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Please note, if you’re trying to perpetuate this deadend debate about homosexuality - the same one we’ve had around here schmillions of time -  your comments probably aren’t getting approved. That’s by design.

In threads where I’ve started a conversation about sexuality, I usually let the discussion go where it will so long as it remains largely civil. But this one was not even remotely close to the  issue of  homosexuality - I mean, since when did a comment about Sue Dodge = go to gay, go directly to gay? - and the “debate” was going nowhere. And yet here we are. What that says about who precisely is obsessed with da gays around here is a conversation for another time. For now, let’s move on and give some air to those who have something new and/or interesting to say.

I’ve emailed you personally to say as much if you’d tried to post in this line the last few days, except for those of you who use bogus email addresses. So at this point, please consider yourself personally notified. Thanks.

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  1. KC wrote:


  2. Wade wrote:


  3. Odeliya wrote:

    Ah, amen, thank you, Doug.
    Just delete the posts of people seeking fights before they hit the comment page.

    Regardless, be it from some reverends, moralizing pastors or the Pope. This way I, for one, dont feel the temptation to reply and kick their ass, for Lord knows, i will ! :)

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    Granted the subject comes up a lot, but I feel that if one side comes up, the other side should be able to respond. In the post in question that got the ball rolling, he was talking about his sermon the previous Sunday and giving some background. However, once even the word comes up, it all starts over again.

    I do hope that if the subject is brought up in a beginning post (like when an artist comes up) that either no side can talk or both, not just one-sided. Doug has been good about letting both sides have their say even though we know pretty well where he stands on the subject. I hope that either the discussion is off limits altogether, or people have a chance to speak their mind. Not halfway.

  5. Rick in southGeorgia wrote:

    Re:#4- I agree. I felt I had to respond when the issue was raised, though it was off-topic. I understand Doug’s point, but I feel I should be allowed to answer if I need to. Otherwise, as Quartet-man says: keep the subject out of the topic altogether.

  6. RDB wrote:

    Well, it is your blog. Thanks for trying to facilitate free and civil discussions, despite the fact that sometimes that you can’t have both . . .

    I think I’ve already expressed my opinion on the subject. If you want to recycle the debate every couple months or so, count me out.

  7. Tried but Denied wrote:

    Well I tried but I was denied. I felt it was somewhat one-sided in Doug’s favor. And speaking of kicking people’s backsides, I’ll take on anyone, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Bring your Bible or stay on the porch.

  8. BUICK wrote:

    Good decision

  9. Joe wrote:

    Other than one post on another thread 8 days ago, I haven’t been here for many weeks. Usually I am on the threads in question, but not this time. Wheeeww!

    However, a tad of advice to #7…you probably will end up staying on the porch. I’ve tried countless times here to “bring my Bible”, but that does not go over too well with the posters and responders. It’s a book not too well thought of here…

  10. KermitTheHermit wrote:

    I am still trying to draw a new conclusion from the constant digging up of this dead horse. Some hate it. Some don’t. The REAL debate we should be having is whether we should be baptized by immersion or a light sprinkling… or which color Jesus liked better, blue or red.

  11. cynical one wrote:

    To hear some folks tell it, Jesus only liked white.

  12. Tried but Denied wrote:

    Joe, I could not agree more.

  13. KermitTheHermit wrote:

    I am constantly amused by the aggravation people describe via this blog. This blog is an independent criticism and commentary on southern gospel music and culture that graciously allows others to voice their opinions on similar topics. Never have I seen it stated that this blog is predominately a Christian blog. Avery can do as he sees fit. He has every right and freedom to write that someone is a lackluster performer, propose that Gary and The QuarterTone Quartet should consider leaving politics alone and stick to singing, or express personal views. Avery always writes/reports/blogs with style, directness, and, usually, class.

    I am no Chris Crocker, but feel like making a YouTube video where I scream and cry, “Leave Avery Alone!”

  14. QwertyJuan wrote:

    “Never have I seen it stated that this blog is predominately a Christian blog.”

    Why would we have a blog devoted to “Christian music”, and not have it be a “Christian blog”???

    I find it appalling that some of you feel the need to swear in your posts as well. Shame on you…. the only “ass” you should be kicking is a donkey. ;)

  15. KermitTheHermit wrote:

    @#14 By the same logic, a blog of criticism and commentary on the Catholic church is a Catholic blog. And again, a blog about mistakes in plastic surgery is blog advocating and suggesting plastic surgery. I see an error here.

  16. Tried but Denied wrote:

    Kermit, Doug claims to be a Christian. Dig?

  17. QwertyJuan wrote:

    “Kermit, Doug claims to be a Christian. Dig?”

    Obviously, he doesn’t know that.

  18. KermitTheHermit wrote:

    I am not sure what point you have, 16. A blog owned by a Christian doesn’t mean it is a Christian blog. Does a Christian guy who owns a restaurant actually own a Christian restaurant? Nonsense. My car is a Christian car because I have been saved. Ridiculous. Can you imagine what the specials might be called? Blessed Baby Back Ribs. Holy Virgin Veal Cutlet. Pearls before Swine: Pork Chops.

  19. Tried but Denied wrote:

    Kermit, I definitely agree with the basis of your point, but if you are a Christian you should not be running a Meth Lab. ;)

  20. Joe wrote:

    Kermit-you are straining at a gnat, and swallowing a diplococcus. Not only does Doug claim to be a Christian, the focus of this blog is Christian music, in case you missed that fine point. That purportedly makes this a “Christian” blog. There are just too many of us here who have a huge problem with the underlying premise of my initial point, above.

  21. Joe wrote:

    So sorry for the typo. Should have been “diplodocus”.

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