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As longtime readers will recall, the paper-sack guy whose image has become something of a logo for this site memorializes my early attempts at anonymous blogging. I wasn’t very good at it and my writing got the hackles up of folks who were far more dedicated to “exposing” me than I was at remaining anonymous. Still, I’ve kept the paper-sack image around in part because I like the idea that it serves as a clever rebuttal to all those early critics f mine who said that I wouldn’t last very long without the coward’s cloak of anonymity.  Also, I just really the like the image. “Avery” has become a useful shorthand for the online southern gospel blogging me, and when I think of Avery, I tend as often as not to think of paper-sack guy.

Anyway, the image was the product of the creative imagination of one of Avery’s very first readers, who usually comments under the name ArtCoach. As some of you may recall, ArtCoach launched a project earlier this year called Art 365, in which he has committed to creating an original work of art each day of the year and posting it online for sale.

So now it turns out ArtCoach is trying another experiment: creative portraiture drawn from southern gospel that he’s calling Southern Gospel Personalities. I’ll let you hop over to his site and read his explanation of the project for yourself, but his first effort is an adaption of his original Avery (full disclosure: I received the Avery portrait in exchange for posting a link to his site here, but I would have plugged it anyway). The usual disclaimers about eye of the beholder and accounting for taste etc all apply, but if you’ve got a second, you might check it out.

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  1. Jim2 wrote:

    love the microphone as scepter - great concept, well portrayed.

  2. judi wrote:

    Gee, I was going to bid on that picture, but you beat me to it! Hooray for Art Coach!

  3. Bubba wrote:

    I always admired his abillity to get under the skin of the /thanks!

  4. The Art Coach wrote:

    @judi…Thanks! you can purchase a reproduction of it for $20. Just email me.

    @Bubba… Lol. Precious Memories.

  5. AFoster wrote:

    Ha dude you rock artcoach!

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