The Greenes: “When I Knelt”

I was just writing about this song earlier in the week and so was thrilled today to happen upon what looks like a fairly recent upload to youtube of the Greenes performing it live in the 1980s (at least it sure appears to be the 80s, judging by Kim Greene’s hair, among other cosmetic differences). The notes from the uploader says this clip is from the 10th Anniversary Live recording, but I’m not so sure. At least Kim’s set up of the song differs from what I hear on the audio-only track I’ve been listening to for years, and the song itself is sung with slight but nevertheless perceptible differences. Plus I don’t hear the cello (or at least what sounds like a cello) accompaniment from the 10th Anniversary recording in this youtube clip (though I guess this and other differences could be the result of overdubs and studio “fixes”). (See here  and here for an explanation of the discrepancy … in short, this both is and isn’t the 10th Anniversary Live recording). No matter, a great find that captures a great moment of music in southern gospel.

Now if I could just find an upload of “More Precious Than Gold.”

PS: In case you’re wondering why I didn’t say more about the musical aspects of the recording, it’s because I’ve covered most of that ground  already.

PPS: For an earlier discussion  of the captive/captor issue in the first line of the song, see here.

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  1. Adam Edwards wrote:

    Awesome! Tim Green cranked out some amazing songs….and still does.

  2. James Hales wrote:

    This video may be from a video taping in Bristol, TN/VA. It was titled 10th anniversary. The live album was not video taped to my knowledge.

    I’m not sure if “More Precious than Gold” is on this particular video. I have it locked away in storage, sadly.

  3. Reggie Brann wrote:

    “More Precious Than Gold” is the third cut on the 10th Anniv. video filmed at Viking Hall in Bristol.

    The audio with the same name is not the same project. That I actually like it better than the video, probably because that is what I heard before the video.

    I booked the Greenes twice during this time frame and they really did a wonderful job with the audience.

    Who cut this song before and since the Greenes?

    I do have one more question. My wife asked me when we were watching this, did Amy Lambert replace Kim?

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    Amy Lambert did succeed Kim. I won’t say replace, because no one really “replaces” another. :) Kim felt better about leaving knowing they had Amy and how nice she sounded with them.

  5. GD wrote:

    I’ve enjoyed listening to the Greenes for years. When I Knelt was a huge some for them. However, I have always had an issue with the very first line of the first verse. “Sin is a captive, it binds and it holds.” Sin is not the captive. It’s the captor that holds us captive. Has that every bothered anyone but me? Otherwise, great song!

  6. robbins wrote:

    It states that this is from 1989.

    Kim Hopper is a very gifted singer. She has developed into a better singer now, but even then she was very good.

  7. Tom wrote:

    Not only were they video and the CD recorded different nights, they also have different cover artwork:

  8. Wade wrote:

    Dean WAY OVER PLAYED!!! You should NEVER notice a drummer that much!!

  9. wanderer wrote:

    Great stuff. Never heard this configuration before. Didn’t discover the Greenes until their Amy L days.

  10. quartet-man wrote:

    That was nice, but his was my introduction to the Greenes and I prefer it more.

  11. quartet-man wrote:

    Darned keyboard “this.”

  12. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    That is great stuff… I would love to see the Greenes re-do this one… Taranda would torch it!
    Does anyone know when the Greenes are going to be doing a new album? It has been three years… I suppose it is because of Tony’s afflictions… They have a smashing new version of the Phil Cross penned “One Holy Lamb” featuring Jeff Snyder. I have seen a video of that onefloating around on Youtube… I suppose that is at least one song that will be on a upcoming record…

  13. john wrote:
    I’d like to know what you think of this.

  14. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #12: I believe they’re currently at work on a new one, and if I remember correctly, Jeff told me Lari Goss is producing.

  15. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    14. That should be stellar with Lari producing… That will be a must have for sure!

  16. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #15: That it will! The Greenes have a good sound anyway, but with Goss behind it, it will be something worth hearing. I can’t wait to hear what he brings out with Taranda Greene’s voice!

  17. Mandy wrote:

    I would love to hear Kim sing this song now. She is amazing!

  18. newlywedgirl wrote:

    GD: Yes, I’ve thought the same thing….I would sing it, “Sing is a captor…”

    I thought they had a new project in the works now? And TaRanda has been off the road for a couple weeks, is she ok? I also saw Melissa Brady fill in for Kim this past weekend, too? I wonder what’s up?

  19. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    #18 - More cosmetic surgery for Kimmy???

  20. gina wrote:

    Actually, Kim had a complete hysterectomy last week and is now facing complications from it. This great singer needs our prayers right now.

  21. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    OK. Just saw where Kimmy had a hysterectomy last week, and has been re-hospitalized. with abdominal pain. I guess I was wrong. Mark your calendars! AFOAF was wrong on 7/22/10. Every other day, too. We are all just humans, after all.

  22. Wade wrote:

    AFOAF… You may not be wrong. Hysterectomies are often done in conjunction with tummy tuckz or aggressive lypo. The combo often also leads to a higher amounts of complications.

    So let’s wait and see b4 Godforbid you are declared WRONG!!!! ;-)))

    So for all you observers out there what all do you think Kimmy has had done???

    Does anybody expect Taranda or Connie to have had any work???

    I ain’t hatin’!! I’ve invested in 2.5 sets

  23. Nick wrote:

    Checkout this version of the song. This video was taken in 2002 at the Greenes Homecoming. Kim Hopper made and appearance on the second verse. BTW, is wish everyone would give it a rest about the Kim Hopper cosmetic surgery rumors. Whether she has, or hasn’t …who cares, it’s SG people not Hollywood Squares. I even read on the Hoppers Facebook page where some accused Connie of having plastic surgery, and then the page administrator had to come out an correct them.

  24. LS wrote:

    #22…Not that it’s any of our business, but Kim’s surgery was medically necessary, NOT cosmetic. Can we please give her some recovery time before we attack again?! (What is wrong with us, anyway?)

  25. Wade wrote:

    Ahhhh 23 & 24 both… If you could read you would know I was not HATIN’!!! Do you understand what that means???

    But come on it is pretty funny one of you genius’ said it wasn’t The Hollywood Squares… we ya better tell many SGM performers that cause there is quite a quantity of hair pieces… extensions enhanced figures and faces.

    But I swear I ain’t hatin’ I LOVE IT!!! Give Miracle in Me an entire new meaning.

    I have invested in enhancements just in case you SLOWER ppl can’t read or comprehend!! But not for me… well for me but not on me!!! Well it was…NEVER MIND!!

  26. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    LOL @ Wade

  27. Nick wrote:

    #25 You say you weren’t “hatin’”, but the shrewdness of your comments suggests otherwise. Just because you keep saying that your not hatin, doesn’t mean that the underlying purpose (which was to make fun of, or “out” Kim Hopper about cosmetic porcedures) wasn’t apparent. Yeah, we got the message, and excuse us (#24) if we didn’t think it was funny. Not that Kim has anything to be ashamed of anyway, even if she had cosmetic surgery. But my point is, during a time that she was undergoing a potentially serious medical procedure, you defaulted to start some kind of smear campaign against her. That’s just low. :(

  28. Mandy wrote:

    Shame on A Friend of A Friend and Wade for making assumptions without knowing any of the facts. And really, who cares if she has undergone cosmetic procedures in the past? Maybe the two of you don’t care about the way you look, but don’t hate someone else who does. And if it really truly bothers you so much, stop listening to her music. Problem solved. Get over it.

  29. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    Ummm… Mandy? I wasn’t “assumpting”. I was simply asking a legit question: “More cosmetic surgery for Kimmy???” Then, when I found out the answer, I apologized for even askin’ it in the first place. Finally, I simply responded to Wade’s silly post by admitting that it made me ‘LOL’. Don’t shame me unnecessarily. It’ll make me go all Hinson ya.

  30. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    Ummm… Mandy? I wasn’t “assumpting”. I was simply asking a legit question: “More cosmetic surgery for Kimmy???”

    Then, when I found out the answer, I apologized for even askin’ it in the first place. Finally, I simply responded to Wade’s silly post by admitting that it made me ‘LOL’.

    Don’t shame me unnecessarily. It’ll make me go all Hinson on ya.

  31. Wade wrote:

    I swear I love it. I have paid for it. I don’t hate them at all for it. What I think is funny is the denials and WORKZ for being off the road. Not that she is not sick now. LORD PLEASE BE WITH KIM GOD KNOWS MY HEART AND I LOVE TO HEAR HER SING.

    But somebody on here previously mentioned her taking some time off the road b4.

    But I love to watch women get made up. My shows are sponsored by a Plastic Surgery Group!!!

    The joke I do with the tie in is…

    Botox -$300
    Restilin - 500
    Vaginaplasty - Priceless

    But nope y’all got me all wrong thinkin’ I’m hatin’!!! Interpret what ever you want. But people have been making fun of SGM ppl for cosmetic stuff was around before Jake & Vestal or before Dolly in Country Music. Dolly used to deny it too!!!

  32. Mandy wrote:

    A Friend of a Friend, apparently your post bears repeating! LOL! What if Kim has had some cosmetic work done? Who cares? Does that affect her singing? My point is, if it bothers anyone so much that they have to speculate on it then maybe they should find a new group to listen to. Personally, it wouldn’t make me stop listening to Kim if I knew she had cosmetic surgeries. I just don’t get why we have to try to find faults with one another and tear each other down. No matter how innocent you try to make your comments, that’s exactlly what you were trying to do.

  33. Nick wrote:

    Wade, your “joke” on line #31 is inappropriate for this forum. In case you haven’t noticed this is a commentary concerning christian music, and smut like that is usually frowned upon among God and christians.

  34. Nick wrote:

    AFOAF, I must have missed the part where you apologized. All I read was a smart-alecky attempt to deflect the fact that you stuck your foot in your mouth. I wish folks would just step up and admit they made a mistake (which you DID do that), but then put out a real apology.
    Now on a lighter note, without any sarcasm I assure you I have to ask, what does “get all Hinson mean?” Does that have something to do with the Hinson singing group? I don’t really know a whole lot about them.

  35. Wade wrote:

    Nick… oh well glad you are not the Moderator. Get over it. Get the STICK out. I used Medical Terms. Believe me I have been MODERATED before.

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