Two thoughts on stracks

While I was away, the evergreen debate about stacks and tracks resurfaced, and I had two thoughts:

One, there’s got to be an apocryphal scripture out there somewhere that says, like the poor, tracks and stacks (and the stracks debate) will always be with us.

And two, though I’ve spent a lot of time criticizing the use of stracks, if I’m honest with myself I gotta say that I don’t have that big of a problem with tracks and stacks …. so long as they don’t draw attention to themselves (and in my defense, the times I have criticized them is when they are abused or overindulged). We all know that most groups do polish their sound with background stacks and tracks, and frankly we’d probably not like the music much these days without stracks, given how unmusical so much of the music is in its unguarded or trackless moments. But if you’re in a small country church and you’re singing with a 50 piece orchestra, or when you sound like a million bucks in the ensemble but most of you struggle to sing a solo with even a modicum of tunefulness, or when the same voice can be heard singing more than one part on stage … well, it’s hard for the mind sustain the suspension of disbelief that this is a genuinely live experience.

And with that, I would be happy to never have to discuss the track/stacks issue again.

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