SGMG @ GMA week … from afar

I couldn’t make it to Nashville this year for GMA week and the annual Tuesday night SGMG concert, but an industry friend texted me some highlights, so here’s the shortest review of that event you’re likely ever to see on averyfineline:

8:36 p.m.: I’m at the sgmg concert … oaks are “singing”

8:44:02 p.m.: Judy - god love her, and so do I - just told that “my maiden name was Peck” line again when introducing Karen … ugh

8:44:46 p.m.: Sigh … still as bad an emcee as ever … bless her heart

8:47 p.m.: Oaks singing Everyday with Triumphant … pretty cool

8:49 p.m.: Elvira now … no longer cool

8:57 p.m.: Nelons … Amber ROCKING Robe and Crown

Which reminds me … I’ve got the new Nelons album to review soon. Woohoo! Love me some Nelons.

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  1. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Hey, if anyone finds out how to see last night on the web or tv, spread the word.

  2. Marlin wrote:

    Judy may not be a great MC - she didn’t spend much time on stage - but she put together an evening of performances that did S. G. proud. Your reviewer may not have loved it, but the crowd over all enjoyed the “Elvira” bit - which lasted less than a minute and showed the talent of the Triumphant guys as they joined in.

    I have hopes that enLighten will be able to bring the night’s show to all of North America sometime over the next few weeks.

  3. SaraBeth wrote:

    Amen on Amber Thompson ROCKING Robe and Crown…she was switching off lines with Karen Peck and totally holding her own and then some. And I’m a KP fan!

  4. Diana wrote:

    Marlin - That would be great to hear the performances on enLighten!! It was a wonderful show and I’m so glad I got to see you!

  5. Extra Ink wrote:

    Marlin, you have no idea how big an impact Enlighten has across America. It is ministry, and it is making a positive difference in thousands of lives every day. Keep up the good work!

  6. NonInsider wrote:

    Have to say I am looking forward to that Nelons album review… I just recently got my hands on it… It is the best album they have put out in about 20 years IMO…

  7. farfromhome wrote:

    I attended the SGMG Harmony Honors Awards on Monday evening. It wasn’t exactly a ‘who’s who’ of gospel music, but there were several top tier groups performing. The ‘Awards’ part of the event should have been used a little more lightly since most of the awards were given in the same fashion as ‘oh yeah, don’t forget your keys’ as if you were leaving a friend’s house. At first, when the intro video started, I was thinking the program may be seamless since it started off on a good note, but right away it went awry when Judy Nelon took the reigns. Confusion set in for most of the program because it was hard to say who was the ‘host’ of the night. Although I was a big fan of 4Him during the 80s and early 90s, I’m not sure anyone knew (or cared) who the co-host was…what was his name again?… The Perrys (I’m a huge fan)..took the platform without a smile on their face. Although I’d heard they had been in a bus accident earlier in the day, it was obvious something had happened. Many prayers for them..

    Judy Nelon deserves a paragraph of her own. I’ve not seen awkwardness this thick since Roseanne Barr sang the national anthem. Her hosting skills left tons to be desired. In her behalf, I must say she did come across as sincere. Unlike Ben Speer, who practically threw his duet partner off stage. I’m surprised there wasn’t someone waiting in the wings with a cane. I think the exact words were, “Ok, you can go now, I’m done with you.” Classic!

    An impromtu performance of “Elvira” with The Oak Ridge Boys was a highlight of the night and clearly a crowd pleaser, but going into the second chorus, they all looked at each other when it ended quickly. I’m seriously surprised Judy Nelon wasn’t on the sidelines cutting people’s microphones off.

    Notable performances from The Perrys, Jeff and Sheri Easter, and Jason Crabb were topped off with a mini ‘reunion’ of sorts with 4 of the 5 Crabb kids doing “Through The Fire”….and once again, an awkward ending to the night with Judy Nelon giving the “that’s enough” sign as if she was slicing her throat…in the audience’s view. Judy put together a great night, that’s for …but, what a dame.

  8. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Was this event on a limited time schedule?

    It’s been some years since I’ve been to Gospel Music Week in Nashville, but it used to run like a well-oiled machine. One year I saw the Stamps followed by Tony Vincent on a Chordant showcase. Mid South was on the same showcase. That was a strange combination…

    I don’t remember seeing anyone give the throat slicing, “get your tail off the stage” sign in plain view of the crowd, though. Showcases started and concluded in time for the next event to start.

  9. Nashville Phil wrote:

    In all fairness to the Perry’s…Their day started at 2:am when the Bus crash happened. Some 16 hours later they were on stage without any rest time. I thought their performance was Great considering! Gosh, you didn’t see them smile during the Standing Ovation? I did!

  10. Brett wrote:

    The Nelons new cd is awesome. Kelly Nelon sounds good no matter who she sings with. Amber is coming in on her own. Jason also is good on this cd.

  11. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    I agree about the Nelons new CD… It is their best since “Thanks” IMO. Amber has really come into her own and she will only get better… Jason sounds good and well Kelly is still one of the best out there IMHO. Looking forward to the review Doug.

  12. newlywedgirl wrote:

    bless Judy Nelon’s heart, she is NOT an emcee and was very awkard. But, she put together a great evening.

    The Nelons were amazing. SOOO happy to see them singing and traveling again!

  13. Wade wrote:

    I will be glad to MC next years event. I did it 7 times this weekend!!

    We can even get Irish Laddy to come add his Accent to the show.

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