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It’s taken me … well, let’s just say an embarrassingly long time to realize I could download television programs from iTunes onto my iPod and watch them while I’m on the elliptical, and I’ve just started Big Love, which a friend tells me often includes gospel music. But of course one always need to switch up one’s routine so I’m looking for good, ideally new(ish) sg recommendations to accompany on the exercise machine.

Now, I hasten to add that I’m not one of those gym monkeys who need a 150-mm tune to work out to (”I Rest My Case at the Cross” got me through the last few minutes the other day). And it need not even be new (though newer would probably be more interesting). In general, I’m just looking for stuff that keeps your attention and moves you along toward the mark of the high calling … or, barring that, the finish line. In particular, I’d love to stumble onto something that gives the equivalent experience of what, say, First Love’s debut and only album provided when I popped it into the mix for the treadmill years ago. I wanted to run somewhere … and did!

PS: of course I’m a musical omnivore so I’ll take non-sg recs too.

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  1. The Gospel Stache wrote:

    When I was 10 I did push ups and sit ups to 4 Him’s “Face the Nation”, ride my bike to Greater Vision’s “It’s Just Like Heaven” with my cassette walkman (trying to pedal to the rhythm of “No Army Big Enough as well as the title track). U2’s “The Joshua Tree” is an interesting piece of “religious and spiritual” work, though many circles would not consider it to be as such. But when you run to “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “Bullet the Blue Sky”, you could see what I’m referring to.

  2. Melody Seeker wrote:

    You may want to workout to the Nelons song “In Jesus Name”. It is very upbeat and could get you going, although the Nelons have a couple of blood pumping songs to workout with. Looking back Rex probably was one of the most underated buisness men in SG! He usually had great song selection.

  3. Andrew S. wrote:

    Greater Vision has a complete album of fast-paced songs entitled, Nothin’ but Fast. Idk if you’d like it though.

    I’d suggest Once upon a Cross by MTT. Or Ephesians One by KP&NR (We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown). Expecting Good Things by Jeff & Sheri is good,too.

  4. Janet B wrote:

    If we’re talking tv…I still love The West Wing (have the entire series on dvd). They do a lot of “walk & talks” - all while spitting out complicated dialogue. That should hold your attention for 45 minutes!

    Try “Celestial Navigation” or “He Shall From Time to Time” from season 1. Or, “Two Cathedrals” from season 2 - Bartlet yells at God. In Latin.

    Yes. I am a geek.

  5. Baritone77 wrote:

    Non-SG, but one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time is “The Outsiders” by NeedToBreathe. You’ve probably heard some of their stuff on radio or in commercials and not known who they are. Very unique sound that kind of blends Southern Rock with a Hootie and the Blowfish sound.

    On the total flip side. Dailey and Vincent’s Statler Brothers tribute album is superb. Better than the Statlers ever thought about being.

  6. Jeremy Bell wrote:

    I like all kind of music southern gospel and others included. I also like a lot of barbershop. The harmony is so much tighter in the barbershop stuff. You can find a lot of it on youtube but I have never really searched itunes for it. Some of my favorites groups are the Acoustix, Bluegrass Student Union, Four Voices (4 guys from Lee University that one the national competition after 2 years) Gas House Gang, and Fred. Ron Block (of Allison Krauss & Union Station tends to be really deep stuff.

    Lesters stuff tends to be high quality and always seems to be one of those groups that is not out on the forefront even though I think they should be. One of Brian Lesters biggest claim to fame is the song He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away that the Cathedrals and Dove Brothers did among others.

    The group Acappella has been around for almost 30 years and has always done good stuff.

    Bart Millard lead singer of Mercy Me has some rewired hymns cds called Hymed and Hymed again.

    Charles Billingsley has one of the best voices in any field of music under Larnelle Harris. He played with and sung with Newsong for quite a while. He is the worship leader for Thomas Road Baptist Church currently.

    Palmetto State Quartet When he blessed my soul and Something’s going on

    Glad - any of their acappella stuff including the Gershwin project

    Steve Brock - arrangement of For What Earthly Reason and I Should Have Been Crucified together

    Lordsong Acappella CD is one of the best I own

    Michael W Smith Change Your World CD

    Blackhawk - Ships of Heaven

    Denver and the Mile High Orchestra
    Crossmen Quartet – Michigan group that is doing some good arrangements
    Friends IV
    Higher Faith
    Mercy’s Mark Something’s Happening CD
    Bebo Norman 10,000 Days CD
    Shane and Shane - some of their live stuff they do a lot of cut time and the guitar is good stuff.
    Tourniquet – Immunity Vector best drum solo i have ever heard. It is not overdubbed.
    Brooks and Dunn Red Dirt Road CD
    Oak Ridge Boys When I Sing for Him along with a lot of the stuff they were doing before they officially crossed over into country
    George Jones – Whos gonna fill their shoes
    Jerry Reed guitar licks like on Lord Mr Ford
    Insync Music Swing Hymns - these are hymns that are all arranged in swing style
    Sting and Pavorotti’s version of All for Love
    Boyz II Men acappella stuff especially their version of Star Spangled Banner. Incredible modulations in that.
    Huey Lewis and the News
    Matchbox 20 Mad Season CD
    Richard Marx
    Toni Braxton
    Hope Floats soundtrack
    Dream Theatre and Liquid Tension
    Hoobastank – The reason
    Moulin Rouge Sountrack This hah some neat arrangements of new and old music
    Rod Stewart Great American Song Book
    Third Day o come o come emmanuel

  7. DMP wrote: has a 4 song preview up of the new album…

  8. Auke wrote:

    For a work out i’d recommend The Imperials-Stand By The Power/Priority and One More Song For You Albums…just take out the slow songs and you’re all set to go.
    The Cathedrals ‘ I Found a Hiding Place’ from the Colors of His Love album is also great to run to.


  9. Tim wrote:

    Bluegrass by Doyle Lawson, The Isaacs or Canaan’s Crossing would increase for time in the 40 yard dash by a second or two.

  10. Tim wrote:

    should have typed “your time”. My boo boo.

  11. Extra Ink wrote:

    Two words: Michael Buble

  12. Lisa wrote:

    The Jesus Record.
    Rich Mullins and a Ragamuffin Band (and a few guests.)

    This is the CD released after his death in 97. My personal favorites are Nothing is Beyond You, and All the Way to Kingdom Come.

    You have to hear them. THey make me happy just thinking about them.

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