote for him, but sending along viscious rumors that are not true is not only un-Christian, but simply wrong. I may not agree with the President on everything, but I refuse to hate him so much that I spread lies.

  46. steven wrote:

    bryan mentioned on one of the forums that he and phillip would trade off lead parts, so it seems that they would be looking for someone who can handle the baritone but take lead also.

  47. Confidential wrote:

    Open forum? Ok, here’s one for you. I have a promoter friend in the southeast part of the country who has booked a quartet (not a “big time” group) for an upcoming event. After researching the group he discovered that one of the members has spent a couple of years in jail, and is a registered sex offender, and he dropped them from the event. Here is the question:
    Should groups {legally} be required to inform promoters/pastors if they have a registered sex offender in their group before or at the time the concert is booked?

  48. quartet-man wrote:

    #47, we have all sinned and once forgiven by God are forgiven. However, it is hard to think of anything that would not make disclosing it the right thing to do. In this case, I suppose it would depend on what he did. However, it is hard to think of anything that would not make disclosing it the wrong thing to do. I say this because whether it be from rape, statutory rape, or molestation, there would likely be women, teens and children around and there is the chance that the member could be alone with them. Also, it might put the promoter at risk if something like that happened there. Even if they weren’t found legally responsible (I don’t know), it could ruin them in future concerts if word got out. Neither might not happen, but I suppose it could.

  49. Lovelife wrote:

    #47: Ooohhhh boy. I’m gonna set back and just watch this for a while.

  50. Certain wrote:

    Comfidential: if it’s the group I’m thinking of, that issue was never brought to the group owner’s attention until they recieved a notice about it. When they discovered the arrest and charges, they let the gentleman go on the spot. They now have someone else in his place who is a great singer and most importantly, doesn’t have a record of that magnitude.I’m on my way. They aren’t happy. I’ll deal with them later Perhaps in this day and time, the group owners should run extensive checks on who they hire. It’s sad you can’t trust anymore, but you have to protect your assets and the people.

  51. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    I don’t think anyone who knows what happened between PJ and the Kingsmen should slander him by posting what they know. However, we who do know are only trying to let you all know that he’ll not be coming back. PJ made some mistakes that, hopefully, he has repented for. However, that doesn’t mean he’s coming back to actually be with the group.

  52. Jake wrote:

    #47 — I don’t know how the laws are where you live, nor the details of his past crime, but oftentimes former sex offenders are forbidden from being around children, etc. That would include being in a church service and around a church building with kids.

    If there are no legal ramifications to his status, and he has been saved and transformed and is truly a trophy of God’s grace, then the group ought to make that clear in their presentation of themselves to promotors & pastors, so nobody will come upon it by accident and jump to conclusions.

    The issue is much greater than whether or not he has been forgiven by God. Sometimes the consequences of past sin still continues with us through the present. That could be the case here.

  53. Confidential wrote:

    #48 quartet-man

    It was 3 seperate charges on a child under the age of 11. The individual who did the crimes is required by law to register with the county sheriff where they live every 90 days, and they are to report where they are working. I am just wondering if, legally, this individual is required to notify promoters/pastors since they are required to notify an employer. I am not trying to ruin the reputation of this or any other individual or group that may have this particular issue. I am not a parent, but if I were, I wouldn not allow my child around a registered sex offender whether they were in a gospel group, teacher at a school, or worked at Chik-fil-a.

  54. quartet-man wrote:

    #52 you are right. I thought I put in my response about consequences are still there, but either I didn’t or it got lost in edit. It is true though that God’s forgiveness doesn’t equate with the results of the sin being erased nor does it even sometimes mean that people forgive.

  55. quartet-man wrote:

    #53, although God can change a person, it is my understanding that more often than not child molesters are always struggling with temptation like an alcholic etc. Putting them with kids wouldn’t only be bad for the kids, but the person themselves. It seems to me that if the person has to register with the authorities and I suspect keep so far away from schools and kids, that working in situation with children present would be something they would need to report as well. I would think that the authorities would also want to know about it.

  56. Olaneljonois wrote:

    #51 I was told the “reason” he left the group and was surprised at what I was told. I have no reason to doubt the person who told me since they have been connected to the group for over twenty years.

    For about ten years when I would go to Kingsmen concerts PJ always recognized me, remembered my name and we would talk about the group. As a fan I was always impressed that he would remember me despite all the people he would undoubtedly meet in concerts across the country. So to hear about what happened just doesn’t jive with my impression of PJ.

    I guess I am hoping that what I have heard isn’t really true.

  57. onemadeupmind wrote:

    New Inspirations tenor, Jodi Hosterman is featured in this you tube video. He sounds better with them than I expected. Actually, he improves them because they don’t sound like the typical Inspos anymore (IMO).

  58. quartet-man wrote:

    #57 I don’t know that I heard them with the previous tenor, but of course did Archie. I agree that Jodi improves them. However, it is a different sound than what the Inspirations are known for or expected to have. Time will tell whether people will like the new, better sound, or think it is not an Inspirations sound anymore. I like the new sound.

  59. chuck stevens wrote:

    I was at Singfest Friday night in Tulsa and the Dove Brothers actualy had a live band. I love it. Glad to see some of the groups coming back with some live sound. It added alot to the performance. The house sound man left a little to be desired. Hoping Gold City brings a band tonight as well.

  60. DP wrote:

    Re: The K-Men and Wayne Maynard. I know Wayne pretty well / attend church with him, etc. He is definitely singing as well as ever, plays a mean bass and a pretty good piano to boot! I doubt he would be willing to go back on the road but you never know. Move Bryan to lead and put Wayne in at baritone. This would cure the current problem of having 3 lead/tenor singers.

  61. Joshua Lester wrote:

    Parker Jonathon back with the Kingsmen, good idea! Btw, off the subject, Whatever happened to Kevin Ivey, formerly of the Dixie Echoes and Ken Turner, formerly of the Blackwood Brothers?

  62. matt wrote:

    I just noticed Gold City website is now up……finally.

  63. David J. Stuart wrote:

    #42, funny Neil! :)

  64. Wade wrote:

    The Greenes will be at a local church in my area tonight. I will post my report of The TaRanda Show when I get in.

    If I have something to say that is not all SUGAR I HOPE the genius Mikey that got them all in a wad over the Perrys review a few threads back will understand I love to hear them, but I can be critical too and does not have to get all worked up again. I am sure he will claim he has the right cause he has worked on a bus or 2.

    Bless His HEART!!!

  65. NonInsider wrote:

    So I heard that Joseph Smith formerly of the Booth Brothers, got arrested…

  66. chuck stevens wrote:

    Wade, Saw the Greens on Friday night at Singfest. Although they sang only one medium tempo song in the whole set, they sounded like a million bucks, or should I say Taranda was at the top of her game, like she always is. She looked like a million bucks as well. She takes command of the stage for sure.

  67. chuck stevens wrote:

    Guy Penrod had a semi live band. he had Austin’s Bridge with him Saturday night at Singfest in Tulsa. Two guitar players and a drummer. They sounded great and it was nice to hear him actualy talk. He did a little preaching woven into his show.

  68. Rob wrote:

    David Bruce Murray is reporting that Joseph Smith, who sang with Booth Brothers & Mark Trammell has been arrested for theft from the Belks store where he worked.

  69. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The results from Round One of the 1990s poll have been posted, and voting for Round Two is now open.

    Round Two has been shortened to three days, so be sure to vote soon.

    There was a three-way tie for 20th place, so we have 22 options in Round Two.

    The Cathedrals dominated Round One with 6 songs moving ahead. They were followed by Gold City with 4 and the Gaither Vocal Band with 3. Greater Vision and the Kingsmen each had 2. Rounding out the results with one song each were Phil Cross & Poet Voice, Brian Free & Assurance, Kirk Talley, the Kingdom Heirs, and Perfect Heart.

  70. Lovelife wrote:

    So sorry to hear about the death of Mark Trammell’s bus driver. Just shows how we never know the time that God will call for us.

  71. Wade wrote:

    Greenes WoW them in North Georgia!!! OK… I promised a report on the Greene’s set they did at a local church here in the Chattanooga/ North Ga Area. Please forgive me for being tardy for all those who have been busting me about it via Facebook and email.

    Y’all know I can be TOUGH on even Groups I love like Gold City!!! So that should give me some extra cred for what I am about to write.

    If TaRanda Greene ever decides to sing Country or Pop Music, Carrie Underwood and Beyounce should get out of the biz.

    Every year she does not get Female Vocalist just shows how bigga a joke some of those awards are.

    This was a BIG Church… The Parkway Baptist Temple in Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. Just a couple of miles from the Chattanooga, Tn State Line. They were having a Bible Conference ( F/K/A a Revival) so they only got to do about 30 minutes.

    Jeff Hullender’s (who played bass back in Gold City’s Glory Days of Brian, Ivan, Mike & Tim) Brother, Tony is the Music Minister and Taylor Barnes late of The Band of Gold and formerly of The Hoppers plays bass and the churches music is quite good. But Thank GOODNESS they only sang an Opening Congregational Song and then 3 Choir Songs. They did ok as choirs go, but I of course wanted to hear the Greenes. But a 3 song set is reasonable. I always chuckle at White People particularly Choirs ATTEMPTING to sound black…. And HATE it when the local church sings and hour before they toss to the National Talent. But like I said Tony the Music Minister ( f/k/a Choir Director) did good.

    It was SOOO good to see Tony looking healthy.

    Tony did GOOD and did not talk much at all. In fact they took the stage and did 5 songs before he said a word. Great Job Tony!! He did a VERY TRUNCATED bit about the kidney transplant but that was ALL it took to make this VERY JADED, Seen it ALL, Done the ROAD thing, squall like a Baby!! It is AMAZING what God can do!!

    Think somebody said in Tulsa last weekend said TaRanda COMMANDED the Stage. She actually knows how to work a mic….and she LOOKED HOT. Tony Greene is LUCKY LUCKY BLESSED MAN!!

    The 5th Song was a VERY SIMPLE piano accompaniment only, LEAVE IT THERE (Take Your Burdens to the Lord) which was amazing.

    Think Taylor Barnes said it BEST… She stands there and sings some incredible voice gymnastics that would have MOST singers popping veins, leaning over or turning the upper range into a SCREAMS… but not TaRANDA!!! While COMMANDING she made it look effortless with a SMILE on her face.

    Jeff does a great job and blends well. I wished this group would remake the 10th Anniversary Live. Which btw Dr. DH and a few ppl were asking they do have this available on CD in box set with 3 other legendary Greene’s Projects. Worth EVERY cent of the $20 I paid for it.

    But back to TaRanda. If you are a church or a promoter and you do not check for Greene’s avails you are SILLY to put it nicely!!! I am trying to think of a reason to have them RIGHT now. Just to hear them do a full set. You ppl in Myrtle Beach are lucky to have them multiple days this week.

    She asked aloud why Dr. DH is sooo tough on so many but has always been nice to her??? I told her it was because the man recognizes WORLD CLASS TALENT!!!

    I will close with this….PICK ANY FEMALE SINGER YOU WANT…ANY. Produce them a set. I will show up with TaRanda and her shoe’s, produce and call the set and see who the crowd loves more… The Combination of Sweetness, Hotness, (no wonder Kim Hopper is getting so much work done…now if she would just smile some when she sings) Genuineness and PURE TALENT!!!…. TaRanda WINS!! HANDSDOWN!!!

  72. chuck stevens wrote:

    Great review. Taranda is hands down the best voice in Gospel music without a doubt. I could listen to her sing all night. And Wade is right, she should be walking away with awards. As much as I love Kim Hopper, I think Taranda works the crowd as well as anyone i have ever seen. I only see them about once a year here in Tulsa.

  73. NonInsider wrote:

    Terrific review Wade… Taranda may be close to one of the best female singers ever in any genre… On another note the Nelons are sounding as good as ever lately… Their new album is the best they have done in a very long time… That Amber can really sing! Her momma is still as smooth as ever…

  74. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Round Two is complete, and the Final Round is underway to select the Song Of The Decade for the 1990s. The poll ends on Thursday, April 29 at midnight.

    Round Two went down to the wire. We ended up with a four-way tie for seventh place, so there are 10 songs in the Final Round.

    Your finalists are:
    Wedding Music – Cathedrals
    He Made A Change – Cathedrals
    I’ve Just Started Living – Cathedrals
    Climbing Higher And Higher – Cathedrals
    There Rose A Lamb – Gold City
    I’m Not Giving Up – Gold City
    I Am Redeemed – Phil Cross & Poet Voices
    My Name Is Lazarus – Greater Vision
    Wish You Were Here – Kingsmen
    For God So Loved – Brian Free & Assurance

    You know this by now…the poll is here:

    Enjoy, and please pass the word along. Thanks!

  75. P. C. Foraker wrote:

    Have been enjoying your column for many moolns, sometimes liking what you say and less often being in disagreement. But you call ‘em like you see ‘em and I respect that. However, your recent comments regarding CCM in which you seemed to relegate it to a higher position than it deserves really galled me. I suggest that long after the glitzy, mostly tuneless, mostly message-less CCM thing has passed on to oblivion, the great old Southern gospel music will still be going strong. Where? In the South, of course, where it originated, fought its way up, and still holds a powerful place in the hearts and minds of innumerable fans, including definitely a growing number of young folks based on my personal observations. Keep your arrows sharp, please, but let’s not do anything to put down this great genre which is now a hundred years old. Thank you.

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