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Via reader DA, singer/songwriter Paul Thorn:

I was listening to the radio the other day, and I’m a fan of John Mayer the way he sings and plays, and what bothers me is on his last single the pitch correction is so strong that he doesn’t sound like a man, he sounds like a singing Coke machine.

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  1. Granny wrote:

    I had to laugh. We own a vending company and I’ve seen plenty of scrolled messages, but apparently missed, out since I’ve never heard our Coke machines singing. Change is inevitable….unless it’s from a vending machine.

  2. jim wrote:

    I didn’t know John Mayer recorded for crossroads.

  3. apathetic wrote:

    John Mayer sings??? LOL. I am a big fan of his guitar playing. I have seen him several times in concert. I have the latest CD and no overtly apparent pitch correction was noticed by me. However, I wasn’t listening for it, I’ll have to give it a listen again this afternoon. I guess when I think of strong pitch correction I think of Cher’s Life After Love. LOL. What song of John Mayer’s are you referring to? Thanks.

  4. Brett wrote:

    Any body else find the Hoppers new material boring?

  5. Irishlad wrote:

    .”sounds like a singing Coke machine”..was that a non-sequitur or a bitingly accurate remark? What am i missing?

  6. AFoster wrote:

    Irishlad- It’s a Southern Gospel thing… You wouldn’t understand.

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