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While everyone waits for NQC, some stuff worth nothing in a mostly quiet month.

  • Everyone seems to be pretty twitterpated about the 100 Years of SG Celebration at NQC. I predict that there will be a few acts in a very crowded menu of performers that everyone will want to have heard a lot more of, and a lot of acts that we will in retrospect think might well have been left off the list. Which is pretty much a decent description of almost every NQC multi-artist showcase, no?
  • Speaking of this showcase, an outfit called the Gay Christian Movement Watch is very upset about Reba Rambo McGuire appearing at NQC. Very, very upset.
  • Roy Webb is out as Gold City pianist.
  • How the sausage is made in the studio … via Daniel Mount, an Irish trio recently signed with Crossroad lays down vocals for single on their debut album.
  • This came up in a discussion thread while I was gone, but I’ll just note that there is a petition afoot to get RCA to re-release the Weatherfords 1959 classic, In the Garden. I’ve got more to say about this spectacular album, but you’ll have to wait for the book. In the meantime, it really would be nice to have a remastered version of this wonderful record available.

What have I missed?

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  1. Just Thinking wrote:

    We keep calling Ryan Seaton a Southern Gospel soloist, but have you heard him? He seems to be trying for more of a Michael Buble sound. Can’t say I am a fan of his new sound, but I do wish him well.

  2. Josh wrote:

    Just thinking,

    It depends. Did you consider David Phelps SG when he was solo? Do you consider Guy Penrod SG now? Because I don’t. However, I wonder if in SG music theres a “once SG, always SG” type of belief. I don’t really have a belief either way, but I do know the title track of his CD is SG (Bill Gaither wrote it, after all).

  3. Josh wrote:

    Avery, what exactly do you mean by “submitted himself to the indignity that befalls almost every sg soloist”? Is appearing on TBN a bad thing?

  4. jim wrote:

    Josh, let me answer . . . and I wish I could make really big capital letters . . .

    Y E S!

  5. matt wrote:

    Few things are as boring as a SG soloist.

  6. copperhill wrote:

    Worth nothing (that is kind of cold) or worth noting?

  7. Just Thinking wrote:

    Josh, you make a good point. I guess I hadn’t thought about it, but as much as I love Guy Penrod in the Vocal Band, I am not a big fan of his new sound either. Same with David Phelps. I think it may be that to me, too much solo work is kind of boring. The harmonies are so much more interesting.

  8. Auke wrote:

    #3 YES!!!

    Avery thanks for the mention of the petition.

  9. Wade wrote:

    Matt I agree… few years back was at a concert with Crabb Fam, Gold City with Mike Bowling. They made the BAD mistake of running Mike out between groups and even though he had like 3 #1’s in a role it was like…IS THIS ALL YA GOT!!

  10. Wade wrote:

    WoW… so there is a Group of Fine Christian people who spy on what gay people want to and do involving church & other Christian Activities??? Is that RIGHT??? Wonder if you google, GET A LIFe if their site comes up in the search???

  11. X wrote:

    As one who has appeared on TBN, I can tell you that the in studio process is just as painful as the final product. Did it once, not going back. (I changed my name to protect myself from the TBN police!)

  12. Auke wrote:

    #11 Mr X…??

  13. cdguy wrote:

    As for the “petition afoot to get RCA to re-release the Weatherfords 1959 classic, In the Garden”, I doubt there would be 100,000+ people sign such a petition, and/or purchase such a piece. Companies as large as RCA on only looking for releases that can sell huge numbers.

    Why doesn’t one of the sg labels lease that master from RCA, and remaster and re-release it?

  14. Stacy wrote:

    I won’t go to NQC this year after all.

  15. Jesus Fan wrote:

    Having read the GCMW site, read the comments, and read the own site’s blatant error in confusing Reba Rambo McGuire and Reba McEntire in their accusations, here is my conclusion:

    Reba Rambo McGuire and Dony McGuire sound like people who are taking the “love” the sinner approach a little too far. They have valid points in loving the sinner to the altar. Many Christians could really learn from that. However, they appear to be going well beyond that approach and are essentially endorsing gay pastors, gay events, and are appearing at gay seminars.

    That said, to not attend NQC because one artist (who is singing 2 songs!!) is probably too endorsing of the gay community (unbeknownst to the event’s sponsors) is just plain stupid.

  16. Andrew S. wrote:

    Speaking of Reba Rambo, didn’t she & Joy Gardner basically trade spouses in the 1980s?

    And speaking of Joy, any news out there as to the Gardners’ position in music ministry??

  17. JL wrote:

    This was the first I had heard/read about Donny and Reba supporting the “Doctrine of Inclusion.” This shocking news has totally changed my opinion of that woman. Now I think I’ll get out all my old Rambo records and listen to them again this afternoon, then head on down to my local Christian bookstore and buy some more (if they haven’t been pulled off the shelves by now…)!

  18. Gospel Music Fan wrote:

    I go to church with Buck and he isn’t in agreement with his daughter and son in law’s beliefs either. I don’t think anyone really cares to see a Rambo reunion without Dottie Rambo. It’s like ordering a cheeseburger and not getting the cheese. I saw Reba and Dony on TBN trying to sing Dottie’s songs not long after she died. At an event like this hopefully they will practice more. If not it will be a trainwreck.

  19. Auke wrote:

    About the doctrine of inclusion…….is taken to far? Mmmhhh who set the limit? I think God has….do like Him….hate sin…not the sinners. Endorsing and appearing in gay-arenas.venues or whatever they/wel call it….might be the last bastion we should conquer. But in a way that we point out to our gay brothers and sisters that they should not yield to their individual temptations..if you go there with that mindset to really win people over for Christ and Christianity you’re doing a admirable and brave thing. But if you think that ‘Everybody Will Be Happy Over There’ really means everybody…you are mistaken….sadly mistaken!
    Oh btw CDguy great idea…will you help set me up? My english isn’t that good…and i was just trying to get the album noticed again….and i knew it would be difficult to get it to astronomical numbers. I think Bill should pick on it..he practically owes it to us…if it weren’t for him and Larry Gatlin i never would have learned it was such a landmark album in the first place. So let’s join forces..

  20. Tony Watson wrote:

    “pastors of gay churches” . . . isn’t that some sort of oxymoron??

  21. crazyjoe wrote:

    #18-What church is that? I am really looking forward to hearing Buck sing. His country tenor voice was always soothing. As I listen again to the classic (pre-1978)Rambos songs I was shocked as to how high Buck sang. I did not recall that. It will be good to see Buck again as he has been blacklisted by many after his divorce of Dottie. Many of those that austersized him have now passed on thmselves.

  22. Odeliya wrote:

    Ditto. Yes,@ 2 re: TBN.

    Actually,its funny to think about it,but when i first came to US for school and started watching some religious TV programms, I was CONVINCED TBN was a parody, similar to The Onion, comedy newscasts, etc. like Landover Baptist Church or, making fun of all the fundamentalist, Anti-Jesus,pseudo-faith assholery.

    Lady that looked like PinkHaired bimbo, preachers with bad hairpieces, talibangelists, christofascists of all stripes, the cream of the wacko crop.

    Only later I discovered its actually intended as a a serious station

    “Poe’s law”, right ;)

  23. Jesus Fan wrote:

    #20 Tony Watson: right. on.

  24. Lilly wrote:

    I am not a fan of Reba Rambos. Guess I will sit NQC out this year as I usually go Friday night and Saturday showcases. Dottie expressed openly that she was ostracized by her family. It seems in poor taste to have them there as the Rambos without her. Buck is old now so people tend to forget. Let him sing by hisself and keep the others at home. Is it solid that they are going to be there?

  25. jim wrote:

    Yeah, recon what the percentage of dogmatically intolerant SG Fans would be… I know that if folks won’t even print Carroll McGruder’s name because of his doctrine, that any inclusionists will be cast into the lake of fire for sure!

  26. Joe wrote:

    Once again, “gay” and “christian” are oxymoronic impossiblites. Reba and Dony may call themselves “pastors”, but they apparently are doing so without their Bibles. And yes…they basically did swap spouses.

    You cannot be a born-again Christian, if you are a homosexual. It plainly says so in Scripture.

    And it is the “doctrine of inclusion” that is helping to take so many of these “thus saith the Lord” statements, and rendering them into nothing more than optional and discardable suggestions. It is actually, diabolical.

  27. Rick in southGeorgia wrote:

    Here we go again with the “gays can’t be Christians” back & forth. Doug, you put a stop to this once before. Why did you even post this story about Reba & Dony? You had to know to where it would lead.

  28. DMP wrote:

    You really have to wonder why Don’t be gay” didn’t make the top 10 (commandments) if it is as important as people like Joe say it is. Let’s not forget that the Bible also says we can’t be Christians and covet other people’s things, or talents (oooh crap). We can’t be gluttonous (fat people beware), or greedy. Fornicators don’t go to heaven, which means you aren’t even safe with women. Even the slanderers are out. But by all means, let’s focus on gay people. I don’t know about you Joe, but that list makes me focus more on God’s grace and a little less on other people’s sin.

  29. Joe wrote:

    The only reason why this specific sin is discussed so often here, DMP, is because the host re-introduces it every chance he can get.

    And the only reason why I continually remind folks here exactly what THE LORD HIMSELF says about, is that I feel it is continually re-introduced here, so Doug can read those who either condone it, minimize it, or trivialize it, therefore re-inforcing his own beliefs.

    When you can show me an instance of God raining fire from Heaven to annihilate 2 cities for gluttony, covetousness, greed, and slander, let me know, and we’ll put these sins on an equal footing with homosexuality.

    In the meantime, if you’re a Christian, you need to take a stand against sin. Trivializing it condones it.

  30. Janet B wrote:

    Well, Joe…God DID destroy the whole earth in a flood, along with everyone & everything in it - ‘cept for some folks in a boat - who must’ve been the only straight people left on the planet, huh?

    Ananias & Sapphira were struck down dead for lying - and I don’t believe it was their sex life they were less-than-forthcoming about.

    There is no degree of sin - it’s all bad - it all causes separation from God.

    You know, Peter thought he had it right, too, in making Gentiles convert to Judaism before Christianity. He even went so far as to argue with God about it. So, you know, at least you’re in good company.

  31. Lilly wrote:

    I wouldn’t care what their stand was. I still would not go see the dony reba buck appearance. But after reading all this I wonder why Daywind is involved. Does Dottie Leonard believe this way?

  32. Auke wrote:

    I do agree with the last poster 100%..
    …a sin is a sin. He died for all our sins…all our sins. I always learned that the only sin that is unforgivable is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit;

    It says in Matthew 12: 31-32

    “Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age, or in the age to come”.

    That’s the only grade in sin that can keep you out of Heaven.
    That don’t mean that you should go out there and sin to your hearts content.
    I am amazed that some ppl think that sexuality is a consicious choice…
    When did you decide to be straight?

    We all sin daily….some sins we are unaware of commiting.
    Remember the song an evening prayer?
    ‘Forgive the sins i have confessed to Thee, forgive the secret sins i do not see’.
    I think we even sinned a couple of times, during this discussion….

  33. Auke wrote:

    I agree with #30..while i was typing frantically…someone else did too…and beat me to

  34. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Being a political animal that I am, It would be interesting people watching this year at the convention.
    We can watch the protests and counter protests.
    We see who is included or excluded.
    Sometimes we spend more time on the issue of excluding people rather than including people.
    That is not Biblical.
    I wish Jesus was on the the main stage in person.
    It would make it to easy for us.
    Because Jesus would say come unto Me and I give you rest.

  35. Hope wrote:

    The Dony and Reba Rambo newsletter stated that the Dony, Reba, Buck, and their daughter were being honored for the Rambos legacy. They never mentioned Dottie. Usually you only hear them mention her when it is trying to sell her product through email blasts.

  36. Wade wrote:

    If Jesus came and was on the main stage their would be ppl bitchig about that too!!!

    No matter what you do you are going to piss at least 30-40 and sometimes up to 50% of the ppl off!!!

    Jesus, in today’s time would not get 90% of the vote in most of the churches that do things like VOTE on Pastors & Leaders!!!

  37. Hope wrote:

    In re: Wade

    I wouldn’t compare Jesus to Dony and Reba McGuire. I’m sure people do complain no matter what. I would think that having people who most southern gospel fans love, know, and/or respect would cause less of a stir. Some people may love them but many know the problems in the family. I think only a small fraction of attendees would want them there. The others could care less or would be upset if they were aware of some of their views or problems with one of the most legendary figures in the business.

  38. quartet-man wrote:

    #32, acting on it IS sin as are other ones. I like women, but am single. My sexuality isn’t my choice, so if I fornicate, move in with them etc. am I sinning? So, I am not going to argue on whether they choose it or not. Those who are active ARE choosing to do it which IS sin.

  39. NG wrote:

    I’d be surprised if RCA would put out a remastered version of “In the Garden” because of the limited audience. Someone like Gaither needs to get the tapes from RCA and put out the CD as Gaither did a number of years ago with Best of RCA sets on Statesmen, Blackwoods and Speers. If those weren’t decent sellers (I don’t know) then maybe even Gaither wouldn’t be interested in doing the Weatherfords.

    In the meantime, if someone has a good quality album of “In the Garden” maybe they could make CDs and distribute at cost to the limited market. It’s illegal but one way to share good music that labels won’t re-release.

    Unfortunately, my copy is not execllent quality. I do have a decent quality copy of the 1958 RCA album “Rex Humbard presents the Cathedral of Tomorrow” which has 3 songs by the Weatherfords.

    I would recommend the remastered CD “Masterpieces” from a 1959 album “I’ll Follow Jesus” that the Weatherfords recorded for Skylite a few months after the RCA recording. Remaster was produced by Harold Timmons on the Memory Lane Gospel label.

  40. Auke wrote:

    #38 i agree…

    #39 Like i said before that Bill is the only one who could make it happen.
    I don’t know if the Blackwoods/Statesmen Qt stuff he put out were big sellers.
    I have a copy (mp3 only not the actual disc) it’s in fair condition..but not fair enough to distribute. Yet all this said the petition has stopped at 35 signatures…somehow ppl rather talk than act…this is supposed to be the most sought after gospelalbum. I think we can safely change that to ‘most talked about gospelalbum’. I am glad that i have a fair copy.
    The masterpieces CD i will check out…i thought they only had cassettes of that one, obviously i’m mistaken.

  41. matt wrote:

    Did anybody else catch Ernie Haase and Signature Sound opening for NASCAR in Atlanta? They sang the US anthem…..I saw 5 guys singing….but I couldn’t tell who the 5th guy was.

    Probably Bill Gaither.

  42. NG wrote:

    Here’s a link to the EHSS performance on you tube.

  43. robbins wrote:

    Probably Wayne Haun, if there were 5 voices.

  44. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #43 got it. It was Wayne Haun.

  45. Tamara wrote:

    Are you guys sure Daywind is endorsing this show with Reba Rambo? I would not think they would be involved with a person that has this much controversy. I too agree that the poster said what good is a rambo reunion without the rambo that put them on the map?

  46. Jesus Fan wrote:

    “I like women, but am single. My sexuality isn’t my choice, so if I fornicate, move in with them etc. am I sinning?”

    Quartet-man, that line is one of the best I have ever heard on this subject.

  47. Jesus Fan wrote:

    And on another note, Daywind isn’t “endorsing” anyone. They are merely a sponsor of the SG 100th Anniversary. I repeat, they are not required to research every single artist’s personal theological beliefs before inviting them to sing 2 songs as a part of a HUGE showcase celebrating SG’s 100th.

    That said, since the Rambo/McGuires’ personal lives as well as personal theological beliefs appear to be uniformally questionable, maybe Daywind/NQC should reconsider their choices…

  48. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Pretty sure the last time Christ was here it was the ultra-religious, most self-righteous people of the day who murdered him. So I guess there’s no telling what would happen at NQC…

    No. 36 nailed it. Mark this day in history down.

  49. Chris wrote:

    Yeah, it would have been nice to actually hear EH&SS sing the anthem instead of listening to the recording that was played while they were “singing”.

  50. jim wrote:

    What is controversial about loving someone in spite of their sexual preference? Or loving someone even if they don’t believe exactly like you?

  51. Jesus Fan wrote:

    Jim, the difference is between

    1. hating the sin and loving the sinner (Biblical approach)


    2. an all-inclusive endorsing/ignoring the sin in the name of loving the sinner

    Don’t blur the lines, man. Sin is sin. Lev. 18:22, 20:13, I Cor. 6:9-10, Rom. 1:26-27…

    P.S. I am not self-righteous. I have sinned, and so has everyone else. But the difference is, I don’t WANT you to endorse/ignore my sin. I WANT you to come to me as the Biblical model in Matt. 18 and approach me about it. To do otherwise is paving Hell’s highway for me and every other sinner. You are not doing me a favor by allowing me to wallow in fornication or any other sin.

  52. Doug wrote:

    I agree with Jesus Fan. Daywind should reconsider. I don’t believe we shouldn’t love Reba and her husband but to have them sing at a Christian venue that probably wouldn’t welcome someone like Kirk Talley is a bit two faced. And I agree with other posters that Dottie was the group’s appeal. We would have never heard of the group without Dottie. This isn’t a group that just decided to retire. It was a family that was broken a part. It’s also to fresh from Dottie’s death. Some people there may not even know she has died.

  53. Andrew S. wrote:

    In my opinion, I’d rather hear a group who’d have a quality sound do a reunion at NQC. What about a reunion of the Greenes from back in the 1980s? Or the Paynes? What about the Rex Nelon Singers before Jerry Thompson joined? Instead, we sit through Buck Rambo and 2 Reba Rambos. I hope they do the reunion thing next year at NQC. They started it back in 2008 w/the Crabb Family reunion and continued last year with the Cathedrals Remembrance thing.

    And from the looks of things, the Downings’ reunion is going to work out well. According to Ms. AnnD, it’s going to be great! Can’t wait to see it all!

  54. Leslie Green wrote:

    Actually, after listening back to the youtube link and to the EHSS cd recording of the national anthem, it is quite obvious that the guys were, in fact, singing live. There were several places that a fifth part was added on the video that was not on the recording, I’m assuming by Wayne Haun. Also, at the end, you can hear Ernie push off of his note as well as another member make a “woo” noise. Not to mention, Tim’s bass slide at the end is very pronounced. I would have expected an accapella version of the song, but it probably would have been nearly impossible to match up the timing with the fly over without a precise track. I thought it was a great arrangement and performance.

  55. noninsider wrote:

    49. Yeah it would been nice, but then maybe not so nice… There is a reason they played a recording…

  56. Wade wrote:

    WoW… Gloria and I agree… Indeed write it down!!!

    I love to say it every chance I get but there will be MUCH MORE BLOOD on the christian elitist than some one like me!!!

    CVH… Suzan Speer is listed as single on her facebook status and she has some new picz up. Might be time to make your move!!!

  57. Jeff Gurnett wrote:

    Anybody who thinks EHSSQ didn’t sing the National Anthem live is a fool.

  58. Tom Smith wrote:

    Does anyone know the value of the In The Garden album? I have one in perfect condition. It is really one of the best I have heard.

  59. jim wrote:

    “paving Hell’s highway” - You should have your own judge show on TV!

  60. jim wrote:

    I had to calm down a minute before I typed more. What a two faced hypocritical world we live in. The SGMA has Dolly on their program, and they house the SGMA Museum there. Anybody checked Dolly’s belief structure lately? The NQC has historically been owned and operated by some of the most notorious characters in the Southern Gospel bidness. Do we have their statement of faith on file? Groups and soloists have clammored for a chance to appear on TBN - and Southern Fans watch it. Have you Googled Paul and Jan lately? Yikes!

    And now we throw Dony and Reba under the bus for reaching out to folks that most “christian” folk wouldn’t offer a cup of water to, even if they were on fire.

    With attitudes like these, maybe Southern Gospel should be played at the Quran burning down in Florida this week!

  61. robbins wrote:

    Oh, EHSS were singing live. What a terrific arrangement. Way to go, Wayne! One side note: I’m not a NASCAR fan, but watching that blip, hearing the heartfelt prayer offered, and seeing the American flag honored, I must say I love the patriotism displayed there, and I love seeing God honored.

  62. The Art Coach wrote:

    Here is some interesting reading concerning the response to EHSS and NASCAR

  63. Tom wrote:


    Its value is probably around $25.00. That record isn’t worth as much as some of the rhetoric from the CD petition crowd might suggest. It routinely sells for anywhere between $15 and $35 whenever it shows up on eBay, depending on condition. There are currently three copies for sale on eBay.

  64. Tom wrote:


    Oops, I take that back. There aren’t any copies currently for sale on eBay; I was looking instead at a search page for already completed items that ended in the past fifteen days. There were three that ended in the last fifteen days: One sold for $4.50, the other two had asking prices of $19.99 and $25.00 and neither of them received any bids.

  65. quartet-man wrote:

    #46 Thanks. I generally try to put myself into situations and then look for the Biblical standards. I know I have sinned, but I also know the standards. We all have temptations, but there is no license to do them.

  66. Jesus Fan wrote:

    #59, Jesus said, “Go and sin no more” to the woman who was living in adultery.

    By your standards, Jesus himself was judging, but commanding her to “sin no more.”

    Jesus would have a field day with so many “Christians” on Earth today.

    If you don’t believe that it is wrong for a Pastor to ENDORSE fornication, I don’t even know what to say to you except, “May God have mercy on your soul.”

  67. gina wrote:

    Anyone know if Karen Peck has ever sung The Star-Spangled Banner at a national sporting event? If not, she certainly should. Heard her sing it recently and it was the best I’d ever heard it done.

  68. robbins wrote:

    Please tell me where online I can see a comprehensive list of concerts. I specifically am interested in Arkansas events.

  69. Jesus Fan wrote:

    And for the record, I am all about reaching out to people living in sin. In fact, I was good friends with a gay man for a very long time, trying to reach out to him.

    But never did I attend gay rallies or endorse gay pastors.

    That goes way beyond reaching out.

    You can figure it out now, or you can figure it out later, but the Word of God will not return void. I don’t care who in the world you think you are.

  70. Shellye wrote:

    #68: go to

  71. William wrote:

    Jim I think Dolly Parton is a country singer not a gospel music one. She like Elvis has been a good help to southern gospel but that is all. As for Reba and Dony and Buck. Who cares what they believe about the gay issue? I wouldn’t want to see them for the way they treated Dottie Rambo. I’ve been a fan of Dottie Rambo’s and the Rambo’s sound for 40 years. The Rambos died when Dottie died. They were a family group not a combination of singers like the Singing Americans. I agree with the post by Doug that they should give Kirk Talley a chance. He has more fans in southern gospel than Reba, Dony, or Buck. Most will probably nudge the person beside them and ask who are they? Then the answer will probably be that they were Dottie Rambo’s family. Sure some older fans like me will remember them but they didn’t do a lot since the 80’s. Dottie was the only one anyone really knows.

  72. Glenn wrote:

    Yeah Jesus Fan, it would be a shame to reach out too far. Go for the easy ones.

  73. Lisa wrote:

    Has anyone asked Daywind or NQC what their stand is? I am beginning to wonder about their biblical beliefs as they seem not to have equal standards. Hopefully someone will contact them and let us know what they have to say. I think it’s well worth considering my future support of their artists and the convention. I’m sure others will.

  74. JJ wrote:

    I just found this online:
    “Hoppers announce new literary series and the launch of book, Time Spent With God.”


    How about this instead:
    “Hoppers announce new book publishing venture to supplement slumping music sales in a rough economy.”

  75. Wade wrote:

    jim… I agree with ya!! But don’t beat a flat spot on your head messing with the haters. They claim not to be, but I don’t know what else you would call it. They will have MUCh more blood on their hands in heaven than ppl who love each other & share the Good News of Jesus!!!

    No one was ever scolded into repentance… but the scolders feel better by trying to make themselves feel like they are BETTER!!!

  76. quartet-man wrote:

    Let’s do this again. If someone is in a burning building facing uncertain death, what do you do? Do you tell them they are okay to stay there? Do you walk off and say peace, joy and love brother? Or do you tell them if they don’t get out of there, they will meet their maker?

  77. DMP wrote:

    Do you reach out to fat people and tell them gluttony is a sin? Or do you just stick with the sexual stuff, cause it’s more fun?

  78. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 77 nailed it.

    Here’s a thought: Southern gospel would never tolerate an artist who refered to himself as “Gay Frank”…so why does it tolerate an artist who refers to himself as “Big Mo,” basically identifying himself by his openly sinful lifestyle? What’s the difference?

    Nothing against Big Mo, just food for thought…

  79. quartet-man wrote:

    To answer your question, I don’t assume everyone overweight is a glutton. I don’t assume someone is homosexual (at times I believe they are and other times I am surprised later to hear they are). I don’t go up to strangers and point out their sins (no matter what they are). But, if a glutton, liar, thief, etc. were to get on line and say they were made that way and there was nothing wrong with it, or have a pride parade you can bet I would educate them as well. If they choose to not listen, I have done what I can. However, if they keep trying to lead others down the path or teach people these things are normal and should be accepted, the circle starts again.

  80. Jesus Fan wrote:

    Quartet-man has it right. I don’t even need to add anything to that.

    And #72, Glenn, I never once said not to reach out to gay pastors and gay people. I said I we should not endorse their views.

    Reaching out does not involve endorsing sin. That is not reaching out. That is joining forces with evil.

    If you’re in a burning building, do you join them in the building or do you offer them a fire extinguisher?

    This is not even a real debate. The real debate on this subject was settled by the Word of God a long time ago.

  81. Alan wrote:

    Back to the comments on Ryan Seaton and soloists in sgm. They often amuse me. The strength of this genre, and much of its appeal, is the group sound. In this, sgm is somewhat unique. In most all genres of music, the stars are soloists…pop, country, R&B, CCM, etc. Rock has many star groups, few of which stay together after their major success; but rock also has more enduring solo stars.

    When you think of super groups in country, there are the Oaks, Alabama, and The Statler Brothers before they retired. What do they all have in common? Continuity. The current Oaks lineup has been in place since the 70’s. The four guys in Alabama retired as the same group that was discovered playing The Bowery in Myrtle Beach. Had Lew DeWitt not died, do you think that the Statlers would have ever hired Jimmy Fortune? Likely not. The greatest strength of the enduring groups becomes its major weakness in sgm… great lack of continuity. Just about the time a group grows together, finds their blend, captures new fans, someone will leave. And this breeds discussions here and elsewhere of which iteration of this group or that one is everyone’s personal favorite.

    And now, the soloist…a known commodity. When you hear Barbara Streisand, Tim McGraw, Dolly, etc., and Ivan Parker, Larry Ford, and every other soloist, you know exactly what you’re getting. Continuity, and a catalog of songs that remain the same. No new voices singing them. No stacks or stracks, except perhaps on the BGV’s on choruses. It ain’t easy for a soloist to sing along with themselves on stacks!

    But the little-discussed secret is also in income. I’d like to know who - in any group with the possible exceptions of a few of the guys in the GVB - have an income even a decent fraction of say, an Ivan Parker! A group can have a $5000 flat, divided many ways. A solo artist can get $1500-$3000 undivided, and that amount won’t get you some of sgm’s best-known soloists.

    So weep not for Ryan Seaton. He’ll do just fine, I have no doubt. Maybe to a percentage of sgm’s fans, he’ll be boring just because he sings alone now, but I bet he’ll end up crying all the way to the bank!

  82. quartet-man wrote:

    #81 I agree with a good bit, but although your points are pretty spot on, there is some misinformation there. The Oaks lineup as it is, were together from October 1973 - 1987 (I think around April off the top of my head) and again from New Years Day 1996 to now. Steve Sanders replaced William Lee from around mid 1987 to I think November 1995.

  83. Lisa wrote:

    If you are preaching gluttony is an acceptable lifestyle then I would say that is wrong. But preaching and endorsing a sexual life style is a bit more attention getting.

  84. DMP wrote:

    I think people like you harp on homosexuals because it is easy, and it is something you are not tempted by. I’ll take you seriously when you start handing out Bibles at the Golden Corral.

  85. Jesus Fan wrote:

    DMP, fair enough.

    However, someone with a high metabolism who is thin as a rail could be just as guilty of gluttony as someone with a low metabolism who is very large. There is no bright line there.

    Homosexuality is NEVER right. But just because you are overweight does not necessarily mean you are a glutton.

    (By the way, I am neither overweight nor a homosexual so I am not making excuses…)

    And I think the best response to your argument lies in what someone else said:

    God never destroyed a city for being overweight.

    EDITOR: Ok folks, that’ll just about do it on this topic. Nobody has said anything new … well, since this started. So let’s move on.

  86. noninsider wrote:

    Anyone on here going to be at NQC next week? I always enjoy reading the observer reports, I will be there for part of the week, and I will try to get some reports up…

  87. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Sources are saying Mike & Kelly Bowling will make an appearance on mainstage Tuesday night. Sure wish I could make, but that’s the evening that I am traveling up, so I won’t make it in time.

  88. James Stamey wrote:

    I just got back from a concert with Gold City. I have been a fan since the 80’s and have followed them dearly over the years.
    I knew Daniel and Bruce could tear it up, and was not let down by Tim hitting the low notes. The old man still has it! I was blown away by Josh Cobb.
    I wanted to hear him in person,and yeah he is Great! I thought about how he would handle Preach the Word when they started the song. Beautiful! Gold City has some new material coming out in November, I ordered my copy tonight. Gold City also has a new favorites vol 1 out now, and I am listening to the third song as I type. If Gold City is close to you,or you want to travel to hear good quartet (Sanging) then go see them.
    You will be Blessed!

  89. Jesus Fan wrote:

    Thanks for allowing my comments, Doug. Please don’t take anything I have said as personal hate mail or anything.

    In other news, I’m glad to hear Channing Eleton will be playing piano with Gold City at NQC.

  90. Michael wrote:

    I am reading most of the above posts with dismay and disgust.

    While you gossip and accuse regarding things you have no clue about, you assume yourselves high and mighty.

    First of all, I know Dony and Reba, and they didn’t “swap” spouses in the disgusting way you insinuate. Stop the gossip- it’s a sin too.

    Second, they are not pro-gay. They welcome everyone, regardless of their condition. I know more than any of you- I attend their church. Our church is probably 10 percent gay, and we don’t condone it- we just love a teach the word and hope that everyone listening will be transformed, regardless of their condition. Some of you should attend.

    None of you know the true story behind The Rambos, Dottie and Reba or Buck. You only repeat the gossip you’ve heard.

    Reba and Dony are two of the finest people I’ve ever known. They don’t gossip about others- I know, I am around them all the time. The actually try to live the Good News. They are good people.

    These posts are heartbreaking and not the heart of God. No one looking for God would find Him here among this gossip and slander.

    You should be ashamed. If you want to write about someone, call them, call their church- get your facts straight.

    If this blog were the temple, Jesus would be turning your tables over for sure.

    This is why non-christians want nothing to do with Christianity.

  91. Michael wrote:

    And another thing:

    Reba loved her mother very much, regardless of what you may think.

    I hope that none of you suffer this much gossip when your parents die.

    God help you.

  92. Wade wrote:

    Thank You!!!

  93. Lisa wrote:

    I’m not ashamed. I followed Dottie’s career. It wasn’t gossip. Unless you are calling Dottie Rambo a liar?

  94. NG wrote:

    NQC starts today. Louisville Courier-Journal has this (and nothing more) it it’s calendar section for today:

    “Dailey and Vincent are one of the highlights of the Southern Gospel Music convention, which begins today in Louisville, and which marks the 100th anniversary of the musical genre.”

    I believe Dailey and Vincent are a bluegrass group who recently did an album of Statler Brothers songs.

  95. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #86: I will be there Wednesday-Saturday, and hopefully getting reports of each night up on the blog.

    I see that Ernie Haase & Signature Sound will start taking pre-orders for the Cathedrals Tribute DVD and CD at NQC. Looks like another thing for the budget.

  96. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #94: True, but they are also on mainstage this year. This was probably already decided before they hired Christian Davis as guitarist/bass singer.

  97. NG wrote:

    Further my post #94: Courier-Journal did publish this item on Sept 10 in its “Church happenings” column:

    “National Quartet Convention. Freedom Hall, Kentucky Exposition Center, Watterson Expressway at the Fairgrounds, 2 p.m. Thursday. Speaker: Sarah Palin. Thirty-minute question and answer session afterward. (800) 846-8499.

    Noon next Saturday. 100th Anniversary of Southern Gospel Music Showcase Spectaculars.”

  98. Matt G. wrote:

    I’m attending the Friday night concert. This is my first NQC, and I’m very excited!!

  99. Kate wrote:

    I love D&V. Reading about the Rambos. I bet Reba and Dony are loving this. This is the most attention that they have had in since the 70’s or early 80’s. Not my favorite people.

  100. JulieBelle wrote:

    I’m more upset that whoever has released the list of performers didn’t do their research (must less, doesn’t KNOW) that Reba’s daughter’s name is NOT Chastity, it’s Destiny.

    Re: the “In the Garden” project…Steve Weatherford told me several years ago they could not obtain the rights to it then. He’d tried several times, but it wasn’t going to happen. Hopefully that has changed. One of the best gospel albums of all time!

  101. Bethany wrote:

    I totally agree with Michael.

    And Lisa,
    it doesn’t matter how much you followed Dottie’s career- it doesn’t give you the right to gossip about her personal life or Reba’s. It’s none of your business. You are still a gossip.

    Maybe you should find something better to do with your time.

    And for you, Kate- newsflash:
    Nobody cares whether they are your fav people except maybe your mother. Go tell her.

  102. Glenn wrote:

    Gosh darn it. Nothing I’d rather do than sit and listen to Sarah Palin answer questions for thirty minutes. Maybe she is throwing that in for free.

  103. Angela wrote:

    I am very excited about attending the convention! So glad that the Rambos are performing. I heard the Downings are too.

    So much talent in both groups, even though Dottie is gone. She will be missed, but they will hold up her memory, praise God!

    I don’t think the ugly comments about people here are very Christ like, and unless you change, I sure hope you don’t come and rain on everyone else’s good time praising God.

  104. Carrie wrote:

    Well we learned one thing here. Dottie Rambo’s fans and Reba Rambo fans don’t like each other much. I hadn’t even heard of Reba until Dottie died.

  105. justafan wrote:

    Anybody have the NQC schedule for tonight? Will the opening be worth being in attendance for?

  106. joe wrote:

    #103 Angela: Thank you for posting the most Christ-like comments I have read in this entire thread.

  107. chuck stevens wrote:

    Does anyone know if you can pick up the live stage feed this year, besides paying through the NQC Website? They used to carry it on Solid Gospel, last year I could not find it.

  108. James F wrote:

    Chuck I think you can do a pay per view of the convention performances.

    For post 103 I think people have a right to their thoughts. It’s a shame in every debate with Christians that when opposition is made your Christianity is called to issue.

    I remember the Rambos but I tend to agree with the other posts. The Rambos without Dottie Rambo is like The Beetles without John and Paul. It shouldn’t happen. The family surely knew this was going to cause debate. I don’t fault them for wanting to be seen again after all this time but do fault whoever made such an invitation to them.

  109. Kacey wrote:

    At NQC and it is dead. A lot of people evidently are upset about the Rambo thing. That’s all we heard. I am surprised they are here. I haven’t seen any of them yet. Well back to my people watching.

  110. cdguy wrote:

    #108 - James F — I doubt the family “knew this was going to cause debate.” Most folks in the spotlight are clueless about the controversy of their decisions, until it blows up in their faces.

  111. Rena wrote:

    I’m surprised they would have the Rambos with Dottie gone and all the family problems. I would like to see a group like The Bishops.

    It’s ironic with all republican promotion of Sarah Palin at the Convention that they would have immoral people at the event. This goes against the common teachings of the party.

  112. Rhonda wrote:

    I love Dailey and Vincent. Never heard of the Downings. I do like the Hoppers. Not a fan of Dottie Rambo’s offspring but we all have to make a dollar folks.

  113. Glenn wrote:

    #111, I’m sure not the one to judge someone’s morality (nor should you be), but I’d take the Rambo’s over Sarah Palin any day.

  114. Michael wrote:

    I’m here and haven’t heard anything negative about the Rambos or the Downings or anybody else in the reunion.

    People are excited. Don’t know what convention you guys are at, but this one is great.

    I am looking forward to hearing everybody- a lot of talent under one roof.

  115. GospelWriter wrote:

    I’m starting to get the weird feeling that some of these posts are a collaborative attempt to make it seem that the Rambos/others should be disliked.

    Never seen so many strange and out-of-the blue nasty comments.

    I wish you guys would stop using this blog to do that. I am looking for honest comments about great southern gospel music and wish all the haters would go elsewhere.


  116. Anthony wrote:

    Are any of the Downings still alive? Is Dottie and Reba’s father alive?

  117. Benji wrote:

    It’s good to know I’m not the only person who has thought about why some artists are invited to the NQC and not others. I would rather not see any of the people mentioned in the open thread as I am a quartet man. Not a bluegrass fan either but will check out Dailey and Vincent them to hear Christian. Incredible bass. Some may come just to see how things are played out with the controversial situations. I sit those performances out.

  118. Margaret wrote:

    to benji. I like my fair share of bluegrass.

    does anyone know if the weatherfords got enough signatures?

    I would chime in with my thoughts about the Rambos but afraid I will be accused of a conspiracy. I lived through JFK and can’t take another one.

    see you at nqc.

  119. Ginger wrote:

    I agree that the Weatherfords have a beautiful sound. I love Lily’s pure voice. Country sound seems to be the lead in SG today. Now I would like to see them at the Gospel 100 year birthday. I will let the other comments speak for themselves. I do love Dottie Rambo and her music though. Now she is one that will be sorely missed. Not heard Daily and Vincent but willing to give them a listen. I will check on the line to see if I can find some music video footage.

  120. Dan wrote:

    Just caught up on the conversation. I admit it’s been a while since I got my averyfineline fix. Got a verizon card and tomorrow my laptop may get to come to my booth so I can keep up. Didn’t know about the gay church thing. Always some crazy facts and rumors at NQC. I had a feeling this one would create controversy. We’ve discussed the Rambo’s family problems before and probably will again with her family coming back to the public scene.

    On a better note it seemed like more people were making the rounds today. I think the economy is working against the convention for 2010. Is anyone as excited as I am to hear Greater Vision Thursday?

  121. Rick in southGeorgia wrote:

    Re#116- The Downings line-up I most remember was Paul & Ann Downing and Dony & Joy McGuire. Paul died, but Ann is still alive & singing. Dony is now married to Reba Rambo & Joy is married to Landy Gardner. Buck was Dottie’s (ex) husband and Reba’s father. He is still living & remarried.

  122. Paul J. wrote:

    I didn’t know until I was an adult and married that Buck was Dottie’s husband. I had always thought she and Dottie were sisters.

  123. William wrote:

    Rick that brings up the old scandal of Reba Rambo and Dony McGuire switching husbands with Landy Gardner and Joy. Scandal seems to follow them.

  124. Barbie S. wrote:

    So glad that the Rambos are here. They are doing something now with the Gaithers, on Friday, I think? Have not seen them yet, but have not heard any of the above mentioned scuttle.

  125. Andrew S. wrote:

    122- They are young enough to be sisters.

  126. William wrote:

    Barbie S. seems to be in the know and/or fauxe. Did she question every person in attendance at the NQC?

  127. Kevin R wrote:

    #126 I wouldn’t doubt it. But the bigger falsehood is that we haven’t heard about the scuttle.

  128. Jeff T. wrote:

    For Kevin and William-

    It’s obvious you are both faux (no “e” required).

    Hatin’ is getting old and nobody cares about your hater comments.

    The show will go on and on and on…:)

  129. Charlie G. wrote:

    You know, if you chase every rumor you hear, everybody has one. I just saw one where photos came out where somebody’s manager was at a gay church! It seems like everybodys got something in their closet these days, I’m sure more than most are willing to admit. Maybe we all need to focus on our own lives before the finger starts pointing back at us. Too much talking has a weird way of backfiring on you.

    Besides, we all need to be enjoying the music, not the garbage.

  130. Alex M. wrote:

    I’m sure there a lot of them out there. Going to a gay church or pastoring one. Neither is right but I’m sure many will do it.

    Charlie G. I love how you dress down someone for rumors and bring up another one. Only in SG. You kinda had 4 fingers pointing back LMAO

  131. Charlie G. wrote:

    Just trying to say that if you keep pushing,
    you might start seeing some things you won’t like your ownself. :)

  132. Denise Higgins wrote:

    Charlie G- Are you posting to somone in general or are you doing background checks on all of us? If you are feuding with another person or making a threat to them wouldn’t it be easier to contact them directly? Sounds like you have created a synthesis on the issue. This feels very strange to me.

  133. Pastor James wrote:

    Please sisters and brothers lets not result to personal attacks and threats over singing groups. If these singers are called of God ministers they would not want any of you waging a war on their behalf. If they knew their appearance was causing hurt and seperation I’m sure they would have gracefully bowed out. More than likely the Mcguires have no idea that some people would not like them to be at the showcase. Lets not treat gospel music like secular music and worship the artists. We must not become idol worship centered. It’s only one appearance and when it is over it will be over and no dead bodies will be found.

  134. Jeff T. wrote:

    Brother Pastor Apostle Evangelist James,

    You have given me a bigger laugh than I’ve had in a long time.

    Nice try, hater, but your fake pose as a pastor is a scream! You too, “Denise”. Do you really think we are all that stoopid?

    Looks like to me that God’s the one who opened the door for them to be there- he is God, you know.

    Please keep up the posts. Bad press can actually be good, and with this kind of stoopid, the laughs are worth it.

    Thanks and keep it comin’!

  135. Ted "Tex" Caruthers wrote:

    “Pastor” James,

    If you were my pastor, I would be an atheist.

    I really don’t believe you are a pastor- if so, you need to read what you preach about. Or maybe that’s your trouble…

  136. Shirlene B. wrote:

    I found this blog tonight searching for information on the convention.

    May I say that this thread is sad. Am not sure why people are being so obvious in their attempts to defame innocent people, but it is not christian-like. Pastor James, I have no idea who you are, but you sir are no pastor.

    What is wrong with you people, and why so consumed with tearing these people down? What in the world have they ever done to you? You are pitiful, that’s all, pitiful.

    In my experience, the only reason people stoop to such lows is because they themselves have hit bottom.

    I pray that you will find the God the people at the convention are singing about, and try to find the good in the groups there, not the sins you so like to speak about, or pick out.

    This is simply awful, and really, you guys should take a look at what you are doing. I think you’ve lost perspective.

  137. Gospel Music Lover wrote:

    Shirline just happened to stumble on this thread while looking for news on the convention. Yeah right! I think it’s the same poster posting all this pro McGuire propaganda. Why attack the pastor?

  138. Uranidiot wrote:

    You people are idiots!

  139. David wrote:

    The bible says homosexuality is an abomination “men lying with men” was one of the main reasons Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, some people say love the sinner hate the sin but there is a difference between hating the sin and tolerating it they say love the sinner hate the sin as an excuse for their toleration we are supposed to love the sinners but we are also supposed to tell them the truth in love tell them to stop living in sin because we don’t want to see them lost and undone without the lord we want to see them in heaven so we try to get them to change their ways my family and church is perfectly fine with someone who is gay to come in to our church if it is to turn from their sin notams we will not preach that their ways are right we will not appeal to “itching ears” as the bible says some will do so many have a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof thinking that they can only believe part of God’s word and not the whole if we want any part of God we must believe the whole bible people will say of that’s the case what about Paul sayin women aren’t allowed to speak in church, but that had to do with the culture and if you read on he says (to paraphrase) in God it doesn’t matter what gender you are and how about we all stop this pointless arguing and focus on God and drawing in the lost and stop preaching vanity and start preaching salvation. Preach Jesus Christ and him crucified. Because that’s what it’s all about

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