Dove tales 2010

Some live-ish texts from my industry friend who’ll be sending periodic updates from the Doves tonight:

5:42 p.m.: Stan Whitmire won instrumental

6:05:02: p.m.: Isaacs, bluegrass album

6:05:57:  GVB, Southern album

6:13: Kelly Nelon … rather unfortunate fashion choice … looks preggers

6:16: David Crowder broke the fake dove while accepting … the bottom came off

6:22 p.m.: Forgot to say … kpnr sang why can’t we all with Stephen Hill.

6:28:04: p.m.: Teleprompter working about half the time …hosts keep running paper scripts on stage.

6:28:43 p.m.: Long awkward pauses.

6:31 p.m: austins bridge reading script off iPhone.

6:35 p.m.: Ruppe Sisters presenting6:36 p.m.:  Sisters singing Blest Be the Tie now … wow

6:45 p.m.: Born to climb sg song.

6:48 p.m.: When we fly bluegrass song

7:19 p.m.: Jason won country song

8:38 p.m.: Gonna be a long night. being taped so they’re stopping between everything for retakes etc. Ugh.

8:53 p.m.: Jason Crabb and Donnie Lawrence tributing andrae crouch … My Tribute

8:54 p.m.: jc tearing it up

9:08 p.m.: Long, long nite

9:47 p.m.: Francesca Battestilli won female voc (karen didn’t) … Brandon Heath won male (jason/michael didn’t)

10:04 p.m.: Awesome intro by Natalie grant … blackwood bros sang give the world a smile … Perrys singing if you knew him.

10:06 p.m.: Perrys did greatttt.

10:07 p.m.: Crabb Family doing through the fire … did they not retire????

10:08 p.m.: booth bros with mosie lister singing still feeling fine

10:09 p.m.: pitchy

10:12 p.m.: southern gospel is always in a segment … better than not at all but always feels a bit patronizing.

10:34 p.m.: bored, tired, hungry …long production pauses up to 15 mins

PS: A big thank you to my trusty texter, whom you would all know immediately were I to name her.

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  1. JEB wrote:

    Well deserved for sure…

  2. Cat wrote:

    Thanks for doing this, Doug!

  3. DeepSouth wrote:

    JC…..Jesus Christ?

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    #3 I presume Jason Crabb. :-)

  5. Marty Funderburk wrote:

    I was there for the Pre-Show. “Sisters” (aka Ruppes/LordSong) were the hit of the show. They presented several awards and sang, a cappella, “Blest be the Tie That Binds” in every style represented (SG, Praise & Worship, Bluegrass, Black Gospel) right before they announced the winners of those categories. Could have been cheesy if anyone else had attempted such a thing, but they were flawless, with dead-on pitch accuracy. I looked around to see CCM folks’ mouths dropping in disbelief. It was really amazing and a proud moment for Southern Gospel. And it didn’t hurt that they looked like a million bucks too. Great artist placement and the kind of PR you can’t buy.

  6. Janet B wrote:

    Who is this Brandon Heath and how is he better than Jason and Michael? Not possible.

  7. NonInsider wrote:

    Brandon Heath is a very good vocalist and songwriter in the P/W, CCM area of Christian music…

  8. Charles Brady wrote:

    I just glad to see SG back at the Dove Awards! Sisters is a great representation of what we have available in this genre to offer and it’s always great to have our SG artists be a part (and) come across in a professional and impressive way. I think in our industry Ed Leonard and the folks at Daywind have done more to bring a level of professionalism and excellence to this genre than anyone else I have seen to date.

    I just received an email comment from one of the PR folks from ASCAP commenting on what a great job some of the other Daywind artists did at the ASCAP Christian Music Awards as well. She indicated she really enjoyed the southern gospel music. To me that is a win-win and can go a long way in bridging the divide created years ago between SG/The Rest of the World…

    If our music is to continue we must work towards bringing the music in front of new audiences. This old mindset of “us 4 and no more” and the “powers that be” as they used to like to call themselves had kept this genre in bondage long enough.

  9. mike garner wrote:

    ok. i rarely post on here because i have better things to do than read the southern gospel tabloid but happened on her and wanted to comment on the unkind post about one of the industry’s classiest ladies, Kelly Nelon Clark. it seems after sitting through many hours of “music” and awards yesterday, there is a seriously distorted view of what representing Christ in music is all about. After enduring a “Christian” rock show straight from hell, thug looking artist that, if i saw them in any other setting i would have a fear of being robbed or murdered, im glad there are still a few, and i do mean few, artist that still represent the sense of class that Christian music lacks. Its very sad that somehow, when someone like Kelly shows a little class and dignity, it is made fun of with derogatory remarks that in no way bear resembalance to her class and beauty, and end up just being hurtful in the end. For over thirty years Kelly’s looks and personality have been a guide to the younger girls of gospel music and it wouldnt hurt for some of them to make note of it today! Kelly has always taken time to look beautiful and proper in every setting, whether a major award ceremony or going to dinner with the family at home, and it obvious she has instilled the same tradition in her girls, who also dress and look beautifully but maintain an air of modesty and class. So pay attention folks to what you say, the ones who set the standard a generation ago still have class and beauty… i dont know what this generation has… im thinking disrespect

  10. cdguy wrote:

    I liked what Natalie Grant said, as she introduced the sg segment in the main show. She said that, it’s because of the 100 year heritage of sg quartets that ALL of professional Christian music exists today. She also mentioned that the Imperials and The Speer Family had more Group Of The Year doves than anyone else.

    And the texter was correct. WAY too much time between segments. It gave the impression they were quite disorganized. I understood the first one — Natalie Grant had a wardrobe change — but 10-15 minutes to roll off a portable stage and set up 8-10 microphones, or vice versa, seemed excessive.

    Most the music was great, though, and the Perry’s received one of the best ovations of the evening, imho.

  11. Part-timer wrote:

    I agree with Marty and had many of the same thoughts he did when Sisters was on stage. They were very comfortable, which put the audience at ease. (So many of the other presenters were awkward and uneasy.) Plus, they looked and sounded fantastic.

  12. IWasThere wrote:

    I was there at the Pre-Show and to be honest, I thought the Sisters bit got a little old. They ARE AMAZING but OH MY GOODNESS!!! If they were going to sing, they shouldn’t sing the same thing - over and over and over…

  13. Weber wrote:

    #6 Yes it is possible, for starters Brandon is a gifted writer, a for seconds he actually sings.
    The other two you mentioned in your post scream, and often sing songs that are more self-indulgent. So.. yes it is possible congrats to all the winners.

  14. Brett wrote:

    Kelly is very classy as she learned from Rex. How sad to be so concerned over her dress as compared to the nice saved person she is. As it says in the Bible, why worry over what you are going to wear.

  15. swhalen wrote:

    #6/7 YouTube’d Brandon Heath just to compare to those singers I know. Sounds perfectly ordinary to me. Go figure!

  16. Janet B wrote:

    #13 Weber (if that is indeed who you are - you sound more like Simon Cowell):

    We obviously have different tastes - no need for you to get snippy!

    Just curious, though: How are Lord Feed Your Children, I’m Amazed, Through The Fire, & Feels Like Redemption “self-indulgent?”

    No offense to Brandon Heath intended; I’m sure he’s a perfectly lovely singer. But…Jason and Michael have incredibly powerful instruments with more soul in their little toes than anyone else out there. Just sayin’…

  17. NonInsider wrote:

    I was not actually saying that I agree with Brandon being chosen over Jason/Michael… But it is what it is… But with that said if you like the CCM style, then Brandon Heath is one of the best in that genre… I personally would have chosen Jason to win… He is a beast…

  18. Casual Observer wrote:

    Dove Awards, unlike fan awards, don’t necessarily go to the most talented or even the most popular. More often than not, they go to those with the biggest voting block (even though block voting is prohibited). Many record labels pay for GMA memberships for all their employees with the intention (implied or otherwise) of insuring those employees vote for that label’s artists.

  19. Wade wrote:

    #9 Mike… ahhh One poster here like Suzan Speer. I like TaRanda Greene… guess we know who you like. Which is cool… but WoW … a one line comment of a fashion choice and Mamma Bear comes out huh???

    Nodody said she wasn’t a Lady!!

    I would defend TaRanda or Janet P… so I guess I understand!!

    But come on save the…”i rarely post on here because i have better things to do than read the southern gospel tabloid”…

    You know you are here just about every day cause you love it!!

    TGIF after 4/20 cheers… If you are in Chattanooga come out to The Comedy Catch I will be Hosting as Tim Wilson Headlines!! Come find me in the Grill and mention AFL and I will comp u in a BOGO.

    SEE Great Prizes for SGM’S Tabloid Leader!!

  20. John Lanier wrote:

    RE: #9, mike garner,
    Concerning your remarks about Kelly’s and Amber’s appearance, I could not agree with you more. I have always appreciated Kelly’s integrity, including her modestly beautiful appearance.

    And, at the 2009 NQC, after a daytime event we both attended, I made it a point to compliment Amber on her modesty. I told her how grateful I was to see that there are still young ladies who choose and know how to dress like respectable young ladies. I told her in no uncertain terms that I held a deep respect for the graceful way she consistently presented herself. She’s one of the few that stand out among the rest, and it’s appreciatively noticable.

    Over the last few years particularly, my admiration and appreciation for The Nelons have grown significantly. I am convinced that they have a genuine heart for the ministry the Lord has entrusted to them, and they endeavor to honorably represent Christ with the highest integrity, class and sincerity.

    I have never seen them more ministry minded than they are now. They have prayerfully chosen songs that aim for the soul of man and directly lift up the name of Jesus. Last year, at SGM FanFair, they led the audience into a beautiful worship experience that ushered in a genuine move of the Holy Spirit in a powerful way. The crowd was very receptive and The Nelons just flowed gently with the Spirit of God without hesitation. They were equipped and ready to minister in whatever direction the Spirit flowed. It was awesome, and it was real.

    The Nelons have become one of the most requested artists at SGM FanFair, and I look forward to experiencing their ministry again this year.

    Mike, thank you for noticing and speaking up. You are not alone.

  21. apathetic wrote:

    #9, “After enduring a “Christian” rock show straight from hell”. LOL!!! If it aint southern gospel it’s evil, right! I have been involved in both SG and CCM industries. There is good and bad on both sides. With that being said, there are just as many things “straight from hell” on the SG side as there are on the CCM side. I gather that a CCM band could sing The Lighthouse to loud drums and screaming guitars and you would say it is evil because you do not like the style of the music. You must regard the lyrics of the song. The lyrics are what makes a song “christian” or not. The music itself doesn’t matter. Music is neither moral or immoral, it is amoral. Don’t spout things are “straight from hell” just because the style of the music itself is not your personal preference.

  22. Grigsby wrote:

    RE: Amber Thompson

    Probably 3 or 4 years ago, at NQC, I was in the ice cream line behind Amber. Two fans approached her and she gestured for me to step ahead of her in line (which automatically won me over…lol). As I purchased my ice cream, I could hear her conversing with these two fans, who, quite honestly, were bordering on being rude. Amber handled the situation with so much grace and poise that I couldn’t help but be impressed. Kelly must be very proud.

  23. cdguy wrote:

    And if #9 mike garner can take another hit — You did exactly what you accused someone else of doing to Kelly — If “ ‘Christian’ rock show straight from hell, thug looking artist” isn’t an “unkind post” about some talented folks who are doing more for spreading the gospel outside the aready-churched community than most of us who read this blog, I don’t know what is.

    How many unchurched teens have you won to the Lord this year?

  24. s.smith wrote:

    Mike, you didn’t mention that Kelly also signs your paycheck.

  25. mike garner wrote:

    as for the rock concert comment… there is a drastic difference in contemporary christian music and heavy metal screaming. i do not believe there is anything wrong with contemporary christian music, and i can remember when it was also classy. Amy Grant, Michael W Smith, Carman, The Winans…. all class acts, and represented Christ well, not only in appearance, but also in song. there comes a time when the music is just plain worldly. when you CAN NOT understand the words, doesnt that kind of take away from the message?

    S. Smith- as for Kelly writting my pay check.. i have taken up for Kelly many times when she did not write my pay check. i was not prompted to write that by Kelly, nor did she encourage me to write it. In fact, i was encouraged not to respond at all, and take the upper hand and let it go… so her being my boss had nothing to do with me writing it, it was simply an act of friendship, which i have done several times on here for people whom i do not work for. i really couldnt care less what people think for the most part, but i do know what the meaning of representing Christ is… im not attacking anyone, but the Bible does say to be “in the world.. but not of the world”. so i guess my thing is, if you have the desire to look, sing, act, and be like the world, why not just be the world.. seems it would be more fun that way…. idk, guess thats just a thought!!

  26. KC wrote:

    Fox “News” (as much as it pained me to go to their site) has this article:

    Southern Gospel gets no coverage (surprise!). They must not know how much NQC loves their darling contributor, Miz Palin.

    On another note, if anyone is looking for a refreshing radio station that keeps it almost entirely about Christian music (sorry, no SG, though) and no political crap (that I have heard), check out — if it’s not available in your area, and you have an iPhone, their free app is pretty cool. I’ll never stop loving SG, but I’ve branched out lately, and more and more I’m loving the music they play, as well.

    Toodles. :-)

  27. Wade wrote:

    Mike if you respected Kelly and she wanted you to take THE HIGH ROAD!! The Upper Hand was what you wanted to get on the Christian Rockers!! Interesting you did not want to talk about lyrics apathetic wanted to discuss with you. WHAT IF those Christian Rockers were doing The LIGHTHOUSE???

    For you to open your mouth and leave no doubt, over a comment made about fashion from ANOTHER WOMAN is probably why Kelly is wishing right now you had left it alone!!

    Learn this…all women secretly hate each other!!! But that makes it GOOD for US if you know what that means!!!??

  28. mike garner wrote:

    if i have to read lyrics to know the message then it seems to me the message is lost. if they had been singing the lighthouse we wouldnt have known because we couldnt understand it anyway. im not against other kinds of music, if its about Christ and you can plainly understand that then its great. but if you have to dig for it whats the point?

  29. Wade wrote:

    mike…some people don’t have to dig for it. Believe it or not young ppl understand the lyrics. You attitude is the same ppl have had about music for a long time.

    Old people been saying the same things for ages. Bill Hailey, Elvis. The Beatles and AC/DC all sang THE DEVILS MUSIC in their times. All considered tame for the most part now.

    It has passed you by…but that is OK!!!

    In a former life you probably bitched about Amazing Grace and other songs that were ONCE CONSIDERED CONTEMPORARY!!

    All of this cause some woman made a catty remark about what Kelly was wearing. [shakes head back & forth].

    But also be careful. While I’m not judging and I like Kelly too (well Janet Paschal was always my fav of the Rex Babes) she ain’t always been an angel. So be careful with deifying her too much!!

  30. SaraBeth wrote:

    I just read that Cher is going on tour again as soon as her Vegas contract is up. Maybe should could have the Crabb Family open for her and call it the Farewell Again (Again) Tour.

  31. Randy wrote:

    Mike Garner has contradicted himself more times than I can count in the last few posts. I would have to ask Mike how many Hindu people he’s won to the Lord this year. When he said, “None.” I would then ask some of the reasons why. I suppose a big reason why would be because Mike doesn’t know their language. But, there are people who know their language and are called to give them the message. Don’t condemn the messenger, Mike. When the Pharisees accused Jesus of working acts of Beelzebub, He responded with the presentation of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and unforgiveness for it.

    Careful of those you accuse of being “straight from hell”, for if they are, infact, working under God’s command, you are at great risk of unforgiveness, my friend.

  32. Songwriter Sue wrote:

    I was at both the Dove pre-show and the telecast portion. Sisters did a great job presenting. When Jeff and Sheri won for “Born To Climb,” along with Joel Lindsey and Wayne Haun, Sheri’s acceptance and Joel’s remarks were very moving. As far as the heavy metal group, it was the band Red, joined by Brian “Head” Welch. He used to be the lead guitarist for the band Korn until he became a Christian. His book Save Me From Myself is a great story about the power of the Gospel. I would read it before you judge him based on his appearance. You might find that you end up admiring the guy.

  33. pj wrote:

    # 27 - you wrote: “Learn this…all women secretly hate each other!!!”
    LOL! You obviously don’t know the women I know…

  34. AnnD wrote:

    LOL…and it’s obvious you don’t know many women, wade or know how many of them think…..weird how some people think!!!

  35. Wallflower wrote:

    34/ Easy now, I’ve seen you in action.

  36. DMP wrote:

    Wade. Good Lord. That says it all.

  37. Wade wrote:

    Thank You WALLFLOWER!!!

    But we will allow AnnD to live in her own reality. :-)) Notice she was LoLing so for her that is an admission. Kinda like SGM groups are not competitive either huh???

    OK… To be clear on my previous post about being careful not to deify Kelly Nelon I WAS NOT… AM NOT… NOR ever will JUDGE ANYBODY or taking a shot at her!!! Y’all should know if you do not that I am an Ole Hippie as far as everybody live their own life and don’t be too nosey. MYOB in other words!!

    SO PLEASE KNOW… I WILL TAKE A SHOT and call BS on ppl in a heart beat. But I was not in this case.

    Received a REALLY SWEET, LUCID (UnLike my notes from a UnThanks and a few others) note via FB from KN wishing I would clarify or at least understand a few things.

    So please accept what I say is there was NO slam intended and appreciate her spirit.

    I simply did not want her set up for some one to write in something real mean.

    I explained to her how her & Janet Pascal like AnnD before them motivated and still do many a young men to attend SGM concerts. Like Suzan Speer did for CVH.

    Heck I wanted to go to AnnD’s Women Conference just for all the Hot Women I thought might be there including AnnD.

    But I stand by my statement… women all secretly hate each other. But I ain’t complaining. Just the same as I do not complain when it takes them longer to get ready for an event.

    I think it is sexy just to watcha woman get made up!!

    K my job is done… I have told at least 4 women they are Hot!!

  38. studiochick wrote:

    The Crabb Family Dove performance seemed to be the highlight of the viewers that were posting the night of the awards. Maybe the Dove producers, the fans, and ticket buyers can’t get over them. That seems like a pretty postitive thing to me. If the Dove committee called you to sing three times on their televised show, would you do it? In my humble opinion, there is not a person that posts on here that would say no. I thought their performance was a highlight, as was Jason’s solo. Apparently Ricky Skaggs wanted them to be a part of what he was doing as well. Obviously he likes them a lot!

    They all seem to be doing well seperately, but hey, they are siblings. Don’t you think it’s fun to get together occasionally for something special? I don’t think it’s a big deal. As my mom says, jealousy must be earned and these kids have earned themselves a wee bit of venom from “singer” types. The good news is, they don’t care, and the fans don’t either. Neither group read these snippy posts, for the most part.

    I know that the comments about them quitting are clever and fun to write for those that don’t appreciate them, but in reality, they will never be gone. I know people that celebrated at the announcement of them quitting. Most artists struggle with the success of others. This is REALITY!!

    They will probably record seperately, and tour seperately, but we will always see that special event Crabb Family. That is my opinion.

    There is a whole bunch of folks that are happy about that.

  39. Wallflower wrote:

    37/ Hot women at AnnD’s conference? Yeah, hot as in hot flashes. Sang with a group there a few years ago, not a pretty sight.

  40. copperhill wrote:

    Studiochick: you go girl!

    Why must people be so snarky because the Crabb Family performs together on special occasions? When they decided to discontinue traveling and appearing together for 200+dates per year, did they sign a pledge to never appear in public as a group again? I rather think not.

  41. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Concerning the Crabbs. I had the Crabbs once and they were good for us. The whole congregation enjoyed having the Crabbs. They even bought some Crabbs and took them home with them so all of the family members could experience the Crabbs. Most everyone I know who has been exposed to the Crabbs, like it and considers it good.

    All kidding aside, IMHO it’s the people who are the wannabes who have issues with the Crabb clan. The siblings love one another. What they did was divide and conquer. (Jason, Bowlings, Adam, Aaron,) That’s 4 times the dates. Why play for $3000 a night and split it (after expenses and salaries) when we can play for $12,000 a night? As hot as they were (are) it was a good business decision. Probably Kathy’s idea LOL!

  42. Kris wrote:

    I would just like to comment on #9’s post discussing seeing Christian “thugs” in concert that if you saw them anywhere else you’d fear being robbed. Isn’t that a little[[and when i say a little, I mean a L O T!]] judgmental?? I recently went to a Lecrae concert, which is a Christian rapper, which also had another rapper as well as two Christian rock groups on the program and I worshipped the Lord just as much as I do at Southern Gospel concerts. It was an amazing spiritual experience. They all have the same message, it just sounds different. So I think we should stop criticizing the LOOK of the performers and start listening to the MESSAGE they are telling us. I’ll quote a chorus from a Lecrae song:

    “Angels surrounding His throne and worthy is the Lamb who was slain.
    The whole Earth is full of His glory, all nations bow to his name.
    His majesty fills the Heavens, out hearts give thunderous praise.
    Declare the Lord is forever, make a joyful noise in this place.”

    That could easily be in a SG song, and people would eat it up! Now, I totally understand that rap is not most people’s first choice of music..I’m not a rap person myself. But when it comes to Lecrae..the messages of his songs are so incredible, I LOVE it!

    So, that’s my two cents. God Bless(:

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