A gospel app for that

A while back I fantasized about having access to gospel music tracks for the XBox Rock Band game, but of course I knew that was just crazy talk. But I’m back to dreaming the impossible dream after playing around with the new Glee App for iPhone. It’s essentially a karaoke app, but that doesn’t come close to capturing how much more fun it is than karaoke, and I seriously think/wish someone could/would apply the “smule” approach to create a Glee App for gospel music.

Here’s how the Glee App works: You click on the song you want to sing and the app plays an accompaniment track for you to sing with. There’s a little Rock Band-style graphic interface at the bottom of the app that visually registers how close you are to the pitch you should be on, and - here’s the super cool thing - the smule technology adds a real-time harmony line (usually a third above your pitch) to the monitor mix that comes back to you in the headphones (I’ve never used it on iPhone; only on iPad touch, which doesn’t have an onboard mic so you have to use ear buds with a mic clip … not sure if the monitor mix comes back through the iPhone’s native speaker).

Then on playback, smule’s mixing technology autotunes your voice to give it that oh-so-Glee sounding pitch corrected edge, with harmony and full band track. All the music junkies in my life have loved it, and you can torment your friends by saving your rendition of the song and sending it round to those you love/hate. My house spent the better part of a recent Friday evening on the couch belting out “I Can’t Fight this Feeling” and “Imagine” and so on. It’s karaoke, but without all the drunken bachelorette parties and cigarette smoke and watery buckets of Bud Lite.

If I understand this right, it looks like there’s some kind of sharing space available to upload other tracks (”Awesome God” is on there … so church camp, 1989!), but I haven’t fiddled around with trying to get users’ shared files onto my device. But I have imagined doing my own horrendously enjoyable hatchet jobs of my favorite gospel tunes before the unjudging, always-sold-out audience of the interns, and Sam the dog.

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  1. judi wrote:

    I thought Sam the dog WAS one of the interns (if not the only one!)

  2. Hummingbird wrote:

    I think that would be fun!

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