Happy Fourth Open Thread

I’ll be traveling for a long holiday weekend so you’re on your own, though ya’ll don’t take that well to supervision anyway so I ’spose this is all for the best. Here we go:

  • David Bruce Murray has reprised his best of the decade polls, this time focusing on artists of the decade. Like all sequels, this one doesn’t sound as interesting or as enlightening as the first but everybody likes to take a poll, so here tis.
  • Burke has a couple of interesting posts up about what he’s calling album amnesia. Worth checking out.
  • A coupla people have emailed a link to this video from what the youtube notes are saying is the first Seamans Family concert (as in Frank). And now I’ve seen it show up on at least one blog and every time I see a reference to it people are carrying on about how great it is but I just don’t hear it. In fact in several  places - including the very beginning, big parts of the middle and lots of the end - it’s just a big hot mess.
  • If you haven’t heard the Gatlin Brothers singing “In the Upper Room” on the Nashville Homecoming, … well, you really should. Though Gatlin has been there from the very first Homecoming Video Album, he gives the slight impression when he’s on a Homecoming tape that he’s just stopped by from his other more famous and important career in county to retouch-up his gospel roots, and this gets old after a while. Here he can’t resist “pretending” to correct Gaither’s songwriting skills on “The Upper Room” before singing it. It’s mildly funny but it’s also redolent of the popular kid who wants to play with the nerds but can’t resist making fun of them once they invite him over. But “The Upper Room,” sung like they sing it, can buy a guy a lotta forgiveness.
  • While you’re at it, check out the Johnny Minick/Guy Penrod/Sheri Easter cover of “I Don’t Regret a Mile.” Minick’s is one of those voices I can’t stand by itself but that is marvelous in the right ensemble. And these three all have a complementary twang in their voices that blends, if not quite beautifully, then mighty powerfully.

All yours …

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  1. BUICK wrote:

    RE: Recording oddities

    I was driving recently and listening to a local SGM radio station. They played a track by a female group (trio, perhaps), acapella rendering of an old favorite. As I was driving, I did not write down the title and the station did not identify the singers. Might not be relevant to my point anyway. Between phrases, the inhaling of the singers was so loud as to be distracting from the song…almost like gasping. QUESTION: Why would the engineer leave that in? I’m sure they could have cut that out during final production. Or softened it since there was no singing during the gasping. Is this left in for effect? And if so, what effect might they be trying to create?

    I wish I could give you the artists and the song so you could check it out but I don’t have that information.

  2. JEB wrote:

    I went to the Gatlins Theatre at Myrtle Beach years ago and it was perhaps the best evening of entertainment I’ve even been to in my life - period! Back when they still had the theatre - they would come down to the floor level with a couple of guitars and play stump the brothers. You could request any SG song - and they would play and sing it. Never heard them get stumped!

    I am going to Franklin, NC on the 13th to hear them again. They’ll sing everything - but you can rest assured there will be some SG. The most wonderful harmonies this side of heaven!


  3. burt wrote:

    Clips of Gaither Vocal Band’s new album are up. Check out Daniel Mount’s website.

  4. cdguy wrote:

    Buick, it may have been the producer’s responsibility, rather than the engineer’s. And if the cd were self-produced, the artist may not have cared. In that case, the engineer may not have the liberty to spend the extra few minutes it would have taken to fix it. Same with a custom project — the producer may not have cared, and the engineer not been at libert to spend the time.

    It may have just been pure stupidity and negligence, too.

  5. Miyagui wrote:

    #3 Don’t forget to breathe…very important.

  6. Miyagui wrote:

    I meant #4

  7. Alan wrote:

    JEB - Living in Myrtle Beach, we had all 3 of the brothers living in our community. In fact, Larry lived 3 doors down from us. We got to their theater many times, and best of all, never had to pay for it. I saw the Brothers stumped one night, though. Was hilarious. This old boy kept trying to convince them of this song, and Larry even had him sing some of it. And, all 3 of the Gatlins were stumped. Turns out that the guy wrote it himself. lol. Larry handed him a mike and had to old guy sing it, as their band tried gamely to follow along. It was just an awful song. Never saw the Gatlins laugh so hard. I will agree with you…when those men are “on”, it’s the best harmony I have ever heard. Sibling sound, great talent. And btw - their beautiful theater here is now a Presbyterian church building.

  8. Rhonda wrote:

    This is concerning your nasty comment about the Seamens family concert. You know, I really wish that you would not comment on something that you have no idea about. This was a precious concert with our family and our dear friend Frank Seamens. If you are commenting on the other singers in the group, they are not professional and do not claim to be. One of those guys happens to be MY husband you are talking about and I take great offense to you comment. My husband happens to be a long time promoter and is thought of highly in the Southern Gospel world. Doesn’t claim to be a good singer, but has a huge heart for people and praising Jesus with the best music out there! Frank Seamens is one of the best tenors that has ever walked. The HEART of what he and his son are doing is what is important. I’m sorry, but I wonder about your heart. How do you sleep at night after you bash Southern Gospel music and MY FRIENDS in Gospel Music ?. I just don’t understand… I just don’t…

  9. Kris wrote:

    Whoever you are…I’m pretty sure you were NOT present at the Seamans Family concert–which I am the daughter of the promoter of the concert–therefore you can’t judge by a video of how the concert went. It was truly one of the BEST concerts we have had and that I have been to. Most of the stuff at the end of the concert was thrown together, it’s not going to be perfect. Frank, my dad, and I sang “What a Lovely Name” and it definitely was far from perfect..BUT WE HAD FUN DOING IT. It was a dream come true for me singing with MY HERO. So what if we were pitchy and messed up the words!? The people loved it, we weren’t doing it to glorify ourselves and how we sing..we were singing for THE LORD! & actually, I think that “Here Comes The Bride” was VERY good! –The spirit in that concert was UNBELIEVABLE! Hearing the story of Frank Jr.’s battle with cancer was amazing and seeing him and his daddy get to sing together was the best and if you would have been there, you wouldn’t be bashing this one little video of the night. You wanna see more of the night..I’ll be more than happy to share videos. But since you weren’t there…DO NOT bash Frank, MY DAD, or anyone else that was involved in the concert. Kthanks……

  10. SaraBeth wrote:

    “So what if we were pitchy….” Seriously? “So What?” Um…that’s kind of important.

  11. Kris wrote:

    SaraBeth–It’s not like we were going out for American Idol, we were just having fun on stage and the people loved it. I’m pretty sure no one came up to us afterwards and said, um yes..you guys had a few pitch problems, you didn’t hit the harmonies perfect, i hated it. Nope, EVERYONE came up going on and on about how wonderful it was. and it was REALLY good for it not being rehearsed. and I REALLY DON’T CARE if it was pitchy because I was having the time of my life. Last time I checked, not every singer hits every single one of their notes every single night they get on stage.

  12. SaraBeth wrote:

    Hmm. Okay. Whatev.

  13. Kris wrote:

    Seriously?! If you are perfectly on pitch everytime you sing, then by all means I apologize. But I have yet to meet someone who can accomplish that. Like I said in my first post..you weren’t there so you don’t know the spirit that was in that place. Sorry I’m not perfect. But if you were there, you would have seen that we all had a BLAST being up there and singing about the Lord. We’re not singing for the audience, we’re singing to the Lord. and HE doesn’t care if we are pitchy. It’s not like we didn’t hit one single note and the song was horrible, it was REALLY good. We just had some moments. But it was COMPLETELY unrehearsed and I was extremely nervous..uhmm HELLOOO I was singing with Frank Seamans. That’s a HUGE deal to me.

  14. Deron wrote:

    #9, 11, and 13: It sounds to me like you and Doug fundamentally agree. He never said that Frank wasn’t your hero, or that you weren’t having a good time, or that you weren’t having fun with your hero. He said that it was, in most places, a “hot mess,” and you yourself said, “so what if we were pitchy and messed up the words?” Sounds like a hot mess indeed.

    DH didn’t bash anybody; he didn’t fling personal insults or say anything out of line. He merely commented that it wasn’t perfect. And since you apparently agree, I’m not sure why you have such a problem with it.

  15. Tommy wrote:

    I would have to disagree, Johnny minick has an incredible voice. He has amazing rich tones. I wasnt a big fan of the Goodmans but he is like a much more refined version.

  16. Kris wrote:

    It was far from a hot mess, you must have missed the part where I said although we missed a few notes, it was pretty good. But whatever. If you were there, you would have known.

  17. Wade wrote:

    Welcome to the Seaman Family & Promoters Wife & Daughter Thread!!!

    Bet they rarely come here!!

  18. quartet-man wrote:

    Kris, doesn’t God deserve our best? One person’s best is different than another, but it seems sad to me that people put forth little care or effort instead of giving the best. Now, perhaps you gave your best in which case fine.

    However, we all aren’t called to sing on stage or do so for pay. I don’t know if what you all did was one song and people from the audience or not, however as far as a whole concert in particular, God and for that matter people paying to hear it, deserve more than being unprepared. Now, I am not talking about one song off the cuff which can be fun, or calling someone up for one song. That is a different beast. However, too many people when called on the carpet for being unprepared or not taking time and care to get it right use the “I’m singing for God.” Well, people can do that in a congregation or even at home. Getting on stage or doing it for money puts a different slant and expectation on it. Having fun is great, but when other people are hearing it or paying for it, they have a right to have expectation whether you are having fun or not.

    Now, I didn’t hear the performance nor do I k now if this was a small part of a concert or the whole thing. I am talking in general terms here and mean no harm. I just get frustrated with lazy singers who don’t want to do their best or learn or work hard to do a good job.

  19. lovelife wrote:

    Well, now that everyone has their “bashing” off their chests, say a prayer for the Bowling Family. I’m sure they would love to be on stage right now….Put things in order, stop arguing, and if it’s something that won’t matter at the end of the day, forget about it…..just sayin
    Really, The Bowling Family need to be lifted up in prayer right now.

  20. steven wrote:

    lovelife- great point. after something like that happens, it makes our arguings and opinions take a giant backseat to those who are hurting. I pray that the bowling family makes a complete recovery and can again hit the road and continue their careers. Imho, Mike and his family are some of the most genuine and talented people. One of the best voices to come along in gospel music in a long time.

  21. lovelife wrote:

    Steven: Couldn’t agree more. I pray they “Hit the Ground Runnin”….

  22. joe wrote:

    What happened to the Bowlings?

  23. Tommy wrote:

    this is a fine example of a major problem in SG. First, this was not meant to be the coming out of a new group just a few friends singing for fun and to praise the Lord. Second, it is amazing how many “experts” there are out there in the computer world who have never set foot on a stage. It seems that with every album that is released and every video posted, there are 50 of you who are so quick to attack their pitch , their delivery, the arrangement, etc. What have you ever done that gives you the authority to judge their music in such a way. Do you hold a doctorate in music? Have you won Grammy’s or Dove awards? If you are Lari Goss than by all means give your opinion (you will notice the real experts have to much class to do so). Do you feel that knocking them down makes you closer to their level. It doesnt. You are still sitting on your computer and they are out their doing their part to glorify God. At the end of the day, why do you care? It seems the people there had a good time. It was a fun moment for those involved. If you dont like it you can turn it off.

  24. Jason wrote:

    The Bowlings were in a serious bus accident near Charlotte yesterday. Mike had to be airlifted to the hospital. Ten people were taken to the hospital total, but they are saying that all are expected to recover.

  25. eerjd wrote:

    I have the original album of “Here Comes the Bride”, featuring Rick Strickland and Pat Hoffmaster…..now that’s some singing!!!!!

  26. quartet-man wrote:

    #19, I am not sure if you were talking about my post, but I wanted to clarify before I saw your post, but have been away. I wasn’t commenting on the video when I posted. I hadn’t even seen it. I was commenting in general to the comments made concerning the performances (which I never heard.) I stand by those because I have seen too many people who slop up things and use the “doing it for the Lord” thing to excuse doing a poor job, not caring, not preparing, not working etc. I did mention that impromptu performances can be an exception and yet people should not overdue those at the expense of what people are paying for and their time. One or two can be fun and add, but beyond that not so much (unless it is a program that is promoted as such in which case people know what they are getting.)

    You too should be careful about assuming people haven’t been on stage or assume you know a person’s credentials. You don’t know most who post as far as I know or who they are.

    As far as the bus wreck, the last I heard nothing was life threatening which is a blessing. However, I am sure there is still a great need for prayer.

  27. quartet-man wrote:

    #19 sorry, some of the comments were to #23 I had read the posts earlier, but was unable to respond and forgot they were from two different people.

    #25 I do too. One of the great unknown lps of the ’80’s. I wish that group had stayed together, but as far as I know that lp was the only one. My favorite of all was I’ve Been Bought By A King. I also like Here Comes the Bride a lot and Mender of Broken Wings. It seems there is at least one other really good one and then the others are well done, but not the standouts as I recall.

  28. quartet-man wrote:

    Sorry, #25, I just thought I would add that a friend loaned me a cassette for that Sound recording (but without the case) back probably in the early to mid nineties. I made a copy of it until I could find one. I looked for years first keeping my eyes out from wherever I bought my used recordings from and sometime after 2000 online. I didn’t know the title of the recording for a long, long time and of course searching for “Sound” and cassette or lp brought up far too many results. I tried adding Strickland or gospel or quartet etc. I found eventually some 45’s from when Fowler was later in the group and eventually a tape or two I think (since I think they were released at a time lps were mostly out and not everyone was into CD’s yet. However, somewhere I may have gotten the recording title (perhaps from a message board) and eventually found it on eBay. I was so afraid someone would beat me to it, but was blessed to get it and I believe was the only bidder.

    Besides some of the groups like the Cathedrals, Gold City, Stamps etc. to me The Singing Americans (with Funderburk and English or Parker or with English and Strickland and the Sound (the first group) had a lot of potential and were the exciting groups back then.) I discovered each later (I got into the Americans after English joined the Vocal Band and I loved his singing.) I know the first thing I got was Black and White. There was one copy a friend saw at a bookstore that sold cutouts. (It might have been called Book Warehouse.) This would have been somewhere around 1987 and probably 1992 or so. I later got other copies from Springside. They had them in their closeouts and I bought all they had. Some were visually warped and they threw them in free. That was the first of many orders I placed with them.

  29. Jake wrote:

    Re. the Bowling’s bus accident, apparently all are expected to recover, but it will be a long road. One of them (Kelly, I think) will be in a body cast for 3 months. Mike has a fractured skull. They will certainly need prayer both for full healing and recovery as well as loss of income due to inability to travel and sing — probably for several months.

  30. Jenese wrote:

    If you family and friends were blessed by it and enjoyed doing it, then it was good..great ..but To You!! - The evaluation and comments here are industry people and .SG fans assessing a comcert with an established name attacged to it. In this respect and based on that video, it was A HOT MESS!!

  31. DONALD wrote:

    You can’t have things videod and put on the internet and expect people to not comment on it. IT TRULY WAS A HOT MESS. but it is good that you had fun.

  32. copperhill wrote:

    After reading previous comments I decided to break down and listen and judge for myself to the impromptu quartet’s rendition of Here Comes the Bride. All I will say is that it truly cheapens standing ovations if this qualified.

  33. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    It’s rather misleading to characterize the “Here Comes The Bride” video as being one that features the Seamans Family. The YouTube description states clearly that this was a thrown together, unrehearsed group (including Frank, but not the rest of his family) singing a song with a nostalgia factor for people who remember the Sound. Such songs often get enthusiastic applause even if the performance quality isn’t perfect. Like most scrap iron quartet videos, this one didn’t really merit a comment one way or the other.

    The one blog where it showed up was a post written a guy who had been away from blogging for a while due to a serious medical condition. He commented on the quality of the lyric and what it meant to him. He wrote “What a day it is going to be when we can be a part of the ‘bride’ that will be coming home!!! Hope you enjoy this song.” The one comment he got from another blogger welcomed him back to blogging again.

    That’s not exactly a case of “carrying on about how great” the performance was. Of course, there were some YouTube comments, but those appeared to be mostly from people who were at the event including Tony Watson who promoted the concert. Obviously, those people enjoyed it.

    Of course, with that being said, I disagree with most of Tommy (#23’s) comments. You don’t have to be a chef to know when the food you’re served is burnt. A fan doesn’t have to be successful as a performer in order to make valid observations about the quality of a group of singers. Anyone with a reasonable ear for harmony can tell when pitches are missed. Anyone with a reasonable ability to express themselves in print can let others know what they noticed.

  34. Tommy wrote:

    I like that the would be Critics refer to themselves as “in the industry”. having a part time weekend group does not make you part of the industry. It does help explain why you are so negative. Its the common mantra of the wanna be’s that the “Big groups” are keeping them down. In their “expert” opinion, it doesnt have anything to do with the sub par quality of their group. Anytime they have a chance to knock someone down they jump at the chance. It was obvious that they were not on pitch. My question is why do you feel the need to point that out? It was said that if they posted it that they should expect people to critique it. What a sad commentary for the state of “the Industry”. I have noticed that it always seems to be the people Ive never heard of posting these comments. Here’s a great idea, if you are one of these experts, let us know what group you are with and your credentials so you to can be attacked.

  35. TheLord wrote:

    “We’re not singing for the audience, we’re singing to the Lord. and HE doesn’t care if we are pitchy.”

    Think again, toots. I can hear.

    And that “Here Comes the Bride” song is terrible. The original song that’s being quoted is for a bridal ceremony and thus has intimations about what’s supposed to happen on the wedding night. So, ewww on ye who think it’s appropriate.

  36. Donald wrote:

    If and when yopu see me post a singing video feel welcome to comment and criticize as you like. - If this was a fun family time then keep it for friends and family. THIS WAS TAPED AND POSTED FOR ALL TO SEE., amongst professional groups. We are allowed our opinions. - I am happy you all enjoyed it .. IT WAS/ IS A HOT MESS!

  37. YVETTE wrote:

    Rhonda and Tommy if you guys had not taken issue with one simple personal opinion statement, then the issue would not have become this long protracted debate and the statement would have gone almost un noticed. All of this back and forth is not in your favor.

  38. Janet B wrote:

    “toots?” Really? Oy.

  39. Andrew S. wrote:

    Ok… It appears that the “Here Comes the Bride” topic has been driven into the ground enough.

    So.. does anyone know how to petition for a Libbi Stuffle solo cd??? I’d like to put one together, but have no idea how.. And I’m not doing one for a “Best of..”. This would be one of brand new songs. :)

  40. Kris wrote:

    WOW is all I have to say. You guys are awful on here. IN MY OPINION, the song was GREAT. My daddy and my hero were both involved so I loved it. Plus I love the song. Do I care what you guys think of what I thought of it…NOT ONE BIT.—and a special shout out to whoever “TheLord” you are..as long as God’s children are praising HIM and singing for HIM, I seriously doubt He says “ohh, they missed a note, ‘it was a hot mess’ ” REALLY?!

    And do I care what you guys have to say to this post? NOT AT ALL. Just had to put my little say in there.

  41. albumcollector wrote:

    If anyone is missing the first 3 lps made by the Inspirations, they are on ebay now. “Our Pioneer Heritage”, “Cool Waters”, “Just As Long As Eternity Rolls”

  42. quartet-man wrote:

    #40, once again in general (and not about that performance) you liked it and apparently some others didn’t. You have a right to state your opinion, so do they. Admittedly some could be nicer about it.

    As far as your saying you don’t care, although I don’t know your feelings. your heated comments would make one think otherwise.

    As far as people here being so awful, is it because of how it was said, or because they didn’t share your opinion on the performance?

  43. DONALD wrote:

    The reason I called it a hot mess is not because of the song -it is a lovely song . The performance is atrocious, even by amateur status. The pitch was way , way off. The harmony was way, way off and the singers did not know when to come in. It was a Hot Mess ! _ I regret that scot got tangled up with that Mess!

  44. DONALD wrote:

    I meant to state that I am sorry that Jess got tangled in that mess ! (not scott).

  45. Bryce wrote:

    Oooh, a Libbi Th-tuffle th-olo thee-D! Turn on the de-eth-er.

    But no, I’d probably purchase that project also.

  46. SaraBeth wrote:

    Well I, for one, would be the first in line to buy a Libbi Stuffle solo CD. And I’d probably buy several extras to give to my friends.

  47. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    Um, 45? That’s just plain mean. LI’l Libbi has done VERY well thru the last 40 years in overcoming her speech impediment while singing. I’m sure much of the problem has been due to a severe hearing problem, that she has been very public about.

    You should really be ashamed. And your Mama, should take you out behind the barn and stripe your legs good with a switch for making fun of folks…. Maybe she’ll do just that and whack herself a time or two for not teaching you any better… Geesh! What a lack of respect for others.

    Oh, and one other thing… One of THE greatest Southern Gospel singers to ever breathe had to overcome a similar issue… He was a huge encouragement to Libbi, too. I’m speaking of none other than the late, great, Kenny Hinson. You gonna make fun of him, too?

  48. Wade wrote:

    Oh yeah A Friend of a Friend… nothing better than a GOOD LEG STRIPING!! Did your folks make you pick out the switch too and tell you if it wasn’t big enough and they had to go cut it you would get it more???

    Sometimes running my mouth was worth it!!! Teaching my son now to be ready to TAKE it if he wants to say it. Sometime it is worth it you learn quickly the times to take it and the times to shut up and laugh to yourself!!!

    I stuttered too as a kid now I do public speaking for a living!!

    Go LIbbi!!!

  49. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    Yeppers, Wade… They did. Didn’t take but one or two times to learn my lesson… Don’t get me wrong, I am TOTALLY against child abuse…. but gettin’ a properly administered hick’ry tee to the calves ain’t never hurt anyone… That just reminded me of Joel Hemphill’s old song about being a “Preacher’s Boy”, and his Daddy being good with The Word, and his Mama being good with a hick’ry switch… WOW!~ What a memory I seem to have today… LOL

  50. Bryce wrote:

    I didn’t anticipate that my attempt to move us away from the cochlear punishment in the video would send me straight into corporal punishment!

  51. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Second Round of the Artists poll starts…..now.

    Vote before Saturday.

  52. Wade wrote:

    Ok Bryce I have another punishment even worse… go vote in DBM’s Poll!!! ;-)) Vote 3x per day until Saturday!!!!

    Friend of a Friend… I have to look that song up!!

  53. wanderer wrote:

    Wow Libbi has done well. I didn’t know she had a hearing issue. God bless you Libbi!

  54. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    It was on their LP “Make Mine Gospel”, and then they re-cut in on the “LIVE In Action” double LP. It’s also on Gaither’s Jubilee Series VHS release that featured The H’s…

  55. Bryce wrote:

    Wade, I think that punishment may be greater than I can bear. Love ya, man!

    Let me make it abundantly clear: I do love to hear Libbi sing. Michael English once had similar issues with Ts. At some point, he modified them from explosive to dental, and they became almost Ds.

  56. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    Yeah, # 53… On their early LPs, Lib’s impediment was very obvious. She actually has very limited hearing. She credits several folks for helping her overcome this. I know Kenny Hinson & Wayne Haun both worked (over her career) to help her with enunciation, articulation, and pronunciation. She also relies heavily on an IEM (in ear monitor) on stage, and hi-tech hearing aides off stage. She’s also pretty good at reading lips. Just so ya know… Makes you appreciate this little giant even more, huh?

  57. lovelife wrote:

    Has anyone heard any news on how Michael English is doing since his surgery?

  58. Alan wrote:

    Libbi has the empathy and caring usually only found in someone who’s had issues to overcome in life. There aren’t many people in the sgm business who I like and respect more than I do her. And, she can sing birds out of the trees. I’d snap up a solo project from her very quickly, no doubt.

  59. Brett wrote:

    The only capable of making and selling solo cd’s in SG and still sings with a group is Kelly Nelon. She can sing circles around Libby anyday.

  60. quartet-man wrote:

    I think Libby is an awesome person, but a great alto who adds a lot to the group. Knowing about her hearing problem and stuttering makes her even more impressive.

  61. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    Bryce, I kinda felt that you might really like Lib’s singing… I just had to give you a hard time… But, if you’re like most young’uns, you probably DO need a good ole whoopin’ from Mama…LOL

  62. Wade wrote:

    Bryce… I know it is almost Capital so let’s reduce to to only 1 vote per day until Saturday but then you have to do the NEXT one too!!! ;-)) Send me a facebook friend request just click on my link when you are logged in.

    Lord Help Brett I don’t think Kelly would not want you to say it that way… there is really no comparison… kinda like comparing Clayton Inman & Michael English… they both sing lead be just totally different styles.

  63. QwertyJuan wrote:

    #59…. BWAHAHAHA, the ONLY one in SoGo today that could make and sell CD’s is Kelly Nelon? Are you outta your mind?? EVERY SINGLE GVB member could make a CD(and have) and be VERY successful selling them. Probably more than Kelly ever could.

    Mike Bowling??(He’s currently in a group)
    Tim Riley??(Supposedly he’s working on one too)
    And MANY others….

  64. cdguy wrote:

    IMO comparing Kelly with Libby is difficult. While some may say Kelly has a more pleasing voice, I’m not sure there are many altos today in sg, who can SELL a song any better than Libby.

    You don’t have to be the greatest vocalist to be the best songster, if you know what I mean.

    I’d like to see a discussion on who we think can SELL a song better than anyone else, whether they’re the best singers or not. Any suggestions?

  65. QwertyJuan wrote:

    #64…. as in my previous post…. ANY of the current GVB lineup could EASILY sell a song, and sing it with authority.

  66. Brett wrote:

    #63, of course with all that many people going to a Gaither Homecoming, Gaither’s group would sell more solo cd’s I am talking about regular SG concerts not more people in an audience attending Gaither concerts that out number 5 to 1 in a regular SG audience. Kelly has already recorded 5 solo cd’s and sold more than Libby when she was on Word, & Benson label. She doesn’t have to prove a thing. Libby still would.

  67. Andrew S. wrote:

    I’ve always been a #1 fan of Libbi Stuffle’s voice because of how she doesn’t sound like she’s breathing the words. She says the words.. Unlike the 2 Kelly Nelon solo records that were too much for me to handle. But she does have a good blending voice.

  68. quartet-man wrote:

    I like both Libby and Kelly. Different, but both good.

  69. Hummingbird wrote:

    #57-The last official update from ME said that he was continuing to get stronger and healthier and has lost some weight.
    His voice is not “back,” but as I’ve heard video of him speaking, I take it as his singing voice is not back to his standards of power, flexibility and range.

    Wes Hampton said in a recent blog post that doctors have assured ME that his voice is on the mend….they just can’t predict when it will be “back.”

  70. mark wrote:

    Has anybody else heard of the Freedom Singers? Apparently 2 guys from Romania, if I’m not mistaken, now living in Canada. They travelled briefly with Legacy Five, and in an Harper Agency email, it now appears they are taking their own bookings…they have an incredible story to tell of their journey to freedom, but man, their singing sure leaves alot to be desired. No disrepect to their story, but once you’ve heard it, and the singing doesn’t cut the muster, how many would actually go see them again?

  71. DRL wrote:

    #34, Tommy. Sorry, can’t let that one go by with a pass. “Its the common mantra of the wanna be’s that the “Big groups” are keeping them down.” …

    Actually, exactly the opposite is true. Is the common mantra of the so called “Big Groups” that they can’t get decent bookings, radio airplay or product sales because all the wannabes are taking them all. Who’s gonna pay to bring a big group in when they can get some local yocals to do it … for free.

    In my experience, you don’t hear the little kids complaining about the big kids in the sandbox, quite the opposite.

  72. YVETTE wrote:

    Sorry # 71… THAT does not make sense and it is Not true!…. “Big Dogs” are running the show!

  73. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I agree with #71 and #72. :o)

    Actually, I’ve heard both sides say the same thing about the other. The issue is more one of poor infrastructure.

    Even the big dogs in this industry work regularly for amateur concert promoters and have to hear their music on cheesy radio stations.

  74. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The Final Round of the Artists Of the Decades poll is underway, and will run through Saturday, July 17. Vote here:

  75. cynical one wrote:

    #71 & #72 — Perhaps it could be said that one is RUNNING the show, while the other is RUINING the show?

  76. intheknow wrote:

    #59 Do you know any SG history? Although I like Kelly and mean no disrespect, she left the Nelons and tried the solo thing in the 80s and it didn’t work!

  77. Brett wrote:

    #76 in the know. I must know more than you obviously. Kelly went solo in 1991 and returned to the Nelons in 1993 when she thought Rex was going to retire the whole group. It was not in the 1980’s.

  78. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    With four days remaining in the poll, I thought I’d make it interesting for prognosticators. Here’s a general update of the voting so far:

    The 1970s winner is still anybody’s guess. Six of the eight artists from the 1970s currently have more than 10% of the vote. Only one of those is above 20%, and that’s by just .51%. Another artist is just one vote behind the leader. Three artists from the 1980s and 1990s have more than 10% of the vote, but the 1980s leader is highly unlikely to lose this point. The three 1990s leaders are within five votes of each other, though, so it will be interesting to see if the current leader hangs on to the lead. Four artists in the 2000s have more than 10% of the vote, but the fourth one is so far behind that it’s really more of a three group race.

    Feel free to predict the likely outcome!

  79. Yvette wrote:

    The vote SHOULD break this way: … The Oak Ridge Boys , Imperials, Cathedrals ,. EHSS

  80. quartet-man wrote:

    #78 I agree the Oaks should get the seventies. Even though they were country in 1977, the contributions they made are still inspiring and looked fondly at by some of today’s artists.

    I placed the Cathedrals in the eighties and the nineties. Gold City and the Singing Americans are others who I think are great, but of course Gold City made the bigger splash. The Imperials did do a lot in the seventies too, but by the eighties were moving out of SG.
    The Gaither Vocal Band would be another choice for the nineties, but I still had to go with the Cats. I did put the GVB in the 2000’s, but admit that EHSS did make heavy contributions there and were trendsetters (at least in the world of SG.)

  81. SG fan wrote:

    Speaking of Kelly, the Nelons seem to have done a great job with the old McGruder classic, “I’m Going Home With Jesus.” Saw the video on YouTube and they sound good.

    Speaking of McGruders, being that I am a fan of theirs, too, there’s a new site about them I’ve heard about - www.theladytribute.blogspot.com This address is posted on the Facebook page of theirs.

  82. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    I think it is hard to give anyone an entire decade. The Oaks seemed to dominate from around 1967-74. The Kingsmen seemed to dominate from around Chattanooga Live (late 70s) throughout the mid 80s and were still doing some good live stuff into the 90s. The 80s had Gold City and the Cathedrals putting out strong stuff.

    It would be great if we had hard data like album sales along with #1 hits to help us make this determination.

  83. quartet-man wrote:

    Michael, I realized before I voted, that the Oaks were struggling from around 1974 or so until they signed on to ABC. However, even though they pushed the boundaries and lost fans, a lot of what they did is loved and inspiring to artists today even if it didn’t go over as well with many back then.

  84. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    I agree with you, Quartet-man. The Oaks music from that era is still influencing me. I still listen to it. I guess that’s the value of having different forums for determining greatness. Record sales and charts are one way while looking back at artists from the past who are influencing artists today is another way.

    The Singing Americans from the 80s were constantly changing their line-up, but the stuff they did with Mike English on lead is still influencing a lot of guys I know who sing lead in quartets.

  85. MOUNTAIN MAN wrote:

    TOTALLY unrelated: Trying to recall the guy from the Charlotte area who had an ensemble of young singers, sponsored by Chrysler or Dodge, and he tied his own name into the group name. Later he went with the Bakers, maybe as music director for PTL, and maybe he got too close to Tammy. But what was his name, and group group before that?

  86. quartet-man wrote:

    Michael - I like the Singing Americans stuff with Funderburk and either English or Parker as well as Strickland and English You’re right about them also inspiring today’s artists. Black and White is probably considered one of the best “classics” from that era and I think it had better production than a lot back then. I like a lot of the private label stuff too from before. A bit raw at times perhaps, but great talent, passion, songs etc.

  87. QwertyJuan wrote:

    #77 - You are a nut… Kelly DID go solo for awhile in the ’80’s…. I PERSONALLY OWN a tape of Kelly singing solo. Praise Him Now…. it was released in 1985.

  88. John wrote:

    #85…could you be speaking of Thurlow Spurr(who had the Spurrlows)?

    Seems to me they were on the PTL Club show quite a bit…I’m not sure who else may fit your description.

  89. Andrew S. wrote:

    #87- That’s nutty.. b/c she actually didn’t start singing solo until the 1990s. She recorded 2-3 solo albums, but didn’t actually start her own full-time solo ministry until the early 1990s. If I’m not mistaken, there was a woman who took her place during those years.. So #77 is right.

  90. MOUNTAIN MAN wrote:

    John #88), you nailed it .. Thurlow Spurr and the Spurrlows. Thank you!

  91. Brett wrote:

    #87 I didn’t say Kelly never RECORDED a solo album in the 1980’s. She never went solo as an artist by herself on her own tour dates till the 1990’s. Karen Peck also recorded a solo tape while with the Nelons.

    Understand, the post earlier said Kelly went solo in the 1980’s. She was still with the Nelons and did side projects but as an artist, quit the Nelons in the 1990’s . Did I make myself clear now?

  92. Naomi wrote:

    Wow– I see I’m rather late to this conversation! I uploaded the above mentioned video of Frank Seamans and company singing “Here Comes The Bride”… I was wondering why my view count shot up so quickly! I will not attempt to convey my personal opinions, as there has already been an abundance of that… But I do feel obligated to address a few of the issues.

    Even though it has already been mentioned by several, I have to say that the video you’ve posted a link to is NOT Frank Seamans’ family group. I clearly and carefully stated that in the video description. I would greatly appreciate it if you would set the record straight.

    Another thing that I mentioned in the description that you must keep in mind is that it was an off-the-cuff, thrown together quartet… the majority of which does not claim to be professional. The fact is that the whole evening didn’t have a professional feel… and that’s exactly how they wanted it. It wasn’t really a concert… it was more like a gathering of friends for an informal church “singin’”. You have to know the atmosphere in which the song was presented in order to understand why it was so well received by all those present.
    Ok, I said that I wouldn’t give my opinion, but I must say this: I am not a professional, nor am I a critic… But I didn’t think it was bad at all… in fact, I loved it! Whatever the pitch flaws, it was a great moment… and there’s a lot to be said for that. As I said, I do not claim to be an authority on the subject, but I believe that each of the singers had the ability and the desire to sing the song flawlessly… it was simply, unrehearsed. Compare it to a moment at a group reunion or an off-the-cuff lineup from an event like the NQC or the Great Western Fan Fest. We see them all the time and, usually, they are loved by the majority of the viewers… but if they hadn’t rehearsed, you might call an All Star lineup a “Hot Mess” as well.

    So! That’s all I have to say! Didn’t mean to interrupt the current conversation… I just felt like I needed to clarify those points because of my involvement.

    Thanks and God Bless!


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