NQC 10: Transitions and upstagings

From one of our most esteemed Canadian readers, NG, offers a historical perspective on the strange segues between acts that I commented on last night:

Enjoyed your report on Thursday’s doings.  I’m wondering if these time wasters between acts is to reduce the amount of competition between groups.  In the 70s, groups came on one after another (not much technology then) and it could be tough or easy to outdo the previous act.  Same thing used to happen at concerts then when groups were fighting (not always fairly) to sell more records.

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  1. Andrew S. wrote:

    Maybe if they’d do as this person suggested, we’d have better quality music. The groups today are sub sub-par with the exception being the Booth Bros., Collingsworth Family, Perrys, & Greater Vision. That inclusion would reduce a lot of this no-name talent that’s just supposedly the “next best” thing.

  2. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    I am pretty sure they play some of these videos are played to get the sound crew ready for the next group. (I could be wrong) Though the sound hasn’t always been stellar this week it has, however been better than in years past…

  3. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Sorry for the typo, I am getting bleary eyed and didn’t catch it til I hit post…

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