Patty Griffin does Gospel

Patty Griffin has recorded an album of gospel songs and hymns (h/t, JL). The album, Downtown Church, gets its name from the Presbyterian church in Nashville where the recording took place. There’s a five-minute-ish clip of her talking about the project’s genesis and her own fraught relationship with religion and gospel music here. The full album is up at iTunes, and some of the clips sound pretty fantastic, including “House of Gold” and “Little Fire,” which features Emmylou Harris.

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  1. judi wrote:

    This album sounds so neat although I’m not familiar with the singer…but I could picture that little downtown church in Nashville because I’ve actually been to the spot.

  2. QwertyJuan wrote:

    Who is this?

  3. Mickey Gamble wrote:

    Patty Griffin is a very compelling (and successful) singer/songwriter in the folk and “alt country” world. I used to listen to some of her early albums but eventually tired of her rather dark approach to song content.
    Interesting that she has released a gospel album. Curious to see how it is received.

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