NQC 10: Dissent of the day

Today’s honor goes to Harold Reed, tenor for the Kingsmen:

hey thanks for mentioning me twice in your usual useless banter. i will never defend my singing nor should i have to but if you were a real man, my wish would be for you to come find me and give me your critique to my face as id like to meet you. personally i think itd be fun for you to sing in my place Saturday night, i would greatly enjoy it. ill jus end with this..the day i leave the kingsmen, ill never miss folks like you who i dont even think Jesus could please. btw, you will only have to miss the first 20-25 minutes of the night and we will be sure not to assault your ears.

Do you need a mechanic to tell you when you’ve got a flat tire? A painter to tell you if prefer the Mona Lisa to Dali? A meteorologist to tell you to come in out of the rain?

I think a lot of folks like Reed want to believe that guys like me come to NQC just to bitch and moan and that we are never happier than when things go south on stage. And if that were true, you’d have heard me singing “Happy Am I” from my post up in the rafters on and off most of the night last night. But something bigger and deeper than a love of snark and snipe alone is necessary to sustain a listener who, like me, comes for the transformative moments of musical transport. Bad singing, in the end, really just isn’t that interesting.

Still, I sorta feel for Reed a bit. In his time with the Florida Boys there at the end, when the group included Josh Garner and Gene McDonald, Reed was responsible for some really delightful moments of solid quartet singing in the old gospel style from which I and many others derived great satisfaction. And even if a guy like me - who, as Reed notes, has no music skills, no job in gospel music, substantially lacking in “real” manliness - can hear the difference between that and this, then and now, … well, it’s hard to imagine a pro like Reed not only hearing but deeply feeling the disparity himself. And assuming he cares more than I do about his performance, then Reed’s harshest critic is - or at least really ought to be - Reed.

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  1. abk wrote:

    Your “Happy Am I” statement is pretty easy to say from behind the laptop isn’t it.

  2. Faith wrote:

    Pretty scathing…I feel kind of sorry for Harold. He’s a nice guy. Still…if the shoe fits…

  3. QwertyJuan wrote:

    “Your “Happy Am I” statement is pretty easy to say from behind the laptop isn’t it.”

    A LOT of things are easy to say behind a laptop. :)

  4. Wise N. Heimer wrote:

    tap tap is this thing on?

  5. Wise N. Heimer wrote:

    My previous comment that was made before the tap tap one must be in a spam folder as it never displayed. It said something like this:
    #3 True. Imagine trying to say something like this in person………..

  6. haha wrote:

    Hey, I wish you would go introduce yourself to Harold. That would be awesome. Just take a small army with you, lol

  7. CH wrote:

    I see you’re still smarting from never getting a job with the Kingsmen, or anybody else for that matter. I really hope you do run into Harold so he can put you through a table like everyone’s been wanting to do for years. I would imagine no one would help you up.

  8. Ron F wrote:

    I think we could sell tickets and help the low crowds at NQC. A Boxing Match on Saturday Night between Avery and Harold Reed.

  9. Kermit The Hermit wrote:

    Doug is my hero.

  10. NG wrote:

    Critics of everything — music, art, literature, theatre — have been criticized forever by artists with the argument that they cannot do what they are reviewing. But the critic’s role is to review not to perform.

    Artist whom folks pay to see, while they may not like it, have to take good comments with the bad or simply ignore them. Most professional athletes say they don’t read or watch what is said about them (although I have my doubts).

    In fairness to SGM singers I have to wonder if one of the problems is that they work way too much. If top pop and country artists had to do 200 or more dates a year, I wonder how good they would sound night after night. As well, most SGM singers (unlike stars in other fields) usually have to set up the sound system, be nice to fans, sell product and ride long miles on a bus (and maybe fix the bus if it breaks down).

    But others would say that despite the difficulties they should be extra prepared for NQC if it is to be the big showcase in SGM.

  11. Ron F wrote:

    Hey , I left NQC Thursday evening, What were the crowds like on Thursday and Friday Nights, anybody know?

  12. copperhill wrote:

    Wonder what will be next month’s # 1 ranked song on the Singing News charts? Who sings the lead on that song?

  13. in Agreement wrote:

    Avery, you are brave. Nevermind that you aren’t going to the table to tell them in person- I’ve been to enough of their concerts to know that you don’t have to. The empty seats should be doing the trick. Sadly, it isn’t. Instead, mediocrity and over-reliance on a legacy they can’t truly claim as their own are cloaked as Godliness and piety. To tell the truth,by saying that they aren’t worth spending your money to listen to anymore, is cause for attack. That is sad.

    Sure, you aren’t a professional singer. However, as a writer - you are spot-on. The Kingsmen of today? Well, at least you know what you can and can’t do. Maybe it is time they found out. Look, I hold no truck for the individuals in the group. I have nothing against their testimonies as individuals, I will never question their salvation. The sad truth, however, is that they aren’t very good as a group of singers. Don’t take my word for it. Go to a concert where they are the ‘featured’ group and let the lack of people in the audience do the talking.

    Add to that the idea that their tenor singer is concerned enough to personally respond. For me, that says it all.

    I was there when the Kingsmen recorded “Saints Will Rise” at the Tuscaloosa Firefighters Annual Sing. Maybe, and I’m sure there were, people who thought Ernie Phillips wasn’t great - he might have even known who they were. However, I can testify that he, and the others, were far too busy selling records and greeting ‘friends’ to care about responding to critics. Subsequent iterations of ”Kingsmen’ held their own against any other SG group. There were changes, but they found enough of the old formula to stay near the top. Anthony leaving, Fox’s stroke, and Jim’s retirement all hurt. Still, they soldiered on.

    With Parker Jonathan, they had a chance to recapture the charisma and charm that made up for lackluster singing. While he was growing into his role as emcee, they were making great strides toward recapturing the mojo that lit up every stage they crossed. However, the sucker-punch of his departure and the lack of a live band killed any post-Hammill dynamic that had been built.

    The very idea that the Kingsmen, who set as many trends as any group in gospel music, who were possibly more copied by local and regional groups than any other, and who brought more NQC crowds than I can count to their feet, crying, laughing, and begging for more, is even on the same playing field as today’s group? Come on.

    I’ve been witness to the trainwreck you wrote about. I’ve paid my money to go see it. Sadly, I’ve even fallen for the now cliched, ‘with this recording, the Kingsmen are back…” reviews and bought their albums. Every single time I’ve seen them or played their project, however, I’ve thought, “I’ve been had.”

    It is sad to me. The Mighty Kingsmen are the reason I loved Southern Gospel. Their energy, passion for showmanship as ministry, wit, charm, and the range of emotions that they could wring out of a concert (or for that matter a single song), are truly missing in this genre today.

    Avery, the reason I come back, more than anywhere else, to your blog is simple: you tell the truth. I’m with you.

    Mr. Reed, I am sure that hearing the truth about your own limitations and mistakes is uncomfortable. However, surely you can admit that Doug has the same chance of being valid as the now-meaningless blogs whose effusive praises are poorly-disguised attempts at empty flattery. If the others were telling the truth, your booking agent wouldn’t sell you as cheaply as he does, your newest recordings wouldn’t be on the discount rack, if they’re available at all, in Christian retailers, and, there wouldn’t be more empty seats than those occupied at your concerts. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

    Congratulations on your number one song. And, it is nice of your sister to point it out to us. But, will she be buying enough copies of the album it is on for it to really matter to you? If you want to read platitudes, insincere attempts at flattery, and outright misrepresentations about where your group really stands today, there’s no shortage of sources: The Singing News, your record company’s press releases, and countless bloggers who would like to be your friend are all easily found.

    Here’s my advice: listen to Avery, look at the empty seats in next weeks concerts, and ask yourself what you can do to help recapture the missing magic of the Kingsmen name. There are legions of us hoping that you can succeed.

  14. Extra Ink wrote:

    I was at NQC on Friday night, and I thought Harold Reed did fine with the Kingsmen..

  15. wanderer wrote:

    I remember Harold doing We Do Not Die many years ago with the Dixie Melody Boys. He brought the house down.

  16. KC wrote:

    in Agreement with “in Agreement”

    You have just expressed, with perfection, exactly how I feel about The Kingsmen. When people would ask me who my favorite quartet was, for years I could say The Kingsmen, with such pride that you’d think they were superstars. And to me, they were. They drew me to southern gospel unlike any other. “Live…Naturally,” “Chattanooga Live,” ” Better In Person,” “Stand Up, At Opryland USA,” are recordings that I still listen to and remember the excitement behind the “Ton of Fun” that I loved. Jim Hamill is one of the best lead singers of all time, but he also had a voice that, as emcee, commanded your attention, and he returned to you sermonettes of a black preacher nature, humor, that while usually slapstick, still made you laugh; and he could bring you to tears with some truly spiritual moments. Add Anthony Burger’s brilliance in how he added to their particular quartet style. I’m typically a Tracey Phillips or Stan Whitmire type fan, when it comes to piano playing. But, there’s a reason Anthony Burger won the best musician award for a decade, and then they named it after him. He was a genius in accompanying the Kingsmen. If you’re a new southern gospel fan, you should listen to those albums I listed above. He was on all, but “Chattanooga Live.” The Kingsmen’s Band was known as one of the best for years. The Cathedrals had a class all of their own. Gold City had a more modern sound. Those are the three quartets that, in my most fondest memories of southern gospel, I think of - because it was the time I was most psyched about the music.

    So, not really hearing that with the current Kingsmen. But, if they can find the “it” - I’d be a happy camper. When I hear the name “The Kingsmen” - I’d like to get first-class southern gospel quartet, with the entire package (like in my Kingsmen memories).

  17. Tjeerd wrote:

    I was at the NQC Friday and Saturday.
    Mr. Reed is a good tenor singer for the Kingsmen, on par with Brian Free.

    I would say right now, after two nights, the best tenor singers I heard were from Greater Vision (Blessed Assurance- WOW), and the Inspirations.

  18. Deron wrote:

    #13 That was so well said that I can’t add to it. You just summed up in a matter of paragraphs what I have wanted to say this week. If more people would spend more time taking critiques to heart than rebutting them and listening to those who tell them to ignore them, then this entire industry would be a whole lot better off.

  19. Amy Reed wrote:

    In Agreement simply answer me this…..what group were you with at NQC????? My mom always said “if you cant say anything nice then dont say anything at all” but I was never one to always listen to my mom so I will tell you what I think of you and those like you…..in no so Christian terms as I am not the hypocrite that you are…..YOU ARE AN ASS!!!!!!!

  20. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    With all the real CRAPPY singing at NQC this week why don’t you get off Harold Reed and name oh lets see any one of 50 others that could be named for there half hearted and lazy performances. I really think the whole week stunk especially with no MC work to keep things flowing. The only good comment I can come up with is the sound this year was the best it has ever been.

  21. Amy Reed wrote:

    HAHA, CH and RONF…..I dont think it is Harold he should worry so much about as me because unlike Harold I do not have to take the trash talked here and I will have plenty to say about it. As for bringing a “small army” to face him, this would only be because they are cowards and this is also evident in the fact that the writers are hiding behind words on the internet. I personally live in NC and would be more than willing to meet any of the lovely folks on here who have words to say about my brother!!!!!! Again, it is not Harold you would have to worry about but ME!!!! I know Harold’s abilities very well and I agree that it is simple jealousy that makes someone say such ugly words about him!!! I can just feel the love in the ignorance of the comments made about my brother and most of all the “Christian brotherly love”. as I have previously stated I am no hypocrite and I make no apologies for my words. Thanks again to those of you who have spoken kindly of Harold. The rest of you….I have a special place you can kiss! Oh yeah and my words are simply that MINE!!!!! Perhaps instead of making ignorant comments about Harold you should pray for yourselves and ask God to forgive you and show you what it means to be a true Christian!!!

  22. Amy Reed wrote:

    To the author of this blog….I do not even know how you can face yourself in the mirror???? Oh wait I know because you are obviously not man enough to face my brother or for that matter not even me and so all you can look upon is your own ignorance and cowardice! If you find Harold so displeasing to your ears then why did you stay and listen? Perhaps you should go and talk to Ray and audition for Harold’s job as obviously you think you could do it so much better. Oh wait I remember you are like so many other critics….you were at NQC on a ticket and not with a group. Where it counts Harold is respected for his talent and the likes of you simply DO NOT MATTER!!!!

  23. Irishlad wrote:

    #13 Nice piece of writing (for this site) :)

  24. Auke wrote:

    With all due respect Amy take a happy pill please…..

  25. DMP wrote:

    “Let the excellence of your work be your protest.”

  26. JC wrote:

    What empty seats? You obviously don’t go to many Kingsmen concerts. If we are going to judge on that basis, the Gaithers are hurting, too. Last one I saw featuring the Homecoming circus wasn’t even half full.

  27. irishlad wrote:

    as usual the camp is almost equally divided;those with averyfineline those against ,those who can express themselves adequately those who can’t…i most definitely can see a thread running through here. Well, with the exception of Joe and Alan perhaps ;)

  28. Amy Reed wrote:

    **AUKE** you take a happy pill…..let some coward attack your brother and make a comment about mother and see where that leaves you…..perhaps if there were true Christians here there would be no need for “happy pills”…but alas all I see here are a possible few Christians but mostly posers….perhaps if I need a “happy pill” there are those here who need a “true Christian pill”, you know the pill that teaches LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!! I can so feel the love here (heavy sarcasm)

  29. Janet B wrote:

    Let’s see…name calling, unsubstantiated accusations, grand hystrionics, misplaced anger, and - the best of all - calling the rest of “us” to be true, loving Christians…like yourself. WOW. Amy, you need to get over yourself - and quick.

    How dare you make such a sweeping generalized statement that there are no “true” Christians here. You have no basis here for that assumption - especially NOT whether someone agrees with you about your brother’s ability to sing. Holy cow, woman. What church do you go to, anyway? The Great Assembly of Me-First?

    Since you don’t like what’s written here - nor the people writing it - go spew your vomit somewhere else. We happily bid you adieu.

  30. Mark wrote:

    Does it need to be pointed out that it wasn’t an “attack” as Amy called it but a critique.

    Using the “true Christian” phrase is usually a trait if Joyful Noisers. It’s an attempt to shut down conversation.

  31. Wade wrote:

    tjeered…REALLY Harold Reed as good as Brian Free??? I know every one is entitled to their own opinion but YOUR opinion could be strongly questioned as to what kinda crack you are smoking.

    Amy… Honey… if you are going to sing professionally you will be criticized. GET OVER IT although I do enjoy the DRAMA… I am always surprised at how thinned skinned many professional performers are and makes me wonder how they ever got there.

    Based on at concert & youtube observations from me and on reports I am hearing from the ppl who are attending the observations of the blog owner is spot on. LEARN SOMETHING from it. Stop being concerned who can beat who up that is pretty High School.

    You continued silly assertion that some one must have the ability to perform before they can fairly criticize the performance of others is like saying you must be able to play the piano before you can HEAR that some one is hitting the wrong notes plus the 10’s of other examples that were given in the blog post.

    Like I do not need to be an OVER REACTING, embarrassing your family female before I am able to recognize one.

  32. josh wrote:

    I’m trying to figure out why Harold and his sister is spending so much time on someone who gave his opinion. Do you send letters to movie critics who don’t give their movie critiques face to face to the actors and actresses? NO. What a stupid arguement. Try being a sound guy and see how many people tell you how bad you are, every night. It’s just going to happen. Even if you’re really good.

  33. The Hoff wrote:

    Not taking anyones side, I’d just like to be accurate and point out Harold has only responded two times (the first two responses to be exact)

  34. KingsmenFan wrote:

    HAROLD REED AND THE KINGSMEN ARE AWESOME!!!! The guy who writes all the stuff on here about how bad the Southern Gospel artists sounds is an IDIOT! Yea I said it…He is an idiot! Why do you get a thrill of putting these artists down? Your comments are pointless and useless! These guys are sacrificing their lives basically by leaving their homes and families each week to sing the songs of salvation to a lost and dying world.
    Let’s show these men and ladies some respect…WILL YA?

  35. billy hodges wrote:

    Personally, I think harold is a fine singer. Its easy to say negative things on a website, its another to say them to either the artist or the manager. After Doug and I talked at NQC last year we left agreeing to disagree but a mutual respect. Why you ask? Cause I went to him directly and told him what my thoughts were and he did likewise. So I say if you have something that’s really pressing on your mind, man-up and go directly to them. I did it.. I can respect honesty when its directed at me even if you’re saying “you aren’t my favorite”. Guess what, that’s ok.

    And I didn’t feel harold was being attacked personally, but rather his performance. And with that I say if you can do it better, do it, if not, don’t listen. We, as artists know we don’t appeal to everyone.

    And last but not least, Harold, its nice to be talked about even if its not what we wanna hear. Sure beats singing part time for gas money. There will come a day when people won’t care what we sound like. As long as you are happy, Ray is happy and you are where the Lord wants you, you’re doing fine.

    Take care and God Bless!

    Billy Hodges

  36. DamonFromKY wrote:

    I’m a big Kingsmen fan based entirely on the legacy of the group, not its current membership. What I mean is, if the Kingsmen are in my area, I will see them every time just to rekindle wonderful memories of the ton of fun. I’m in no way an expert to figure out where Harold Reed ranks among current tenors and know that anyone, of any talent level, will have some nights when they are better or worse than they usually are. As a Kingsmen tenor, Reed has a tall task of not just being with a big-name group, but delivering the “Kingsmen sound” created by Parrack, Phillips, and Shepherd that people like me want to hear. Very few people could do it and he is to be admired for having the endurance, range, and talent to do his best.

    All that said, I will say this: His response to this honest critique of his work reduces my respect for him as a professional performer and his sister’s My Brother is Better Than All of You!!! defense only adds to that reduction.

  37. Amy Reed wrote:

    Janet B….please show me one place in all of this that I have made a claim of being a “Christian”??? And BTW I do not need you to dismiss me for I will always be here and better than you have tried to be rid of me. Perhaps it is you who should get to steppin?

    Wade wrote “Like I do not need to be an OVER REACTING, embarrassing your family female before I am able to recognize one.”
    To you I say this is your opinion of me and I DO NOT CARE!!!! I do not ask for your approval nor do I need it. While you may view me as an embarrassment to my family I view you and those like you as an embarrassment to humanity!

    The Hoff…you are correct the words written here are mine and not Harold’s. Thank you for pointing that out to those who are not truly paying attention but rather jumping in unprepared.

    Kingsmen Fan….God bless you

    Billy Hodges….God bless you

    Damon again I do not need approval from folks like you nor do I seek it. You opinions are simply that…….yours! If you believe that I am saying my brother is better than all of you that is your opinion….but as Billy said “if you can do better than do it if not then dont listen”

    To those of you who have taken offense I guess now you all know how it feels to be talked about in a negative way….not too good huh? Well I have meant everything that I have said here and I make no apologies for it!!!!

    How would each of you feel if this were your brother???? Not to mention the comments that have been made about our deceased parents????? Unlike Janet B I do not feel that I have misplaced anger but rather anger that is directed exactly where it needs to be….on a group of people who feel they have the right to speak about something upon which their knowledge is limited and I am not simply referring to Harold and his performance…..you do not know me and many here truly do not know Harold. You do not know my life and the path I walk! While there are many here who think they “know Harold” because you go to a concert, listen to him sing and then chat with him afterward or sometimes before the concert….could he call your name if he saw you in a public place outside of a concert setting???? Does he know who YOU are???? Think about it…..just sayin

  38. david wrote:

    hey sir, your use of profanity, and that’s what it is, is discusting, and your singing happy am i, yeah right, you don’t even have Jesus in your life, with trash like that coming out of your mouth, so how can you sit behind the laptop or some other computer and type that trash. let’s put it plain, but i know you won’t listen, “GET SAVED FIRST, THEN YOU MIGHT HAVE SOME COMPASSION THERE, but i doubt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. B wrote:

    Amy, you’ve got some baggage going on here that you really can’t put all on Avery. Do you really feel like you’ve got to defend your brother? Why not just let ppl have their own opinions and let it be just that. You mentioned things your Mother said…mine used to say about opinions, that they are like……..and most of them stink. :)

    When all is said and done, when life is over, do we really think any of ‘this’ is going to matter? Is what ppl are saying about us going to be the number one thing on His list for us? Probably not….sermon over………

  40. Auke wrote:

    Thanks for reminding me to take my medication, but i had mine already….and i don’t wanna get overjoyed….or what we addicts call i don’t wanna o.j.
    Anyway my lovely sister, if you are so fixed on L.O.V.E. you have a funny way of showing it….this won’t help you or your brother in any way.
    I don’t think Harold was attacked, Doug just mentioned that his singing was not as good as it should have been. Now that’s called critique ….stating that you can’t make comments on a performance as a nonperformer is ridiculous. Artist rely solely on what fans think of their skills….if only musicians and singers would buy their CD’s and could comment on it….it would be a very small insignificant and very uninteresting.
    Why in the world would you drag in the true/poser Christian topic..? What has that to do with anything….if a brother or sister in Christ comes to your house, and critiques what you’ve done with the place interior-design wise..and doesn’t like pink wallpaper is he/she a poser instantly?
    Amy i like it when kinfolk stick up for eachother…but please reserve it for things that really matter….you’re doing more harm to your bro’ than good.


  41. Hector Luna wrote:

    #34 - They certainly are singing the Gospel message to a lost and dying world, and for that I’m thankful…but sacrificing their lives? I don’t think so. Maybe their families. Sacrificing your life isn’t hittin’ the bus to sing 4-5 times a week in a nice suit and tie and eat like junky kings. It’s like going overseas and loving people in AIDS & malaria infested villages, where children are hungry and when they get sick, they die. It’s sneaking around from house to house showing others in a Communist/Islamic territory how to study the Bible and risk getting your brains shot up. It’s spending your time in the most uncomfortable places of America, like the big city projects where drugs, rape, prostitution, and Guns reside. Nobody wants to go there. Anybody can wear a suit and sing (sing well or not). I just wanted to make that important distinction…

  42. Faith wrote:

    Whoa, Crazy Amy…you are NOT helping your brother out here. “I DON’T CARE!!!!!”? So that’s why you keep reading and responding? Chill, lady.

    Do you have any idea what kind of an impression you’re making? Oh, wait, I forgot….YOU “DON’T CARE!!!!!!” Well, I’m embarrassed for you…and Harold.

  43. KingsmenFan wrote:

    #41: Yes they are sacrificing their lives. Going into unfamiliar territories weekend after weekend and travel on the highways. How many SGM bus wrecks have we seen this year already? That’s called sacrifice.

  44. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 41 is spot on.

  45. Marsandonel wrote:

    There certainly will be a separation of the good crop from the weeds. Discussions like this will facilitate that process and there will undoubtedly be a lot of surprises.

  46. Hector Luna wrote:

    KingsmenFan, i’m not out to get the Kingsmen. But you may have not read my post correctly. However if you did read it correctly, then you have only confirmed my point with the non-sensical, invalid argument about bus accidents. What about heart attacks, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and diabetics that are so prevalent in the industry? They certainly aren’t sacrificing meals…

  47. Bones wrote:

    Some people cannot be replaced. The Kingsmen won’t be the same without Hamil no matter who sings tenor. Anthony on piano, the Indian, the were all great. It will never be the same. It’s not Harold’s fault. They are not the same. They is no comparison. Thats why they play old videos and people cry.

  48. weber wrote:

    #41 I agree its not a real job, its for those who cant hold down a real job. I could ad lots more here but not at this time.

  49. ABC wrote:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Billy. Words of wisdom. That is how artists (and their families) should respond to posts like this.

    On another note, I couldn’t agree more with Doug on SLOW sets after 9 p.m. My brother and were rolling our eyes at the slow sets late at night.

    If people are already half asleep don’t finish the job with 4 bars of funeral music to open a set.

  50. Faith wrote:

    Hey, let’s be fair, there are a lot of good singers in SG who have REALLY bad nights. I was listening to this awful, off-key tune just yesterday…and the Talley Trio are one of the top groups today.


    That said, when you’re paying good money to go to a concert, you’re paying for quality…or am I wrong? Yeah, maybe I’m wrong. SG can suck all it wants, the diehards don’t care.

  51. DixieDawg wrote:

    Hector Luna wrote:

    To #34 - Hector Luna:

    Thank you Mr. Luna - You told the absolute truth on that one! I’ve often wondered if the Lord would ask someone to go out and buy a $100K motor coach to go out and sing the Gospel.

    I’ve also wondered if the Lord would require someone to leave their families for long periods of time, especially if they have small children. Compared to some of the places most people work, sitting on a nice motor coach, wearing a nice suit every night……..AND doing something that you truly want to do for a living is not exactly a sacrifice. Were any SG singers forced into being on the road full-time? Did someone make them do something against their will?

    Yes, they have to sell product, may have to work on the bus and are away from their families, but that’s the choice they made. We all have a choice to make and we must deal with the consequences of that choice. As I’ve said before, once you starting charging a designated amount to sing, you are no longer a non-profit ministry, you are a business, and you have made a business decision.

  52. Santiago Castillo wrote:

    To the writer of this blog Harold Reed is one of the best tenors in Southern gospel music and to hear him degraded by someone whom possesses not even one iota of the talent the he has is disgraceful. Mr. Reed had been ill the week of and the week leading up to NQC and while he doesn’t play the politics of the NQC he does go to see the people that he doesn’t get to see through the year. Instead of visiting the people that matter to him and have been friends and colleges of his for 21 years, he stayed on the bus resting his voice so that he could provide the entertainment that brings him closer to god and the congregation that he sing to the happiness the they so enjoy. Now with that said.

    The Nelons had it correctly when they didn’t hire you because from what I understand you didn’t meet their qualifications because of your lack of talent or your lifestyle or maybe it was your attitude. Your education, lifestyle, talent, money or anything ells you possess doesn’t gives you the right to be disrespectful to Mr. Reed, his friends and family.

    You hide behide a computer and don’t understand or have the comprehension to understand that his talent was given to him to lead other to god. Those entertainers spend 4 or 5 days on the road in different cities missing time with their family important events like birthday’s, anniversaries, funerals and graduations. I know for a fact that Mr. Reed has missed important thing in his family’s life two aunts funerals, grandmother’s funeral and a young man that he considers a nephew’s high school graduation. If he had any other job he would have gotten those days off, but because he has a calling to serve god alas he didn’t.

    As for those whom say there is no sacrifice they choose to do this it is not a choice it is a calling and when you get that calling you have no choice. Mr. Reed has been singing since he was a small child sitting on his mother’s knee in church, and singing professionally since before I was born.

    You sir have no right to be disrespectful to Mr. Reed unless you have walked a mile in his shoes.

    From what I hear you sir are the running joke in southern gospel music and NQC.

  53. weber wrote:

    # 51, you are absolutely right, very good points.
    # 52, the forest has not moved, the trees are still there, keep looking. I would love to see a biblical principal that supports a man leaving his family, for little money, no benefits and not being able to participate in the rearing of the children. Lets just move to the bottom line, like i said before, they cant or do not want to hold down a real job.

  54. DMP wrote:

    #52, Seriously? Reed sings to bring others to God? Can someone give me a good estimate of how many unsaved individuals buy tickets and attend southern gospel concerts? In my opinion, they are preaching to the choir on most nights. This whole discussion confuses me. Are we not to critique SG singers because we must assume that they are all “called by God?” Quite frankly, I thought God was better than that.

  55. DMP wrote:

    #52, Seriously? Harlod sings to bring others to God? Can someone give me a good estimate of how many unsaved individuals buy tickets and attend southern gospel concerts? In my opinion, they are preaching to the choir on most nights. This whole discussion confuses me. Are we not to critique SG singers because we must assume that they are all “called by God?” Quite frankly, I thought God was better than that.

  56. Billy Hodges wrote:

    Weber, please clarify what exactly you believe a real job to be and if someone chooses to sing are you implying that they are too lazy to have a “real” job or are too ignorant to hold down a “real” job?

    And remember when you make such a broad statement about SG artists you include everyone.

  57. Jim wrote:

    #35 Billy Hodges is ’spot on’, in my view…I appreciate his honest and sincere point of view…he comes across as a humble Christian and states his opinion well–I really respect him for that.

  58. KingsmenFan wrote:

    I agree with #52…good comment and #56 has posted a very good question that needs to be answered by the folks that say SGM singers cant hold down a job…What an ignorant statement

  59. Alan wrote:

    Billy Hodges - you’ve become a hero on here. I’ve always admired you, but my estimation of you has really grown. I want to address a point you touched on, but first….

    It is very difficult to find a Scripture that definitively shows that anyone was called to a ministry of music. Difficult, because there isn’t one! Spiritual gifts, like evangelism, teaching, etc., are gifts of the Spirit. Music is a talent, and as such, talents differ from Spiritual gifts. It’s actually hard to find much about music in the New Testament period, although music played a prominent role in the Old. Personally, I speak as well as sing, so I don’t struggle with this. But…

    To say that singing isn’t hard work is simply ridiculous. Only those who have never done it for their living would dare say something this ignorant. People see a shiny private coach, nice suits, etc., and people who only “work for four hours a day”. Nonsense. The largest coach is 45′ long by 8′-6″ wide. That measures out to be 382.5 square feet of outside dimensions. When the interior is converted, a lot is lost. Put ten bodies inside 300 square feet for 4 days in a row. Sit on sofas to watch boring TV or a DVD for hours a day. Eat at truck stops while the coach is taking on $700 of diesel fuel. Stoop over and remove heavy sound equipment from the bays, especially in the dead of summer or winter. Wheel it in, set it up, check the sound, while other set up product, do an inventory, etc. And the actual act of singing is physical, emotional, and for Gospel singers, spiritual. I worked in one of the highest-stress jobs listed for a period of years in-between full-time travel and ministry. Believe me…I’ve often said that singing is a whole lot harder than what I once did.

    So, argue all you want about whether a person is “called” to do this. But as for it being as glamorous as it may appear, forget it. That lasts for about a month. Maybe. It’s hard work. Weber, my friend, even if you write from ignorance, you still owe a lot of people an apology in my view.

  60. weber wrote:

    Billy, I think you and I both know that being a full-time gospel singer can be hard work. And i must admit it does give some the appearance of being real, gainfull employement. But for many its an escape from reality and responsibility. The escape from, being a father, or a mother, serving a good local church or leaving the hometown so that a certain lifestyle is not discovered and can be practiced and accepted. I like to think of it as being voluntarily under-employed.Why? I think you know the answer to that, but i will give an example just for those readers who are truly ignorant. Not all, but most singers I know do not have health insurance, nor 401k, nor life insurance and mostly live paycheck to paycheck. Of course i realize this is true of many folks in our country due to circumstances beyond their control. But what im trying to demonstrate here is a pattern of poverty, the choice to be a singer rather than making strides to provide more for the family. One more example then i will close.. Every time there is a crisis in a group, accident, health, bus engine, etc…what happens? benefit, benefit ,benefit. And i know some will say, well its not about the money.. its about souls being saved.. really? I think another poster answered that one already. If its not about the money, then its not a real job. As always i welcome your comments.

  61. DMP wrote:

    Yes, it’s hard work. But using the excuse that they can not do anything else for a living because they are called by is just stupid. I’d say most of them went into it because they love to sing.

  62. Alan wrote:

    DMP - #60: Thanks. And you’re right. When I read the remarks about singers not being able to find any other kind of work, I sat thinking about so many of my friends in various genres of Christian music. So many of them really talented, capable people… who live a rugged schedule of driving, so many flights, strange rooms and different beds/pillows, lots of loneliness, having to be “up” and kind to strangers, even when there’s been hard news from home. It struck a real dissonant chord, so thanks for your post.

  63. Billy Hodges wrote:

    I don’t sing professionally for the money. But I can’t sing professionally without it either. I am blessed to get paid to sing.

    I believe (weber) this lifestyle you are speaking about is directed or referring to a certain individual. I don’t think there are many singers that are true pressionals that only sing so they can get a “lazy” paycheck.

    If these people or calling themselves professionals yet are neglecting their responsibilities to their family and God then isn’t that their individual problem? I’d say that type of person is more the exception than the rule wouldn’t you agree? Let’s look at these groups and try to find an example-
    kingdom heirs
    Gold city
    Greater vision
    Karen peck
    Ernie haase and ssq
    Brian free and assurance
    And on and on and on
    I can’t name all of then for fear of leaving some out but I know these guys and they don’t mask a lifestyle by hiding behind a mic stand and just faking it.

    No one is perfect but I can’t imagine the Lord God Almighty allowing someone to fake it while neglecting his responsibilities to his family and church as defined by God in His Word.

    I believe if you look at the story of Jonah you will see God told him to go to Nineveh and he refused. You know how that worked out for him. God told him to go and proclaim to the city. He said no thanks God. But Gods will prevailed.

    So it seems clear to me that if someone were doing as you say and running from their responsibility as a provider as Gods word tells us we should be then God will not allow that behavior to last very long until He would step in. But I digress, I don’t pretend to know His ways.

    Maybe you are right and there are some who are just trying to get away from their responsibilities. But I don’t it’s very many and in fact I would think the actual number would be quite small, just a handful of poor and misled souls who need prayer.

    These are my thoughts and while we have strayed far from the topic of my good friend Harold Reed, it’s been nice hearing everyones perspective on SGM.

    Thank you.

    Billy Hodges

  64. Billy Hodges wrote:

    I am still learning this iPad so please over look the errors in my grammar. I don’t know how to scroll up and review before I submit.

    “if these people ARE” not or

    “I can’t name all of THEM” not then

    “but I don’t THINK”

    Again sorry about my mistakes. Someone tell me how to scroll with this iPad.

  65. Santiago Castillo wrote:

    Number 61 is incorrect with saying that they go in it for the love of singing in any other genre they would make more money have roadies and handlers for their merchandise and equipment.

    The prophets left their home, friends and families to serve the lord for no pay and no benefits but they were rewarded different ways.

    To have a calling either to bring joy with music or ministering to those who either have accepted the lord or someone on the edge is a gift.

    What Mr. Reed and others in SGM have is a rarity and not everyone can do it. I haven’t seen a show called Gospel Music Idol but I have seen American Idol and a lot of those people can’t.

    Amy Grant went to pop from Christian because maybe she wasn’t making enough money in gospel music and a lot of country singer turn to Gospel after a successful career.

    another young woman started in gospel turned to pop and now is in country; yes I’m speaking of Jessica Simpson.

    So in closing they don’t live a glamorous life they work like dogs to bring the joy to others and to lead those that maybe lost their way back to god

  66. DixieDawg wrote:

    Personally, I know that God calls people into the ministry. That is obvious. However, in many cases, I do wonder about how much is calling and how much is a desire to stand on a stage and entertain a crowd. Most SG concerts that I attend DO NOT have an altar call or an invitation to accept Christ. It is simply Christian entertainment.

    Question #1:

    Do you feel that God would tell someone to go out and purchase a $100K - $250K motor coach, go into debt for the coach, and then go further into debt because of the terribly expensive fuel and maintenance costs?

    Question #2:

    Would God require you to leave your children 80 - 90% of the time, never being there when they really, really need you? I’m not trying to make people mad - just “raise a question”.

    Question #3:

    Would God expect you and your family to walk around without health insurance (if that is truly what goes on), and then, when you have a really bad medical problem, then you have to rely on the hard-working, tax-paying, 9 to 5 Christians to help pay your medical bills? (Sorry, but the truth is the truth - remember the 12 disciples had no bus, no “product”, no fuel bill, no fancy clothes, keyboards……)

    A couple of years ago, my husband and I both had surgery. We were paying close to $1100.00 per month in insurance premiums due to pre-existing conditions. Then, that year, due to high deductibles, we had to pay $11,000 out-of-pocket to cover the rest of our medical bills. Yes, the Lord provided because of my husband’s hard work and because the Lord is good and He provides.

    However, there were no special benefits held to cover our expenses. There were no concerts, no donation buttons. Most people are responsible for their own medical bills, unless there is a very sick child in a community where people raise money to cover a hugely expensive surgery.

    It just seems that so many Celebrity Christians today don’t want to take responsibility for the obvious. Then, of course, people feel bad about their plight and feel compelled to hold fundraisers. No one wants to see people go broke. I am truly not trying to be mean-spirited, but if a person is going to “hit the road” singing, they need to realize what they are getting themselves into and make preparations for them AND their family. I’m NOT against raising money for anyone in need - I’m just saying that that many (not all) Christian singers or performers seem to expect things that others don’t.

    It seems that the SG community needs to come together and form a group insurance plan or form some kind of organization where people aren’t running all over the country with no insurance coverage or liability coverage. If people are indeed riding all over the country without proper insurance, that’s just insanity. After all, God in His infinite goodness, did provide us with some common sense and wisdom, if we will only use it.

  67. cynical one wrote:

    Several great posts of late on this thread. Another thought: If we’d been putting more “love” into our “love offerings”, might we not have to do the benefits so often?

    I like the line above about not doing it for the money, but couldn’t do it without the money. That’s true for most Christian singers/musicians/ministers.

    On another note, I recall hearing a quote about one of our old-time heros (can’t recall who, but I assume it was someone who’s passed on) stating (s)he started singing gospel music to get away from the hard work on the farm. Anyone else remember that?

    I’m sure that was an exception, though.

  68. Alan wrote:

    Dixie - #66: Out of curiosity, what means of transportation would you recommend for 5-12 people who live, eat, and sleep in it for 3-5 days, most weeks of the year? I really would love to know. We all know that the upper-level coaches can sell new for well over $1,000,000. Few sgm artists can afford new, and most who do don’t reach that level. But most groups can’t buy new coaches. Everyone will tell you that they’re expensive beasts…not just to buy, not just to move down the roads at 5-7 mpg. They break down routinely - even newer ones, and when they do, the repairs can be rugged, even if you do the work yourself. If you search the sites that sell used coaches, you’ll find that even model year 2000 Prevosts run $200K or so. And Dixie, that’s a ten year old coach! At that point, it will likely have 800K miles on it or more. But what’s the alternative? They don’t make Silver Eagles anymore. The newest ones you’ll ever see for sale are 12 years old now. Is this considered extravagant? Most bus chassis will run for 2 million miles, with engine and transmission rebuilds needed every 500K miles or so, and they aren’t cheap. Even Class A diesel RV’s aren’t inexpensive, and the longer the length, the fewer they sleep, by and large. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to get one to 300K miles, you’ve done well. That’s 3 years of travel for many of the busier artists. We own a 38′ diesel Class A, and we’ve owned other coaches. None of them are cheap, but having some means to get to where you’re booked is needed, as are kitchen, bath/toilet facilities, space in the bays to haul sound gear and product, enough guts to pull a trailer if needed, etc. What alternative do you favor? Airline costs are high, especially flying a number of people. And then you have to rent a van once you land, and believe me - flying heavy equipment today is astronomically expensive. So, where do we go from here?

  69. Dixie Dawg wrote:

    To #68 - Alan:

    Hi Alan…..I truly understand the cost of motor coaches because, as I’ve said before, I once had a Group Tour Business, and our primary mode of transportation was motor coaches. I contracted my coaches from a well-known motor coach company in the Southeast, and completely understand the costs associated with this. I was actually quoting on the very low end because I honestly don’t know how a SG artist could afford a million-dollar coach unless his name is Gaither or it’s a person/group affiliated with Gaither, such as Mark Lowry or possibly The Hoppers. Again, Gaither is a business, knows he is a business, sells tickets like a business, and there is no doubt that he sells quality, inspirational, religious entertainment. He is very, very successful, and I am thankful that he revived SG music and the Gospel music legends who had basically been placed on the back burner of time.

    This is what I am referring to……if someone truly feels that they are “called of God” to sing and travel, then I believe that the Lord will help to supply their needs. So many people in Christian ministry of any kind walk around whining about their plight. I was a little amused when I heard another person on here state that it is a “sacrifice” to be on the road when you’re on a bus with 10 people watching boring TV shows and DVD’s. It’s maybe called boredom, but I would never label it “sacrifice”.

    The Apostle Paul and Silas preached the Gospel, then they were beaten and put in jail, and they were still singing hymns at midnight. What happened? An angel of the Lord delivered them and set them free. Now, they knew the true meaning of sacrifice. Being put in jail for preaching the Gospel is a sacrifice - being bored on a bus is not a sacrifice.

    I understand that 5 - 12 people need a coach - my point is - don’t go around saying that God called you to do this, and then whine non-stop about the expenses, the lifting and loading, the boring time on the bus and the time away from family. If God called you to do it, pray, get some solid advice, make preparations, deal with it and move on.

    Let us not forget Psalm 37: 25 - 26 (KJV)

    25 - I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.

    26 - He is ever merciful, and lendeth; and his seed is blessed.

    If we’re going to sing about the goodness of God and the faithfulness of God, wouldn’t we trust Him to help provide when the coach breaks down, without us begging for the money? This is where I question some folks saying that they are “called”. A truly “called” person in the ministry learns to live on faith, not the Benny Hinn “send me your money so I can buy another Mercedes” type of faith, but true Bible-believing faith.

    I just think that some singers need to be honest about what they’re doing. Don’t get me wrong - SG music is great - I just think that there needs to be some honesty in how it’s presented and how the ministry or the business is run. For some, it may be a “ministry”, for most, it is a “business”.

    Part of calling yourself a Christian is having the integrity to recognize the difference. Again, if groups are not going on love offerings and are designating a specified amount with a contract and with a promoter receiving a cut, this is a BUSINESS. Consequently, it needs to be run like a business - health insurance, expense account, maybe even an accountant or a financial advisor. It’s truly not a good Christian testimony to say that you’re singing for Jesus and then end up in financial devastation. Does Jesus place people in bankruptcy court or do people place themselves in bankruptcy court? Just raising a question.

    About the problem with leaving the family to “sing”: Maybe some artists need to cut back on their time on the road so that they can spend more time with their family. I believe that it is more in line with God’s will to be there for your spouse and your children than it is to be driving all over the country doing “product pitches”, especially when there are no altar calls or invitations to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. Even Paul weighs in on husbands and wives being separated constantly from each other:

    I Corinthians 7:5 (KJV)

    5 - Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

    In addition, if the expenses of singing on the road are not only hurting family finances, but taking away time from the children, look what the Bible has to say:

    I Timothy 5:8 (KJV):

    8 - But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

    Obviously, God thinks that it is very important to provide for your family and not separate yourself from your spouse. I just think that some (not all), but some Gospel music singers place their desire to sing above their desire to please God.

  70. Santiago Castillo wrote:

    Very nicely said number 68

    Now I have a few questions for number 66.

    Do you own a home? How about a car?

    Did you pay cash for them?

    Pay off you credit card balance every month?

    If not you are in debt as well!


    I know people that work for one of largest companies in the world (wal-mart) and do not have health insurance. You claim they can not or will not hold a REAL job. Most REAL jobs pay minimum wage and have no insurance or 401k. Most fast food, retail, factory, sales, and office positions do not offer insurance or 401k. So they would not be any better off in a REAL job.

    Have you ever had to sleep in a moving vehicle more than once?

    I have, not a pleasant experience.

    Better yet those men sleep in a crib that is not quite big enough for them. Like putting a 8 year old in a toddler bed.

    Those sleeping berths are made for men of average size. Under 6’ under 180 pounds. Mr Reed is not average. Imagine Mr Penrod of GVB sleeping in one of those.

    So as you sit in your home with all it comforts a kitchen to prepare meals, a comfortable bed to sleep in, a living room with a tv and either cable or satellite to watch programs on, internet access and a computer or laptop to surf from, and family to comfort you, Those men and women do not. Let’s put you in one of those “big beautiful motor carriages” for 200 day of the years. No matter rain, sun, snow, happiness, sorrow, sickness or pain and see how long you last. feeling every bump, curve, turn, and rock in the road.

    Beside we are getting off point here

    Mr Fine was talking about Mr Reed’s singing. I know people in the music industry and after hearing Mr Reed sing have stated Why is he not in our genre ( country, pop or what ever they represent). Mr Reed has one of the best tenor voices in SGM today. To bismark his name and talent is a shame. Just because you can not do it or could not make it in SGM does not give you the right to be disrespectful to those who can

  71. DMP wrote:

    If a singer is bad, he is bad. I don’t care if you say a singer is called by God or not. The author of this blog has every right to say what he wants and to offer his opinion. And you don’t have to be a singer to call bad music. Remember the great words of Potter Stewart, “I can’t define pornography, but I know it when I see it.” I assure you Potter was not a porn star.

  72. Dixie Dawg wrote:

    To #70:

    Remember that verse in the Bible?

    Matthew 8:20 (KJV)

    20 - And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay His head.

    There is no way to modulate the human voice to make a whine acceptable unto God.

  73. Santiago Castillo wrote:

    Even the great Rolling Stones or Vestal Goodman have bad day’s where they maybe off for a few seconds on a song and i have herd the tapes from that night he did not sound bad just not up to power for him. As previously stated Mr Reed had been sick the week before and week of NQC.

    I allowed a friend who is in the “industry “ listen with me that night and he said that Mr Reed should have been signed by his company and i told him that Mr Reed would not give up SGM. He has wanted to sing gospel since he was a small child.

    As for the quote for the great Judge Stewart. He had an education in the law and an understanding of what he was suppose to being giving is opinion on which was if the material that he was judging broke the law. Mr. Fine does not have a degree in music. He of course can give us an opinion of written material such as poems, book and articles in magazines since he does have a degree in English.

    As for you do not have to be a singer to call bad music. Mr Fine had an audition for the Nelons and was rejected. I do not personally know why but i would assume that is was because he did not met their expectations Maybe because he can not sing. It might be his lifestyle or maybe he did not get the job because he was having a bad day.

  74. QwertyJuan wrote:

    All I can say about this entire thread is…. LOL!! :)

  75. weber wrote:

    #69 Bravo, well put, nice applications and illustrations. Hopefully the singers that read this blog will learn something.
    #70, Yes i own a home, have three late models vehicles that are paid for, health and life insurance etc… I dont borrow money, so no i do not use credit cards. Of course i did not achieve this status until the light went on one day, and got a real job, but before the light, i was just a struggling self-centered gospel singer.

  76. DMP wrote:

    #73, the fact that you think he tried out as a singer is our first clue that you sir, are clueless. The fact that you think he tried out at all is our second clue that you are drunk.

  77. Wade wrote:

    DMP… don’t be running us good drunkz down by lumping us with # 73 Santiago Castillo. He is clearly TRIPPING on more than the SPIRITS!!!

  78. SGM Fan wrote:

    #76 and all the many of you who agree with Doug I am forced to wonder just how many of the negative posts are being ghost written by Doug in an effort to continue to beat a dead horse???? Either that or if the agreeable posters are not all Doug then perhaps they are those all cut from the same rainbow cloth…..HAHAHA

  79. DMP wrote:

    SGM FAN, that is a classy move. You find it so hard to believe that there are those that support another’s right to express an opinion that you accuse anyone who supports them of being either gay, or a ghost writer. Pathetic. This whole thing is pathetic. If you hate this site, go away. If you hate the author, stop reading what he writes. Stop typing the address into your browser, and leave. Why is that so difficult? Have you convinced yourself that you are some type of cyber-missionary, here to convert the lost and sexual deviants who come to this site? Why don’t you lay off and let the music, and God take care of that. Something tells me that you have your own sin to worry about.

  80. Santiago Castillo wrote:

    I am not nor have I ever claimed to be in SGM. I do not drink or use drugs!!!!! It seams to me if you do not agree with this man someone states you are either on drugs or drinking. One of the post earlier ask someone what kind of crack they where smoking. I was told by someone in SGM that he tried out for and was rejected by a SG group. I was also told that he is the running joke in SGM and at NQC.

    With that I will tell you that my name is on here. You can see it. I do not hide behind some fake screenname or letter that mean nothing. I agree with the person that stated that some of the comments agreeing with and defending the writer where wrote by him. If your a REAL PERSON use your name not some letters.

    I play bass and sometimes sing for a screamo band. I do not listen to a lot of SGM but, my mother and aunt do. I do not attend many concerts of SGM but i do and will continue to attend The Kingsmens concerts when they come to my area.

    Your comments on Mr Reeds singing does not affect that nor will it ever. As for the comments about leading people back to god I made those for a good reason. When I hear The Kingsman it makes me feel closer to god. I have not attended church in years since I was a child in fact.

    Say what you will I no longer care. I came to defend a man that I believe is one of the best tenors in music today. That is all I came to do, not have grand argument.

  81. cdguy wrote:

    #80 - Santiago Castillo — Your posts have been kinda verbose, for someone who’s here “not have grand argument.”

    By the way, our host’s name is not “Mr Fine”. It’s Harrison. And for those who keep calling him “Avery”, it’s Doug.

    And I am not he.

  82. KingsmenFan wrote:

    This blog is a load of crap when it comes to critiquing Southern Gospel Music! It seems like the people on here are just trying to put folks down. Im sure not even half of the folks on here truly know Southern Gospel Music and the rich history of Southern Gospel Music. Southern Gospel Music is a ministry! If you dont like Southern Gospel Music why even try to critique it? You can not critique something if You don’t have any knowledge or experience on the subject!

  83. DMP wrote:

    #82, Trust me. I know the industry. And much of what goes on inside it is not ministry… Lets not start Posing for holy pictures when you and I both know that there are have been some extremely scandalous situations that have existed, and still exist within SG. It’s like anything else, there are good people, and there are bad. Those in it for the ministry, and those looking to make some money. Muckrakers like Doug keep them a little more honest.

  84. Wade wrote:

    Preach it DMP…don’t pass out I said that and hope it does not taint ya too badly!!! ;-))

    If Dr. DH is a muckraker, what does that make the people who post??? lol

    Seriously though if you say Harold Reed is in the same league as Brian Free you gotta be messed up some way on something.

  85. The Hoff wrote:

    Wade, everyone has there opinion maybe they think Harold is better than Brian. That does not say they are messed up its there opinion.

  86. Jim wrote:

    I just happen to come in and started reading all these comments. I have been going to NQC since 1976, back then there were just a few groups who go to sing and the singing would be up to an hour per group it was great, when i left for the night my hands were beet red for clapping, each year things would change a little, now with a lot more groups getting to sing each night I am fine with that since I live were we don’t get groups up this way very very very often. But this year 2010 NQC I was not impressed with the way it was run, some of the videos they were showing was a waste of time, they could have had a couple more groups on state per night if they would have left them out. Groups on stage were great, yes there were a few that maybe didn’t sound as good as they have in the past but there were colds going around plus this year my noise was driving me crazy in freedom hall I was picking up a dusty smell, I don’t know what it was but by the end of the week with meds. I got over the runny noise. I must also say with the afternoon Artist Spotlight Showcases there were a lot of great singers hope many of those singers will get to be on the main stage in not very long. I just hope that it never comes a time when we can’t get to go to Southern Gospel Concerts cause they make it illegal if we the people don’t watch out that could happen. Thank You for letting me say a few words in here.

  87. IAmCanadian wrote:

    Perhaps this comment will go unnoticed as this thread is a little old but I couldn’t help myself. This is the most entertaining read I’ve had in quite some time (particularly the overwrought, unbalanced rantings of Amy Reed). As if poor Harold Reed didn’t have enough problems, what with butchering his songs in front of thousands of people and all his industry peers, he seems to have a sister with all the class and like-ability of a fishwife. I don’t need to watch my prime time soaps tonight. This took care of all my ‘drama viewing’ for today! :)

    P.S. Doug, Avery, Fine; whatever your name is, you are a fresh voice in the sea of pandering platitudes that follows this genre of music. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and read everything on this site. I will love, buy and listen to sg music till the day I die but people who hide their hypocrisy and throw stones from their glass houses of ‘Christianity’ give this type of music a bad name outside its own borders. Keep up the good work.

  88. Ode wrote:

    welcome,northern brother(sister)! The way blog is set up,only those using RSS feeds and such Snarfers will see the older threads.
    So just jump right in and post in the current ones.

    yes,ditto to your comments about our host. When we feel especially affectionate and only moderately angry at him, we call him “King Avery”

    He rocks! After scanning thru the other blogs/forums on the subj, Av’s is the only blog I’d dare to invite a non-believer friend to read. Others have too much religious exclusivism , self-gloryfying sanctimonious pride, and show a bad side of Christianity way too much.

  89. Amy Reed wrote:

    #87 and ALL who have read and posted….it has been a year since this thread was started and in that time have you learned nothing?
    As for Harold’s “peers” they were there yes and they took the time to know and understand what the vocal issues were unlike you and those like you who posted in total ignorance!
    As for your kind words about me…..again spoken in total ignorance. You do not know me for if you did you would know I DO NOT CARE what you or others think of me!!!!! I have been around SGM the majority of my life and I am well liked by those to whom I choose to associate with.
    There are many here who have posted far more “unbalanced rantings” and in fact that is what started this whole situation. Undoubtedly someone such as yourself will NEVER see this as you would rather shine the light on others than have the courage to face yourself and view your own inadequacies.
    Call me any name that you like for it simply does not matter to me for the fact is at the end of the day I signed my name and you chose tp simply say “I AmCanadian”…..having been married to one for several years (a Canadian) this explains ALOT to me as to why you are as you are and why you feel the need to speak about others and not yourself……must be a trait of many Canadians! Or at least the ones I have had the displeasure of knowing!
    In closing may I say that the words from you or others here in regard to me do not phase me it is only when words are spoken against my family that it matters. That is what is wrong with most people…..they no longer place a value on family, we were raised different to that and family does matter to me. Perhaps it would have been better to have allowed ignorance to reign for as they say “ignorance is bliss” and on this thread there are many blissful people!

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