Sign of the (End) times

Uhm, I don’t want to alarm anyone or anything, but Peg McKamey is (sort of) on Facebook (h/t, KC).

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  1. Revpaul wrote:

    What’s a “howntown”? LOL

  2. SM wrote:

    I am glad you said “sort of on facebook”, and yes, what is a howntown? Maybe that is a TN word.

  3. Zack Swain wrote:

    Hometown…Where the group is based out of. kind of like a homecoming…Maybe that is a southern thing! lol

  4. SM wrote:

    #3 I knew it was Hometown, I was being sarcastic. I just think that whomever was responsible for putting that on facebook, should make sure the spelling is correct. That’s why I also took a stab at TN, hope you are not from TN.

  5. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    A howntown is whur we wurshup Gawd on the may-unhn-tuhn.

  6. justneinTN wrote:

    The link doesn’t seem to work

  7. Zack Swain wrote:

    I’m from Arkansas…this explains why I didn’t notice the mis-spelling of the word. lol hahhaha! now I’m rolling in the floor laughing because I actually thought people didn’t know what “Hometown” was…Wow..Now I feel stupid!

  8. Deron J. wrote:

    What strikes me is the jazz piano track playing in the background. Not only is it out of character for them, but unlike the McKameys, it is absolutely delightful to listen to. Anyone know who’s playing or what the title is?

  9. RR wrote:

    I, too, was captivated by the jazz piano track. #8, Deron J, are your last name by any chance Davis? :-)

  10. RR wrote:

    Let’s make that “is your last name by any chance Davis”. Sorry, I hit the send button too soon.

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