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I’ve got some writing deadlines in the real world that will continue to compete with my time online, but here is some stuff that’s been afoot lately in my quasi-absence this week.

  • David Bruce Murray is now polling for the most popular song of the 1970s and 1980s, respectively. Taking a poll sure beats working on a Friday.
  • Judged solely by DBM’s list, the 1970s really may be the best decade for southern gospel songwriting. I mean, I may change my mind if I were to see a list of songs from the 60s, and I’m probably running the risk of falling into good-ole-daysism anyway, but can anyone honestly look at the the first decade of this century, for instance, and see any comparison to the breadth, depth, and originality of the music from the 70s?
  • From the 1980s: “Is That Footsteps I hear” has to be right up there among the most cringe-inducing grammatical errors in music. There is poetic license in lyrics, and then there is just plain ole call-an-editor-immediately, get-out-the-red-pen wrong.
  • Over at Mt. Listmore southerngospeblog, Daniel Mount’s self-imposed edict to only say positive things often gives his blog the feel of a gospel music Truman Show (while at other times it’s like an Annie’s Pretzel Shop over there when he ties himself up in knots trying to smack someone down while staying ever “positive”). But in case you missed it, check out his sharp-eyed insights on this Perrys clip from the Dove Awards. Good stuff on Troy Peach and showmanship.
  • You know, I don’t know if Phillip Hughes really left the Kingsmen last month in order to spend more time with his family, as he claimed, or not. But (re)joining another group just a few weeks later really undercuts the credibility of the claim. If all the people in the world of politics and entertainment who ever justified a job change with this worn-out piece of broken-down PR furniture really wanted to spend more time with their families, they’d get jobs that didn’t require them to be gone from home hundreds of days out of the year. In Hughes’s cases, the press release seems to try to get out in front of this little inconsistency by stressing that the Harvesters do “approximately 130 select concerts” a year (translation: fewer than that big ole slave-drivin’ meany Ray Dean!), but then if getting a job with fewer gigs was the motivating factor for leaving the Kingsmen in the first place, why not just say that? Take it away, DBM.
  • Finally, this video of Gold City spoofing “God Bless the Broken Road” has been making the rounds this week. Musicscribe already beat me to the snark here, noting how nice it is to finally hear a version of the song that doesn’t require massive pitch correction. The only other thing I’d note is that the GC guys seem to be having a lot more fun doing this gag than they do in a lot of their concerts, unless this is/was a portent of things to come.
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  1. oldtimer wrote:

    A few thoughts on the Dove Awards clip - 1) The Blackwood Brothers (though I love Jimmy & Billy) were bordering on embarrassing. We’ll blame it on the mix but that was tough to listen to.
    2) It seems patently disresepectful to this genre of music (that was supposedly being honored) that arguably the top group in 2009 (Perrys) could only be given a verse, chorus and tag. I think Southern Gospel would have been better served by having only the Perrys - let them sing the whole song - and maybe even do a mini-set. They would have torn the place apart. Joseph sang well as usual but looked really nervous to me. And I am glad he learned how to say “traveled.”
    3) Poor Mosie lister. Why was he there? He looked like he was unsure of where he was and what he was supposed to be doing. If they wanted to honor Mosie then why not have the groups do a set of his songs? The Booth Brothers mini-song was not good and the presence of a seemingly discombobulated Mosie made it even worse.

    The Dove awards consistently find new ways to disrespect Southern Gospel and Southern Gospel keeps validating the decision. The world of Southern Gospel was not well served at all by this seven minute disaster.

    One other thing - the Gold City Spoof was interesting. I am not sure if it was really funny or just remarkably cheesy - but the singing was undeniably great. These guys - more than any Gold City Combo since Ivan/Brian days have the ability to stand flat-footed and sing any group off the stage. When your goofy parody sounds miles better than most groups’ earnest efforts, you know you have something really special. Here’s hoping they can keep it together.

  2. Kyle wrote:

    Technically speaking, “Is That Footsteps That I Hear” should be “Are Those Footsteps That I Hear,” as “footsteps” is plural. If you are going to refer to the SOUND of footsteps, however, then the sound is singular, in which case “is” rather than “are” would be appropriate.

    The question, therefore, becomes, “Is That The Sound Of Footsteps That I Hear.”

  3. cynical one wrote:

    #1 oldtimer — I was in the house the night of the taping, and I’ll tell you the problem with the Blackwood Brothers was in the mixing, not the guys singing. The reason each sg song was so short was that nearly everyone (entire evening, with a few exceptions) was given a short amount of time to perform. In sg’s case, each one was given 90 seconds. And you’re right about Mosie. I thought the same thing. He didn’t even seem to know the words of the song he wrote.

    We shouldn’t be surprised the mix was bad. As stated on a previous thread, the lengthy gaps between segments gave the appearance the program was not well-organized.

  4. Kyle wrote:

    Do we REALLY need to go back to the Kurt Young bad mix incident??

  5. jim wrote:

    The comments on the Mount site have been interesting. The overwhelming majority of folks applaud the lyric of the Perry’s song. It is my view that bashing other religions will not garner converts. The SG segment was okay, but that “na-na-na-na-naa-naa, my God’s alive, yours isn’t” message does not communicate love.

  6. BUICK wrote:

    RE: the poetic license in lyrics. I agree with you on the “Is That Footsteps…” observation. One I have never been able to comprehend is, “I will serve Thee because I love Thee; You have given life to me.” If we’re going to write in the KJV, should we write in it all the way through the song? Would any serious harm have been done to say, “I will serve You because I love You; You have given life to me”? Or even, “Thou hast given life to me”? I doubt that B&GG will enlighten me on that nuance. And they have been very successful with the way they write ‘em. (Heck, that one’s even in our hymnal.) But I still don’t understand it.

  7. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    What about that song “bashes” another religion?

    It’s just a compare/contrast sort of deal. The song doesn’t come out and say they’re stupid or anything like that, thought some might choose to read that into it.

    By the way, I’ve noticed the Muslims go out of their way to find politically correct ways to promote their religion without offending Christians, Jews, etc.

  8. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Thanks Doug, for all the references, particularly the polls.

    Some of our most treasured Southern Gospel songs were most popular in the 1970s and 1980s.

    Part of the reason some of these songs have endured is that they’re more singable than the songs you hear today.

    Most people with no musical training at all can easily sing “Beulah Land, because it’s all quarter notes and eighth notes with no syncopation. Many of our modern songs aren’t accessible for the average fan to sing on their own.

  9. Joe wrote:

    Philip Hughes will have at least 70 less concerts per year with the Harvesters, than he would have had with the Kingsmen. Not counting travel time to those concerts, he may end up with almost 3 months of each year closer to/ or with his family. ANYBODY would take those numbers if they could get them. So, he’s doing what he loves and is very good at, and has a quarter-year more at home. Good for him.

  10. art wrote:

    #2 and #6: As an old editor, I’d make it, “Do I hear footsteps?”

    My pet peeve in SG is the word “trod,” which conveniently and unfortunately rhymes with “God.” My understanding is that “trod” is the past tense of “tread.” You don’t go trodding anywhere, and you don’t plan to trod anywhere in the future.

  11. quartet-man wrote:

    #10, it works in “Jesus is Coming Soon” “seek the way angels trod”

  12. Tony Watson wrote:

    Good grief . . . Philip has been pondering this move for a few months as his son will be playing school football on Thursday nights this fall and he would not get to see him play . . . ever. . . if he stayed with the Kingsmen schedule. Last year he was playing on Saturdays and Philip got to see one game. He told me a few months ago that it was likely he would be off the road by the fall. At that time he had no inkling of what he might do. In God’s timing the opening with the Harvesters came about and a good quartet man and singer gets the opportunity to continue to do what he loves AND watch his son play football. I don’t understand anyone who would criticize that move. I’ve known Phil for about 12 years or so and believe me he’s put up with a number of challenging situations over the years to continue to do what he loves. However, you only get to watch your son play school ball for a brief time in your life. Take advantage of it if you can.

    As for The Perrys song “If You Knew Him” - it’s not a bashing of other religions. It’s simply a fact - Jesus IS alive, the others are dead. The song is a TESTIMONY of a person’s perspective in having that RELATIONSHIP with Christ. I doubt the writer had any concept of how this song would be received by other religions - NOR SHOULD THEY! Give me a break! The gospel is the gospel is the gospel and IT’S THE TRUTH. If we are afraid to sing on TV that Jesus is alive and Muhammad and Buddah are dead, then we’d better quit calling ourselves Christians and just change the name of our church to the First Baptist Club. . . (muttering to himself)

  13. jgurnett wrote:

    #11 - I thought the line was “seek the way pilgrims trod” but I could be wrong.

  14. jim wrote:

    Mr. Murray, do we be unkind and disrespectful of a Muslim, just because some Muslims are Jihadists? Would Jesus take that position? To say, even with poetic license, that a person stood in the burial place of all of those religious icons is highly unlikely, if not impossible and definately disrespectful. Be real!

  15. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    #11: You mean “seek the way pilgims trod”

  16. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Another point regarding the Harvesters/Kingsmen/more time at home deal:
    The Harvesters are going to be in VA, NC, SC, and GA with one date in FL during the months of May and June.

    During the same two months, the Kingsmen will be in WV, AL, GA, TN, MI, KY, NC, TX, IL, MO, SC, and if we went as far as July 4, we could throw in OH.

  17. Joe wrote:

    #14 Jim- You are spouting political correctness run amok. Didja ever hear the Imperials famous song “Old Buddha”? Even better than this current one.

    No, it won’t be old Buddha, that’s sitting on that throne;
    And it won’t be old Mohammed, that’s calling us home;
    It will not be Hare Krishna, that plays that trumpet’s tune…
    For we’re going to see the SON, not reverend Moon!

    Absolutely brilliant stuff, that. Priceless.

    And you’re telling us what Jesus would have done? He took the current religion of His day, and called the leaders “open graves, full of dead men’s bones, whitewashed sepulchres.” Please educate Him as to what “disrespectful” is!

  18. Samuel wrote:

    DJM’s site is supposed to be positive, unlike this one, which is always about the negative. If not about the negative, it’s praising something negative, which is also being about the negative. So there is all negative. Just the way it it.
    And I was reading your article about SG celebs writing political blogs. Unless if I’m mistaken, there is still a Bill of Rights at the National Archives, unless if we as Christians are wanting to pee on it too like the Socialist Czars in Washington.

  19. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Jesus actually had some harsh words for false religions. See Matthew 7:15 where he refers to false teachers as “ferocious wolves.” That’s real, and verifiable.

    All the song does is draw a distinction between Christ and other religious leaders. It’s a song, not an in depth study of what each religion believes. The point has to be direct and quick or it wouldn’t get made at all. It’s not as if the song says the singer was standing at their grave giving them the finger. It only says what is a fact…they’re still dead.

  20. quartet-man wrote:

    #13, #15 you are right. Insomnia, lack of sleep are catching up with me. Thanks.

    Tony, Amen!

  21. Bones wrote:

    Some fathers spent so much time on the road they were never at school functions, church with the families, birthdays, homework, whatever. The kids didn’t see their fathers often. The same goes for evangelist.

  22. Irishlad wrote:

    A slight detour here.You don’t hear much about Ernie Couch and Revival nowadays in fact you never really did come to think of it.Well youtubers if you want some “down home,hand clappin’,foot stompin’,southern style gospel quartet music” listen and watch EC&R with George Jones on “and they say” and with Jake Hess on “he’s my friend”.Btw,these posts are anything but new,but for anyone who hasn’t seen them enjoy.

  23. Irishlad wrote:

    PS i apologize i can’t provide the direct links to those youtube videos.

  24. harold reed wrote:

    ill add this..if you find a man in this business who doesnt wanna be home more with his family, you have found someone with their priorities out of whack !

  25. Irishlad wrote:

    I’ve made my mind up; Jay Parrick was/is/ever will be the BEST TENOR EVER,period,full stop,end of story….don’t even think about arguing the point.(lol)

  26. Irishlad wrote:

    I’ve made my mind up; Jonny Parrick was/is/ever will be the BEST TENOR EVER,period,full stop,end of story….don’t even think about arguing the point.(lol)

  27. Irishlad wrote:

    Oh Dear i can’t make my mind up!

  28. weber wrote:

    Ok, I will ad this, dont you think leaving your family at home while u travel the country singing gospel music, specifically southern, the least recognized genra not to mention least respected in most cases for just a paycheck. What about retirement, 401k, health insurance, you know things important to your family. Most singers I know are one paycheck away from being broke. Let me say this, you cannot be the head of your family if your not home. Of course we hear the reason,” well God called me to go sing” really? Please supply the scripture to support this position. What we may have uncovered here is WHY SGM is not respected by the general public, not to mention all the other little problems it faces.
    If Phillip is being honest, then hat tip to him, their are real jobs that will allow one to spend time with kids and wife just depends on where your priorities are..

  29. BUICK wrote:

    RE: #22 - we had EC&R at our church recently and they put on a good show. Ernie is so flamboyant that it was hard for me to take him very seriously but when we spoke one-on-one after the concert, he seemed to have real intelligence, depth and sincerity. But he is some kinda showman!

  30. Randy wrote:

    Does anyone remember the group, Ed Haar and Jubilee? Maybe their song, “Mercy Found Me” will ring a bell? They had a few songs with the word Mercy in the title. Anyway, they drove a 1987 Eagle, sang with soundtracks, and when they would introduce each other, they would always talk about how the tenor singer sounded just like a woman. They also made fun of each other’s weight and ties and hair from the stage, and on numerous opportunities throughout the night, would showcase just how high the tenor could sing and how low the bass could go.

    The piano player was amazing. A showstopper, indeed. He would always start with the most elegant intrumental master of “How Great Thou Art” in a medley that would end in “Goodbye, World, Goodbye”. It must have worn him out, because he looked so winded after the piece, and the crowd would laugh so hard.

    Throughout the night, they would randomly talk about the awards they had won and their song success on the Singing News chart, and I believe they always had a good special running back at the table. I’m pretty sure they sold some kind of throw that had a picture of Jesus on it, but when you looked closely, it was the entire Bible. That was pretty cool.

    A couple of the guys were rumored to have been homosexuals, and I distinctly remember every phrase they said was followed by, “…Praise God, Hallelujah…”, and I think I heard “Amen?” said everytime they wanted the crowd to agree with what they were saying.

    If I recall correctly, they mentioned how much they loved to eat, and I believe they had a specific love for good ole-fashioned southern cookin’. Sweet potatoes and sweet tea were mentioned frequently, along with cornbread and fried chicken.

    Anyway, hope that rings a bell. They were pretty unique and weren’t like many of the other SG groups I’ve heard. If you have any leads, let me know.


  31. John wrote:


    Your argument proves nothing if not your lack of knowlege of the Bible. Consider:

    1 Chronicles 9:33. NKJV

    33 These are the singers, heads of the fathers’ houses of the Levites, who lodged in the chambers, and were free from other duties; for they were employed in that work day and night.

    Care to reconsider?

  32. Alan Kendall wrote:

    I’ll chime in with Harold and Weber in defending Phil. I don’t know Phil extremely well, but he’s a great guy and a great singer. I’m in shoes similar to Phil’s. Just because you quit a full-time quartet, doesn’t mean you’re a hypocrite for not quitting gospel music cold-turkey.

  33. harold reed wrote:

    if i quit…im done! haha

  34. weber wrote:

    Yes i will care to consider, you give new meaning to taking a scripture out of context my friend. These singers did not leave the House of God. It says they were free from other duties. I dont think this refers to being free from responsibilities to a wife and children. I would dare to say we if look in the New Testament we could find more relative scriptures that deal will callings and gifts. But honestly, I can make the argument without scripture, mostly just plain common sense. If you have a child in school, your on the road, how much time and influence can one have on the child if your gone four days a week? Reality says when your home, the child is in school. How do you respond to the guys on the road working three-hundred plus dates a year? SGM, I believe would be more respectable if guys or gals would not put SGM before their families, of course family groups and single guys traveling are the exception.

  35. John wrote:

    Weber, all I was pointing out that there was biblical precedence for someone being paid from the treasury to sing. That is all. I was not comparing the priests who did this to SG singers. We all know, in more ways than one, there is no comparision.

    Now, let me tell you this. When I was single, I traveled in SG full time. Not in a group any of you would have ever heard of, but we did travel most of the US, and sang about 200 dates a year. And starved almost to death. The dates were there, the money was NOT there. We were not a major group. But we were busy.

    I am married now. We have been married for 13 years. We have 3 kids. I am now a confirmed home body. There is not enough money in all the world to make me get on a bus and leave my family for most of the week.

    I am not criticizing anyone who does, but, that is not for me. Period.

    I know a lot of people claim this, and you can believe me or not, but I have had more than one group, whose names you would know, contact me and ask me to sing. I can think of 3 right off the top of my head. One of them as recent as four weeks ago.

    But, here is why I say no. My priorities, in order, are:

    1. God.
    2. Family.
    3. Ministry.

    If ever I get any of those in the wrong place in importance, I will be out of the will of God.

    I plan never to make that mistake.

  36. dougsword wrote:

    Singing News just posted a message from Brian Free that Randy Crawford is no longer singing with him. With so many groups catching heat for using one of the boiler plate press releases, this should be refreshing. He basically says that he let Randy go. It will be interesting to see how this is received.

  37. cynical one wrote:

    Several folks who post on this site need to learn the difference between there, their, and they’re. See

  38. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Speaking of Ernie Couch & Revival…Ever notice that they are in continual need of Singers and Musicians? They always have an Ad or two in the Jobs postings @ SN online. If the gig is as great as they allude, how come nobody stays? Just Sayin’

  39. Troy wrote:

    Today is the birthday of a terrific lady: Eloise Phillips. She’s an outstanding Southern Gospel pianist and many of us recently enjoyed her playing on the Charles Towler anniversary videos mentioned here. If you know her, you might want to drop her a line.

  40. Janet B wrote:

    #28 - Well, God bless ya if you have kids & you have the luxury of staying home with them. HOWEVER, there are some jobs where that’s just not possible. The choice is to stay home, be together & starve, or support your family by providing for their needs & be gone during the week. Which one of those is Biblical, huh?
    My brother-in-law was a minister for 23 years; believe me, he missed most of HIS kids growing up years because he was too busy helping the flock take care of theirs. Think about that the next time you’re about to complain about how much time your preacher doesn’t spend at church. Nobody - especially Jesus - ever said that following a calling was going to be easy & without sacrifice.

    My brother-in-law got so beaten down & discouraged after 17 years at his last church that he told God he needed a drastic change in his life. A few weeks later, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer & died 4 months later. I really believe he was happy to go - and he was only 59.

    BTW - “genre” isn’t spelled with an “a.”

  41. NG wrote:

    #36 That is a refreshing way to explain a departure from a group. Free said on Facebook that sometimes things don’t work out:

    “Randy will no longer be singing with BFA as of May 16. Sometimes things don’t work out. It was a tough decision for me. We wish him the best.

    “Starting May 20, Derrick Selph will be returning to BFA. We are so glad to have him back with us. We all developed a Christian bond and friendship that has been a blessing to all of us over the last seven years.”

  42. philip elwood wrote:

    #40 my oh my that WAS a drastic change…the old saying,be careful what you ask/pray for,you may just get it.You know like the captain of the Titanic, he called for ice and got more than he bargained for…

  43. 4Given wrote:

    Hmmm wonder if Crawford will go back to Ray Dean asking for his job back…

  44. newlywedgirl wrote:

    Randy Crawford is no longer with BF&A???? WOAH…..

  45. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    #43 - According to a few Facebook posts from Randy Crawford to Harold Reed & Bryan Hutson, he’s hinting mighty big that he wants the K’men job. To be completely honest, some of his comments may actually lead one to believe he already has the job. Interesting. I’m personally glad that DS is coming back.

  46. jim wrote:

    Jesus only had harsh words for the self righteous people of His own faith. He never disrespected another religion. So, if the shoe fits . . .

  47. David J. Stuart wrote:

    43. I sure hope so!

  48. Bones wrote:

    #43 I hope not!

  49. 4Given wrote:

    Its sounding like it could happen… From the buzz I am hearing… I expect an announcement from the Kingsmen soon… May be Crawford maybe not…

  50. quartet-man wrote:

    #47 & #48, sorry, but one of you are about to be disappointed. ;-)

  51. Tyler wrote:

    I’m thrilled to see Derrick back!

  52. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 46, are you talking about the same Jesus who declared in John 14:6 that all religions, beliefs, faiths, etc. outside of belief in Him are worthless?

    Christ doesn’t need to single out a particular other religion to bad-mouth because He rejects ALL other religions out of hand. One cannot show another religion more disrespect than that.

  53. David J. Stuart wrote:

    Well Quartet Man, it wouldn’t be the first time! LOL

  54. wanderer wrote:

    Glad to see the Dove Brothers are adding a band.

  55. 4Given wrote:

    The top five SN fan award nominations are out… Yawn… I am sick and tired of the predictability of these awards…

  56. Priscilla wrote:

    Speaking of awards….has anyone seen a list of all of the winners from the SGM FanFair that was last week? I’ve seen ’spots’ here & there about individual winners but I haven’t seen a list of all of the winners….just wondering….

  57. Robert York wrote:

    Former Greater Vision member Jacob Kitson has started a new trio, “Statement Of Faith”. Jacob’s brother Joe, who sang with the Dixie Melody Boys is joining him along with Jonathan Epley. They are recording a cd and hope the hit the road the first of July.

  58. weber wrote:

    If your brother-in-law was a minister for 23 years and missed his kids life in the name of taking care of the flock, im sorry, HE WAS WRONG, God ordained the family first, the family comes first, this again is common sense.
    Again, I hate to beat a dead horse, the guys that leave their families at home to sing SGM are making a choice that is self-indulgent. Its been proven that a bi-vocational group can chart songs, win the lost, encourage and entertain all while earning an honest living.
    Your thoughts

  59. s.smith wrote:

    How many of Christ’s disciples were married, yet He told them to follow Him. Were they wrong then too?

  60. Scott Spangler wrote:

    RE: #58
    While this is basically true, lets think hypothetically for a minute or 2:

    Your group is bi-vocational, and that is great…I’ve been involved with groups that would have a Sunday night scheduled, lets say…in Detroit, Michigan, then have to ride the bus all night and get home in time to get to work or to school and then be a freakin’ zombie all day and not really get over the trip til about Wednesday. And that’s fine if you are limiting your fan base and area of travel.

    But on the other hand, when your schedule gets to the point of being, lets say in Amarillo or Dallas or Houston or Des Moines or Bangor, Maine, there’s no way you can make those commitments and get home to work a job on Monday morning.

    I have been in 2 full-time professional groups, and can tell you that it is not as easy as everyone thinks…and as far as the money, for the most part, its just like you in your normal 8 to 5 job…we try to get ahead, but something’s always gonna pop up that you had not planned for.

    I left Naomi Sego’s group in late January and was moving back home for a normal job..and it didn’t pan out, so, I was fortunate enough to have enough contacts to book solo dates and am making a living doing it…an HONEST living. I was somewhat offended by that remark, by the way. Are you meaning that groups who get out here and tour coast to coast are not making an honest living?

    Anyhow, I started doing solo dates and am making a living doing it. Thank goodness I was nearly debt free and could do it.

    Don’t know if any of this made sense or not. Butpeople that do this being self-indulgent? I doubt it. Most do it because of their convictions, and for the record, what we do IS an honest living my friend.

  61. cynical one wrote:

    My pastor made it clear that, although God came first in his life, the church did not come before his family. God and the church and not necessisarly the same.

  62. Robert York wrote:

    Priscilla here is a list of the winners,

    2010 SGM Fan Award Recipients

    The 6th Annual SGM Fan Awards show was held last week during the Southern Gospel Music FanFair at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, TN.

    As voted by Southern Gospel music fans, recipients of the 2010 SGM Fan Awards are:

    Favorite Male Quartet
    Triumphant QuartetFavorite

    Mixed Quartet

    Favorite Trio

    Favorite Duet
    Back Home

    Favorite Soloist
    Ivan Parker

    Favorite Male Vocalist
    Ricky Atkinson (Ricky Atkinson & Compassion)

    Favorite Female Vocalist
    Kelly Nelon Clark (Nelons)

    Favorite Band
    Singing Echoes

    Favorite Musician
    Dusty Treece (Jeff Treece Band/Drummer)

    Favorite Song
    Three Rugged Crosses (Freemans)

    Favorite Album
    35th Anniversary (Primitive Quartet)

    Favorite DVD
    Live At Oak Tree (Aaron & Amanda Crabb)

    Favorite Lead
    Ernie Dawson (Heirline)

    Favorite Baritone
    Eric Dove (Dove Brothers)

    Favorite Bass
    Tim Riley (Gold City)

    Favorite Alto
    Chris Freeman (Freemans)

    Favorite Tenor
    John Lanier (Tony Gore & Majesty)

    Favorite Soprano
    Karen Peck Gooch (Karen Peck & New River)

    Young Excelling Individual
    Mark Cates (Hendersons)

    New Excelling Artist
    Fresh Anointing

    Naomi Sego Living Legend Award
    Jeanette Cooke

  63. Priscilla wrote:

    Thanks Robert for the info. Did you happen to attend any of it? If so, was it worth going to? I thought about going this year, but didn’t make it…just wondering if the music/booths and organization of the event was worth taking a week to go to….let me know your thoughts…I’m thinking about going next year.

    Thanks again for the list!

  64. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 58, your first paragraph is dead wrong. Christ is a million times more valuable than your children, therefore Christ’s Gospel is a million times more important than little league games. (Ironically, your second paragraph has some merit).

    No. 61, your pastor is a joke.

  65. Robert York wrote:

    Priscilla we went last year. I did not enjoy it as it was so crowded in the exhibit area you could not walk around and the sound where we was sitting was extremely loud.
    I think they need a better and larger location for the event. Don’t think we will waste a trip back up there for the event.

  66. cynical one wrote:

    #64 — You don’t know my pastor. He’s no joke. Part of what he told us (before we voted for him to come) was that Friday had been his our-of-the-office. That was his day to help his wife around the house, and their date night. He told us not to expect him to be at every Sunday School class party or high school football game. Especially on Fridays, and that was reserved for his wife and kids.

    I admire him for it.

    And I know another pastor who had to advise one of his parishioners to quit being at the church every time the doors were open, as his family needed him at home more. I know a man who blew off a special family dinner (including out-of-town family who’d come just to be at this dinner, and hadn’t been together like that for a couple of years or more) in order to sing in a special choir program. He also disobeyed doctors’ orders, just so he could be back home in time for Wednesday night church. He’s a churchaholic.

    I stand behind my pastor, and the last statement of my previous post (although not the spelling therein =) ).

  67. John Lanier wrote:

    #65, Robert York,
    I appreciate your honest assessment of last year’s SGM FanFair, and we welcome any feedback to help us continually improve and make the experience enjoyable for all.

    Changes were made to improve the sound volume issue this year and so far, we’ve heard no complaints whatsoever concerning the sound.

    The exhibit hall can get crowded at times, but, hopefully, as the event continues to grow, we can eventually secure a larger venue. That possibility is even being discussed now. The last two years of FanFair have seen significant growth in attendance and support. For this we are extremely grateful.

    Even if you choose not to attend next year, please keep the event in your prayers that it will continue to grow and succeed to the glory of God.

  68. weber wrote:

    #64, yes absolutely God, Family, Ministry no question about it but I think that means ones personal relationship with God. Pastors, Singers, Evangelist often put their service to the kingdom in front of relationships with family. I think #40 gave us a good example of this.
    #60, I think its great you know enough people to book you, so you may earn a living singing gospel music. You didnt specify if you were leaving behind small children for a wife to take care of alone, so Im not sure my position applys to you. My definition of an honest living may differ from yours and thats ok, I chose that word particulerly for the singer that is getting paid peanuts, struggling to pay the bills, wife is at home with small children, little or no savings, no life or health insurance with the exception of being at the tax payers mercy, and most importantly the missed opportunities of having a church family. An honest living is providing for your family not just money but spiritual covering, leadership, again no scripture needed here just plain old fashioned common sense. Maybe u gave up to soon on the job market.

  69. observor wrote:

    I have been hearing about how great the Southern Gospel segment was during the Doves and how it has greatly advanced the cause of the “SG industry”. I was excited - until I watched on u-tube!!!! Who selected these songs and why were they performed so poorly????

  70. John wrote:

    64.Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    “No. 58, your first paragraph is dead wrong. Christ is a million times more valuable than your children, therefore Christ’s Gospel is a million times more important than little league games.”

    Your post makes no sense. None. What a bunch of hooey.

    “Christ is a million times more valuable than your children…”

    What in the world does that mean? It makes no sense. Is not the Gospel about individuals?

    If I were to get the ENTIRE world to come to Christ while losing my children, I would be a failure! As my kid’s dad, my FIRST priority, other than my own salvation, is that of my children.

    Read this carefully: I refuse, I REFUSE, to sacrifice MY children on the altar of ministry!

    Say it with me:

    I refuse to sacrifice my children on the altar of ministry.

  71. Scott Spangler wrote:

    Well, lets see here…
    I have a daughter. She will be 21 next month. When she was in her pre and early teens, I was away from home on the road singing. We always talked about it and she understood. I always tried to be there for her in every way I could.

    As far as “leaving the job market too soon”, I’ll grant you that I might have. But to #1-minister to other people thru my music and testimony, and #2- I had just bought a new car and had to make a car payment and keep myself fed, clothed, and a roof over my head, I turned to singing, because its something I know and feel I do very well.

    I do not know about other soloists, singers, musicians, etc., so I cannot speak for them. But I can speak for myself by saying that not one time yet has my rent been late, not one time has my utilities been late and/or turned off, not once has my car insurance premium been late, and because I am a business person as well as a gospel music singer, I’ve kept my finances in good check and I have a little money in the bank. My solo ministry is growing more and more each day, and for the blessing He has bestowed on me, I am truly thankful and humbled.

    OH…AND ONE OTHER THING…I also pay for my own health insurance and am NOT at the taxpayers mercy. So, I guess I am making an honest living with the good old fashioned common sense the good Lord has given me.

  72. weber wrote:

    Scott, dont personalize my position so much, I know everyone wants to be the exception and indeed you might just be, however I have been in the business for a very long time and I know what I speak is truth. Keep in mind that singers typically sing to saved folks, and just because you may be a gifted singer, its easy to rationalize certain roads in the ministry. Consider using your testimony and talent for, say homeless living under a bridge or a home church in need of a music minister.

  73. Scott Spangler wrote:

    you know, we DO sing to mainly churched folks..that why now, and when i was with naomi, i tried to make it more of a time for praise instead of a time to get lost sinners saved.

    As far as a music minister in a church, I’ve never felt like that was my calling.

    As for a homeless bridge ministry, Candy Hemphill does that in Nashville..or did…nor that they’ve had the flood, who knows? But, if I were in Nashville and were asled to do that, I would in a heartbeat. It sounds like an awesome ministry.

  74. Lovelife wrote:

    I am one of those preachers kids, and, I can tell you that my father put the Lord first, however, he never missed the important things in our family. He didn’t have to tell any church that “friday night was date night or family night”. It all just fell into place. I will say that while the preacher is suppose to be there for the “church”, it doesn’t mean that he has to drop everything if some member has a hang nail or thinks the pastor should come set for the afternoon. We forget that everything at the church is not the pastors duties. He is there to lead his flock and others should and could help out, but, instead we get mad and leave the church….sounds like I’m venting, but, it is an open thread. lol

  75. oldtimer wrote:

    I paraphrase Dr. David Jeremiah : I am first and foremost a child of God. That is my most important title and position. Secondly I am a husband to my wife. Thirdly I am a father to my children and THEN Fourthly I am a pastor (or if you like gospel singer, minister,etc…) This is the only priority order that God will bless.

  76. Videoguy wrote:

    “As for a homeless bridge ministry…if I were in Nashville and were asled [sic] to do that, I would in a heartbeat.”

    I don’t believe Nashville has cornered the market on the homeless.

  77. Butch wrote:

    John, you are so right. Soli Deo Gloria really has no clue.

  78. Allison Lynn wrote:

    The Bridge Ministry is still going strong, ministering to those in need, despite the extra challenges Nashville is facing! I sang there a few times when I lived in Nashville, and Candy and her team are amazing!

  79. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Just trying to put the Gospel back in “southern gospel” (and I realize that presupposes it was ever there). Seriously, what is so objectionable about the biblical expectations of believers generally and those (allegedly) called into vocational ministry?

    If you can’t manage your family life, perhaps you’re not called to vocational ministry. Now I realize that for most in this genre it means giving up your karaoke star dreams. But I don’t understand the passionate defense of those who are (allegedly) called to vocational ministry of the Gospel and would dare condition such service because of little league games?

  80. Lewis Wells wrote:

    #58…”God ordained the family first” isn’t really a scriptural principle as much of the Christian community applies it. If it’s based on chronological order in scripture, it’s like saying God ordained the first course of dinner before the second course of dinner. The order of appearance doesn’t determine the order of importance.

    #70…Although I don’t think God is going to require you to build an altar, start a fire, and raise the knife, your wording leaves you at the opposite end of the spectrum from Abraham, the friend of God. I don’t know that we can really put “God” and “ministry” into separate categories. They’re largely the same in the context of the issue at hand.

    #75…I’d be curious what Dr. Jeremiah is basing this order on scripturally. I’d also be careful that I’m not basing my opinion on Dr. Jeremiah’s alone.

    I don’t believe God desires any father (or mother) to outright neglect their parental responsibilities offhand, but a lot of what’s being said here seems to contradict the teachings of Christ about what service to Him might require.

  81. Lewis Wells wrote:

    #70…Your quote…

    “If I were to get the ENTIRE world to come to Christ while losing my children, I would be a failure! As my kid’s dad, my FIRST priority, other than my own salvation, is that of my children.
    Read this carefully: I refuse, I REFUSE, to sacrifice MY children on the altar of ministry!
    Say it with me:
    I refuse to sacrifice my children on the altar of ministry.”

    …conveys an attitude that I don’t think you intend to convey. It makes it appear that the importance of your faith is merely in escaping hell, then no other priorities really change even if the first weren’t in place. To presume yourself a failure is to usurp the judgment of God on the matter, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you be judging by your own standard and not His?

    Would the father of the prodigal son have been a failure had the prodigal never returned? Is God, the ULTIMATE Father, a failure, given that so many have chosen and will choose to reject Him?

    It’s very easy for us to introduce human fingerprints, formulas, and ideas into an equation and not even realize it.

  82. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    OK, OK…. I just have one question for all of you about all this (1) God, (2) Family, (3) Ministry jibber-jabber…. : “Is That Footsteps That I Hear?”

  83. DP wrote:

    Lewis - Lewis - Lewis…. I can take anything on this site - almost. You have done disagreed with my favorite preacher!!!
    Dr. Jeremiah is spot on… same as #82.

    Then everything else.

  84. Lewis Wells wrote:

    #83…lol, forgive me. I knew I’d be crossing a line somewhere;)

    It’s fine if you disagree with me, but where is that order in scripture?…and how do we separate the assignments and instructions of God from God Himself? Doesn’t “God”, as a prioritized category, include all that goes into our relationship with Him - including ministry, which, regardless of whom it’s targeted toward, is ultimately to Him?

  85. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The Second Round of voting for the 1970s and 1980s Song Of the Decade is underway. Vote here:

    Songs that advanced to the Second Round include:

    Choose your favorite 1970s song
    What A Beautiful Day - Happy Goodmans
    He Loves Me - Cathedrals/Dixie Melody Boys
    The Lighthouse - Hinsons/Happy Goodmans
    Sheltered In The Arms Of God - Downings/Oak Ridge Boys
    Statue Of Liberty - Cathedrals/Couriers

    Choose your favorite 1970s song
    I’m Standing On The Solid Rock - Florida Boys
    Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me - Dixie Echoes, Hoppers, Easter Brothers
    King Jesus - Oak Ridge Boys
    Jesus Is Coming Soon - Oak Ridge Boys, Inspirations, Florida Boys, Downings, Thrasher Brothers
    Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City - Rambos

    Choose your favorite 1970s song
    The King Is Coming - Speers/Bill Gaither Trio
    The Old Ship Of Zion - Kingsmen
    Rise Again - Dallas Holm & Praise
    He Pilots My Ship - Happy Goodmans
    Because He Lives - Bill Gaither Trio
    Glory Road - Kingsmen

    Choose your favorite 1970s song
    I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before - Rambos
    Gone - Kingsmen/Teddy Huffam & The Gems
    Touring That City - Inspirations
    When I Wake Up To Sleep No More - Inspirations
    The Sun’s Coming Up In The Morning - Rex Nelon Singers

    Choose your favorite 1980s song
    Midnight Cry - Gold City
    I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy - Singing Americans
    Step Into The Water - Cathedrals
    We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown - Nelons
    Sweet Beulah Land - Kingsmen

    Choose your favorite 1980s song
    Champion Of Love - Cathedrals
    Call Me Gone - Hinsons
    Plan Of Salvation - Cathedrals
    In My Robe Of White - Gold City
    Sinner Saved By Grace - Cathedrals

    Choose your favorite 1980s song
    God On The Mountain - McKameys
    Somebody Touched Me - Cathedrals
    Can He, Could He, Would He - Cathedrals
    Oh For A Thousand Tongues - Nelons
    We Shall See Jesus - Cathedrals

    Choose your favorite 1980s song
    When He Was On The Cross - Florida Boys
    Canaanland Is Just In Sight - Heavenbound
    Boundless Love - Cathedrals
    When I Get Carried Away - Gold City
    John Saw - Gold City

  86. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I also meant to mention that the Second Round ends Monday at midnight (EDT).

  87. weber wrote:

    Did anyone notice not many singers defending their postion to put singing gospel music before their families?

  88. matthew wrote:

    EHSSQ is doing their own Cathedral tribute tour….why not combine with L5, MTQ, DF, GV, etc? Where is Kirk Talley? Or is it kind of like when the parents die, the family reunions kind of die with them?

  89. Jake wrote:

    #88 Matthew — Some of it may have to do with song rights and copyrights, contracts and booking agencies, etc. Also, several of the groups you mentioned get together on occasion for a special “event” and they sing some old Cathedrals songs together, while EHSS are preparing a 2 CD collection of songs which will be the basis of a several month tour. I’m sure both are good; they just happen to be going down different roads and will appeal to different audiences.

  90. oldtimer wrote:

    In post # 80, 81 and 84 the poster bases his problems with what has been said on what he percieves as a lack of scriptural basis for these positions, when actually throughout the thread much biblical basis has been given for the God - Family - Ministry prioritizing of Christian life. What I find interesting is that the poster who asks for scriptural basis for this point of view, never gives one scripture reference for what he seems to be presenting as an alternate point of view. Hmmmmmm…

  91. Lewis Wells wrote:

    #90…Your quote…

    “In post # 80, 81 and 84 the poster bases his problems with what has been said on what he percieves as a lack of scriptural basis for these positions, when actually throughout the thread much biblical basis has been given for the God - Family - Ministry prioritizing of Christian life.”

    …isn’t accurate. There’s been talk of “common sense”, Dr. David Jeremiah, some spiritual platitude, and some personal inclination, but nothing scriptural that underwrites a God-Family-Ministry priority list.

    Your quote…

    “What I find interesting is that the poster who asks for scriptural basis for this point of view, never gives one scripture reference for what he seems to be presenting as an alternate point of view. Hmmmmmm…”

    The only alternate point of view I’ve been presenting is that we base our theology on scripture. Not on platitude, “human logic”, or “so and so said”.

  92. cynical one wrote:

    I’m not sure you can call this discussion of priorities “theological”. I think all the opinions expressed have been just that — personal opinions. All the ones expressed here probably have some validity.

    Many years ago, I was a traveling salesman for Christian products, selling to Christian bookstores. I’m not going to say what I was doing was direct ministry, like a gospel singer or evangelist, but perhaps indirect ministry, although I did have opportunity to minister to Christian bookstore owners who were often discouraged in their work. My primary function was putting product in the hand of retailers, who in turn put them in the hands of folks in their town.

    Because I set my own schedule, primarily less than a month in advance, I had the flexibility to always be home for piano and dance recitals, etc.

    My wife and I decided, before I accepted that job, that would be one of our family’s goals. There were a lot of weekdays I wasn’t home to change dirty diapers, take the kids to school, etc., but I made it a point to go overboard when I was home, to try to give my wife a break as much as possible. And she has made it known that she noticed and appreciated it.

    I think, if you don’t have the scheduling flexibility I was fortunate to have, there are ways to make up for it.

    And no, my pastor didn’t HAVE to make the statement he did about their date night, but he made the statement to make the point that not everything that happens around the church requires his attendance, and we shouldn’t EXPECT him to be at every function. That he has a family to tend to, just as we need tend to our families.

    No, I can’t quote you any scriptures to back up my opinion, but it’s still MY opinion, based partially on MY convictions and what has worked for MY family.

  93. Lewis Wells wrote:

    #92…I don’t really disagree with anything your saying, or with the position of your pastor who appears to be finding a balance that’s healthy for him, pastors having a personal date night or family day, what have you.

    I agree that the discussion of the issue hasn’t been a theological one. Yet, many of the opinions that have been given have been given as if they were actually theological, biblically-based decisions and conclusions. There IS scripture that speaks to the issue, and I think it’s wise for people to look there first on all issues.

    If I had a primary concern with most of the God-Family-Ministry sentiment that’s been forwarded in this discussion, it would be the double-standard used. Most separate God and ministry, which is our service to Him, but don’t separate family and our ministry and service to it. I’ve asked questions to that end.

    In the last couple of years I’ve been involved with spiritual and cultic abuse ministries, and my natural inclination now, when dealing with the spiritual, is to question and compel people to know exactly why they believe what they believe. I don’t necessarily promote a doctrinal stance in doing so, but hope to point people toward their own, with emphasis on “their own”, personal understanding of scripture.

  94. Lewis Wells wrote:

    Pardon my misuse of your/you’re above.

  95. Irishlad wrote:

    Avery,I note that the Royal National Theatre London is running a new play entitled “Love the sinner” by Canadian playwright Drew Pautz.This play explores homosexuality in the evangelical Anglican church in Britain and debates the issue of ordination of gay priests.The “evangelical Anglican” may be a far cry from a ” John Hagee evangelical” however it’s an interesting fact that the Brits are even showing a mild curiosity in the topic.

  96. Rev. Ed Robinson wrote:

    More and more, I am learning that the two prayers that I need to pray before responding to anything on this website are as follows:
    1) Heavenly Father, will what I post and the attitude in which I post it bring glory and praise to You?
    2) If I could literally see Jesus Christ sitting next to me while I post on this website, would what I post bring a smile to His face or a tear in His eye?

  97. stand4unity wrote:

    “Did anyone notice not many singers defending their postion to put singing gospel music before their families?”

    There is a reason for that…..They dont have to. I mean think about it, why would they want to justify themselves when probably 95% of the people that get on this website no NOTHING about this industry and to be on the road. The only reason they use this site is to have a place to gossip about things like old woman and to make ignorant comments. I want to clarify that not all people get on here to do that.

    Also, I am sure some of you know this but ALOT of people in the industry think this site is hilarious because people take up so much time to come up with irrational comments. Its almost like its a game to see who can come up with the most ignorant statement.

    I want to end by saying not EVERYTHING on this site is like that. There is alot of good topics on here as well.

  98. Lewis Wells wrote:

    #97…Your quote…

    “Also, I am sure some of you know this but ALOT of people in the industry think this site is hilarious because people take up so much time to come up with irrational comments. Its almost like its a game to see who can come up with the most ignorant statement.”

    …holds an amount of truth, but as someone who has spent most of my adult life either directly or indirectly involved in the industry, I think I can say that such a mindset is what many in the industry would like to convince themselves they hold, when actually, much of what’s said here matters to them more than they care to admit.

    Yes, some of them feel that some of Doug’s commentary has crossed the line on occasion. I don’t necessarily disagree. But to say that industry people laugh at the dialog here is misleading. They’d LIKE to, but they can’t in many cases.

    This has always been a genre free from open, public criticism, artistic or otherwise, and they’re not quite sure how to take someone who gets into sacred cow territory on occasion.

    Bill Gaither desired to personally meet Mr. Harrison because of this site. That, in and of itself, is worth noting.

  99. Joe wrote:

    For those who disagree with Lewis Wells and Soli Gloria, and agree with DP, John and Dr. Jeremiah, Mr. Wells and Soli absolutely correct.

    John- you, DP, and Dr. Jeremiah are dead wrong.

    Maybe you have never read the very words of
    the Lord Jesus Himself.

    Matthew 10:37-38; “He that loves father or mother more than Me, is not worthy of Me. And he that loves son or daughter more than Me, is not worthy of Me. He that takes not his cross, and follows after me, is not worthy of Me.”

    Mr. Wells has correctly applied a Scriptural principle to this discussion. That is why he is correct.

  100. stand4unity wrote:

    #98 I agree with your post completely. That is why I made it a point to confirm that I was not talking about EVERYONE in the industry and also not declaring EVERYONE that gets on this site is out to gossip. I also never made a comment about Dougs commentaries but the people who comment to get a rise. I have been involved in the industry in many different ways my entire life as well. I am not naive. Most of my friends are in the industry and I have seen many of them affected by things that have been said directly and also indirectly. I know it matters to alot of the people they slam with hateful comments. But like I have always said, You can not get irrational with an irrational situation. With that said, even though people in the world will say hurtful and hateful things you have to take the high road and have a happy spirit about the things you can not change. I think Doug does a great job and I enjoy HIS commentaries.

  101. DP wrote:

    Joe - I am familiar with that passage. In plain simple laymen terms, I believe Jesus is telling us to keep Him first. Another way of putting it would be “seek ye first the Kingdom of God”. Which matches up with my original post. Doesn’t it? If not - tell me where I am going astray.

  102. John wrote:

    Joe, I do not love my kids more than I love Jesus. You are not understanding the issue.

    I do not need to love my kids more than Jesus to put ministry AFTER my kids. You forgot that in my little equation, God was first, THEN my family.

    My relationship with God IS first. So, I am not putting my kids in front of God.

    All I am saying is that I do not think God approves of anyone abandoning their kids for the sake of ministry.

    Now, every day of my life, I am involved in ministry in some form or another. I do sing some, my wife and I volunteer at a youth center every week, I preach, and on and on it goes.

    None of that should take precidence over my kids ALL THE TIME. Does it occasionally? Sure. But, there comes a point where I say, enough is enough. It is all about proper balance.

    In my life, I try to make everything in my life about ministry. My wife and I are foster parents to a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old. I think that is a ministry in and of it’s self.

  103. The Gospel Stache wrote:

    #93…similar to the “age of accountability”. not technically in scriptures. challenge the thinking why you believe what you believe. i like it.

  104. Glenn wrote:

    Why do you always assume that none of us know what the Bible says or might mean?

  105. Lewis Wells wrote:

    #101…DP…If I may, in regard to where I, personally, take issue with the order outlined by Dr. Jeremiah and promoted by many others…

    It’s the double standard applied. Unintentionally, I suppose, but a double standard nonetheless.

    It reads like this in practical terms…
    1. Relationship with God.
    2. Relationship with and service to spouse.
    3. Relationship with and service to children.
    4. Service to God.

    I believe this distinction between God and ministry to/for Him and the lack of distinction between family and ministry to/for it is where the problem exists.

    In 1st Corinthians 7, Paul speaks of the “dangers”, so to speak, of marriage. It creates an obstacle, our desire to please our wife/husband, that can easily impede our service to the Lord, changing our priorities by causing us to love the “things of the world”, i.e. satisfying our flesh and emotional needs (and the desires of our spouse) rather than giving our full attention to the Lord. This has never been God’s intention. Paul doesn’t say it’s wrong to marry, just that marriage has a way of changing a person’s priorities for the worse when we aren’t careful. 1st John 2:15 makes it clear that the “things of the world” aren’t to in anyway displace the things of God in our life.

    Our relationship with God encompasses all concerning that relationship, from our communication with Him, to our service to and for Him. I think we do Him a disservice, and fall into the trap of the scripture above, when we start dividing those things from each other (and doing so only where God is concerned), as I believe Dr. Jeremiah’s list does.

    In first Timothy 3, where Paul speaks of the qualifications of church leaders, the terms “ruling their own house well” or “having their own house in order” come into play, and some use this to justify putting family ahead of service to God. A priority list isn’t the implication of the scripture. Qualification is. The implication is that if a man can’t keep his house in order, how will he ever perform his service to God and God’s people, which is a much larger responsibility. Sort of like a baseball player that can’t hit a curveball in AA will NEVER hit a curveball from a Major League pitcher.

    When people find a healthy balance (which the scriptures in 1st Corinthians 7 tell us will be difficult), I think that’s wonderful, but I think the God-Family-Ministry list of priorities doesn’t line up with God’s design. I think it serves the flesh, for lack of a better term.

  106. Irishlad wrote:

    Just for a minute let’s roll back the years to circa.1991;Gold City were at the very top of their game.Brian Free,Ivan Parker,Mike LeFevre,and the man himself Tim Riley on bass, not forgetting of course the late lamented Doug Riley on drums.The song? “Child of the Light”…i swear, i’ve never seen Tim looking so freakin’ happy..ever.You could see he thought Ivan was the best thing since sliced bread.Can be viewed on YouTube.

  107. Wade wrote:

    The NELONS are my Sunday Song of The Day on my facebook page. Please add me and go comment. You can comment with out adding my page is TOTALLY OPEN!!

    It is an Older Video of.. WE HAVE COME TO WORSHIP!!!

    I love it cause Kelly is honest enough to say “WE WANT ALL OUR FAMILY DOWN here”… when she calls Todd in to sing.

    Then she PREACHES a little and makes your spine tingle. Tex … I mean Rex held down the low end and the ever so lovely Karen Peck drives the high end HOME!!!

    I think you will like it… You don’t have to POLL over what song is the BEST for the last 158 years in Gospel music.

    You don’t have to worry that, even though I love him, how Joe does not THINK ANYBODY else does KNOWS the BIBLE the WAY HE READS IT… just go have a blessing with one of the most fun songs ever in SGM… and dadgum the women were HOT TOO!!!

    Irish Laddy… you are right about GCQ . DaMan Tim does smile cause they where rocking BLESSIN’ SOULS & MAKIN’ BANK… THAT is BETTER than sliced bread!!!

  108. ForgottenSwampWorld wrote:

    “Then peeled the bells more loud and deep” is another grammatical error in music.

  109. oldtimer wrote:

    Mr. Wells and others are making the mistake of equating service to the church with service to God. They are not the same.

  110. weber wrote:

    I believe I get what your trying to say, however I think the original point I was trying to make has been lost in your translation. Much of the scripture you are referencing is not applicable with regards to a singer getting on a bus and leaving small children for a wife to take care of while he is on the road for sometimes up to two and three weeks. Where is the healthy balance here? Yes marriage should change ones priorities as we know the scriptural responsibilities to the husband with respect to marriage. I would also say one can be married and NOT love the things of the world have a fruitfull thriving ministry all without abandoning the wife and kids to pursue a dream. I still say this is just common sense…..

  111. youthman10 wrote:

    Jim- You are correct that Jesus never spoke harshly with lost people but loved them(Ex:John 3 and 4 Nicodemus and the woman at the well). However I will point out that it is the Jesus that told the disciples to proclaim His name and if people didn’t believe to shake the dust off their feet and move on. It’s the same Jesus that left His own hometown of Nazareth and moved to Capernaeum and didn’t do wonderous miracles and signs because of their unbelief.
    We have become so politically correct when trying to combat other religions point of view that we hold back the truth. It’s very simple: Jesus resurrected from the dead. Paul says that if there is no resurrection then there is no gospel. The “other religions” all differ from Christianity in two distinct ways. They believe that Jesus wasn’t fully God and they believe that you achieve Salvation through your works!
    We can’t confuse love for the truth! Telling people the truth conveys love. We don’t want to see them go to hell because were scared that they would get mad at us. That we weren’t politically correct. The resurrection is the culmination of why we believe what we believe! Don’t ever be ashamed to tell the truth. Atheists, muslims, buddhists, and other false religions need to hear the truth! Don’t be ashamed Jim. It’s the only hope we have!

    What is funny to me is that people talk so much about the industry, and it all amounts to nothing in the scheme of eternity other than ministries that are reaching the lost. The business side is all Doug wants to talk about! I just wish he would be christian enough to use this avenue of the internet and his site to tell people what he believes. Maybe he can only tell people what he believes about gospel music. Maybe he isn’t a christian and just a gospel music fan! Its not me to judge. I was in the industry about five years and sang on many big stages with the “big groups” and there’s not a lot of people talking about the things of God. It’s sad.

  112. Lewis Wells wrote:

    #110…Your quote…

    “Much of the scripture you are referencing is not applicable with regards to a singer getting on a bus and leaving small children for a wife to take care of while he is on the road for sometimes up to two and three weeks.”

    I agree. But frankly, only a small percentage of those traveling the highways in SG buses are doing so out of true, undiluted, ministry minded service to the Lord. You used a key phrase - “pursue a dream” (and everyone please note, I’m not passing judgment on motives). I don’t think God is glorified or pleased when parents neglect marital or parental duties to merely pursue personal dreams and goals. If a husband/wife/parent is doing this, how much more are they neglecting God?Totally with you.

    “Yes marriage should change ones priorities as we know the scriptural responsibilities to the husband with respect to marriage.”

    That’s true, but only with regard to our spouse and within our personal life. Marriage should in no way, shape, or form disrupt or alter our service to and relationship with the Lord. It too often does, making us less effective ministers and servants to the Kingdom, and that’s the warning Paul was giving in that passage, and why he even suggested it more beneficial to remain unmarried.

    #109…”Do you love me? Feed my sheep.” Our service to/for the Lord IS our service to/for his people, purposes, and Kingdom. According to Christ, we are one with the Father through Him. We’re also one with each other through Christ. All one single, spiritual organism. When one is served as unto the Lord, the Lord is served. For many they apparently aren’t the same thing. In my opinion, there’s no question that they are. Presenting ourselves as living sacrifices, which is our reasonable service. This is my own personal understanding of the scriptures. I encourage you to live by yours, even if it differs.

  113. wanderer wrote:

    Anyone know if Daywind plans to release more of the South Gospel Heritage Series from Skylite?

  114. cynical one wrote:

    oldtimer — thanks for saying that service to the church does not always equal service to God.

    And Lewis, you refer to “Our service to/for the Lord” as if they are one and the same. Part of my contention is that they are not. A lot of what we call “ministry” is really just part of a minister/preacher/singer (whatever) doing a JOB, and not really ministering.

    Most of the time, a pastor showing up at a Sunday School class party is not really ministry — it’s socializing. Yes, a pastor needs to socialize some with his parishoners. But if it conflicts with his kid’s baseball game or ballet recital, not so much.

    I knew a pastor’s wife who confided to her family that she hated the fact that she and her husband ALWAYS took vacations and had dinner out with couples from the church. Never just the 2 of them alone. Her point was that they needed time alone, and never got it. And if they were with church members, they were always “on the job”.

    As for gospel singers, as pertains to this site, sometimes the singing is their vocation, sometimes an avocation. I realize the individual doesn’t have the luxury of scheduling around dance recitals and baseball games, expecially if they’re part of a group. Not everyone in the group can request all their children’s birthdays off, etc, or they would probably never have consistant bookings.

    And I realize other jobs often get in the way of family activities, too. But let’s be sure to not confuse “job” with “ministry”. Church STUFF is not always MINISTRY. And that was my original point.

  115. ForgottenSwampWorld wrote:

    Because, if no one noticed the error when listening to that particular Christmas song, the correct way to put it is “Then peeled the bells *louder and deeper,* not “more loud and deep.”

  116. Dale wrote:

    Some things never change!/blackwoodgospelquartet?ref=ts

  117. wacky thinker wrote:

    #115 But that wouldn’t have fit in the meter of the poem. And Longfellow would have had to make the next line “God is not dead, nor is he a sleeper.”

    And that just wouldn’t be right, either. ;-)

    Besides, in Longfellow’s day, that verbage may have been more common than it is today. And he wasn’t writing music. It was a poem first. Poets talked like that in 1864.

  118. Harriet wrote:

    ummm, shouldn’t that be “pealed”???

  119. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Dan Keeton is no longer with the Blackwoods according to his FaceBook. Typical Blackwood M.O.

  120. Irishlad wrote:

    yea #118 i thought it was bells they were on about not oranges!

  121. DMP wrote:

    Guy Penrod’s ”Breathe Deep” should be “Breathe Deeply.” But, there were not enough beats.

  122. Lewis Wells wrote:

    #114…Totally agree.

  123. cynical one wrote:

    Harriet, according to the copy of HWL’s poem I just read, you are correct.

  124. pj wrote:

    Thank you, Harriet!!! lol!

  125. wanderer wrote:

    Kevin Spencer and Friends is disbanding at the end of this month. Kevin is going solo.

  126. Andrew S. wrote:

    125- Where did you acquire this news?

  127. Scott Spangler wrote:

    Andrew…#126…the Kevin Spencer is pretty much a common knowledge thing. James Dean and his wife are expecting a baby, and from what I hear, are going out on their own to cut back on the dates they work for their forthcoming baby…so Kevin is gonna do solo work. I understand they ( Kevin and James-n-Starla are gonna share an office in Ohio.

  128. wanderer wrote:

    #126 Kevin announced it from the stage when I saw them Wed night. James has been with him for quite awhile now. Kevin sad it was bittersweet. He knew it was going to happen at some point, that he was happy for them, but he was sorry to lose them. I didn’t know that thye were going to be sharing an office. It’s good to people still work together even if they are going their separate ways.

  129. NonInsider wrote:

    In other news… I notice that the Dove Brothers have a sneak peak of their new album on their website… You can listen to every song all the way through and vote for your favorite… I think this album is the culmination of the sound that the Doves have been trying achieve in the last 5 years… It may be their best album yet IMO… We will see… They have a couple of rather polarizing songs on that project… One is their cover of the Imperials “Hey Buddha” and the other is their cover of the Rascal Flatts hit “Unstoppable”… Should be interesting to see how fans receive this album… It could go very well for the Doves…

  130. NonInsider wrote:

    Correction on above post the Buddha song is “Ole Buddha” not “Hey Buddha” There is a song on the record that however is called “Hey Lazarus” Which is a new Gerald Crabb tune… It is quite good…

  131. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Hey guys and gals if your interested, I have posted a full review from a Gaither Homecoming event on my blog…

  132. gina wrote:

    Someone I know saw the Perrys last weekend and Joseph wasn’t with the group. I wondered if this was due to his wedding but then was told that is not for another couple of weeks. Anyone know?

  133. cynical one wrote:

    A quick internet search indicates the correct title of the old Imperials’ song is “Oh Buddha”.

  134. NonInsider wrote:

    133. It is the same song except, that the Dove Brothers arranged it a bit different and I believe they might changed some words… And renamed it “Ole Buddha”

  135. Andrew S. wrote:

    #132- The reason why Joseph Habedank was off the road this past weekend was to prepare physically and most importantly, spiritually, for his wedding on June 12. No, he is not leaving the Perrys; but he regards marriage in a high place and longs to enter it with full spirituality and understanding its sacred state.

  136. lovelife wrote:

    Recently heard Roy Webb with Gold City….Must say he made the right move. He’s in a very classy group now. My opinion of course.

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