NQC 10: “I Stand Redeemed”

Reader MM locates a handheld video of Josh Cobb and Gold City reprising Cobb’s signature tune during his debut with L5 ten years ago:

Via MM, a few thoughts

1. Daniel Riley asked Scott Fowler if they could sing this song.  Good thing he said yes or the brand new track and stacked vocals would have been a complete waste.
2. Cobb’s  cryptic words before he sings point to some truth about the rumors of his time between L5 and GC.
3. After the second chorus there is this awkward pause in the momentum of the song that leads to a horrible modulation that Cobb and the rest of the guys seem to completely botch.  Seems like someone was listening to Phelps sing “Let Freedom Ring” and thought, “Hey let’s do that in a completely disjointed way.”
4. I guess GC will be staging this song in their live shows, and probably will be on a recording soon.

This strikes me as just about right. Things really start to deteriorate around the 2:35 mark, and, as MM notes, fall completely apart in the modulation. Cobb is undoubtedly gifted, and that comes through clearly in this clip, and yet there’s still an unsteadiness to the vocal delivery here and his body language that left me cringing and wincing throughout. I felt like I was watching a Jan Brewer debate.

As an aside, this clip gives you a sense of how down attendance is. I’d say fewer than half the empty seats you can see in the upper deck here were filled last night.

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  1. It's Getting Old wrote:

    It was a little discombobulated, but not that bad. Overall, great performance by Cobb.

    I guess I’m getting tired of the constant negativity on this site. It’s like refusing to see the forest for the trees.

  2. Quartet Fan wrote:

    If you find fault with that, you can find fault with anything.

  3. Shorty Bradford wrote:

    No disrespect intended to Quartet Fan or It’s Getting Old - I am a positive guy but that was not ready for the stage. It will be…but this time they were not ready. No big deal. It happens sometimes even to the best groups.

  4. DMP wrote:

    I think that review was kind.

  5. quartet-man wrote:

    1. Doug and I don’t always agree, but he was stating his opinion on this. It wasn’t particularly mean-spirited as far as I can tell. Also bear in mind that the highlighted area are not Doug’s words. Nonetheless, Doug also mentioned how gifted Josh is.

    As far as negativity of this site, did you not read the post about Childress? That is not negative. He has other ones that are good like that. Just because he doesn’t give glowing reviews to everything out there, doesn’t mean he is always negative. There is a difference in being real and honest and being the type who says peace and love all of the time no matter what and not finding good in nothing. :D

  6. quartet-man wrote:


  7. Pastor James wrote:

    I miss the days when groups relied on harmony and not technology. I prefer an off night performance over an inauthentic one. Presently most of our groups use more track and heavy stack vocals and this will be the norm I think for the future.

  8. Belinda Smith wrote:

    I think it is brilliant.
    Team Josh.
    Team Gold City.
    Am I biased? Well, maybe only 33.33%. Even so, I’m kind of taken by the fact that this song has been going for a decade now, and I know I speak for Kelly and Christina when I say thanks to both Gold City and Legacy V for cutting our song. Neat-o.
    I’d also like to thank the fans.
    And the Academy.

  9. Belinda Smith wrote:

    …and Team Legacy V.

    Please don’t skewer me.

  10. matt wrote:

    Why did Daniel Riley ask Scott Fowler if they could sing the song?

    It’s an ok arrangement, but it does kind of fall apart. That can be fixed though, right?

  11. GC/EHSS/L5 fan wrote:

    I’m on Belinda’s side.

    Furthermore, if I see one nasty word on this blogabout the Cathedrals reunion during EHSS’s set tonight, I will burn a paper bag in protest!

  12. quartet-man wrote:

    #10 It was a nice, professional courtesy since L5 did the song first and still stages it. Did he have to? No, but it’s nice he did.

  13. swhalen wrote:

    Come on. Be honest. Love the song (as originally done), love GC, but they should have asked Scott the question a week ago and used the time to practice the arrangement until they got it right. But as was stated already, they’ll perfect it - they are after all GC!

  14. Brady wrote:

    Matt, Daniel asked Scott if GC could do the song out of respect for Legacy Five and the fact they did the song when Josh was with L5. And there were some rumblings of controversy when Josh abruptly left L5. A nice gesture on GC’s part.

  15. Shirlene B. wrote:

    I thought is was good and it blessed me.

    Sometimes we can be to critical for our own good…:)

  16. It's Getting Old wrote:

    Matt, real gentlemen in this industry realize that is only proper manners and Christian character to chat with another group before staging a song that they made popular and are still singing on a regular basis.

    Too bad some people in the industry were never taught basic manners.

  17. Irishlad wrote:

    The NQC attendees are literally dying off and obviously ain’t bin replaced by new blood.

  18. Greg wrote:

    I would echo the thoughts expressed by Shorty Bradford in #3 above.

    The performance was simply not good enough to roll out anywhere just yet (let alone at SG’s “showcase event”).

    Needless to say, this could change, given enough additional work/refinement by Mr. Cobb and GC.

    As it is, though, this performance illustrates why some observers see SG as a genre limited by its easy acceptance of mediocrity and its tolerance of cliched, amateurish vocal histrionics.

    GC is capable of better things.

  19. Eric wrote:

    Gold City used to be good. What happened?

  20. matt wrote:

    Alright…..after I typed that question about Riley asking Fowler permission, I figured out the answer myself. As my dad says……”Too soon old, too late smart!”

  21. Gold City Fan wrote:

    I personally enjoyed the song.It was going on 11:00 when they sang the song that night.Wonder how many of us would sound perfect at that time of night?

  22. Faith wrote:

    How many of us sound perfect at that time of night? Um, well, it’s their JOB to sound good. No wonder the rest of the world doesn’t like SG. How can they? How can they understand a genre that rewards/makes excuses for poor performance?

    Josh Cobb is a pretty good singer, but that was a poor performance. Hollering off-key and justifying it by saying “well, we just decided to try this one out tonight” is NOT okay; it’s a bad idea. End of story.

  23. Deron wrote:

    #21 Oh, come off it. It didn’t matter what time it was–it could have been 6:00, noon, or even 7 in the morning. The simple fact is, they just weren’t ready to perform this arrangement. As a result, it completely fell apart. That’s it.

  24. DMP wrote:

    It was a train wreck. I couldn’t stop watching.

  25. Casual Observer wrote:

    I’m more concerned about all empty seats than I am about this “Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time” performance. At this rate, they’ll be able to hold the NQC at the airport Ramada Inn next year. Maybe the attendance was down because of the economy in general. Or maybe we’re seeing the SG industry dry up before I very eyes. All is know is…if we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we’ll keep getting what we’re getting.

  26. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    25. I was there that night, and I will say that the attendance is lower than years past on Wednesday night, but it was also about 11:00 PM… Most people start pouring out of there around 10… Which is a problem in and of itself; I can remember when groups were good enough that people did not want to get out of their seats… It seems we have lost that, and it is a sad state of where we are… I hope it turns around soon…

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