Welcome, MiniCon visitors

We have guests among us! Participants in Florida Gulf Coast University’s Spring 2010 Writers MiniCon will be trapsing through here periodically this morning as part of a workshop on blogging that I’m conducting. With any luck, some of them may come back later of their own accord. So please, be kind to the newcomers and remember to keep your caps-lock off.

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    NO PROBLEM. ;-)

  2. Mary Lynn McDavid wrote:

    Thanks for the very informatiive seminar. I got a lot out of it–glad you were not too tecnical, but focused on approaches to content. I can learn the former–need someone who has been there for the latter.

  3. Lynn Loscutoff wrote:

    Hi, i enjoyed your session on Saturday very much…great how you can talk so fast and be so interesting. You very kindly said that you would send me a copy of thehand out about blogging. Unfortunately it did not arrive, if you still have it would you send it again? I use the computer a great deal, but I really do not know about a lot of things I should know. My website is www.lynnloscutoff.com I mostly paint and travel, but I actually have had three books published about “How to” art stuff. I guess I need to know more about blogging because it is now part of our lives. thank you, I would love to take one of your classes. I do take an art class with Carl Shultz at FGU. Thank you, Lynn Loscutoff

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