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So things seem pretty dull lately, no? I did a quick spin through the sg interwebs and found a lot of nothing much. Must be the post-NQC comedown.

  • DBM has started a chat room over at musicscribe. Back to the future, David!
  • Burke says Daywind is reviving the Gospel Singing Caravan, but it’s really just one decent group, one of the Blackwood outfits, and the Chucks. The picture reminds me of that Touched By An Angel two-parter featuring the fictional Winslow Family Revival. Waaay back to the future, this time.

Beyond that, I’ll let you decide where and how to kick the can down the line for now. Some real-world work stuff will keep me away from more regular blogging for a few more weeks. So you know what to do.

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  1. | Jerry Martin Leaves Dove Brothers on 15 Oct 2010 at 4:26 pm

    […] I should have known that it was just the calm before the storm when Doug said, “So things seem pretty dull lately, no?” […]


  1. Irishlad wrote:

    Who else thinks that Triumphant Qt is really good,in fact so good that they’ve aquired that much overused mantra “underrated”?

  2. MattPaasch wrote:

    Anyone else notice that the title on the picture for the “Gospel Singing Caravan” is wrong?

    “Gospel” and “Singing” is switched!


  3. Kyle wrote:

    What has happened with the new Gold City CD? The project is no longer listed on Provident’s November new releases. Is New Haven still releasing it? Is New Haven still with Provident? Or has the project just been pushed back indefinitely?

  4. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #3: I hope they’re still releasing as scheduled; I pre-ordered at NQC. Hopefully if they’ve postponed it there will be an email sent out letting people know what’s going on.

  5. quartet-man wrote:

    Kyle, I understand that Gold City was taking pre-orders for it in concert recently. This was after Webb left, so at least at that point it was still a go.

  6. 4Given wrote:

    Kyle, I noticed that as well… I pre-orderd that CD at NQC, and they told me it would ship around the end of October… I have been hearing though that Gold City has been looking to sign with a new label. Daywind is a possibility… We shall see I suppose.

  7. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Don’t get too excited about the Musicscribe chat room. I had a few people drop by in the first couple of days, and several said they really appreciated it. I pulled it down this morning due to too many potential spammers registering with .ru extensions, though.

    I’m now pointing people to the SG chat room on Facebook instead.

  8. Trent wrote:

    Has anybody heard anything about Austins Bridge recently? It’s really hard to find concert dates and one recent video on youtube makes it appear that they have tried to leave SG for mainstream country.

    Just wondering if I have missed something.

  9. Sensible wrote:

    Listen to this link
    The style and vocal could easily be done by Janet Pascal! What other gospel music singer would be for a TV show intro?

  10. Wade wrote:

    Pray for Gold City!!!

  11. Olaneljonois wrote:

    Did anyone catch Buddy Greene on the Late, Late show with Craig Ferguson? How did he do?

  12. Alan wrote:

    #9 Sensible: The theme song for The Nanny was written and sung by the incredible jazz singer Ann Hampton Callaway. She did an amazing job on that theme song, and yes, Janet could have done just as well! To answer you directly, TaRanda Greene could likely sing any TV show intro you could dream up.

  13. wanderer wrote:

    I recently went to see the Down East Boys. Have heard them on the radio many times, but never saw them in concert. They were fanastic! They started off with a few moderately tempo songs, but really started rocking about 4-5 songs in. I would go to see them again in a heartbeat.

  14. Brett wrote:

    Oh please not another subject about Gold City. Yawn!

  15. Kyle wrote:

    New Haven has the distribution through Provident (which, in turn, distributes through Sony), so I would think that GC would be happy there, but I can see why they’d wanna get back into a SG-dominated label.

    I know they were previously with Daywind for about 5 years, but I find it a little strange that they would switch labels with an album almost complete, unless New Haven simply said, “We don’t want to release it.” Gotta love the biz….

  16. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    I saw Gold City four times last week (3 times at Dollywood and a church) and they did not mention taking pre-orders for the new CD.

    I talked to Danny and he told me he saw NO way that they could finish the new project by the end of the month in time for the scheduled release date. He said they just don’t have time in their schedule to get in the studio to finish it.

  17. Jake wrote:

    I sould have thought all the studio work on a new CD would be done several weeks (at least) before the scheduled release date in order to have time for final mixing & preparation and then the duplication & preparation of the CDs for sale.

    It sounds like a major goof up on somebody’s part if a release date was announced without scheduling the time necessary to produce it.

  18. lovelife wrote:

    Just got email that Troy Peach is leaving the Perrys’ . Wow, I will miss him. I didn’t see that one coming.

  19. justafan wrote:

    So, the Perrys change baritones from Troy Peach to Bryan Walker. The Perrys just released a new project at NQC. Something seems to have come up abruptly for that to be the case. If you knew there was any propensity for a group member to leave, you wouldn’t release a new project with that soon-to-be-departing singer included on it. Personnel changes are inevitable in Southern Gospel music, but you sort of hate to see one of the seemingly “stable” groups have to go through it, when I’m sure that some of the material (maybe not a lot but at least a song or two) was selected with that specific singer in mind. Oh well…best of luck to Troy and Katy. I would love to hear Katy back singing again sometime. She’s simply too good. Maybe that’s what this departure has to do with…or maybe not. One can hope though, right?

  20. steven wrote:

    Business just seems to have picked up:

    Troy Peach leaving the Perrys and Bryan Walker joining. Didn’t see that coming

  21. noninsider wrote:

    Well it looks like Doug might have spoken a little too soon with dulled down comment… I wish Troy all the luck in the world, maybe he and his lovely wife Katie will start singing together again; That would be music to my ears (pardon the pun)… I am also looking forward to hearing Bryan Walker with the Perry’s he and Joe Habedank should bring quite a bit of a thick sound in the middle for the Perry’s… Could this be the best Perry’s lineup yet? We shall see…

  22. Harold Timmons wrote:

    The error, “Singing Gospel Caravan” on website was corrected earlier today.

  23. cdguy wrote:

    As for Gold City’s new project — Quite often an artist will begin talking about their new project long before it’s done, and (generally unintentionally) lead fans to believe it will be available next week. Or they’ll get one cut finished, and rush it out to radio, to create buzz. Then, any number of things can happen to slow it down, causing confusion in the marketplace.

    They probably took pre-orders at NQC only (or also on their website) to help create buzz, or capture fans who only see them once a year. It is a little unusual, though, for an artist to take pre-orders before they’re even out of the studio. That’s quite a while to hold someone’s money.

  24. Charlie Sexton wrote:

    I hate to see Troy leave The Perrys. He just seemed to be a good fit for them. I know Bryan Walker will do good there, too. As for the new release - I don’t know if they knew Brian Elliot and Troy were planning to leave or not, but it did make me wonder when the new CD came out with the generic cover…

    I got my copy of “Blue Skies” last Saturday night. it was a ‘pre-release’ with the one page, generic looking cover, with a black-n-white photo of the group on the reverse. The disc was duplicated (or ‘burnt’) vs. replicated, and the black on silver disc printing was done with a thermal printer. It looked kinda cheep- with it’s little ’slimline’ case -to say the least. I personally think that The Perrys deserve better representation from their record company.

    I love Libbi & Tracy VERY much, so I may be (admittedly) partial to them, but a top group ought to NEVER be sent cut rate product - even under the guise of ‘pre-release’.

    Come on, Daywind. This is ridiculous! I can’t imagine how much you guys paid for that slick sleeve-over-the-box ‘Follow Your Dream’ CD thing you’re making your groups hock. And it ain’t even Southern Gospel! Geesh!! Couldn’t you throw some of that $$ toward your SG artists? No wonder we SG’ers get looked at like we’re idiots…

  25. Ron F wrote:

    Who dropped the ball from NQC as far as INSP goes. Southern Gospel needed that TV Coverage.

  26. noninsider wrote:

    23. The new Gold City CD was clearly listed on their distributors website as a release being November 2nd… Now that has been pulled… I sure hope that they will give people the option of getting their money back, if that project has not even been finished in the studio as of yet… Someone has dropped the ball on this one IMO.

  27. Me wrote:

    Troy & Brian elliott formed a clique inside the perrys & tracy wasn’t having that. So he fired brian, then troy. I love the ignorance of this message board. U all only wish u could work in our industry so u could know all these things, lol

  28. swhalen wrote:

    I was invited to attend a gospel concert last week. Mostly artists I had not heard of (i don’t listen to CCM ) - Toby Mac / Third Day. I will never, ever complain again about music being too loud at a SG concert:) And that’s the least of my complaints.

    I’ll take the stacks and sometimes off pitch singing over rock / rap star wannabes.

  29. Kyle wrote:

    Charlie, it’s not uncommon for labels to skimp on the prereleases, as they are not for wide distribution. When I worked in retail, I got prereleases in paper or plastic sleeves, sometimes with a 5×5 insert, sometimes not. A lot of them were CD-R’s. Since it’s only meant to provide an example of the finished product, I have no problem with it. In fact, I have several prereleases that differed from the final product (unmastered, incomplete vocals, and in some instances, an entirely different take altogether).

    I will say, of all the labels, Word did a good job on their prereleases. All of theirs had the same packaging (a generic “Word Records Promo” layout with pertinent information) and replicated discs.

    Seeing as a lot of gospel artists today release their full albums the same way (CD-R’s, 5×5 card, no credits, etc.), it’s nice to know that Daywind is still going all out on their mainline releases. I can forgive a cheaper “prerelease.”

  30. PerrysFan wrote:

    For all of the comments about the Perrys pre-release, everyone should just know that it was just that, a pre-release. Most pre-releases come as a single disc in a plastic sleeve (album reviewers know this), so for this CD to even come in a jewel case was a step up. The actual release date for this album wasn’t supposed to be until Nov (and will probably be pushed back since evidently they’re re-recording with Bryan). I think we should appreciate the work that went in to getting the pre-release out at NQC, 2 months before its street date, instead of critizing the packaging.

  31. Not so fast wrote:

    Charlie #24:
    Let’s put it this way. If an SG group is in a huge hurry to take some product (ANYTHING) to NQC — because the fans have to have something new to buy at the booth — the record label tries to keep them happy and sends them the quickest version possible.

  32. justme wrote:

    Wasn’t Bryan Walker the guy from last years American Idol?????

  33. Jim2 wrote:

    You should consider yourself lucky - you are holding a collector’s item, as Troy’s voice will not be on the official Daywind release that comes out next year. Silver Lining, my friend, Silver Lining.

  34. cdguy wrote:

    #24 - Charlie - The Perry’s pre-release look may not have been entirely the record company’s fault. Maybe the label rushed out copies at the artist’s insistance, so they could have something new to sell at NQC. I’d heard it wasn’t scheduled to release until at least November.

  35. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:

    #31 - yes Bryan was the singing cop on American Idol. He is very excited to get back to his roots and to be a part of the Perrys.

  36. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Doug must have jinxed it when he said things were dull. Jerry Martin left the Dove Brothers today.

  37. DP wrote:

    Jerry Martins replacement will be: Dusty Barrett (my prediction)

  38. Rick Alan King wrote:

    Has anyone heard anything more on the latest health problems that Joel Hemphill is facing? I hear he has cancer again. I sure hated to hear of this.

  39. Revpaul wrote:

    #36, Dusty Barrett is right where he ought to be with Soul’d Out Quartet. Don’t be messin’ around with my boys! LOL

  40. EddieRay wrote:

    I love Dusty. That would be a good fit. But how about Kenny Bishop!? I think that would be a great fit, with the new look, new sound Dove Brothers. Also Mike Kofahl formerly of “Austins Bridge” would be good as well. This will be fun to see who they hire.

  41. Bryce wrote:

    Why are The Perrys’ personnel leaving so suddenly, and within approximately one month of each other? And more specifically, how have they kept one lead singer employed through multiple changes in baritone? It took a long time to break Trammell in vocally (some would argue that he never really was), and I’m hoping we won’t have that problem with his replacement’s replacement.

  42. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #36 and 38: I was given uncomfirmed reports as to who it is, and if those reports are true, Dusty is staying with Soul’d Out. The name I’ve been hearing is with another known group, though, and I think it’s an interesting choice. I’ll say more on that once the announcement is made, if this indeed pans out.

  43. Brett wrote:

    Here I was thinking all these comments were about Gold City, and it changed to Perrys. Nice change of pace.

  44. learnthetruth wrote:

    Tracy & Libby are the saints that everyone gives them credit as being. Not sure on what the case is with Troy yet, but they fired Bryan at NQC with no notice. Just because they wanted Matthew Holt on ’select dates’ which just happens to be most all of the time. All with the justification of “not being able to afford a full time pianist due to medical expenses”. When are people going to learn that these are some sorry people!

  45. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:

    DP- Jonathan Price was singing with the Dove Brothers today and looked quite comfortable with them.

    Bryce- why does any group have personnel changes? The reasons are unlimited- 1) tired of traveling, 2) better opportunity, 3) family issues, 4) grass looks greener, 5) internal group issues, 6) fired, 7) travel schedule isn’t working with either family or outside work obligations, etc. The list could go on and go.

    I was glad when Troy got a chance to sing again with the Perrys and I wish him (Katy & the boys) the best. Bryan already seems to be happy with Gold City and I’m glad for that.

    I’m very excited for Bryan because I know how bad he wanted to be back singing SGM. I’m looking forward to hearing him with them.

  46. gina wrote:

    Bryce, those are all very good questions! And is it true that Troy didn’t even sing with the group this weekend??

  47. learnthetruth wrote:

    I meant “Aren’t” the saints.

  48. Diana wrote:

    I’m with you, Rev. Paul!! Keep away from Dusty, McCray!!! I know the Doves will find the right person for their tenor position.

  49. noninsider wrote:

    Hmmm Jonathan Price would be an interesting replacement; He is a solid tenor no doubt but he is quite a departure from Jerry Martin or John Rulapaugh… Maybe the Dove Brothers are going to start changing their sound again, since Price is a Garry Sheppard type tenor maybe Mcray is wanting to go to the sound that the Kingsmen once portrayed… Who knows we will see!

  50. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:


    Troy’s last weekend was last week, Matt Holt filled in as baritone this week as well as played the piano on a couple of numbers. Bryan Walker starts with the Perrys on 10/22.

  51. HOPTOit wrote:

    and yall know deeann knows it all…shes like the unofficial gossip girl of gospel music…


    d, you could start a new web site girl!

  52. EddieRay wrote:

    come on Aaron, do share…Do share! :)

  53. DP wrote:

    Troy is now with The Sisters??? (The Ruppes)?

  54. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:

    Hoptoit, I saw the Perrys & the Doves this weekend and I have known Bryan FOREVER, sorry if that bothers you. :-)

    DP, that is what Troy posted on Twitter.

  55. David J. Stuart wrote:

    I really like what Gold City did, by releasing a package of 5 of their older CD’s for $25 or $30. Those were all probably out of print. I think more groups should do that too.

  56. s.smith wrote:

    I also thought this whole thing with Bryan Eliot getting fired, and Bryan Walker hanging out all week of NQC with the Perrys, then Troy suddenly quitting was way too convenient. Sounds more like Troy was pushed out.

  57. gina wrote:

    HOPTOit - Thank you! And I’m sure it just bothers you to no end that DeeAnn has known Bryan FOREVER… (not)

  58. lovelife wrote:

    #56> What would make you think Troy was pushed out??? I just don’t believe that Libbie and Tracy operate like that. None of my business, I was just asking why you might think that.

  59. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:

    S.Smith - I don’t know who made what decisions however I do know that Bryan Walker didn’t get to NQC until Thursday so he couldn’t have hung out with them all week. Bryan W. did fill with the Perrys a few weeks during the summer so he was at their table but he also was at the Browns table, Providence and the Dixie Melody Boys tables, all groups that he either had sung with or had friends in the groups.

    I also know that Bryan Elliott moved from one group to another without missing a single week of work because again, I was at NQC and talked to him the night Gold City offered him a job.

    Gina- my reply to HopTOIT was just explaining how I knew who sang where this past weekend, I was there. And I know when Bryan starts with the Perrys because he told me. In case you missed it, there as a smiley face on the comment about bothering him- it was joke, I really didn’t think it did

  60. gottaloveit wrote:

    #51 HOPTOit.

    She thinks she knows more than anyone else in Southern Gospel Music and always knows it before anyone else knows it. Southern Gospel is worse than politics. Everyone always wanting someone elses job and cutting throats to get the job.

  61. Butch wrote:

    One last observation about NQC. I think the stage arrangment was simply ridiculous. Watching the band personel dive into the pit between sets was sometimes more entertaining than the music itself. Why have such an awkward arrangement for only 17 minutes of music. If they were doing a 45 minute set, that would be one thing, but this arrangement-weird

  62. RobertYork wrote:

    Absolute Gospel just announced new tenor for Dove Bros.
    “Multi-award winning quartet the Dove Brothers are excited to announce the addition of Jonathan Price as the group’s new tenor vocalist” Another Ed O’Neal graduate.

  63. Tim wrote:

    The new Song Garden comp disc for radio is loaded with good music.

  64. Tim wrote:

    The new Song Garden comp disc to radio is loaded with good music.

  65. noninsider wrote:

    I am looking forward to seeing the Dove Brothers with Jonathan Price…

  66. EddieRay wrote:

    oh. another farm system hire.

  67. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #52: It was announced today; Jonathan Price joined the Dove Brothers. :)

  68. weber wrote:

    I dont like this idea that Tracy and Libbi are untouchable with respect to departure of hired singers, the truth will surface im sure. They are not in the trinity, according to the KJV, so whatever the reason for Peach’s leaving is a not relevant as they are fast approaching the high turnover syndrome like everyone else.

  69. close friend wrote:

    I worked all weekend with the Perry’s, Randy Perry, and Debra Perry. I heard the story enough times from each one. Bryan was unfortunately let go due to the medical bills they had after Tracy’s heart attack. Troy quit on his own becasue he was so mad about Bryan being let go. The Perry’s didn’t want to do it but when it comes down to being able to put bread on your own table you have to do what you have to do.

  70. Andrew S. wrote:

    It appears that TaRanda Greene has issued an Open Letter to fans via the SGN Scoops website.

    Here’s the link:

    It’ll be interesting to see if she goes solo (which seemed highly likely), or continues the Greenes in some aspect.

  71. quartet-man wrote:

    #70, although she still has some details to eventually disclose, that was a professional and classy press release.

  72. Delores G. wrote:

    Wow, don’t come over often but it never ceases to amaze me the number of folks that tell ‘the details’ that ‘they know’ without the guts to back it up with their names.

    I don’t personally know Ms. Bailey but I do respect the fact that 1) if you don’t like what she says you know who to tell you don’t like it & 2) while the nameless ones seem to resent it she seems to actually have conversations with a number of these folks and apparrently they think enough of her to tell her the things you are eluding that you may know.

    And having survived huge doctor bills and having massive debt and possible bankruptcy hovering over me when our family went through major surgeries with no insurance- you quickly realize that you MUST cut costs even if you didn’t live lavishly before. Having a full time employee is always going to be more expensive than having a part-time one, especially a part-time one that has another full-time job.

    But even if that was NOT the case- if I was a group owner and I had a chance to obtain the services of a talent like Matt Holt- I’m sure of the choice I’d make. I’d do my best to help whoever was playing for me found a job but as talented as Bryan may be it’s the difference between chopped steak and filet migon! I’m taking the filet.

    Having that talent with the added bonus of giving the talented song writing team of Habadank & Holt more time to crank out good songs and I know what I’d do. Whether others agreed with me or not.

    One other thing I find amazing and I don’t want folks to start ’slinging mud’ at another artist BUT 8 year tenor with the Doves leaves and is replaced almost immediately (in much the same fashion as Peach with Walker) and that doesn’t come under question. Why? A personal ax to grind maybe?

    Lastly, I don’t think the Perry/Stuffles are untouchable when it comes to staff changes. I believe you reap what you sow therefore if this wasn’t handled correctly, they will see the results. But if instead childish people want to throw a good family under the bus because they (without having to put their family, home & finances on the line) feel their answer is the only right one, they also shall reap what they so.

    To quote another group’s song God has it ‘Under Control’. Trying to defend or avenge on either side isn’t going to help, it’s going to cause harm.

  73. DP wrote:

    #69. I too had heard that Bryan was let go as a cost cutting move. I knew that Troy was very close to him, so that makes sense. (I guess) It looks like Tracy did not have insurance? Or - if he did, and it pays only 80% or less that would still leave a whole lot of $ owed to the hospital, doctors, etc. It looks like no group is immune to these issues. If this can happen to The Perry’s, it can happen to any group. Hopefully everyone involved will land on their feet.

  74. s.smith wrote:

    #69 That’s the story you heard from the Perrys. From everything I know about Troy, and I’ve followed him since the Steeles days, he is not the kind of man to quit a job because he is mad.

  75. Hector Luna wrote:

    So let’s talk about the best SG farm systems of all time…Dixie Melody Boys, Dixie Echoes, Anchormen, Singing Americans, Kingdom Heirs…(I would mention the Kingsmen, though they’re kinda like an in between… but maybe Triple A level.) might i add, before someone criticizes, this is not a smack to any groups. historically, their most talented go on to bigger things.

  76. David J. Stuart wrote:

    Just wonderin’ is Jerry Martin going secular now that he’s left the Dove Brothers? he has a facebook page selling his secular Cd’s now. Hmmm ?

  77. Charlie Sexton wrote:

    I nominate DeeAnn for President, and Delores for VP… and Libbi for Speaker of The House…. You go girls!

  78. Inquiring Mind wrote:

    Are we to believe regarding The Perrys that Matthew Holt–unlike Brian Elliot–is donating his time as their pianist? If not, their financial situation has improved dramatically in a matter of weeks (or it was not the actual reason he was fired).

    I don’t think Troy leaving with such a lame explanation given and their not even waiting a day to announce his replacement reflected well on The Perrys (who have until now been one of my favorites). I’ll have to see this Bryan guy but their stage presence is just not going to be the same.

    SGM is certainly “at will” employment and one can be fired for an reason at any time. Awful job security!

  79. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I have to agree about the stage.

    I know the idea is to get all the musicians in one spot, but what would be wrong with a flat stage with the piano in the center and the drums over in one corner on a lowered riser?

    The piano could be turned so the piano player would have a good view of the drummer and vice versa. Other stationary/non-singing musicians like bass and guitar players could be positioned either by the drums on the lowered riser or by the piano. Singers would still have to work around the piano, but that’s not nearly as annoying as working around a big huge hole in the floor.

  80. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:

    #78- I don’t know the payment arrangements and it’s really not my business, however, Matt is not going to be with them all the time. I interviewed him at Dollywood for SGN scoops, at that time he said with his present schedule at the college, he could do 1-2 weekends per month for the next several months and still maintain his current schedule at the college.

    I also asked him this week(because I wanted to get a better picture to use with the interview) when he would be on the road with them again after he finishd the date 10/19 and he said looked like it would be the end of November. That leaves a number of weeks they will not have a pianist with them. Per Matt the same is true in the coming year, he has weeks he will be able to travel and weeks he won’t.

    I’ve seen Gold City since Bryan joined them and will see them again soon (and probably often). I’ve been going to GC concerts since their very first one.

    S.Smith- I’ve also followed Troy with the Steeles, the Wilburns, First Love, TK & McRae and I don’t know why he left the Perrys (or any of the others for that matter). I wish him the best and would definitely go hear him if he were singing somewhere and I as able.

    So I don’t have anything against either of them and hope that whatever they do they will succeed. But I also wish the best for the Perrys as well as Bryan Walker. I’ve been fortunate over the last few years to talk to Bryan a good bit, he is a fine young man. In the last few weeks I’ve talked with him a number of times and I know he is excited about this chance to sing with the Perrys and I’ve happy for him. That doesn’t mean I WANTED Troy to leave- but since he did, I’m happy for Bryan.

    I do agree with Delores, regardless of what you think on this subject- God knows the truth and since He has the true record, I’ll happily leave it in His hands.

    And Charlie I appreciate the nomination however I’ll defer to someone more experienced- maybe Gov. Huckabee! :-)

  81. gina wrote:

    It’s really a shame if this is true about Troy’s reason for departing, especially after he and his wife were the main ones that kept the group going while Tracy was under the weather. Troy seems sincere and kind-hearted, and I hope he is blessed abundantly for making a stand he felt was right in these circumstances.

  82. David J. Stuart wrote:

    In response to #79. David., bring back the revolving stage, that was the best!

  83. Randy wrote:

    #28. TobyMac has accomplished more this year than most SG artists do in a lifetime, and is definitely not a wannabe. Grammy winner, Multi-platinum selling artist, producer, and label owner (at one time in partnership with Bill Gaither). I know this is an SG blog, but your complaints make you look like a grey-haired fogey with fingers in your ears…the staple SG fan. It’s okay if you’re not into something, but I just wonder how many CCM websites bash SG for what it is. If new water never flows into an old pond, it will become stagnant. Your hardened opinion reflects your character. Grow up.

  84. Tony Watson wrote:

    Inquiring Mind - keep in mind that Matthew Holt is not a permanent replacement - he already has a full-time job and is only doing select dates. There is still significant cost savings. It’s an unfortunate decision that had to be made but in any business that has a significant rise in expenses or loss in revenue, difficult decisions have to be made. I think a lot of Bryan Elliot and am so glad he’s been able to continue to do what he loves at a high level. I also think a lot of Troy Peach and looking forward to what God has in store for him next.

  85. Jason wrote:

    Wow, just checked out Jerry Martin’s FB and new website. He’s already recording a Journey tribute album, there’s some Motley Crue songs, etc. That was a fast transition!

  86. Andrew S. wrote:

    #82 (David Stuart)- Considering the rise in obesity in America, that stage would most likely experience some mechanical failure. :)

  87. Hector Luna wrote:

    there are many groups that continue to cover so many of the same songs. it’s hard to TOUCH anything steve perry ever did. vince neil…a little more believable.

  88. DP wrote:

    Jerry Martin…. Journey? Motley Crue? Please tell me this is a joke.

  89. Delores G. wrote:

    Vice President, never thought I’d be nominated for that! But I’ll agree with D.Ann SGM can get dirty enough, don’t want to play in politics.

    Jerry Martin is doing secular music, really? I’m a little surprised but I guess that explains why that move happened so fast. Amazing how hard we look for a story when there really is one right in front of us.

    And Bryan Elliott had a car accident, glad he is ok. Guess the injuries don’t prevent him from playing, hope not.

  90. Wade wrote:

    Jason # 85… he probably wants to make some real money… he has had this working for a while.

    As far as the Perrys…can y’all not see what is right in front of your face…They had to get rid of the piano player and Troy to free up the budget to get the American Idol Guy and pay for TS’s Heart Attack!!

  91. DP wrote:

    Well - it is not a joke. Jerry has gone pop/rock on us. One of the more interesting moves. No doubt he has the pipes to sing anything, but how do you market this? How do you make a living at it? Oh well - more power to him. Rock on.

  92. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Jerry’s secular music is nothing new. He’s been recording pop songs for several years. I posted a link to his version of Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” more than a year ago.

  93. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Artists are still real people who takes out the trash at home for Allied Waste or Waste Mangeamnet to pick up!
    Who are we focusing on here in life on earth?
    The messenger or the message?

  94. NG wrote:

    #85 Do you have a link to Jerry’s website?

  95. Rev. Al wrote:

    #83 Believe me - CCM artists make fun of SG music - big time. My wife, my brother and my son all have been members of very good CCM bands. My wife quit partly because of their condescending attitude and comments about anybody and anything remotely traditional.

    Yes - most southern gospel fans are old. There is a reason for that. Young people do not appreciate the message found in southern gospel. It’s not their fault. They do not have the life experiences such as the loss of children, the hurt of divorce, the crush of sin and the victory found in redemption. They don’t know these things experientually so they don’t appreciate the simple messages of redemption, heaven, salvation etc. found in SG. Young people look mostly to what is trendy. In the 70’s it was The Imperials, Steven Curtis Chapman. But people who were young in the 70’s are now old and believe me - they don’t care what is trendy anymore.

  96. Odeliya wrote:

    @ 95 - Al, watch you mouth, buddy. There are some wonderful older people who we can learn from a lot. They went thru pain and experiences that made them more Jesus-like.

    But condescending, puffed up, bigoted, milk-drinking OLD christians who think - and dare to even say it out loud -that “young people don’t appreciate the simple messages of redemption, heaven, salvation” are there too, but, thank you Lord Jesus, those are minority.
    “Young people dont understand the crush of sin and the victory found in redemption?” Are you nuts?! then how are they believers if they dont understand it????

    usually old people are humble by the time they are old , but not always

    P.S. I cant vote, but i do firmly support DAnn candidacy for president!

  97. Doris wrote:

    #76…….IF I am not mistaken! I do believe it is NOT a crime to sing a love song or two! NOR is it a
    crime to help your niece when she has developed lukemia, and help pay for some medical bills through a wonderful talent as Jerry Martin has! That is my understanding as to WHY he has that musical site and facebook, in the first place! I read that over a year ago!
    Why is it such a huge deal that a mear man cannot enjoy other avenues in his carreer??? Its not like he was singing HEAD Banging music, THAT MOST of us actually enjoyed as teens! This artical was totally uncalled for!
    All this really looks like is GOSSIP……..Gossip is also a way we judge others, which really isn’t our job. God is in charge of judging people, not us!
    Gossip is also a sign that we are not really active in our faith and in our lives. If you think about it, the busier we are, the less time we have to gossip. We no longer have the time to get wrapped up in someone else’s life. Gossip is bred out of boredom. It may start as a simple conversation about people, and then escalates quickly. The Bible clearly tells us to do more than discuss other people’s lives.
    I believe as christians we need to Pray for Brother Jerry, and stop all this nonsince! Besides…….No one really knows the “real” truth behind his leaving……now do we???
    We all sure enjoyed Jerry’s singing when he was in front of us and we all sure did enjoy shaking his hand!! In the words of his song…….”I can Pray”…..and I will! FOR HIM! AND YES IT DOES SEEM ODD HOW AN 8 YEAR MEMBER SUDDENLY DROPS OFF AND IS REPLACED IMMEDIATELY! HMMMMMM!

  98. Sharon wrote:

    #94 - Jerry Martin’s website is You can find song clips, info and more there about what he’s doing.

  99. Wade wrote:

    Believe me Jerry will make a MUCH better living as a secular artist than as a SGM artist.

    If he ever comes to Chattanooga I will work him!!!

    He can go to a sports bar and host a couple of karaoke nights and probably make more than he was with The Doves.

    If he is smart and keeps product there are circuits of clubs he can do and get booked.

    He has been working on this for several years as even DBM confirmed after I TRIED to tell ya!! :-) If he left the road he has something lined up!!!

    Hey Jerry if you ever route through Chattanooga holla. My Facebook page is linked to my name above and I found your Fan page and LIKEd it yesterday!!!

    Folks he is not going to go to hell for not singing SGM. If he is like many others he will still sing at church and if he is smart come up with a Christmas Program to be booked.

    I had the piano & guitar player at a HUGE Baptist Church here in the area play in a rock band for a show I staged Saturday Night and I know them personally and they are SAVED and KNOW it!!!

    Heck even I until recently played at a First Baptist church until recently until some of the GOOD Christian People who even used to come to the comedy club I worked at found religion and all of a sudden did not think I was fit to play in the church band. Think they just hated knowing I KNEW something on THEM!!

    GO JERRY… Kill it!!!

  100. Rev. Al wrote:

    #96 - You evidently have trouble reading and interpreting. My point exactly is old people have learned by experience why grace, redemption, heaven etc are so precious. Certainly young people undersatnd but not in the same way. Do you think a ten year old who gives his heart to Christ has the same understanding of those concepts as a 80 year old who can’t wait to go to heaven because nearly everyone he knows is there.
    Older people appreciate these things much more than younger people. Certainly young people understand them - I never said they didn’t. But they don’t appreciate them in the same way because they have not had the experiences. I am 45. I don’t understand these things the way my dad who is 75 does but i understand them much more and appreciate them much more than I did when I was 15. It seems to me that this is one explanation why young people don’t appreciate SG as much as older people do. What seems judgmental about that???? Wow - what a mean spirit!

  101. NG wrote:

    #98 Thanks for the link. Hard to find his site without it as there are a lot of Jerry Martins out there (various ones in music). I like Jerry’s voice and have no problem with him wanting to do something different after years in gospel quartets. Lots of others have tried to change with varying degrees of success — Oaks, Dave Rowland, Thrasher Brothers, Sherrill Nielsen. Those acts went mainly country but but Jerry’s sound is much more pop.

  102. steven wrote:

    honestly though, how do we even know that Jerry Martin is even going the secular route. he has not made any formal statement that I know of.

    Like earlier posters said, he has had his website for a long time..and any musician/singer loves to have an outlet for various types of music. jerry just has a talent that is so varied he sounds great in any genre.

    Best of luck to Jerry Martin in his future because he is one of the best tenor voices that SGM has had

  103. Odeliya wrote:

    @ 100- Al, I quoted you verbatum,there was no other way to interpret your words. If that is not what you meant , then you gotta work harder to present your thoughts in non-offensive manner.

    I am not a native Engl speaker so I asked natives, including my own pastor.It was an opinion of others as well.

    Work on your presentation skills, especially if you are aspiring
    pastor or such.
    Wow- what a nasty spirit!!

  104. Christine wrote:

    if the Perrys “let Bryan go for financial reasons” why did they call and offer the pianist position to John Jeffrey? Granted, he is staying with TaRanda, but still???

  105. Doris wrote:

    God Bless you Wade! NOW that is something Positive and wonderful to hear! Just loving our brother, Jerry Martin as we should…….again that was uplifting and honest! He is, and always will be one of the top tenors ever! Whatever he decides to do I know he will be the best he can be at it!

  106. Tom wrote:

    The new issue of Rolling Stone came in the mail two weeks ago, but I didn’t get around to cracking it open until today. So this is a couple weeks old already. But I don’t see anyone else having mentioned this, and I found it interesting, so . . .

    Matt Taibbi wrote a major article on the Tea Party and opens the essay with his experience going to see Sarah Palin at “something called the National Quartet Convention in Louisville.”

    Some priceless quotes:

    (1) [This is the opening paragraph.] “It’s taken three trips to Kentucky, but I’m finally getting my Tea Party epiphany exactly where you’d expect: at a Sarah Palin rally. The red-hot mama of American exceptionalism has flown in to speak at something called the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, a gospel-music hoedown in a giant convention center filled with thousands of elderly white Southerners.”

    (2) “Scanning the thousands of hopped-up faces in the crowd, I am immediately struck by two things. One is that there isn’t a single black person here. The other is the truly awesome quantity of medical hardware: Seemingly every third person in the place is sucking oxygen from a tank or propping their giant atrophied glutes on motorized wheelchair-scooters. As Palin launches into her Ronald Reagan impression — ‘Government’s not the solution! Government’s the problem!’ — the person sitting next to me leans over and explains. ‘The scooters are because of Medicare,’ he whispers helpfully. ‘They have these commercials down here: “You won’t even have to pay for your scooter! Medicare will pay!” Practically everyone in Kentucky has one.’ A hall full of elderly white people in Medicare-paid scooters, railing against government spending and imagining themselves revolutionaries as they cheer on the vice-presidential puppet hand-picked by the GOP establishment. If there exists a better snapshot of everything the Tea Party represents, I can’t imagine it.”

    It looks like the full article is online at

  107. BUICK wrote:

    Tom (106): that was priceless. As Robert Burns wrote: “Would that God the gift would give us, to see ourselves as others see us.” We just saw ourselves as (some) others see us…and it is not very flattering. But it is pretty accurate. Thanks for sharing it. (I don’t know what we do with what we know but at the very least, it ought to humble us down a little bit.)

  108. Hector Luna wrote:

    Rev. Al, I know the spirit in which you speak and it is certainly not mean, i agree. but there are many young people (18-35, for example) who have experienced highs and lows life. southern gospel is not the answer for sustenance and deliverance or for hope. it’s the Gospel itself, God is the Gospel…in whatever musical format, if it contains theological truths in relevant situations. some “Christian” music does not contain much God I admit. But I could say the same about “some” southern gospel. But you would be surprised the spiritual meat you may hear in a Christ Tomlin, or (yes, even) Lecrae.

    Tom (106): that is an awesome article. Not flattering. but awesome, nonetheless.

  109. Hector Luna wrote:

    BTW, i miss Auke and Soli.

  110. GC/EHSS/L5 fan wrote:

    “One is that there isn’t a single black person here…Seemingly every third person in the place is sucking oxygen from a tank or propping their giant atrophied glutes on motorized wheelchair-scooters”

    Not even close to accurate. of course, it’s considered gospel here at the topix of the SG world.

    I’m going to find somebody who will slap me for coming back to this sinkhole. I deserve at least that.

  111. cdguy wrote:

    Do Christians who are bank tellers only handle the money of other Christians? Do Christians who are carpenters only build houses for other Christians? Do Christians who are farmers only grow food for other Christians?

    Obviously not. So why should we expect Christians who are singers to only sing Christian songs to other Christians?

  112. Enjoying Life wrote:

    Can anyone tell me what Rick Goodman is doing these days. I can’t find a listing for him anywhere. I thought he was doing some recording and producing work. Any info would be aprreciated.

    Scott H.

  113. Doris wrote:

    Dixie Melody Boys, looking for a tenor now……

  114. Mrs.Noah wrote:

    #106 - that is a hoot! One of the best things I have read in quite awhile here. lol I attend NQC (don’t need the scooter yet, however and still have my blondish hair), and did not attend the Palin extravaganza - but I can understand the tone of the event….. I just watched the protestors along Phillips Lane and up to the entrance to the event center from my Hotel vantage point, and that was enough for me.

    I hope Jerry Martin does real well - I know a lot of Christians who love all kinds of music! We judgemental do-gooders do tend to eat our own at times, don’t we???

  115. Rev. Al wrote:

    Odeliya - I’m sorry for offending you. I thought my message was clear. What I was clear. I’ll try it again. I’ll make it plain. I believe that because older people have lived longer - they appreciate the truths of scripture more than younger people. Now - that is a generalization. A generalization means that it is not an absolute truth in every situation. Young people are wonderful. They have much to offer and many of them are more mature and wiser than some older folks, but in general- when a song such as “What a Day That Will Be” is performed - it will probably (not always) mean more to an 80 year old than a 15 year old. I did not mean to offend you. When I said that young people do not appreciate these concepts (heaven, redemption etc.) I meant in comparison to older persons.

    You said, and I assumed it was addressed at me “condescending, puffed up, bigoted, milk-drinking OLD christians who think - and dare to even say it out loud -that “young people don’t appreciate the simple messages of redemption, heaven, salvation” are there too, but, thank you Lord Jesus, those are minority.

    I shared this with some of my friends and they agreed it was mean-spirited.

    I’m done with this foolishness! God bless.

  116. Odeliya wrote:

    Priceless indeed. Author says they are fill of it, I do think we should cut good ol boys and gals some slack and show brotherly love.

    Yeah, much cognitive dissonance at times,but they are essentually products of their environment,that grew up being fed hefty chunks of BS by honestly misguided SB pastors - being black is sin, segregation forever, misogyny accepted as norm,discouragment of free thinking, empty religiosity often mislabled as christian faith…
    Good all days ;)

    Yeah, they slip at times - some racist jokes ,wife-should-shut-up so she-doesnt-get wellearned-beating jokes, “baptists are not allowed to dance, so I just watch the ( soft-porn, openly sexual) dancing on tv instead”, “I am holier then Jesus - he drank wine, and I never did”- heard all that , being said without seeing the bigotry behind it. But that is just silliness they were brainwashed with, not their fault really.

    Some will die stupid, but many went incredibly far from such a poor start. I am not a SG fanatic, rather just a consumer of religous music,and, being a foreighner in states, I learned so much reading SG forum.I am so proud of them( mostly yes, white, old, SB people)they overcame a lot and, for one example,treat gay as a rainbow Kirk Talley with the same respect and love as straight singers, and gladly accept his orientation.

    When ( if i live that long) I am 70-80, who knows what inhibitions i’ll still have, hope youngsters will cut me some slack, too! :)

  117. Odeliya wrote:

    @ 15 Why did you have to ask your friends to read the post and help you, you are not an american also? Or do you have trouble comprehending English on your own ?

    Try taking some deep breaths, calm down. No need to get so obviously mad, control yourself.

    If your Rev. stands for reverend, or future reverend ( be that regale true, or imaginary) try not to embarrass yourself by acting as if you have anger issues.Stay cool :)

  118. DP wrote:

    OK - this place is getting creepy…

  119. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Seeing yourself through the eyes of someone you don’t know, who approaches you already intending to describe you as a fool before they see you, is definitely amusing.

    Is it helpful, though? Not really.

    Lobbing shots at stereotypes is the easiest type of so-called journalism anyone can do and the most useless form of reporting.

  120. eric wrote:

    Jerry should probably stick to Southern Gospel…he ain’t got the chops for pop music.

  121. matt wrote:

    I added myself to the Gold City mailing list, and I haven’t heard a blessed thing. This was some time ago. Oh well, I guess they are too busy travelling?? I do wish to hear them in person some day soon. I feel they are one of the more compelling groups currently strictly speaking from a vocal perspective. They have strong players in each role, and I hope they can all hang in there.

  122. Rev. Al wrote:

    Odeliya - I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I really did not mean to. You are right and I was wrong. God bless you!

  123. QwertyJuan wrote:

    Odeliya, as an outsider reading your comments, YOU are the one that needs to chill.

  124. Brett wrote:

    The Crabb Family is getting back together for 2011.

  125. RJ wrote:

    In ref. to the Jerry Martin/Secular music discussion: Please tell me, what is the difference in Jerry SINGING “secular” music and YOU LISTENING to it?

  126. matt wrote:

    What is Frank Seamans up to? What about Tony Jarman? Whenever L5 has their reunion concert there will be a whole bunch of tenors sitting up on stage waiting for their turn.

  127. Odeliya wrote:

    @122 -Ma pitom! What all of a sudden? Where you got that from? You didnt hurt my feelings at all! You explained that you just used the unfortunate choice of words and didnt imply that young people cant understand grace and salvation. So “milkdrinking, etc old” doesnt apply to you, you clear. Plus you arent old. I have brother just 2 years short of 45, thats pretty young

    What was unsettling was your outburst of anger.

    See, i am learning much here. I dont have a horse in this race, I was long time curious why Bible belt and Southern religion is seen as racist, sexist, bigoted and dumb.

    I think maybe you guys are just too often misunderstood, as i expressed in post 116. Loudmouths like me dig deep, and majority just dismiss you as full of sh-t ass-ls , like the author of the linked article.

    It takes time to learn about people, but its fruitful :) Blessings.

  128. Odeliya wrote:

    @ 123 yeah yeah… Dont flirt with me, matok, I am dead tired :)

  129. studio chick wrote:

    The Crabb Family appears to be doing limited dates during the holidays. I asked and was told 14 dates only. Great idea!

  130. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Excellent news about The Crabb Family havng a Celebration Tour starting Thanksgiving Day weekend next month.
    BSA did a nice piece about the Crabb Family and their tour.

    Use this link for the Crabb Family:

  131. Doris wrote:

    120… OBVIOUSLY you havent heard “All By Myself” and some other VERY VERY GOOD pop and love songs Jerry has done “ERIC”…….

  132. eric wrote:

    Doris…I’ve heard them. They’re OK but, he’s not a pop singer.

  133. NG wrote:

    OK #132 Eric I’ll bite: What is the difference between a pop singer and gospel singer besides the lyrics?

    As Johnny Taylor, a former gospel singer who turned to RnB, once said: “It’s just as easy to sing O baby as it is to sing O Jesus.”

  134. justafan wrote:

    In just observing them from a vocal standpoint, does the mastery of the Hoppers’ material merely come from the fact that Kim’s full, rounded tones are very easy to blend with (referencing specifically when she is leading a song)? I believe that KGH’s tones are fine, but I don’t believe she’s produces the most pleasing tones in the Southern Gospel industry. However, while the Hoppers don’t regularly sing in keys quite as high as - for example - Karen Peck and New River, I believe that Kim Hopper produces far more of a full, rounded tone that the impressive Karen Peck Gooch. With KGH capable of producing that type of fullness in those elevated keys, it seems like it enhances the resonance that Connie and Dean are able to produce when singing the harmonies underneath of her (because they are singing harmonies at the top of their ranges, which causes their vibratos to become audible and produce that resonance and contrast in the blending of the male and female voices that produces those moments in which “the hair stands up on the back of your neck.”) Does anybody understand what I’m saying and either agree or disagree? Obviously, I’m sitting here currently watching Gaither’s “The Best of the Hoppers” right now.

  135. swhalen wrote:

    #108 - Hecotor

    I appreciate your insights here. My original post was not that CCM or other forms don’t contain the gospel, many do. At the concert I attended I could find very little evidence of a worshipful attitude towards God. If I didn’t know better I could easily been at a rock/rap concert. The “shout out” to Michael Jackson sure didn’t make it any more spiritual.

    I should state that I am not old (<50) and I’ve been a SG fan for better than 25 years. Regardless, I still think that Christians should be different from the world, not trying to emmulate it. I won’t try and justify my feelings about this. I know all the arguments about different styles, but “come out from among them and be ye seperate” might apply.

  136. wanderer wrote:

    #125. I’ll never forget what J-D Sumner said when someone razed him for singing with Elvis. He said that if it was a sin for him to sing with Elvis, then it was a sin to listen to it. He also said that he was smarter than the person who listened to it because he got paid for sinning and the listener sinned for nothing!

  137. s.smith wrote:

    Kim is a great singer, but her “vocal gymnastics” turn me off. I would much rather hear Karen.

  138. eric wrote:

    NG…you can’t be serious.

    There is a vast difference stylistically between traditional quartet singing and “pop” singing. Everything from tone to phrasing is different. It’s apples and oranges. Each genre has it’s own set of elements which is how we are able to discern jazz from death metal.

    Some vocalists such as Guy Penrod are extremely diverse in their ability to deliver different styles of music. He could belt a rock style phrase just as well as he twangs the country. He can sing modern pop riffs as well as he sings straight ahead Southern Gospel lead.

  139. Doris wrote:

    I disagree Eric….
    Alot of “pop” stars started right there in church, singing, “Will the Circle Be unBroken” to the pounding mono tone of the upright piano.
    I have heard many “gospel” artist sing many different genre’s. Jerry is diverse, I have heard him sing many songs from his website. Also, he sure did pull off the Rascel Flatts tune “Unstoppable”………I understand that is not exactly pop, still it is something much different then hearing him do, “I Can Pray” or “Look For Me At Jesus Feet”. He can hang in there with the best as far as Rock or Contemp Country.
    His Journey on his website is Top Notch….and who’s to say he is really going pop anyway……….NO one has heard a word from him since he seperated from DBQ.
    Whatever he is doing or will do I sure wish him the best of luck.

  140. Wade wrote:

    Eric…OK I let it go enough…hoping some one else would tell ya your an idiot!!! YOU wanna be serious for a minute!!!

    Just about every one singing now days started singing in church.

    Jerry Martin has the ability to sing and will make MUCH more $$$ singing ANYTHING ELSE, besides SGM. He could sing POLKA in Milwaukee and make more!!! Just about any one with a Tenor range will and can sing POP style music.

    Oh yeah there are some difference in TRADITIONAL Quartet Singing, BUT QUICKLY name anybody making any REAL LIVING SINGING Traditional Quartet Music!! Think about it first and make sure you discern …DISCERN (YOUR WORD)… TRADITIONAL is the KEY WORD!! NOT COUNTRY Quartet Music, not 4 guys sing chorale style, not 4 ppl making mixed quartet!!!

    I would say Dixie Echos is about as close as it gets and then you would have to ask how they doing??? Just saw them included in FARM TEAM STATUS on a recent post here.

    I think you must be a sock puppet for somebody named Dove to have such a bashing hard on for some one. Clearly no one agrees with you. If you just do not like Jerry SACK UP and say it. But I bet he sings EITHER WAY BETTER than you can hum a nursery rhyme!!!

    Bet you have not even been to his site to hear for yourself!!!

    In other smarter news. I hope I get to see The Crabbs on this tour!!!

  141. Odeliya wrote:

    @ 135 i agree with you, some music has little substance and artistically very low quality - sheer dreck! - but it exists everywhere, in SG, christian rock, pop, rap of black gospel music.

    Christian rock/pop might leave you cold, but SG leaves chr. rock fans cold. Then what good are all sg’s worshippy efforts, if it fails to reach audience that doesnt like it ?

    It’s all the matter of personal preference.Like there is a vast religious marketplace exists for conregations, it should be the same with rel. music, to fit all tastes.

    i agree with Hector Luna, some christian pop leaves SG in the dust. I dont care much for pop, but dont see any SG music being superior in terms of its “worshipful attitude towards God”.

    Even there are some very good SG -i am recently interested in it for some songs with good high bpm are great for dance worship ministry i do

  142. ruthcopperhill wrote:

    I saw the Hoppers Saturday night in Vidor,Texas. Interesting that Michael did not play drums at all, but sang bass for their entire set –a great addition in my opinion.

    In the introductions, Claude said he is their usual drummer but joked that he is “trying to teach the boy how to sing.”
    I’m wondering if we are going to see Claude singing less and less and Michael singing more and more?

  143. eric wrote:

    Sadly, this is exactly the type of response I expected. I shouldn’t have to clarify this…but, not once did I say that Jerry Martin is a bad singer or a bad person. I don’t even know him. I can say this of Southern Gospel fans: critique of their beloved artists is totally off limits.

    Wade, as always you are the epitome of class. I truly appreciate your passion for Mr. Martin’s career and your rather colorful commentary on this subject. Thank you for alerting me to the fact that I am a tone deaf moron who is clearly neither talented or smart enough to even initiate a discussion concerning the choice of a former southern gospel singer to perform secular music.

  144. rr wrote:

    When contemporary Christian music first began, it was very generic, not much depth at all to the words. I don’t feel that is the case now. There are writers in that genre now that are writing lyrics that are very good.

  145. gossip king wrote:

    I hear from a reliable source who knows a reliable source that Ed O’Neal hired Matt Felts.

  146. Wade wrote:

    Eric said…”I am a tone deaf moron who is clearly neither talented or smart enough to even initiate a discussion concerning the choice of a former southern gospel singer to perform secular music.”

    Eric… you said it and your welcome!! I think, since you brought class into this discussion, it is classless to just keep hammering on some one saying they do not have the ability when, 1.) You never claimed, despite being invited more than once, to have gone to his web site to LISTEN to what he is doing. Jerry is singing quite differently than he sounds with The Doves. 2.) You kept basically saying EVERYBODY else was an idiot. 3.) You never really answered what anybody else was saying, just you bashing saying he did not have THE CHOPS!!

    If you sing SGM Tenor every night for 8+ years like Jerry did and then bring the keying of the songs down to where you can sing like a normal person and round out your tones the ability is THERE!!! 4.) AND MOST IMPORTANT… if you wanna bash some one and not get BS called on ya have sack enough to REVEAL WHO YOU ARE!!!

    So again your welcome!!!

    Yeah I get on here and bring it and call BS… but at least I say who I am.

    Speaking of seeming class. I did make reference that eric possibly being sockpuppet for some one named DOVE…. I did receive a nice message from McCray since I DO reveal who I really am and well I will give you a few quotes from McCray…

    “Do I think he has the talent to make it you bet I do! He is the best singer I have ever walked on stage with. I grew up with Jerry and his wife Teresa I want him to do well.”

    The best quote was… “I don’t have sock puppets if I have something to say I will say it myself. Sometimes I can’t write it to well but I will sign my name to it. We didn’t want to hold Jerry back and he didn’t want to hold us back either knowing he was ready to do something different. But I wanted you to know that if I want something said for me I will say it myself. I am not mad with you just wanted you know that Jerry Martin is our friend and I have nothing to say but good things about him and pray that he does well no matter if he goes solo singing rock music or sings tenor for a different QT.”

    See eric… I used some hyperbole saying you must be some one named DOVE you seemed to have such a hard on to bash him. Then because I have enough GUTS to do it right we heard from THE MAN who owns the group himself!!

    eric think you just got out classed by some one you called classless with a little help from some one WHO REALLY KNOWS!! Now go listen before you say someone does not have CHOPS!!!

  147. steven wrote:

    So then that would leave an opening in the group, perfect heart?

  148. Rev. Al wrote:

    It is tough to make a living in gospel music. Other than Gaither, nobody’s gettin rich. It is also true that there are very few “old-time traditional quartet’s” making a living at it. I guess the Inspirations and Dixie Echo’s would qualify. Traditional quartet music would be defined - I suppose, of the style of the Blackwood Brother’s/Statesmen etc. That style reflects what was popular in the 40’s and 50’s. I would say that there are a number of quartets making a living with a more updated style. Gold City, Triumphant, Brian Free, Signiture Sound just to think of a few. Come to think of it, there aren’t many country acts that are in big demand singing a 40’s and 50’s style music. But it is true - secular music pays better.

  149. art wrote:

    I thought that the Greater Vision ad on the back cover of Singing News was a hoot. I probably won’t buy the CD, but the ad sure caught my attention and kept it. And I’ve thought about the ad several times in the 24 hours since I first saw it.

    Is there a Fan Award for this kind of thing?

  150. jus guessing wrote:

    Well let’s see….if the Perrys let Bryan go due to medical expenses, then I suppose I can see why Troy left, considering the fact that the owners are dipping into the group’s bank account. That is the equal of the CEO of a small local business dipping into his company’s bank account to cover his own surgery. That endangers their members’ pay, job security, and immediate future. I will give the Perrys the benefit of the doubt, but in doing so, I would have to question their management motives. Finances are hard, but something like that is just not good business.

  151. Irishlad wrote:

    Just a wonderin’ if Jesus was living amongst us today what his preferred choice of music would be…sg or ccm? Maybe he would shock us all and say all of ‘em, even Greater Vision! BTW i’m going to see them Sat night in good ole Belfast town.Yeeha!

  152. ABC wrote:

    I was rolling on the floor at the back cover. It got me for a second, and I entertained the possibility that Gerald and Chris were trying to go with a “hip” look, sort of like Glenn Dustin and Scott Fowler as of late. It also was not outside the realm of possibility that Rodney had gotten hair. Then I thought about it. No way is ANY of the above possible. GV just could never pull off that look…Then I saw the disclaimer and compared the back with the front. And then I died laughing.

  153. Odeliya wrote:

    :))) interesting question.
    If Yeshua (Eesus, Jesus) lived among us now and was of what nationality? White,european looking American?East coast or West? Or Texan? Jew again, for some crazy reason? Latino? It depends.

  154. AMI wrote:

    I have been reading this thread for a few days now and trying to keep up. I hardley ever post anything, but I do like to read what everone is saying. I came across this song today, after looking on Jerry Martins site. I typed in his name on YouTube and came up with this.
    I think this is purely amazing! I think he does have the chops to sing pop, and this song is also a very inspirational song. I really enjoyed this, and I dont normally listen to pop.
    Thanks ya’ll

  155. quartet-man wrote:

    #150, I understand your point, but also bear in mind that they might not provide insurance to their employees (including the Perry’s themselves). In some ways, you could say it is self-insurance which some companies do.

  156. Tommy wrote:

    That would be a good move for the DMB’s if they hired Felts. He is top quality. Has that been confirmed from Ed ONeil yet? I would have liked to see him on an album with Perfect Heart but more excited to hear this lineup…if the rumor is true. How is that people know this before its posted.

  157. Tommy wrote:

    Has anyone confirmed that the DMB’s has hired Matt Felts? That would be great for them. He would be a great fit. He is a great tenor. Has he already started with them? Who is with Perfect Heart now?

  158. eric wrote:

    A rebuttal/closing argument for #146

    Because I choose not to plaster ALL of my personal information on this website doesn’t mean that my opinion should be completely discredited. My name is Eric. My last name is not Dove. If I were to post my last name, I’m sure even more confusion would ensue. Also, I am not an “insider” nor do I pretend to be one. I am not a “sock puppet” although, I own a sock monkey… if that counts.

    Wade, you seem to have much more of a vested interest in Mr. Martin’s career than I do. So, I wish both he and yourself nothing but good luck in the future.

    Also, this just in… Peg McKamey doesn’t have the chops to sing pop music.

  159. eric wrote:

    Josh Cobb???

  160. 2miles wrote:

    Ok…any quick speculation as to who the (once again) new tenor for Gold City is going to be? According to several sources and Cobb’s Facebook page, he is no longer with them due to “logistical reasons”…

    Supposedly the new tenor will be announced real soon…as in this afternoon…

  161. David J. Stuart wrote:

    I see Josh Cobb is leaving Gold City because of logistical reasons. Sorry to hear that.

  162. frank wrote:

    Josh Cobb let go by Gold City yesterday.

  163. RobertYork wrote:

    Might as well get with it overhere. Josh Cobb has been let go by Daniel Riley of Gold City. Look for a replacement soon.

  164. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Josh Cobb is out with Gold City…

  165. ABC wrote:

    So, Josh Cobb got axed by GC for “logistical reasons.”

    On one hand, paying for plane tickets from OKC to GA every weekend, having Josh come really close to missing several concerts because of plane delays, and GC probably having trouble being able to record or practice regularly with the gap from OKC to GA being so large, I can kinda see where GC is coming from.

    That said, a face-to-face conversation, or in fact, not hiring him AT ALL would have been much better “business management” if they were not willing to deal with his commute…

    GC has got to change their “management.” If that’s Jason Maise or Danny, or both, something has GOT to change or they will quickly become just another regional weekend warrior group. Just saying.

  166. Randy wrote:

    To everyone: The only time Heaven goes nuts in is when a sinner comes to know Christ. Forget music, politics or God’s opinion of SG. If you’re not trying to lead someone to Christ, you don’t impress anyone up there.

  167. Hector Luna wrote:

    The “others” are cracking down on “questionable” (maybe interpreted as negative) comments about the Josh Cobb/GC deal. I know here, the discussion can stay fairly cordial while allowing small amounts of criticism…which is due in this case.

  168. kitten wrote:


  169. RF wrote:

    Still SO impressed with Quincy Jones’ Ya Mo B There sung by Jerry Martin. Wow.

    And as for Josh Cobb. It worked so well, you have to wonder…As much as I love Gold City, it seems like they almost want to disband. Just strange stuff going on. Tim comes back, the crowd cheers, and things fall apart seemingly a lot. I shake my head.

  170. noninsider wrote:

    I am hearing that Brent Mitchell could be Gold City’s new tenor; I honestly believe that is a slight step down from Josh, and I mean that as absolutely no disrespect for Brent, he is a great tenor in his own right…

    Also this thread has been one of the most interesting I have read on here… Three major group changes in the two weeks since Doug posted it… Who is next!?

  171. Wade wrote:

    Hey Folks…please look back up at #10 and go ahead and give me my props…oh I will just paste it for ya below…

    Pray for Gold City!!!

    Posted 14 Oct 2010 at 4:08 am ¶

    It is really sad how the luster continues to flake off the once great quartet!!!

    There are more issues they need your prayer over. Please pray for Tim’s Health. AND PLEASE… pray for management and the decisions that will be made in the next few months!!

    The Band is no longer with them on even a special basis.

    While the LOGISTICS was an issue from the beginning and something you would think was THOUGHT OUT before the HIRE was made there is much more to it.

    Funniest line in Nate’s release was probably the biggest understatement of the year…Josh talked about his wife working in genetic research for the past decade Josh said… “There is not much of that going on in Gadsden, AL…”

    I submit there is ALL kinds of Genetic Research going on in Alabama. But not in the lab… just practical experimentation in woods!! ;-)

    Please, please pray for Gold City…even more changes coming!! Maybe they should try to hire Criss Angel cause they need to pull a few rabbits out of a hat!!

    Like I said over a year ago…management, management, management. Seems if though the daunting task of mowing the grass at the Gold City Office was not the TRAINING PROGRAM needed to run a million dollar business and relate to people.

    But with God anything is possible!!!

    OH eric… I would be embarrassed and would not put my real name out there either if I had your genius thoughts.

    Have you even went to the site or simply clicked on the link AMI so graciously provided us above??? Yeppers it is REAL confusing to link your post to say a facebook account!!! But that probably would confuse YOU to. But I bet you play hella Farmville!!

  172. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Sometimes commentary on some SG blogs gets me to do what I do with the tabloid magazines at the supermarket.
    Pass them them by.
    Saw a couple of keywords while scrolling down here so that why I am here making this comment.

  173. steven wrote:


    I was at the concert gold city was singing at last night, and it was brent mitchell filling in. To note: he was NOT announced as gold city’s new tenor, the only thing that was said was “this is his first night standing on the stage with gold city, and the first time he’s sang with us”…thats about all.
    For someone, who was thrown in the fire, brent didnt miss a beat. I think he may have been late coming in on just one song, other than that he had all the parts down really well for the first time. I remember seeing Chris Cooper’s first night, and brent had it more down. Never saw josh unfortunately!
    So all in all, brent did a nice job last night. As for long term, i don’t know, he has a great tenor voice, but doesn’t seem to have the Fullness that Josh has. Or if they are going for that high, squeeky, like jay, that’s not mitchell’s style.

    Tim riley rocks it!

    I’m interested to see what happens with Gold City.

    Anyhow, the new classics cd is good.

    but on better news: I SAW THE SINGING ECHOES…SHAME ON THE DEVIL. I’m done

  174. lovelife wrote:

    And I hear Ryan Seaton is working somewhere in Indiana, something to do with hair.

  175. Tommy wrote:

    I hope its not Mitchell. He is highly over rated. He is very pitchy and has a thin sound. Plus along with his voice, you get him. They don’t need another cocky person in the group. There are several out there better than that. I’m not sure it matters who they hire. They have more turnover than any top group in the last several years. There is something going on in Gadsden. Maybe they need to change the front office.

  176. really? wrote:

    Jerry Martin POP? L O freakin L!!! A voice for POP? If it were the 80’s maybe. Do you guys realize what current POP music sounds like? So, even in secular music Jerry keeps up the Southern Gospel tradition of being behind the times by 30 years. How about that pitch correction? Don’t believe me? Go to his web site and listen to “Angel”. At about 11 seconds you hear the pitch correction grab one of his notes and pull it down a note and make what should be a note in a major scale into a minor scale. It is very apparent. Recording your vocals to some cheesy Karaoke sound tracks and posting them online doesn’t really equate to changing careers. It sounds like a southern gospel singer singing 80’s - 90’s karaoke. He may be able to hit the notes but his vocal tonalities do not match successfull pop or rock artists.

    Look out guys - America’s next big POP star is a 40 year old bald guy who came from SG. LOL!!!

    Maybe he’ll make a good living at travelling across the country and winning Karaoke competitions at the various VFW halls. Best of luck Jerry.

    Stick with what you know.

  177. wanderer wrote:

    I am the kind of person who likes to give people the benefit of the doubt. I also know sometimes a string of circumstances beyond one’s control can send you into a tailspin. But even now, I am starting to wonder if Gold City is going to make it. They seem to be what the Singing Americans used to be. Great group, but can’t keep their lineup stable. It eventually caught up with Charles Burke. I truly hope the Riley’s can stay afloat and come out with an award group that stays together for 8-10 years.

  178. Wade wrote:

    Gospel Music Fan… you post does not make sense.Using the logic you just posted would mean you stand there and read the TABS while you are waiting in line!!! Guess that is what you mean by passing them by… you just don’t buy them.

    Cause you sure seem to be here and know how to link your web site and everything!!! Least you have the guts to do that unlike some of the BOZO’s who don’t have the guts to reveal who they are!!! TGIF!!!

  179. Wade wrote:

    Could Jerry Martin be going to Gold City??? He may not live far enough away or mess around with other ppl’s wives enough to sing with GCQ!! ;-) Cause I think he has the range and the ability!!

  180. Doris wrote:

    Ed O’Neal of the Dixie Melody Boys has announced that the quartet has selected Matt Felts as the new tenor vocalist

  181. quartet-man wrote:

    Brent Mitchell is the new tenor for Gold City.

  182. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Gold City hired Brent Mitchell as was speculated by a few people I know…

  183. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Wade I would have loved to see Gold City hire Jerry; but I believe he wants to do his own “thang” for a while… :)

  184. eric wrote:

    #176…Watch out. Someone might think you’re a sock puppet.

  185. A former fan wrote:

    I. can’t. STAND this move. Just sayin.

  186. Doris wrote:

    Wade…………”Really?” Might be the sock puppet you were refering too before.???
    WOW, what a wonderfu “christain” you seem to be “really?”……..

    It takes your enemy and your friend, working together to hurt you to the heart; the one to slander you and the other to get the news to you, Jeremiah 9:8 Their tongue is a deadly arrow; it speaks with deceit. With his mouth each speaks cordially to his neighbor, but in his heart he sets a trap for him.


  187. Bryce wrote:

    It’s becoming fascinating to watch as these celebrities de-friend each other on Facebook, an obvious indication of parting on bad terms.

  188. GH wrote:

    When Tim Riley retires again, so will Gold City.

  189. Tommy wrote:

    Is this the weekfor Tenor moves? Dixie Melody Boys, the Dove Brothers, Gold City and now…the Kingdome Heirs. Billt resigned due to voice problems. I am making a guess that this may be why Jerry Martin resigned. I predict he is the new tenor at Dollywood.

  190. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    And another one bites the dust… Billy Hodges is leaving the Kingdom Heirs…

    Tenors are dropping like crazy! Has this ever happened before in Southern Gospel? Three tenors from major groups leaving within in a week of each other.

  191. sam wrote:

    Brent Mitchell was horrible with Mercy’s Mark (as was the entire group). Unless he has improved drastically GC has made another huge mistake. Does anyone sense the Titanic is going down?

  192. olaneljonois wrote:

    Wow another tenor change! Billy Hodges is leaving the Kingdom Heirs due to a vocal problem:

    “It’s been nearly six years since I began my career singing with the Kingdom Heirs at Dollywood. So it’s with mixed emotions that I announce my resignation from the group. As some of you may know, I began having vocal issues back in the summer of this year. I visited Dr. Cleveland, the Voice Center at Vanderbilt’s top expert on vocal issues. They found a lesion on my left vocal cord.

    After the visit I continued my vocal exercises and instructions that were given to me by Dr. Cleveland. However, the damage had already been done. On Wednesday October 27th after much prayer and consultation with Steve French we both decided that my time with the Kingdom Heirs has come to an end. Through tears we announced to the rest of the group that I would be leaving and my last date would be Jan 17th 2011.”

    Steve French says “It’s been a real pleasure having Billy, Selena, and Adison Jo as part of the Kingdom Heir family. All of the guys prayed and hoped that Billy’s voice would clear up and he would be able to stay for many more years. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as we had planned. Billy and I both agree that it’s time and we wish him and his family the best in all of their endeavors. He will always be a Kingdom Heir in our hearts and he will be greatly missed.”

    Billy states, “We had originally planned to make this decision after the first of the year but God led us to this time. I can’t stress enough how supportive the Kingdom Heirs have been to me and my family. Steve has been very understanding through all of my struggles. Other groups might have just fired me but Steve knew my family commitments and has promised to give me two and half months to find other employment. It’s my intent to continue to work for the Dollywood Company.”
    “I want to say a honest and heartfelt thank you to all the fans and friends I’ve made while being with the Kingdom Heirs. I will miss all of you greatly.”

    Sad to hear of the vocal issue. I really enjoyed his time with the Kingdom Heirs.

  193. Irishlad wrote:

    I think Simon Cowell would put things into “perspective” for Jerry Martin.Stay with sg,GC needs a good tenor.(GC’s high arrangements’ll burn Brent out in no time).

  194. wow wrote:

    Oh, you southern gospel fans. Always so lovely and well-mannered toward each other and toward the singers. Never ones to bring someone down before you even have a clue what will take place. Never ones that think they know everything. You guys have it figured out.

    *NOTE: This is extreme sarcasm towards some of the idiots on here that have never been on a bus, sung, or really have a clue what goes on in this business.*

  195. Ms Angel wrote:

    Bryce, you are so right. Its amazing to watch as people you thought were good friends, and even say they are still good friends, just completely deface each other, not just outloud but especially behind each others backs.
    Its takes a very good person to suck it up and go on without saying words of hurt, or slander, due to either jealousy or pure ill feelings toward someone they would normally call friend.
    Its amazing to me further how everyone can come to a forum and completely tear down someone they dont even know. What happen to Support? What happen to christian love? Where are our hearts really? Last I knew, GOD WAS STILL IN CHARGE, and HE was OUR JUDGE, not us……
    I have never in my life seen this thread before till the link was sent to me VIA FB. I sat in my office in AWE yesterday, just reading one after another.
    WOW, I just love christians!
    I myself am not what you would call a real heavy duty church going woman. I do go, but not every sunday. I work with Radio, and other things, and that pretty well keeps me busy, but I have never in my life seen such back biting and judging and harsh words that it just turns my stomach. Its NO wonder I dont go to church as much anymore, and many others I have talked to on this subject also…….hmmm??
    I love the lord……..I love my gospel music. I was raised on Quartets. As far back as I can remember, I could hear it playing in my momma’s house.
    What is going on with all the Tenors leaving and all the changing is very odd indeed, but ARE we going to sit back and just tear each one of them apart like that??? Where is the love People???

    I do applaud Steve French! It takes a wonderful man to handle his business as well has he does, and handle it with such class and grace. “Way TO GO STEVE”.
    I think out all the changes made this month this was by far the best I have seen handled.

    SO I will leave with this……..

    1 Peter 3:10
    For “Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit

  196. Jeremy wrote:

    I was in dollywood last week and saw Jerry Martin with a dollywood guide. All of the people in the group including Jerry had name tags on. Could be just a tour, but with the announcement of Hodges leaving sure looks like it could have been an orientation. Maybe just a coincidence…

  197. EddieRay wrote:

    Yikes! Looks like we need some more Eunuchs to hit them high notes. I also think.. Never mind this is a good place to “cut-it-off”

  198. Christine wrote:

    Bryce, who is doing that?

  199. irishlad wrote:

    just got back from the alison durham speer and gv concert…in a word, of my main reasons for going was to once again enjoy chris allman,he really is a five star tenor.requests were asked for and were dutifully reciprocated with blessed assurance(chris )champion of love,to name a few .as for ADS,wow what can I say,a powerhouse performance, shirley bassey,lulu,barbara streisand all thrown into one in a west end/broadway worthy production. this is not meant to be an exhausive review, rather a few thoughts thrown together whilst fresh in my mind of a great night.

  200. MH(: wrote:

    Danny knows exactly what he is doing! So. . . GET OFF HIS BACK!
    Danny is one of the sweetest guys I know and wants nothing less than the best for Gold City! Please, just quit trying to start up trouble! I loved Josh with GC but Brent is great as well! Gold City is one of the best groups on the road today and will continue to be!
    Another thing, we don’t need to know EVERYTHING! GC posted what they thought we (the fans) should know! Apparently things just didnt work out. . . But Gold City is just as great!
    So please, stop blaming Danny for everything! He is an absolutly amazing guy with an amazing talent!
    We love you Danny, and the rest of Gold City!

  201. Extra Ink wrote:

    Yet another group member change/announcement: Reuben Bean has decided to leave the McKameys and pursue a career in pop music.

  202. Delores G. wrote:

    So if I take a job far away from where I currently live but I tell my employer I’m going to relocate in a couple of months, why would I think that 10 months later when I’m still sitting in the same place I’m going to keep my job?

    Josh had told a number of people (including I’m told GC) he would be relocating to Nashville in the spring but I guess he didn’t mean spring of 2011. Yeah GC knew the travel constraints but were willing to work with it FOR A TIME.

    I don’t know how Brent is going to do, never heard him in person but he lives close enough to catch the bus, that has to feel good for GC right now.

    Also, one thing I’m surprised no one here has mentioned. Josh Cobb was with another group and ‘left suddenly(read fired)’ and then left some rather negative comments about the group. Later, he said his myspace was hacked. Some forgiving people gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    Now he is released from GC and he makes some negative comments (although not in the same realm of those previous) and if not lies at least twists the truth to make it appear that someone with no ties to the business (other than being Daniel’s friend) is who tells him he is let go. When in fact he knew who he was talking to was the group business manager, the person who handled the personnel issues.

    But because what he says is negative folks jump on that band wagon believing he has been ‘wronged’. BS,manure, crap… many different names but it all smells the same!

  203. tommy wrote:

    Mitchell is a odd choice. He does have a “unique” voice but not in a good way for Gold City. He has never looked comfortable on stage. More like a guy trying to look cool but trying way to hard. If people were honest, without Tim Riley, Gold City would be already one step away from going to Branson to live off old hits. Is Mitchell the best they could come up with after the 3rd search in 2 years or is it because no one wants the gig? The name “gold city” has lost all of its magic. Its now just another mid level group. With any luck, Mitchell won’t be there long either.

  204. DP wrote:

    It’s quiet…. Too Quiet…. So - here is a rumor - but it came from a good source: Shaun “Sherrill” Neilsen is going to resign from The Masters V. Another tenor leaving a major group!!! This is getting spooky!

  205. lee65 wrote:

    I remember Jerry Martin with The Kingsmen and it seemed like he struggled vocally with them but , with the Doves he became one of the smoothest tenors i’ve ever heard . I have’nt heard his pop stuff but , i wish him the best whatever direction he decides to take

  206. John wrote:

    The next time Doug posts on this website that things are quiet in SG, someone should find him in the bunker he holes up in, wrap duck tape around his fingers, turn off his computer, and disconnect his internet connection…

  207. Rob wrote:

    I heard yesterday that Tim had told Daniel he was coming off the road in January. Don’t want to start any rumors, but was wondering if anyone else had heard anything about Tim going back in retirement?

  208. j-mo wrote:

    Tommy (#203)

    Don’t be silly. Gold City could never make it in Branson.

  209. christine wrote:

    Delores G, Where is Josh posting negative comments? Nothing I read or seen has been negative from him, just stating the facts….

  210. Jake wrote:

    Wow — over 200 responses. When Doug goes away the mice really do know how to play!

  211. ABC wrote:

    Daniel needs to find a group manager, whether that person sings in the group or not. Jason Maise is not the man.

    If he doesn’t, Gold City is done.

  212. Kyle wrote:

    I love how “I was told this, but don’t repeat it” becomes “Let’s go post this on!!” Half of the stuff I’ve seen posted here is stuff I first heard from other people saying, “Please don’t post anything!!”

  213. iknow morethanuthink wrote:

    I heard it that the Crabb family was going to reunite for appearances in late/early 2010/2011. It is also rumored that Kathy and Gerald would be making the Christmas concerts that are scheduled, rounding out the the whole family. Kathy would be pouncing on the keys and Gerald would be strumming the guitar and dead-panning into the cameras, pretending to be the star that he so desperately wants to be……any truth to these rumors?

  214. UsedtobeaGCfan wrote:

    #165. Trust me. Gold City didn’t pay a dime for Josh to fly anywhere. That all came out of Josh’s pocket. They stuck him with so much unnecessary expense due to their poor management and booking that he wasn’t making hardly any money. At least Josh got to get off Titanic before it sinks.

    And Bruce had better watch out. They may make him get a wig too so he can fit in with the other three. What a joke they have become.

  215. Wade wrote:

    Pray for Gold City!!!!

  216. Tommy wrote:

    So if the rumor is true that Tim is coming off the raod in Jan, does that mean Chris West in coming on to replace him? That was the rumor a while back. Remind me, wasnt Chris with Mercys Mark? That would put two guys back together from a group that didint work the first time around. Huhhhh. If that happened, you can officially put Gold City down in the 2nd tier of Southern Gospel. The bigger question is how long will it take for the powers that be and all the cool aid drinkers to admit it? I miss the days when you anxiously awaited the next Gold City album. Where’s my time machine when I need it. I really never thought the 1990″s would be the “Good ole days”. lol

  217. Deron wrote:

    #200, ya know, the exclamation point is actually most effective when you use it sparingly, kind of a less is more thing. And color me unconvinced, but from all the things I’ve heard both from and about Gold City, it doesn’t seem to me at all that Danny knows what he’s doing. Shoddy musicianship, quick member turnovers, each of which involve a certain dramatic flair…sounds to me like there are some strange things going on in Gadsden.

    And #201, that is most certainly one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. Kudos to you.

  218. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    This is open season, no, I mean thread.
    This the day the politicians has made, vote today and try to be glad in it tonight!
    I voted all ready up here in Massachusetts and I am not in Barney Frank’s district. (two towns from his district)
    Eight state-wide or congressional races up here are to close to call. Some more not far behind.
    Not one major incumbent Republican is in trouble.
    Signs of the times.

  219. cdguy wrote:

    #213 — I don’t know about the rumors of Kathy & Gerald, but the tour schedule is here:

  220. wow wrote:

    #207…wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t think any of us expected Tim to stay another 25 years. It’s been good to have him back for a year though.

  221. J. Bazzel wrote:

    I heard that Naomi Sego has been in the studio collaborating on a duet with Jay Z.
    The Gospel legend spoke of the sessions: “It was a wonderful experience. Z an I really connected” Jay Z added; “Naomi and Z baby!!! It’s Georgia and Brooklyn, kicking it old school” The forthcoming CD will be co-produced by Wayne Haun and Kanye West.

  222. Delores G. wrote:

    #209 - if you don’t read saying you were told you were let go by someone with no connection to the business negative, then we just view things differently. Also, to act surprised when you know that the distance was something previously discussed is misleading at best.

    My take (and I’m entitled to my opinion) is Josh learned a lesson from last time and realized he had to be subtle when he posted misleading comments to avoid being seen in the true light.

  223. Wade wrote:

    WoW Dr. DH must really be busy to not even be able to get the Interns to let post through in 36ish hours. I wonder if it is election related????

    186 Doris… I have no idea what you are talking about. I did not say anything that was a rumor. Help me out I would like to be a better Christian!!!

    Irish Laddy- Good review was it at a church or a auditorium?? YOu don’t think Jerry Martin could make the night club circuit??? Their is a circuit here that some one mentioned above making light but you can make MUCH more money singing on the VFW ( Vet of Foreign Wars ) Knight of Columbus ( Catholic Fraternal Org ) and Shrine Halls you can do quite well on. In fact getting on these shows is big here if you can get SGM for Family Events and Fundraisers!!!

    I think he could make it. I have a show at the club I work at I could book him on!!!

    I know this… if it comes to pass the Jerry Martin is going to sing for the Kingdom Heirs and the whole, I WANT TO DO SOMETHING ON MY OWN was just a way to separate from the Dove Bros I will call BS on it and say that McCray Dove is the classiest guy I know.

    Because you KNOW that he knows and he did not out Jerry about it and in fact was nothing but nice about it to the public and what he wrote me.

    Been harping on it for over a year because I love them and it hurts me to see them struggle, but Gold City is in BIG trouble. I will be back later to respond to some of the Kool-Aid drinkers and the others who’s eyes have been opened!!!

  224. LS wrote:

    #216…Be fair–Chris West and Brent Mitchell weren’t in Mercy’s Mark at the same time. Chris was there at the beginning, and Brent was there at the end.

  225. Irishlad wrote:

    Wadey mate, it was in our one and only magachurch Whitewell metropolitan,seats about 3000 roughly 1500 turned up at £14($20) a shot.Tony Gore,Gold City and Gaither have all packed the place out.

  226. Wade wrote:

    IrishLaDDy… that is a mega church for real and still a good gate. I thought GV was BIG TIME over there and if GC packed it out I would’ve thought they would too!!!

    Thanks for the report!!!

  227. Sensible wrote:

    Irishlad- I have been to Whitewell Metropolitan with one of the groups you mentioned. It was an awesome experience, and one of my best memories. The church always treated us like royalty. One year we were apart of the huge tent meeting that the church put on in the city. Thanks for bringing it up!

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