NQC 10: Saturday night

I may or may not decide to weigh in at my usual length tonight. I’m going to let the spirit move. In the meantime, feel free to talk amongst yourselves about what you’re hearing, whether in the hall or from afar.

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  1. Joe wrote:

    Doug- I read through your harsh critique of the Kingsmen and Harold Reed; then his responses, and the comments to follow.

    With you heavy on my heart, I turned on the live NQC feed for tonight, conscious that you were there, sitting where I have been, up in the nosebleed rafters. I put my head back in my recliner, close my eyes, and listened…

    I heard the Mark Trammell Quartet close with the words “I want to know that He will welcome me there….”, and wondered if you felt that same desire, in your soul?

    Then, as Mark introduced my all-time favorite male SGM quartet, the Kingdom Heirs, and one of your favorite leads, Arthur Rice, they led off with the best pure gospel song written in 25 years…”What We Needed”.

    I prayed for you as they sang that song, Doug…for with all your brilliance, your incredible perceptions, your amazing wordsmithing, the obvious life-long attraction to this music you profess to love…so many of us who visit here KNOW what it is you need.

    I am praying, as you sit way up there tonight, that you will find exactly what it is that you need- a Savior, Who in marvellous grace, is waiting for you to come home to Him.

    There really IS a message to this music, Doug- no matter how imperfectly it may be sung or presented.

    And I write this with great respect, and with even greater care and Christian love. I promised you several years ago I would pray for you. Many of us still are.

    We hope that you will remember NQC 2010 for one very special and amazing reason.

  2. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    Congratulations to Harold Reed and the Kingsmen as they found out tonight they have the #1 song next month on the Singing News Chart.

  3. Nobody wrote:

    While I’m profoundly disgusted with the religious condescendence that #1 writes, and while I sit here in my own recliner simply mortified anyone would be so arrogant as to decide anything about anyone’s walk with Christ based on reviews of music, this is also a gross reminder of the demographic. If I were as holy as #1, I’d likely say that I’d pray for him or her to get a new and true picture of what grace really means. Since I’m not that holy, I’m going to leave it at that and continue to pray for my other friend who was told yesterday that he is officially dying of cancer with just a few months left and there’s nothing else the doctors can do. I know, I know. Number #1 will say there’s no difference. I, however, will have to agree to disagree, because I’m not God, and I really am saying this with great care and Christian love. Many of us hope that you will be made profoundly aware that God does not exist within the box you’ve put Him in. Blessings to you and yours.

  4. The Hoff wrote:

    Any one care to share how the Kingsmen did on tuesday or saturday?

  5. matt wrote:

    Freedom Singers??? Anybody hear them??

  6. Joe wrote:

    Nobody- I really hesitated to respond…but there may be a few things you should understand.

    I am not “holy”, except through the provided righteousness of Christ, graciously granted to me by a God who forgave me, through faith in what His Son did on Calvary. I am a sinner, who tonight, should rightfully be in hell, begging for a single drop of water.

    I did not write anything about Doug, based on his reviews of music. That’s silly. My burden, along with others, is based on his choice of lifestyle, which God’s Word states is incompatible with Heaven.

    I am a family physician of 33 years, and have said goodbye, wept, prayed, and sat beside countless friends and patients, as they have breathed their last from cancer, and many other nasty things. I will pray too, for your friend. But what does that have to do with what I wrote anyway?

    I would never put God “in a box”. I’m just glad that long before they ever put me in a box, He kindly forgave all my sins, because of Calvary. The truest picture I ever received of grace was what happened in my own life at 10:07 PM, 21st October, 1965.

    Blessings to you as well.

  7. Nashville Phil wrote:

    #3 Ditto!

    #1 You and the Self-Righteous folks are what keeps me and a lot of others out of the Bricks & Mortar Church. Perhaps you should check your own Spiritual self.

    He that is without sin cast the first stone!

  8. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Wikipedia says;

    Self-Righteous (also called sententiousness, holier-than-thou[1]) is a feeling of (usually) smug moral superiority[2] derived from a sense that one’s beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue than those of the average person.

  9. Eric wrote:

    I wonder sometimes if Southern Gospel is even a blip on God’s radar.

  10. sj wrote:

    Gaither may be a blip. SG not so much.

  11. Extra Ink wrote:

    One thing this year that I saw as a positive was what they called “Picks Of The Day”, which I assume meant these groups sang on afternoon showcases & their performances warranted a spot on the main stage. A great move by the board. They put them on between 5:30 & 6 pm while folks were coming in and they got a shot at the main stage. Like…

  12. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Here are my thoughts on Saturday Night…

  13. NG wrote:

    I read Nate’s review of NQC Saturday at his site listed in post #12. It outlines the highlights of the evening in Nate’s view without any negative statements about the performances. Readers can comment on Nate’s review but thus far there are no comments.

    I’m not suggesting what anyone should do but I wonder why folks who complain on this site about critical comments directed at artists don’t instead read and comment on the various positive sGM blogs. It appears some readers here think it is inappropriate to criticize singers who are praising the Lord but the site says up top that it contains “criticism and commentary on SGM.” So no one reading here should be surprised if a gospel artist is criticized for a performance or recording.

  14. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    I try to put a positive spin on things, though I do see things that really bother me or is just not good… I just don’t always mention them on my blog. Trust me a lot (but not all) of these artists know when they make mistakes, and they don’t have to be called out online, at least not on my blog. I believe Doug has that covered here…

  15. Brett wrote:

    U people kill me using let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Yeah tell that to a judge in court for a speeding ticket, or other stuff for breaking the law.

    SO are we not to have judges in place to rule when you break the US laws.

    Don’t you know it will be the Saints of God that also will help in judging in the last days.

    Read 1 Corinthians 6:2.

    Way to go #1 right with Joe.

  16. Wade wrote:


    They come her more because I too went and read some of Nate’s reviews and when I read the words…GOOD SET… NICE SET…OK SET…RESERVED SET… STRONG SET, I clicked back over to here.

    That is nothing any body is going to learn from except he had pressing manners at home that forced him to leave early…at least Dr. DH tells us it is THE SUCKING that caused him to leave.

    GOOD or BAD… ppl want to know WHY it was good or BAD and reading a review that you know will be SWEET & POLLYANNA it is not very informative except you realize nothing negative will be said because the writer wants that 1 hour interview and to be FRIENDS with the artist.

    That is also why very few ppl comment.

    God Bless Nate but those kinda blogs are typical SGM Blogs which is why they mostly write to themselves.

    I was at another blog recently and was surprised when one post showed 24 comments… thinking I would read something fun it was basically the blog owner and one person having a chat back and forth.

    WHO CARES!!!

  17. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Wade thanks for the blessing… Even though I don’t get 100 or so comments on my post’s does not mean I don’t get readers… And me leaving early a few nights was not because the music was bad (even though it sometimes is) it was legitimately because I had pressing matters at home… O and God Bless you as well…

  18. Hector Luna wrote:

    I come to this site largely b/c of it is not biased. I scroll through the other blogs from time to time. They’re nice, but many of them have their favorites in the industry and talk about them way too much, while true talent is ignored in many cases. Doug is even critical of people he does enjoy. While I have to be careful about posting negative comments on this site, I have to be careful of what I read on the others so that I am not pulled into this home-schooled, fluffy Gospel message that treat artists/ministers as God Himself, for I fear I may sink into some sort of legalistic view where God is only glorified through SG music and suits. I want reality portrayed to me as much as possible, because reality is where I try to live.

  19. Auke wrote:

    #18….beautiful….you the man!

  20. AFoster wrote:

    Hey am I the only one who doesn’t think Scott Fowler is doing a good job emceeing this year? Just wonderin…

  21. noninsider wrote:

    I think Scott Fowler does a solid job Emceeing… He never had to do it until Roger died so he doesn’t have the experience at it that some guys do… He has a natural stage presence that bodes well for a emcee, I think he has gotten better and better and will continue to do so as the years go by…

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