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Longtime readers will recall my NQC pal (originally acronymed MNP … yeah yeah … so I’m not that creative). She wasn’t able to join me in Louisville last year (quelle tragique!) but we’re back on for this year and have been making plans via email. From our latest back and forth comes this data point about sg radio:

[MNP’s husband] bought a new truck (affectionately referred to as the beast) a few weeks ago and it has a lot of bells and whistles including satellite radio.  I’ve been driving it as he’s out of town with my car and I’ve been listening to Enlighten.  I was all excited to drive the beast until I actually listened to the station – where’s the good SG?  There’s got to be another station that has something better.

You’d think. At least this has been my experience the last few times I’ve been on a plane with sat-rad: lots of excitement, lots of disappointment, click it off. When I was in Nashville last summer on research for 10 days, I had a rental with sat-rad and I kept a list of all the downmarket artists on that station that I, a reasonably well informed sg fan, had never heard of. I filled one side of a generous hotel note pad and was on to the next side but accidentally tossed the list while cleaning out the car before taking back to the airport. It was no loss.

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  1. jim wrote:

    Such a shame that with so much excellent current Southern Gospel music, and an astonishing amount of wonderful backlist titles - that Enlighten is programmed by folks who obviously have no background in the genre. There are so many lame songs and artists featured on Enlighten that it is virtually impossible to stay tuned for more than two songs in a row. When you think of how great it could and should be versus reality . . . bummer!

  2. lovelife wrote:

    Well, to each his own, but, I just don’t get it. I for one enjoy enlighten. I’ll agree there are some bad with the good, but, that’s with everything in life. I really get tired of people complaining about “where’s the good SG”. Only thing I can say is don’t drive the beast or put it on another station….

  3. lovelife wrote:

    “When you think of how great it could be and should be versus reality”…..Jim, what makes people good enough and songs, good enough. Enlighten me! (play on word there)

  4. Janet B wrote:

    Yes. Tell me, what is considered “good” sg? By whose standards? (And Jim - that’s quite an astonishing statement by you, that obviously the programmers have no background in sg. As opposed to whom? You? God help us.)
    I don’t listen to Enlighten as much as I used to, but when I have, I’ve heard some nice songs, some not-so-nice songs, and sometimes some great songs. Even as I’m listening to a song I don’t particularly care for, my prayer is that someone, somewhere is being blessed by it.
    When ya’ll get your own radio station someday, we’ll see how many people agree with ALL of your programming choices.

  5. Matt G. wrote:

    I agree. I’ve been very disappointed by Enlighten. Too many mediocre regional groups with mediocre songs. I heard one ladies trio that had been stacked beyond belief. It sounded like a synthesizer the stacks were so high. The song was cheesy at best.

  6. Joe wrote:

    Almost totally disagree. I love Enlighten. Sure, there are songs that make you wanna change the station. However- I have gotten to hear some pretty amazing groups I otherwise might not have heard.

    Generally…the Crist Family, Cross 4 Crowns, The Tribute Qt., Ball Brothers, Bledsoes, Calvary Construction Co., Bowling Family, Doyle Lawson/Quicksilver,
    Steve Warren,
    Down East Boys, Browders, Paid In Full, Carolina Crossmen, Providence Qt., Ricky Atkinson and Compassion, Paul’s Journey, Hayes Family, Journeymen Qt., just to name a handful.

    Specifically…Heaven’s Highway. This group from Mississippi has a song on Enlighten that has touched me more than most I’ve ever heard- Let The Blood Spek For Me. There are not enough superlatives to define this song, or how they sing it. I got in touch with them, and they kindly sent me the track with their BGV’s, so I could sing it in a big concert in Toronto my wife, my brother and I were doing. I’ve spoken to them several times; simply wonderful people- and if any of you ever see them listed for a sing, DRIVE OUT OF YOUR WAY to go hear them!

    Even more specifically- I’ve heard another of my all-time top 10 favorites 3 times in the last 6 weeks on Enlighten- the Kingsmen’s I Will Rise Up From The Grave To Meet The Lamb (Chris Collins, Tim Surrett, Parker Jonathan, and Ray Dean). So you do get to hear your favorites.

    Not much else I’d rather listen to, anyways!

  7. Jim wrote:

    Janet B. . . I assure you, if the programmer of Enlighten was a long-time listener with an appreciation for the wonderful heritage of Southern Gospel, we would all be enlightened by the excellence that would surely prevail.

  8. Tjeerd wrote:

    I have no problem with enlighten.
    They mix it up, yes I would prefer more straight male quartet, but that’s me.
    They pick up syndication’s,- Heil, Britt, and Gaither.

    I am thankful its on XM.

  9. art wrote:

    I subscribed to satellite radio because I’d heard they had an all-SG station. After subscribing, I heard a lot of mediocrity on Enlighten.

    So I did switch the station, and I listen to other genres, where much of the play list seems to trend mediocre as well — disappointing, but not not so bad that I’m cancelling satellite radio. I just listen to other things.

    I don’t have a background in SG. I don’t want to own my own station. I don’t want to be a professional programmer. I just know what I like, and Enlighten doesn’t offer it.

  10. Blackstone wrote:

    I don’t always enjoy enlighten’s selections, but neither do I always enjoy other stations all the time. On my sat. TV, Direct TV, they changed SG programmers to Sonic Tap-(channel 828) Now this is not as good as Enligihten so there are worse possibilities out there. As one writer said, you take the good with the bad on any network or station. I am at least glad there is a station to listen to. When we drive to Florida for the winter, Enlighten is all we listen to for three months.

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