Friday Roundup

Some items that don’t warrant posts of their own but might still be worth mentioning as we head into the weekend:

  • Crossroads Music is offering a free download of Lauren Talley’s new release, “In Christ Alone.” It’s a little Paula-Stefanovichy for my taste but hey … it’s free, until Monday.
  • Oh the Hairmanity: Via DBM (by way of Daniel MountDean Adkins), watch Tim Riley’s Combover Mullet from ca. early 80s get the scraps that Rusty Goodman throws to him on “Let Your Fingers do the Walkin.’” Is it just me or was Rusty tryin’ way too hard to be southern gospel’s Conway Twitty?
  • Daniel has reviewed a DVD release of clips from the old Sing Out America show, now available (in an earlier version of this post I mistakenly conflated the clip above with this DVD). Looks like a decent collection with decent image quality, for footage from the 80s.
  • EHSSQ performed at the Stamps-Baxter School of Music Wednesday night. Anybody there have a report and/or audio/video clip?

Consider this an open thread. I’ll be back early next week.

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  1. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    I don’t have any clip of EHSS from the Stamps/Baxter School, but I will be attending the Cats tribute taping tomorrow night… I will be doing a full unbiased review…

    Speaking EHSS there are some recent pics of Ernie and Scott Fowler floating around, that seem to dispel the rumors that the two of them are at odds… I believe Scott joined EHSS to sing “We Shall See Jesus” with them last weekend in Canada… Here is a link to the pics…

  2. quartet-man wrote:

    I saw the similarities between Goodman and Conway years ago, but probably not any more so than here.

  3. ehssfan wrote:

    There’s a story with some pics at Ernie’s site -

    Sounds like they did a good job!

  4. Dixie D wrote:

    Has anyone heard the new Rulapaugh “Freedom” group or CD?

  5. suzie wrote:

    Anyone know why Kim Hooper is hospitalized? Read about it on Dean’s and Karlye’s twitter.

  6. Andrew S. wrote:

    So how many people are thankful for the mercy of our Lord upon the Bowling Family. Why don’t we all remind ourselves of where others or we could be if it weren’t for God’s hand of deliverance on our lives. Please go watch this video!

  7. Shawn Degenhart wrote:

    I’ve been teaching at Stamps-Baxter the past couple of weeks and posted about their concert (and other days’ activities) on my blog. They pulled out all the stops and did full lighting and audio for the hour they were with us. Did a couple of the songs for the upcoming Cathedrals’ taping. Our beloved singing school accompanist Tracey Phillips will also be playing for the video and accompanied them (along with Wayne) that night.

  8. Andrew S. wrote:

    #5- Kim Hopper had some complications from a complete hysterectomy performed last week. If I remember right, the doctors stated that they believe she has a blockage in her abdomen causing the pain. Keep her in your prayers!

  9. Irishlad wrote:

    It’s no secret that Rusty and Conway were twins separated at birth:).Seriously though Rusty was a BIG Conway Twitty fan.

  10. burt wrote:

    Lauren Talley is hot.

  11. Sensible wrote:

    Somewhere I have several of these clips like that of Rusty and Tim. The show was called “Sing Out America” or something like that. Rusty explained on one of the shows that he had a beard because he was in a passion play.

    Woody Wright and Michael Sykes (I think) were sometimes the musicians on the show. It was not in this clip, but a lot of times the show played the recording, and the artist would lip sync, and the band faked the playing.

  12. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    “Daniel has reviewed the DVD from which the Combover clip was taken.”

    I know you mainly wanted to talk about hair, but I just thought I’d point out that the Goodman/Riley video came from Dean Adkins, not Daniel Mount. He doesn’t even mention the song in his video review…I presume because it isn’t on that DVD.

  13. Bones wrote:

    The video is a reminder of Rusty’s bid ego.

  14. Enjoying Life wrote:

    I personally cannot stomach Ernie and SS anymore. Show, show, show - it makes me want to vomit. I realize the Goodmans were all about the show as well, but I could handle them for some reason. Speaking of Goodmans does anyone know what Ricky is up to these days. Someone told me that is has been very ill.

  15. Dean Adkins wrote:

    I wonder if Rusty ever sang “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On?”

  16. Jake wrote:

    Enjoying life (#14) — Then I guess it is a good thing you weren’t there this past Friday evening when EHSS sang to some 3000 people in Lancaster, PA, ’cause we all loved them! Yes, there is show — but it isn’t all about show. It is ministry, music, message in song. Having seen then several times over the years, my perception this time was that they have come to a new level of excellence. I’ve seen — and enjoyed, I might add — the fads they have had through the years — like short ties and choreography. There is still a little choreography (although it is a minor part of the concert, which lasted nearly 3 hours with one intermission) and there is the light show — but it is about singing, singing, singing. Ernie emcees as he always has, but he doesn’t talk between every song — they often do 2 or 3 songs together. The live band of pians/keyboard, bass guitar, and drums, along with an occasional 5th part by Wayne Haun, not to mention the a cappella song or songs they add in, just adds to the evening. They truly have something for nearly everyone, which may explain why there are a lot of young people there as well as older people. EHSS connects with people. Yet in spite of it all, go to the product table during the intermission or before and after the concert and you will see they guys interacting with people, posing for photos when asked, talking to children, answering questions, and just being there for people. This group is real.

  17. gina wrote:

    #15 - Um, probably not, unless he was imitating Mel McDaniel.

  18. quartet-man wrote:

    #17, I thought that was Mel. However, it would go over better with SG fans than some of the ones Conway did. Besides, Dean is the professor of gospel music, so he is entitled to miss country song.

  19. quartet-man wrote:

    P.S. I am aware that the Kingsmen did versions of Mel’s “Real Good Feel Good Song” and “Stand Up.” :D

  20. NG wrote:

    Maybe Dean (#15) was thinking of “Tight-Fitting Jeans.”
    Favorite line:”And she knew I saw right through her tight fittin’ jeans”

  21. Old&Bold wrote:

    Andrew S (#6) - an interesting point: thankful for the mercy of our Lord upon the Bowling family because they weren’t killed and are healing. But was the Lord sleeping when the accident occurred? Was their guardian angel on time-off when the bus crashed? Some people are eager to give God the credit for healing but give Him a pass when some, who are similarly afflicted, get worse or die. Seems inconsistent to me…and maybe even a little dishonest.

    Maybe someone could write a good old gospel song about how God is capricious. (Know any good rhymes for “capricious”? malicious? seditious? fictitious? facetious?)

  22. Irishlad wrote:

    #21 That’s an age old theological debate,”does God get involved in our every day dealings or does he stand back and let us get on with it?” Thomas Jefferson for one was of the latter school of thought..i tend to agree with him.Then again it depends on how big of a crutch you need.

  23. Irishlad wrote:

    OT Doug Oldham died after a bad fall Wed 21st.He was 79.

  24. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Who am I to judge when I see this
    Maybe we are to close to the forest to see the trees or God made His Plan too simple for us to understand.

  25. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Well, the internat is not simple to me.
    Here is the link that should have shown in comment # 22.

  26. Diana wrote:

    Dixie D — I have seen Freedom and I have their CD! They sound really good together live and I have really enjoyed the CD. I put a few videos up on

  27. Alan wrote:

    #13 - Bones: What you wrote was all that you needed to, to convince us that you sure didn’t know Rusty.

  28. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    I have a full review up from the Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Video taping… Click on my name to access it…

  29. RDP wrote:

    # 13 - I also am bidding for a bid ego. I didn’t recognize Tim Riley for the longest time in that video even though that was the only Riley I could think of and I knew it must be him - hairmanity indeed lol!

  30. RDP wrote:

    That Lauren Talley clip also leaves me cold. Not so much because there’s something wrong with how she sings it, but because she doesn’t really bring much new to the song. If you love Lauren Talley singing anything, then you’ll be happy with it; if you’re looking for an interesting or noteworthy version to put alongside the many other recordings of this song, then not so much.

  31. RDP wrote:

    #22 - Deism is a li’l outta date. Welcome to the 1700s!

  32. Andrew S. wrote:

    #21- I understand that 2 people have already addressed your statements; but I feel that I should as well because yours was in reference to mine.

    I believe that God does have involvement in our everyday lives. He wasn’t asleep when the Bowlings had their bus crash, nor was their “guardian angel” off duty at the time. God places certain circumstances and situations in our lives to remind us of His faithfulness and to bring glory to His name. He also allows conflicts to occur for reasons we can’t understand. God has a specific lesson for Mike & Kelly and the other travelers to learn, though they nor anyone else on Earth knows what it is and what it all entails. I thank God for the mercy He had on their lives; but I don’t pray for healing. I know that healing is already going to happen. So why pray for something if I know it’s going to happen? Instead, I pray for God to give them the strength and perseverance through the entire ordeal until they do come to that time of healing. Sure, I’d love to see them healed right now; but God holds the keys to all the doors unopened. Whatever happens is to bring glory to His name.

    As for the part of the dishonesty, I’m not quite sure from where your idea came. I haven’t heard about many people being thankful for the earthly healing without recognizing the eternal healing. A recent example is the passing of Sister Priscilla McGruder. I would have loved to have met her on this earth; but God decided that He needed her more in heaven than on Earth. Did I pray for her to get better? As I stated earlier, I know healing’s going to come whether in the eternal state (heaven through the passage of death) or the earthly state (without having to walk through that door). So I trusted God that He knew the answer and would supply the McGruder family & loved ones the grace and strength to face the uncertainty. God decided to take her from this earth; and I praise Him for healing her even though it seemed unfair for her to be taken so early. Even though she was transported to a heavenly realm, I can trust God that He’ll give me the ability to fight on until I meet her and many other loved ones when I reach heaven someday.

    Thank you for your post. It really made me probe deep into my beliefs concerning trusting God in every situation.

  33. s.smith wrote:

    Amen, Andrew. And well said.

  34. Tommy wrote:

    Why does God let bad things happen to good people? It is simple. God has given us free choice. God has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us but in the end we make our own decisions. If the bus driver was going slower maybe he would have saw the oncoming traffic sooner. When Grandma dies of cancer, maybe it’s not Gods fault for her dying. Maybe its because she smoked 2 packs a day. The problem with having free choice is that sometimes bad things happen because of it. I think that question becomes more common in our society because its easier to blame God than take responsiblity for ourselves. I give praise to God for the good and also through the bad, not because Im glad for the hard times but rather because He deserves my praise regardless of my situation. He is the Almighty God that gave His Son for my life. Not a temporary life but an eternal one. The fact that we have free choice and there are reactions to those choices underscores why it is so important that we make the choice to serve Him. If God “allows” me to die in a casr wreck, its ok. This life is temporal and while hard times are just that, hard, they are fleating. I have heard by a man that when he gets to Heaven he will ask God why do children get sick, why do good people hurt? Not to belittle his question but I know that when I bow before the thrown of my Savior Jesus Christ, my only words will those of praise. This earth and its pain will become lost as the scene of Gods grace unflods for eternity.

  35. Marsandonel wrote:

    Lauren Talley’s last album is exquisitely produced and executed. Even so it has not captured a second listen. Maybe someday it will but for now I prefer her first two albums for content and production.

  36. Andrew S. wrote:

    #35- I agree. My favorite is the first one. My least favorite is the I Live cd. Her problem is that she is unsettled w/the production of her cds. They differ so much in stylistic foundation that it’s difficult to listen to one more than once.

  37. Mark wrote:

    Tommy #34- I hope you realize that free will can only explain some of the bad things that happen to good people. Who controls the weather, which has been responsible for far more deaths than any of our free choices could ever inflict, for that matter who controls the reproductive systems of women who spontaneously abort their unborn fetuses? According to your world view God would be in charge of those things. God gets a pass for bad things and the praise for good things but like #21 said that is inconsistent. If God is all powerful and all knowing and perfect to boot, allowing for such unneccesary natural disaster is far worse than anything the most vile person on earth could ever do. If a “loving” God can be described as such then the word love loses all meaning.

  38. Irishlad wrote:

    #31 Yea but Unitarianism is alive and kickin’.

  39. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Nos. 34 & 37- I get that this blog is not intended for (nor does it ever provide) any real, deep theological discussions. Such thinking runs counter to the cheap grace, sound byte theology of southern gospel music.

    That said, you both are espousing some pretty junk theology, even by this blog’s standards.

    No. 34- God does not let bad things happen to good people. There are no good people. The fact that we are allowed to breathe despite our open rebellion against God is an act of grace far beyond our comprehension.

    No. 37- God demonstrates His love by redeeming sinners by pouring His wrath out for their sin on His own Son. That is the very definition of love. God is all powerful and is all knowing, and He does all that He pleases (Psalm 115:3). So, there is no such thing as an “unnecessary natural disaster.” God ordains said “disasters” for His purposes. It’s His world after all (Col. 1:16).

    With all due respect, you both need to spend some real time studying and praying before going off half cocked in a southern gospel forum about theology. You’re embarassing yourselves which, again, is difficult to do when the standard is southern gospel theology.

  40. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Also, what’s the deal with Signature Sound? Their albums “Get Away Jordan” (2006) and “Dream On” (2008) seemed to be setting the pace for progressive southern gospel.

    Since then, we’ve been treated to “Influenced Vols. 1 & 2,” and now a Cathedrals tribute project.

    Why has Signature Sound invested all of its progressive capital into sounding like every other quartet? Playing it safe equals boring music.

  41. cynical one wrote:

    God does not create those “natural disasters”. In my understanding, they are result of original sin, as is sickness and death. Had man not sinned, he would have been able to live in the Garden of Eden, eating of the tree of life, forever.

    Yes, God allows our free choice, and therefore sin. But the good news is that even though we all will have an earthly death, we don’t have to have eternal death.

    As humans, in our infinite understanding, it’s easy to forget how short our time here on earth really is, compared to eternity. It makes me wonder why, even as Christians, we’re so obsessed with longevity. Maybe we should be more concerned with quality of life.

    Don’t get me wrong. If I get sick, I’m likely to go to the doctor. But if I’m ever told I have a terminal illness, I’d like to think I’ll want to be made comfortable through the duration, not extend the illness.

  42. Eric Stephens wrote:

    #39 Well said !

  43. cdguy wrote:

    Soli - #40 - I’m not sure I agree with your assertion that “Get Away Jordan” and “Dream On” were all that pace-setting. I don’t see that they were any more progressive than the Talleys or Hoppers or Brian Free & Assurance or GVB have been for the last 10 years. And both those projects included older songs re-hashed.

    I’m not sure these tribute cd’s are all that much of a departure. They’re just playing to the portion of their audience who really appreciate the old songs.

    But if, to you, it seems boring, don’t buy it! Duh!

  44. Jesus Fan wrote:

    #40, I didn’t like “Dream On,” and only a few cuts on “Get Away Jordan.”

    “Influenced” has songs like “Swingin’ On The Golden Gate” that are just much better.

    My guess is they strayed far enough from mainstream SG that they started losing mainstream, and even young fans like me. Nobody likes it but the fans.

  45. s.smith wrote:

    No, not well said. While I don’t disagree with your statements, I would like to see you, just once, state your opinion without belittling or mocking someone else while doing it.

  46. Mark wrote:

    #39-I get that this blog is not intended for theological discussion but it is an open thread and I was simply responding to another comment.

    I gather that you feel very confident in your assertions about the nature of God but you are starting from scripture which I don’t automatically give the free pass of authority in my life. Why do you start from the bible and not some other holy book? I am not saying that the God you have espoused doesn’t exist just that he can’t be described as loving in any sense of the word that is recognizable to most normal discourse (a creator that creates a system in which the only thing that will appease him is his son’s own blood is disgusting at best.)

    Also I could do without the condescension in your remarks. It doesn’t make your argument any better by belittling others.

  47. Wade wrote:

    When SOLI eats your lunch don’t turn in to the hater she seemz to be. Just take your lumpz.

    I think it is my first wife, she is an Elitist Christian.

    She can’t help it just pray for her & her control issues!!!

  48. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 46- I agree that Christ having to shed His blood for our redemption is disgusting. But it should give you a good idea as to how truly revolting we are as compared to a holy God if that is what’s required.

    And No. 47- “SOLI” is a dude. The handle is Latin, which I admit is likely above your pay grade as…what are you again? An amateur stand up comedian? Consider your lunch eaten.

  49. Monk wrote:

    Soli Deo Gloria–

    I like your theology, let’s talk more off this forum–

  50. Wade wrote:

    SOLI is a dude wow… I’d say more like a lunch packer then sorry!!!

  51. Andrew S. wrote:

    So the Perrys’ new cd is titled “Blue Skies”.

  52. cynical one wrote:

    Mark, I’m not sure how/why you stumbled onto this site, since it’s labelled as a site about southern gospel music, which totally embraces the Bible. (Note that it should always be capitalized, even if you don’t believe it is the only true authority — but just because it’s the title of a book, if nothing else. You know, proper grammar, and all that.) The overwhelming majority of people who read and/or post here believe there is no other “holy book”. So that’s where we’re always going to start. And that’s probably where we’ll always finish.

    And we’re not asked to understand the concept of blood sacrifice for sin (whether it be an animal, as in Mosaic law, or the Son of God), we only are asked to accept it. I’ve sorry you seem to have chosen not to. And I think I’m not alone in this sentiment.

  53. Mark wrote:

    cynical one-Thanks for the grammar lesson (remember when you correct someones grammar you will always end up making at least one grammatical error in the process.) Furthermore, I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful by not capitalizing Bible, it was just an honest mistake.

    First a little background, I didnt’ stumble onto this site, I have been around since the very first post, I was actually facinated by this sort of rogue character that turned the nice world of SG on its head. I grew up in church, my dad is still a full time pastor. I still attend church each week but am in the process of divorcing myself from the practice. I sang southern gospel at 100 plus dates a year for over 5 years. Still attend NQC almost every year and several concerts in my area. Just because this is a SG blog doesn’t mean that everyone starts with the same assumptions or that just because a majority of its readers believe something that it is correct.

    I think it is fine for you to start with the Bible (but if you want others to come along with you on the journey you might need to be able to convince them that they should start there as well, and arguing from scripture that you should use scripture is a bit like a parent that completes there arguement with “because I said so.” I just want to know why you automatically throw out other holy books (I know you don’t recognize them as such but that doesn’t answer the question of why you don’t recognize them as such). Your final argument of not being asked to understand blood sacrifice, just to accept it would not hold water with you if given in any other argument in life outside of your biased assumptions.

  54. Jesus Fan wrote:

    Mark, just because someone writes something down in a book (i.e. Mohammed) does not make it a “holy” book. I could write down something for that matter…

    A crafted piece of gold formed by a Buddhist doesn’t make a being equal to God either.

    I don’t know who’s lies you are believing, but God says that the greatest damnation will be for those who have “tasted” and “known” the goodness of God and have turned away. We don’t have to like it. We don’t have to understand it. That has no bearing on whether the Bible is true.

  55. Mark wrote:


  56. Faith wrote:

    I consider myself a Lauren Talley “fan”, but…she is starting to get to me.

    The whole “Songs in the Night” premise - sign up today and get a blessin’! - sounded too “televangelist” to me. Were we really supposed to feel sorry for her? I mean, the poor thing had MONO for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! Um, well, yeah…but she never missed a concert, or, by the look of it, a shopping trip. What, was that the only trial she’s ever had in her life? Like I said…poor thing! And now the - dare I say it? - pseudo-sexualized pictures of her in leather…it’s like she doesn’t know who she is anymore.

    Lauren’s first two CDs were awesome, but I was sorry I bought “I Live” (anyone want it cheap?), so I am NOT buying “Songs in the Night”. Come on Lauren…if you want to get into another market, go for it! But quit pretending you’re still SG, because you ain’t.

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