Annnnnnddd, we’re back

Sort of, anyway. Classes have started (including a reprise of the Gospel Music course at the graduate level!) so posting may be light for a bit still. For now, it’s enough to say thanks for keeping the conversation going in my absence. Perhaps there could have been no better sixth bloggiversary gift than seeing the discussion sustain itself civilly and interestingly (for the most part) without my having to do more than click “approve.”

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  1. cdguy wrote:

    Oh, were you gone? It was only a couple of weeks sense your last post. Isn’t that typical? ;-)

  2. cdguy wrote:

    OOPS! I meant “since”. I’m as bad as the other non-grammarians on here, huh?

  3. NG wrote:

    Congratulations on keeping your blog going for six years. It’s interesting to think back to the SGM sites that were operating six years ago and their status today. Even further back, the only place I recall where SGM fans could exchange views was the newsgroup (AMGS). A few posters from there turn up here.

  4. CWG wrote:

    If you are going to be at NQC this year, my wife and I would like to meet you. We have used some of your material at our concerts, and would love to meet the person who wrote them. We will be at the Promoters Booth from time to time, so we could meet there.

  5. PhilonSouthernGospel wrote:

    Congratulations on 6 years of blogging. That is a considerably long amount of time dedicated to typing and thinking of things to say!!

  6. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Did you give Doug credit when you used his material? :o)

  7. quartet-man wrote:

    #6, Probably not as it might diminish their offerings. ;)

  8. Auke wrote:

    Doug congrats on 6 years of blogging.

    I want to get attention for this link…if u let me.

    I hope you will include and promote it on your site….this needs exposure. Since this is a site frequented by almost all the pseudo-academic Quartet buffs……they must be excited to see such a initiative!

  9. Irishlad wrote:

    Avery…bad Qman made fun of me when you were gone :( Happy birthday!

  10. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Congratulations on six years of criticism and commentary on southern gospel music.

    Before I found this site I was convinced I was the only southern gospel fan who thought the genre was dying because of a lack of originality and creativity. Turns out there’s like three of us. Who knew?

  11. Irishlad wrote:

    #8 I bought the “In the Garden” album in cassette form of Lily Fern herself at the NQC a few years back.All songs stand out particularly House of Gold ft Armond.This is the earliest recording of Mister Morales i have.It was before George Younce joined them,Armond would have been in his early 20’s…he joined them as a 16 yr old.

  12. quartet-man wrote:

    #9, but it was entertaining. :D

  13. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Armond did join the Weatherfords after high school but that was in 1948-49. He left the group to attend college and serve in the military and Younce (1952) was one of the bass singers in his absence. Armond rejoined the group and In the Garden was recorded around 1959.

  14. Auke wrote:

    My favorite song from the Ín The Garden’ album is ‘Why Should He Love Me So’ great armond feature and exquisite ivory work by Henry Slaughter.
    #10 make that at least 4….
    Hope y’all take the time to sign the petition…and possibly promote it on your own blogs and such…thanks!

  15. Melody Seeker wrote:

    Off topic, but interesting enough I saw that Gold City’s new cd will be out 11/2/10. The name is “Somebody’s Coming”. Do you think it helps a group to have their new recording out by Convention? I found this on Provident-Integrity’s Distributions website.

  16. justafan wrote:

    If I’m not mistaken, sometimes groups can make a project available before the actual retail release date. So, who knows…maybe it will available at NQC. I hope it is. It’ll be interesting to see the spin that Michael English’s production work will put on them.

    Cobb has unlimited potential as far as the type of material he can do lead-wise. However, Bruce and Danny kind of fall into the same boat stylistically. They both sound best when they are singing something to where they can add a little “soul” to the melody of the song (though Danny’s richness and soulfulness is more controlled than Bruce’s note-twisting - ala ME - style. So, I would think that would make it a little tricky as far as song selection…making sure you find the proper person to lead each tune is essential (because Danny and Bruce could almost be interchangeable on a lot of songs - depending on the key). Cobb’s tone is more of a proper one. In selection material and in arranging, what you really want to unleash from his voice is it’s power, not the range itself (which is also impressive), but the power. I’m not sure how good of a blend that this version of Gold City will have, simply in terms of being tight (because Cobb is great, but his voice doesn’t naturally blend with Bruce and Danny’s voices - and Tim is a throwback bass singer who doesn’t exactly fit the progressive sound produced by the voices singing the middle parts), but with the collection of talent assembled in that group, whatever they do will make people sit up and take notice whether it floats that particular listener’s boat or not.

    I love hearing them live, more than I did even when they had Jay/Jonathan/Mark/Tim/Daniel/Doug/Channing/Adam. I’m not quite old enough to have experienced the afro-frenzy of Brian/Ivan/Mike/Tim/Garry. I don’t think everybody realizes how unreal that Josh Cobb is vocally. He’s in the Kim Hopper/Taranda Greene/Gerald Wolfe echelon of Southern Gospel singers that just “make” their respective groups. With Gold City though, there’s a lot of really good talent around him (way more than there is in those other aforementioned groups…Hoppers, Greenes, Greater Vision). I look forward to hearing the project, and I look forward to hearing Gold City whenever I can. If they’re close to you, make it a point to go see them.

  17. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    15. I think it might help some groups to have their new CD out by Convention mostly because it gives them maximum exposure… But remember they are at the Convention on their dime, so it is not always cost effective. However in Gold City’s case they should have their new table project “Southern Gospel Standards Vol. 1″ out by Convention so they will be covered in the “new CD out by NQC” mantra, it seems there are a ton of groups (even more than normal) that are releasing their new projects exclusively at the Convention this year… I will be posting a “NQC shopping list” of sorts on my blog in the next week or so, which will consist of what I feel are the “must have” new CD’s to pick up there.

  18. Melody Seeker wrote:

    I grew up on the Mike/Brian/Ivan/Tim/Gary era of Gold City. I have watched this group and the Cathedrals over the years more closely than any other. I will be able to see the current line up in two weeks. I was a fan of the Trammell/Parrack/Wilburn/Riley and think Aaron Mccune is one of the best bass singers of today and has the potential to be the best one day. I have always held Tim Riley and Danny Funderburk in high esteem. They have always just had a special place in my heart.
    I had the pleasure of hearing Bruce sing Mary did you Know at a church in Statesville,NC just a few months before Jonathon left Gold City. He sang that one song and I thought that night he should be in a major group. He has a powerful voice, and I have seen Bruce with them many times in his short tenure and he blows me away. I am looking forward to seeing Josh,Tim,Bruce,and Danny together for the first time in two weeks. I was hoping since they would be on there way to convention,that the new cd would be out. I can not wait, but understand they want to put out a Great Product. I have always wanted to go to the NQC and now that there are going to be so many reunions of groups for the 100th Anniversary, I am praying the Lord will make a way for me to at least attend that Saturday Reunion concert!

  19. William wrote:

    I don’t know what other songs GC has chosen for their new CD, but I am very interested in hearing their version of I Stand Redeemed.

    Also, Mike English stated via twitter on August 20th that he was looking forward to getting home and finishing GC’s record.

  20. William wrote:

    Talking about new CDs, what about the Hoppers new CD? Did I read that it has taken about 2 years to finish? If so, have they been singng any of the new songs these past 2 years?

    I think it would be difficult to select songs that minister to you and you feel will to the people and then not sing them until a couple of years later.

    Either way, I am still looking forward to their new CD.

  21. Brett wrote:

    I don’t care for Hoppers new cd. The Nelons is better even though too many feature Jason. Hoppers sure have been doing a lot of remakes of the Nelons songs. “Victory Shall Be Mine” was a song Charlotte Ritchie did with Nelons.

  22. Andrew S. wrote:

    #20 (William)- The Hoppers have been staging “Something’s Happening” and “On the Authority”. I haven’t heard of them singing any more of the songs. But from the clips of “Victory Shall Be Mine”, am I the only one who thinks Kim sounds a tad bit flat on the first ‘mine’ in the chorus??

  23. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    19. Here is a complete list of songs on the upcoming Gold City CD. You can click my name for my blog if you were perhaps interested in my thoughts on the subject… But nonetheless here is the list.

    Footprints on the Water
    That’s What Heaven Will Be
    I Have An Anchor
    Leave That Burden Lying There
    I Stand Redeemed
    Lord of Life
    Peter, James and Paul
    Showers of Blessings
    I Get Down
    It Won’t Be Long
    Never Too Broken
    Somebody’s Coming

  24. HopFan wrote:

    Well “BRETT” I must tell you that they aren’t just doing Nelon re-makes - they are doing re-makes of ANY MUSIC that is GOOD!!!

    On The Authority, Something’s Happening, and another song besides Victory are all remakes….


  25. irishlad wrote:

    #Ta for the update, Armond was around the 26 mark in ‘59 going by the figures you gave,which are no doubt accurate,making him 77/78 years old now.My my,funny how time slips on by….

  26. irishlad wrote:

    #22 was directed at #13.

  27. Brett wrote:

    Hop Fan,

    It may grow on me but so far the album just doesn’t flow like The Ride did. Lot better songs on the Ride.

  28. Extra Ink wrote:

    If anyone writes a book about the decline of SG music, I think he/she should entitle it: “Killing Me Softly With HisSong”

  29. Irishlad wrote:

    Re:comment #26. Comment #25(me) was directed at comment #13(Dean Adkins) not #22 at #13…..phew, hard work this.

  30. CWG wrote:

    #6 - #7 - yes, we did give acknowledge him as the writer.

  31. quartet-man wrote:

    #30, did you see it affect your offerings and return invitations? ;) :D :D

  32. SG Obzerver wrote:

    #28 - Now THATS funny!

  33. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 28: I don’t agree with your likely premise, but that was a really funny post!

  34. quartet-man wrote:

    #33 agreed.

  35. s.smith wrote:

    So you can say something nice. Who knew?

  36. Rick in southGeorgia wrote:

    Re:#28- “Killing Me Softly…” is one of my all-time favorite songs of any genre.

  37. LS wrote:

    #27…I was thinking the same thing as I listened to it over the weekend. It seems the producer was as heavy-handed with the background vocals as the make-up artist was for that cover photo! It doesn’t even sound like the Hoppers to me. I did think that Karlye’s song was really good…maybe partly because it was also the simplest arrangement on the whole project.

  38. CWG wrote:

    Quartet - man - No, in fact we had several people ask us for a copy of what he said. It was about how Gaither out sold many of the big time acts and why people attend Southern Gospel Concerts. It was very good - gave three reasons why people come out to a S.G. concert, and they were very accurate.

  39. Brett wrote:

    Love the ALLCAPS, shouting gets your point across that much clearer.

  40. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 35: Buddy, you need to relax! This is a blog, not an ice cream social. We can’t all be on here every day discussing which 900 year old singer is best. How boring would that be?

    (I’m inclined to say: “Probably as boring as most southern gospel music put out today” but since I really seem to have shaken your soda lately, I’ll refrain. Look at me being all nice.)

  41. DP wrote:

    Roy Webb lasted about 8 months. Longer than I expected!

  42. observor wrote:

    The revolving door that is Gold City…
    What is going on there?

    Also Yvonne Hinson posts on Facebook that she will not be singing at the NQC Hinson reunion because her brothers chose to not include her…
    What is going on there???

  43. Extra Ink wrote:

    By the way, I like HisSong…it just seemed like a good title.

  44. Bones wrote:

    # 42, Typical Hinson.

  45. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    This is the perfect chance for Gold City to rebuild ties with Garry Jones, and bring him back where he belongs IMO…

  46. cdguy wrote:

    There’s a rumor David Phelps was involved in a car crash. Perhaps overnight? Anyone know anything about it?

  47. Tim wrote:

    Phelps rumor isn’t true. From Mark Lowry:

  48. gina wrote:

    Karen Peck and New River was involved in an accident this morning.

  49. wanderer wrote:

    #41 & #42
    According to the press release on Singing News, Roy was only meant to be temporary from the get-go.

  50. Shellye wrote:

    Karen Peck and New River were in a bus accident this morning.

  51. RDP wrote:

    Oh, you’re back are you? Sounds like you spoke too soon . . .

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