“Stupid” rumors

As you might have noticed today, KPNR was in a vehicle accident (good thoughts to them) … and David Phelps was not.

In a post debunking the latter, Mark Lowry concludes by whining about the “stupid” rumors that people start, as if this came from someone who got up this morning and said, “Gee, I think I’ll start a big fat lie about David Phelps dying in a car wreck so I can piss Mark Lowry off.”

I don’t doubt that these things have to be annoying to people in Lowry’s and Phelps’s position. But I also suspect the origins of this sort of stuff are as often as not pretty benign.

Celebrities generate some pretty strong attachments among some fans, whose enthusiasm can lead to stories and bits of misunderstood gossip getting jumbled up in an imagination fueled by strong desires for opportunities (like car accidents or other Major Life Events) to express superfan concern and support for the beloved performer.  You’d think a guy like Lowry, who’s spent nearly his entire life in entertainment (and actually been in a really serious accident), wouldn’t default to such an ungenerous set of assumptions about the people who have made him a household name in Christian music.

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  1. Just Thinking wrote:

    Don’t you think he was just poking fun at the situation, as evidenced by the comment that if it had been true, it would have ruined his whole day? Give Mark a break! He is one of our all-time favorites, and I HAVE TO speak up in his defense!

  2. Auke wrote:

    #1 that’s how i read it too…if there’s one guy in SGM who deserves to be taken seriously in being anything but serious it’s Lowry! The guy is a great singer,comedian and spirit..love Mark!
    You are definitly reading too much into this…

  3. Janet B wrote:

    Last year, the teenaged son of a friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver. About 2 weeks later, my sister was visiting me; she left to go into town to the store. An hour later, she hadn’t returned & she wasn’t answering her phone. I went into town looking for her…finally found her. At first, she made fun of me for getting so worked up about it…until I said, “Listen - 2 weeks ago, my friend said goodbye to her son as he left for a party - and he never came home. Next time, answer your phone when I call you!”
    Mark said that he barely pays attention to these kinds of rumors…then he thought about Anthony Burger. THAT jumpstarted his heart - the poor guy. Things happen, you know. He probably had a hard time believing the news about Dottie Rambo’s death when he first heard it.

    All that being said….Doug - lighten up! And a happy Labor Day to ya!

  4. RDB wrote:

    You’re telling Doug to lighten up? Did you read Mark’s post . . . just ’cause he’s a comedian doesn’t mean when he sounds peevish he’s not really peevish. He’s being funny? Seriously?

    Why do these “people” ruin my day, he says? Sounds more like diva-talk than a punchline to me.

  5. Just Thinking wrote:

    RDB–Diva talk??? Is he not allowed to be human? Losing David would have been a devastating blow. Cut him some slack! I mean, it MAY have been an over-reaction (though I am not sure of that), but it certainly wasn’t over the top.

  6. cindytreadway wrote:

    The forum users on the david phelps forum were going so far as to say a restraining order should be taken out on the “rumor starter”. I swear, its loony the way people on these forums react to things. Talk about taking Mark Lowry out of context. Insane.

  7. Alan wrote:

    My late wife used to say that “A rumor will get around the world before the truth gets its shoes on.” Sadly, that’s true. And yes, anyone who lives in the public eye will be the target of stupid rumors, and so will their friends be. They really are hellish things. I give Mark a complete pass on this one, especially as it made his mind go to Anthony Burger. Imagine if it had been about one of your great friends and colleagues. I hope they can find who started this all….

  8. RDB wrote:

    Just Thinking - Mark’s allowed to be human, which means he’s open to criticism as well as defense.

  9. DMP wrote:

    How many times now has this happened to Bill Cosby? He was pretty angry about it the last time the rumor went around…

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