I’m H.P. Lovecraft … or James Joyce … or whatever

So this little writing analyzer thingee has been making the rounds on the interwebs this week. It lets you plug in a sample of your writing. Then it spits back out the name of a writer that the analyzer-monkeys behind the screen say you write like. I plugged in the most recent post before this one about sailing on the Chesapeake, and it came back saying I write like H.P. Lovecraft. Erm, ok. So I plugged in a draft of the post you’re reading now: Margaret Atwood. Score! Finally, I plugged in a random passage from the book chapter I’m editing at the moment: James Joyce. My publisher ought to love that. Nothing says “buy me” like academic prose in the style of Joyce.

Fortunately these things are rather like horoscopes: fun and diverting, but craptastic as far as their predictive value. But don’t let that keep you from sharing your results.

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  1. pk wrote:

    Dan Brown and Stephen King…lol…how far apart is that style? grins.

  2. RF wrote:

    I write like Ian Fleming. You know, 007. Quite flattering…or not.


  3. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Watch out I might write the next big Novel… It said that I write like Dan Brown… I am not sure how to take that one… Not to seriously though I assure you…

  4. Charles Brady wrote:

    Stephen King for me! LOL!!!!

  5. NG wrote:

    I submitted the 23rd Psalm (King James Version) and it said the writing was like James Joyce.

  6. j-mo wrote:

    I submitted two seperate articles I have recently written and it told me I write like J.D. Salinger both times. The rest of you hacks can suck on that.

  7. Scot Eaves wrote:

    I submitted three CD reviews I wrote several years ago and got three different results - Stephen King, David Foster Wallace and James Joyce. I don’t even know what to think. Either I’m a schizophrenic writer or I can easily adapt my writing style.

  8. judi wrote:

    OK..I gave it three blog samples from different topics and dates–even two different blogs of mine. And every time it says I write like David Foster Wallace. Really? I have read his short story collection Girl with the Curious Hair for book club but for the life of me, I can’t find the resemblance.

  9. Tom wrote:

    I put in parts of subsequent chapters of my dissertation and came up with, in this order, James Fenimore Cooper, H.P. Lovecraft, William Gibson, William Gibson,
    William Gibson, William Gibson, Dan Brown, and H.P. Lovecraft. Since I’ve never heard of William Gibson, I looked him up–and it appears he’s some sort of avant garde science fiction writer.

    I did a google books search to pull up part of one of Gibson’s books, and I don’t see how I write anything like him. Then I typed in about eight paragraphs of William Gibson. Turns out that William Gibson writes like David Foster Wallace. Hmmm.

    Seems somewhat random.

  10. RDB wrote:

    I write like Arthur C Clarke. Methinks this thing likes its science fiction writers.

  11. RDB wrote:

    OK, score 1 for the machine (although it must be down 100 to 1). I pasted 3 paragraphs of Dickens and it at least figured out that it was Dickens. Mind you, that was probably an easy one.

  12. RDB wrote:

    OK, the machine loses 1 for thinking Hans Christian Anderson writes like . . . James Joyce. Now that’s funny. I’ll stop now, I promise.

  13. lovelife wrote:

    Well, I submitted an article and it told me I needed to stop writing…lol Just kidding…

  14. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    According to my Booth Brothers review, I write like H P Lovecraft. I couldn’t say, because I haven’t read any of his books.

    I’m not sure if it’s really analyzing anything, or if it’s just random. It did spit out a quote from someone who works for Thomas Nelson, though. It may have picked up on some words like “faith.”

  15. KDM wrote:

    Kurt Vonnegut!!! Slaughterhouse-Five, anyone?

  16. KDM wrote:

    Okay, maybe this isn’t so exciting as I first thought. I just entered, verbatim, a paragraph from Stephen King, laced with some of his favorite unprintable words, and got back Jane Austen. Somehow I don’t think the F-bomb was in Lady Jane’s vocabulary.

  17. Lisa wrote:

    According to the analyzer, I, in my last political board post, write like George Orwell.

    In my last longer post on LOCAL politics (emphasis mine) I write like the Apostle Paul. At least I know why on that one, I had multiple compound, complex sentences.

    I think I’m proud of both. :)

  18. Tom wrote:

    Apparently the website is a sudden hit: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_web_i_write_like

  19. Irishlad wrote:

    James Augustine Aloysius Joyce? We were both born in Ireland and that’s where the similarity ends i’m afraid.More Hannah &Barbera i would have thought.:)

  20. Bones wrote:

    Don’t anyone think they write like Stephen King. He takes the Lord’s name in vane.

  21. Janet B wrote:

    Uh…Bones…it’s “vain”…not that metal rooster on top of the barn.

    I got Kurt Vonnegut. Are there only so many authors in this database?

  22. Janet B wrote:

    Posted the eulogies I wrote for my parents’ funerals:
    Mom - Stephen King (ok, that’s kinda funny!)
    Daddy - Stephenie Meyer (who apparently is who we have to thank for the Twilight Saga. Yahoo.)

    I admit that those weren’t the merriest moments of my life, but…seriously?
    NOW I’m depressed…

  23. Shane wrote:

    Well, I copied a few paragraphs from Joyce’s Ulysses and it analyzed it as… James Joyce.

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