NQC 10: Tuesday Night

So the house sound may (may) be improved this year? And the subscription-only streaming feed is mono. Win some and lose some, I guess.

Meanwhile, whilst you wait for our intrepid correspondents from the field to report in, go over and check out David Bruce Murray some other NQC related items.

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  1. MSP wrote:

    Live feed is in stereo tonight. Problem fixed.

  2. Benji wrote:

    How are the exhibits? I will be there Thursday. Are many of the groups visiting with fans at their booths?

  3. Brett wrote:

    Anybody see the big mess up with KPNR on “Robe & Crown”, the sound team blew it.

  4. Wonderer wrote:

    Does anyone know of anyone that is live blogging/tweeting from NQC that we can follow? I’ll be there later in the week, but would like to follow anyone that is giving live reports, updates or instant commentary.

  5. Ginger wrote:

    I love the Karen Peck family.

  6. Scott Fowler wrote:

    You don’t want to miss the Freedom Singers, from Romania in the Chapel service Wednesday morning at 10:30. Trust me…

  7. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The sound isn’t perfect this year, by any stretch. It did improve on Monday evening between the first act I saw and the last.

  8. Beth wrote:

    #3 - yes… but they handled it well at least :-)

    The highlight of the night was by far the Bowling Family. What an amazing story. I’ll never forget that moment. God bless them and continue to use them.

    ps - also very impressed with the Crist family. Wow…

  9. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    Sound is definately better this year than in the past. The Master of Ceremonies or lack of really stinks.I’m afraid the Southern in Southern Gospel is about gone.And the FLEA MARKET in the exhibit hall is rediculas

  10. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    The Anchormen have seemed to have always been a revolving door in southern gospel but they were one of the best if not the best I heard on Tuesday night

  11. lovelife wrote:

    so, what’d you think of the Courier’s song about the bride????? What were they thinkin?

  12. Beth wrote:

    I didn’t mind the lack of emcee… I liked Dean/Kim. The Couriers… well WOW… I seriously laughed out loud during that one.

    I was disappointed that the Lesters didn’t have a soprano… I was amazed at the piano player onstage with the Bowlings who just picked right up and played while calling out chords/numbers to Lori on bass.

    Taranda Greene is just amazing… those shoes though… just wow. Tony looked bad and coming offstage took it’s toll on him. Broke my heart.

    Wasn’t impressed with the Hoppers set. Claude seemed a bit confused and disoriented.

    Agree with the Flea Market feel… but I guess they gotta make money somehow.

  13. Brett wrote:

    Is the crowd attendance down this year?

  14. Ha wrote:

    FLEA MARKET…the biggest laugh is always rooted in fact.

  15. wanderer wrote:

    When you say Couriers, do you mean Dave, Duane and Neil. Was under the impression the current Couriers had disbanded.

  16. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    yes #15 the Original Couriers Dave, Duane. and Neil sang Tuesday night together

  17. FJW wrote:

    Hats Off to Phil B. The sound was very much improved, if not just plain good for the first night. Wesley Pritchard was not seen,??? I think the attendance was down 15%, but I am just guessing….

  18. Diane wrote:

    Many groups have to sell something besides CD’s to pay for the exhibit booth, since they don’t sell CD’s. Who’s going to buy your CD if they can’t hear you? How about letting some of them sing one song instead of playing a bunch of silly videos or any of those other crazy antics between groups? I like the showcases-more singing, great talent, better Spirit.

  19. Paul J. wrote:

    Brett I thought the crowd was down this year. It usually does pick up toward the end of the week. I’m leaving in the morning and had to cut out early tonight. I think the southern gospel industry will need some more engaging personalities in the future to make a bigger splash. Mike Bowling did a good job. Karen Peck had to get points for enduring the sound problems.

  20. Brett wrote:

    Yes Karen handled well, was that Jeff Stice playing piano on the “robe & Crown”?

  21. lovelife wrote:

    What about the Reggie Sadler Family and is Ginger Pritchards daughter no longer singing?

  22. Andrew S. wrote:

    #21- I noticed the Saddlers’ disappearance from NQC as well. Normally if they cut down a 2-set group, they put them at 1 set before leaving them off. If my memory serves me right, they didn’t sound that bad last year.

    Ginger PITCHER’s daughter came off the road earlier this year.

    Am I the only one who believes the Rochesters need to be given an NQC set next year?? Please let me know if I am. They did some good singing at the Front Porch Bluegrass Showcase Thursday.

  23. country blue wrote:

    Has anyone heard Daron Farmer….def needs to be on main stage next year!!!

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