More Greenes: “More Precious Than Gold”

From “gospelvideohub” via email this a.m., a golden gift: a link to what longtime readers know to be one of my favorite cuts …. well, pretty much ever: the Greenes’ “More Precious than Gold,” from Tenth Anniversary Live (the live video and live audio-only versions are remarkably similar, right down to Tony’s overlong prayer in the middle). Enjoy:

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  1. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    Wow! What a wonderful sentiment expressed so beautifully in song. I can see why you like that song so much, Doug. Thanks for sharing it with us. That’s the first time for me to here that song.

  2. quartet-man wrote:

    Me too. I also love the huge differences in dynamics at the end. A lot of times in gospel music songs are sung FFF all of the way through. The dynamics drive the point home at the end.

  3. Steve Eaton wrote:

    Always one of my favorite songs also. The live cut is unbeatable but if you want to hear the original studio version of the song, it is found on the Greenes 1987 recording, “Family Praise”.

  4. Ron F wrote:

    In my opinion , from 1988-1998 The Greenes would have to be considered one of the Top 5 SG Groups in America.

  5. Wade wrote:

    Put any 2 monkeys on either side of Taranda and The Greenes are Top 5.

    Put a great vocalist like Jeff one one side and probably THE BEST MC on the road on the other side, and who I respect only 2nd to BiG Jim.

    I MC over 80 events a year so I study the ART!! Tony has been way less LONG WINDED the last 3 times I have seen him!!! Thank Goodness!!!

  6. Wade wrote:

    oh I forgot to say The Greenes are Top 3 I’d pay to see!!!

  7. observor wrote:

    love it, love it, love it. I have heard it a million times and it never gets old…

  8. observor wrote:

    The amazing thing about this clip is that there are no tracks in the background with ten voices singing and huge orchestra playing. Just all live voices, piano, bass guitar and drums and still beats anything being “produced” today…

  9. William wrote:

    I always liked the way they would drag out their phrases. There was tension, waiting to see if they would get all their words in time. Just when you think they would not get them all in, like at the end of the verse, they would just make it in time to start singing the chorus.

    What is really amazing is how Tim could sing his words late in the phrase with Tony and Kim, while at the same time playing the bass guitar part in time.

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