Post-hiatus round up

Some stuff I’ve missed recently that’s worth noting but that doesn’t warrant a post of its own.

  • Shocking news: The Crabb Family is reuniting for a concert you don’t want to miss … until the next time they reunite. Crikey. In a few years, they’re going to have been reuniting longer than they were together in the first place.
  • Via Daniel Mount, this bit of patriogospel hackery has been making the rounds this week, just in time for the Midterms. Rather than “God Is Still in America,” a more accurate title might have been “Sarah Palin is Still on the Loose” but I quibble. We better get used to this kind of stuff. I suspect we’ll be hearing it a lot more of it over the next two years, all the way through til the 2012 Rally to Restore Teabagistan at NQC.
  • And while we’re on the topic of stuff going on in the wider world of American music that sort of relates to sg: via NG, there’s this bit of weirdness from Orlando, where a “Reunion” concert of country and southern gospel acts scheduled for a few weeks ago was abruptly canceled after several acts pulled out. More here and here.
  • Taranda Greene is doing solo dates for now in the wake of her husband’s death, which I hope means more of the interesting collaborations she’s doing with Brooklyn Tab and not a prescription for descending into really great karaoke obscurity. One need only look at someone like Joyce Martin to see what can befall the fantabulously talented female vocalist who goes adrift without a group identity.
  • David Bruce Murray does some interesting math regarding regional group finances and comes up with something around $800 as the minimum take for a quartet traveling 300 miles round trip for a gig.
  • And btw, here’s the key to the future of southern gospel. It’s just that simple, evidently. I thought you should know.

Consider this an open thread.

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  1. Andrew S. wrote:

    It appears that Lauren Talley has finally found Mr. Right. :)

    On the other hand, here is a review of the Tribute Quartet’s latest cd, Hit Replay.

  2. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    The key to the future of southern gospel music as articulated by someone whose first exposure to southern gospel was when he checked a CD out from a library?

    This is meant to be satirical, right?

  3. Charles Brady wrote:

    LOL!!! Soli Deo Gloria that was priceless!!

  4. Doug Sword wrote:


    I’m not sure why you think that having one’s first exposure to SGM coming from a CD borrowed from a library somehow invalidates Daniel’s opinion. Please explain.

  5. Ben Storie wrote:

    Validation has a name and it is Avery! I’m thrilled that you referenced my material and with such verbosity. I’m the patriogospel hack (co-hack actually) who wrote the song mentioned in the 3rd bullet point. I appreciate the nod and link to our song. Whoo-hoo!
    Ben Storie

  6. Brian wrote:


    They’ve got nothing negative to pin to Daniel, his blog, and his service to southern gospel, so they blindly and personally attack him. Amazing, but sadly, typical on this blog.

  7. s.smith wrote:

    If you have ever talked to Daniel, or read his blog, you would know that he is knows more about the subject that probably all the rest of us combined. One of the major difference between Daniel and Soli is that Daniel is trying to make positive changes, not just see who he can put down and how much. Daniel actually cares about SG music; unlike Soli who only wants to tear it down.

  8. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Come on, guys!

    I don’t know this guy Daniel or his contributions to southern gospel, so I surely don’t feel any need to “blindly and personally” attack the guy (whatever that means).

    But what I do know is this: the key to southern gospel’s future surely will not come from the library card holding home schooled crowd who southern gospel already appeals to.

    And No.7, get over yourself. Your defense of the status quo is far worse for southern gospel than anything I’ve ever posted. Man up and express an opinion.

  9. Mitch wrote:

    I cant help but wonder what groups like Voices Won and Enlisted think about Robert York’s statement to DBM: “David, You have good points in what you are saying, but as they say regional groups are a dime a dozen…” - I dont think I could do a show for him again, if I were them, if that’s what he thought of me.

  10. Hector Luna wrote:

    Soli: glad you’re back.

  11. Just Thinking wrote:

    I heard TaRanda Green in concert and she was amazing! Her testimony and her music were wonderful–a very worthwhile evening!

  12. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I have a feeling those groups will give Robert a pass when they read the sentence he wrote immediately after the one you quoted.

  13. Alan wrote:

    An interesting update posted by Judy Nelon on Facebook this morning:

    In a nutshell, EHSSQ’s Cathedrals tribute video debuted at #1 on Billboard, where numbers 2 and 3 were the Beatles and the Rolling Stones DVD’s. Bill Gaither is quoted in the release. Doesn’t seem like there’s such a divide between their camps as some would say.

    And, I somehow knew that there would be at least some gratuitous blast on Sarah Palin and/or conservatives after Tuesday’s blood bath for liberalism! Entire states went from blue to red in one day, another striking example of how failed a majority of Americans believe this President, his agenda, and the Congress of 2007 really are. If you check out the red/blue post-election map on, you’ll see that singing patriotic songs will likely win a lot of new fans for sgm!

  14. Brian wrote:

    Mitch, I wonder why you don’t e-mail Mr. York directly, or at least reply to his comment on the Musicscribe site, instead of gossiping about him here.

  15. cdguy wrote:

    Even though it appears Daniel J Mount came to this genre later than a lot of us, 6 years have given him enough time to do a lot of research, and he DOES know what he’s talking about.

    And the library reference indicates to me he IS at least literate. And that seems better than some others of us who post on this site.

  16. s.smith wrote:

    My opinion is that you tearing it down with your smarmy attacks isn’t doing anything to help SG music. And the homeschool boy who learned about the music from a CD at the library now works for Crossroads Music. That means he has a much greater chance of influencing and helping the genre that your tiresome comments ever will.

  17. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    We need to be in prayer for the Dykes family and the Greesons. Tony Dykes of “The Greesons” passed away this morning from cancer. He was a great man from a really wonderful group that is really sincere in their love for the Lord.

  18. Alan wrote:

    what about Lauren Talley and Brian Alvey getting engaged…anyone see that one coming?!

  19. youngartist wrote:

    Daniel is a great guy and so is Robert York. I have known Daniel for years and have personal spoken with Robert multiple times. Everyone needs to chill. And vote someone into office who will get you a job.

  20. Andrew S. wrote:

    #18- To be honest, I knew it was coming. She’s been private about her relationships in the past, but this one had more exposure. Brian was the only backup singer throughout her latest solo cd. Seeing him in the Talleys videos on Talley Tree-O also made the engagement less surprising.

    But I will say that I thought that she would have been married 7-10 years ago. On the other hand, I suppose she’s put more thought and planning into her marriage than some people her age would have done/do. I admire her for waiting. It’s a testimony for the younger ones to be yourself and wait for the right one to be directed to you or vice versa.

  21. Odeliya wrote:

    #5 Ben, this is very good song, in my humble opinion, congratulations on well done job.

    Can some kind soul explain to me why Avery,(who is brilliant and whom i dearly like) says that its somewhat leaining towards supporting Sarah Palin and Tea people? To me it seem like a generic patriotic song , any christian can associate with it, Democrat or republican, no? I hate ultraradical right wing ideas with passion, but i dont see how the song is related.

    I am just curious, there are some things of american culture i fail to fully understand, so i ask…

  22. noninsider wrote:

    21. I completely agree; and Ben as she said GREAT job writing that song… And L5 did it justice… I hear it will be sent to SG radio and Country stations; Odeliya I can’t answer that question about Avery or leftists in general… I do however know some Dems that would love this song… I just think it comes down to the fact that Doug just plain does not like patriotic tunes recorded by Gospel artists; I can’t honestly think of a single instance where he has said that he does like Patriotic tunes. Shoot he may not like any sort of patriotic song, and I suppose that is his choice to feel that way…

  23. Deron wrote:

    Someone should really tell Daniel that the key to the future of Southern Gospel is as simple as spreading the word that we have someone in our ranks that’s more talented than Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart combined, or whatever the hell that ridiculous comparison was that he made a while back involving Lari Goss.

  24. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Hector, great call on the new Lecrae! I can’t imagine that guy putting out some America first, Jesus if there’s anything left over, “patriotic” tune. That guy is all Gospel (with a capital G) all the time.

  25. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    How about Mike Huckabee for National Quartet Convention in 2011?
    He has been at some southern gospel events, played the guitar at some well known evangelical churches and an excellent, relaxing communicator!
    He has some common interest in southern gospel music.

  26. Mitch wrote:

    I wasn’t gossipping about Mr York. I simply wondered what those groups might think about his comment, and then I stated that if after hearing that comment, I didn’t know if I could work for him again. I posed a question, and then made a remark about my feelings. How is that gossipping? I don’t know much about the man, so I can’t say one way or the other. I just felt like he slapped the groups in the face by cutting them down with his comment. Maybe he didn’t mean it the way it came across. Maybe he was generalizing, and didn’t have the local groups he uses in mind when he made those comments. I don’t know! I just know it came across to me as kind of harsh and condescending. I’ve heard both of the two groups I’ve mentioned, and they are as ‘professional’ as most on the road today. They just don’t do it for a living, or have the notoriety as some others. They certainly aren’t a ‘dime a dozen’, as he stated. So, I humbly ask you to GET OFF MY BACK!

  27. Kyle wrote:

    #25 GospelMusicFan

    I have been saying the same thing since they announced Palin’s appearance. Huckabee is a former Baptist minister, has played on stage with Legacy Five, is a conservative republican, and would make an EXCELLENT speaker at NQC. Plus, the circus of newsvans outside probably wouldn’t be as distracting.

  28. Odeliya wrote:

    Mitch, brother, dont take it close to heart.
    I am not a native english speaker, and usually check idioms, this is what i saw-
    “A dime a dozen” is explained in both dictionaries as “”Overly abundant; commonplace.”" Not a word about it being bad.

    Well, if i mess up, and my boss tells me “Ode, you better watch out, DBAs are a dime a dozen” i wont be upset at all, because in this economy indeed, even historically in demand professions are abundant, jobs are in short supply,even nurses are looking!

    I talked (online) to Bobby York, he is a nice boy! I am sure he meant no offense.He actually impresses me, for way too many old- to ancient SG fans have overinflated sense of self and are waaaay too cocky, he isn’t at all.

  29. Rev. Al wrote:

    Huckabee may be hard to get next fall. The polls today show he would beat Obama for president.

  30. Alan wrote:

    I think that Huckabee would be a good choice and would likely jump at the chance to come. His love of music, including sgm, is well-known, and let’s be honest - how many politicians, more than a year out from an election, wouldn’t jump at a chance to speak to 20,000 potential voters who would be sympathetic to them? A great call, this.

    Rev. Al - Huckabee is one of around 6 GOP candidates who would beat Mr. Obama right now, according to polls. Not hard to see why, either. But, two years is a very long time in politics….

  31. Irishlad wrote:

    Being a non-American i often wondered why the Republicans have red and the Democrats blue as their identifying colours. I thought surely with the Democrats having left-leaning policies red would be the appropriate colour?

  32. Robert York wrote:

    #9 Mitch…I don’t know if I’ve ever used your group or not but if I did use them there must have been a reason I used them. I thought they were a good group or thought they could put people in the seats. If you received the phone calls and cd’s I do from the so called regional groups and you listen and or see them in person you would realize the number of groups that are out there. Some are good and some are better, but some need to go back to what they are best at doing. I put Voices Won and Enlisted among the top groups that sing in our area. They are better than some professional groups that I’ve had on my programs. I use them quite often and support them in everyway that I can. They also put people in the seats. I get more request for these two groups to be on the program than you can imagine. The most recent concert I had with EHSS Voices Won was on the program. I had people call for tickets telling me that VW was the only reason they were attending the concert. All I would say to any group is “CAN YOU PUT PEOPLE IN THE SEATS”? From my experience most say they can but the night of the concert those people don’t show up.

  33. Alan wrote:

    Irishlad - Phillip, I’ve wondered the same thing myself. No idea how the color designation came to be, but your point is a valid one. Interesting that it took an Irish Lad to make the comment. :-)

  34. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    You better booked him now while his poll numbers are high while he is not a official candidate..
    You won’t be able to get him in 2012 because our Democratic friends in Christ would cry foul. They would say it is not fair. They might have a valid point in 2012.
    Irishlad and Kyle makes alot of sense.
    Did someone mentioned the buzz word Republican?
    I can’t stand the heat in the kitchen so have a good day!

  35. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Here is a spin free explanation of the red and blue states:

  36. Mitch wrote:

    Mr. York, I don’t have a group. I simply posed the question that I wondered what those two groups might’ve thought about your comment about regional groups being ‘a dime a dozen’. Your use of that phrase implied (to me, at least) that you thought all local and regional groups were sub-par. And I happened to know that the two in question are far from that!

    Then, I further stated that IF I were them, that I wasn’t sure if I could ever agree to work for you again (knowing how you seemed to feel about ‘regional’ groups.

    Perhaps, you didn’t mean to be insulting or demeaning by using that phrase, but I certainly took it that way!

    Later, Brian (whoever that is), decided to put his two cents in, and accused me of judging you. Of course, that wasn’t what I was doing at all. I asked a logical question, and made a simple statement of my feelings.

    I assure you that I mean’t you no harm, Sir. My prayer is that you will continue to have concerts, and will use the local and regional talent as much as possible. But, please don’t belittle them by making such generalizations!

    God Bless Your Endeavors-

  37. Robert York wrote:

    Mitch: My final comment on this matter will be that my record speaks for its self.
    I have had different regional groups open concerts and do concerts ever since I started promoting concerts. I’ve brought newly formed full-time groups into the North Georgia area that have never been here before. If you would like a list of all the groups both full and part time I’ll be happy to provide you with the names of the groups. I have records back to the first concert which I ever promoted as to the groups and attendance at each of these groups. The first group I ever promoted was the Hoskins Family. You probably haven’t heard of this group. They were one of the first groups to have video with their performane. Hope you have a blessed day and that you continue to enjoy Southern Gospel Music. Maybe someday you will take up promoting Southern Gospel Music.

  38. weber wrote:

    Someone needs to tell the Crabb Family that the TBN Praise-a-thon is nothing more than preachers fleecing the flock, and taking advantage of folks who cant think for themselves. The Crabb Family must believe its ok to do this, seems like they are on every year singing the same songs. It goes without saying that the preachers on TBN who participate are just as pathetic.

  39. Mitch wrote:

    Mr York, I have done my share of promoting Southern Gospel concerts over the years, and, to reply to your comment, I am very familiar with The Hoskins Family. (I really don’t know what made you randomly think I wouldn’ t know them.) Anyway, Sir. I still sense a terseness from you about my original question and my comment.

    I apologize if you were offended by my query. But, I just know that IF you had lumped my local/regional group (if I actually had one) with all the others, and said that we were ‘a dime a dozen’, that I would’ve taken issue with that, and that I would have had to think long and hard about working for someone who had no more confidence in our minstry than that.

    Sir, I get that historically that you’ve used many ‘regional’ singers. I applaud you for that. Great. But did you give any thought to how your remark would’ve made them feel?

    Let’s turn the table here. Let’s say, for conversation sake, that you had a streak of bad luck with your concerts. Even though you had unusually small crowds, somehow, you were able to pay each group their contracted flat. That would be no reason for anyone to take issue with you. But, later, you find out that these same groups are telling other artists about how sorry all the promoters in the Atlanta area. If you were to be 100% honest, you have to say that you would be upset that you were lumped together with some ‘riff-raff’. You know you would! And anyone else like you (who is above board in their business affairs) would be, too.

    My only point is that you appeared to generalize, and make a somewhat derogatory statement about ALL regional groups, without giving any respect for those dedicated groups who’ve worked hard for you in your efforts. It just made me feel bad, and I knew that if I were them, I would be offended by the comment.

    I believe you are a good man, Mr York. I am not questioning that! I know you work hard to present good shows and I know you have used great talent at them. I just felt that you needed to show a little more respect for those who have helped you in your efforts.

    Father’s Blessings to you. Keep up the good work, and whenever my wife and I have the chance, we’ll attend your shows again. I just hope you’ll acknowledge that there are some regional groups out there that aren’t just ‘a dime a dozen’.

  40. DJPhil wrote:

    Mitch, the problem is, you took Bobby Yorks’ comments out of context. Use ALL of what he said, “but as they say regional groups are a dime a dozen. Some of them are VERY GOOD, some are good and some should just stay at home.” “I beat my wife up every morning” is an okay answer to the question, “In your household, who wins the race getting up in the morning?” But taken out of context can cause people to think very wrongly. This is what you have done. Bobby uses VERY GOOD regional artists in Voices One!!

  41. irishlad wrote:

    35 thanks GospelMusicFan that link cleared things up a bit,I’m sure Alan appreciated it as well.

  42. Mitch wrote:

    DJPhil, I have stated previously, that Mr York may have very well not meant the comment the way I took it. Apparently, he didn’t. I have also mentioned that I think he is a good man, and that i meant him no harm. So, don’t be accusing me of causing people to think badly about him. Thank you.

    By the way, the group’s name is Voices Won. I have heard them on several occasions. They are very good - that’s the whole reason behind my comments! I thought he was throwing them and Enlisted in the bag with a bunch of not-so-good local/regional singers. Again, I previously stated that they are, in my estimation, much better than some ‘pro’ groups on the circuit today. IF he was throwing off on them, I didn’t appreciate it, and wanted to see if he would re-state, or further explain his reason for using a less-than-flattering phrase about groups he must’ve thought worthy of his attention. It sounded curious, and I wanted an explanation.

  43. accent wrote:

    I was wondering why Mitch didn’t you air your complaints out with Mr. York in th forum he made his comments instead of coming over here to air them out? Guess it might been because they wouldn’t allow it there.

  44. Josh wrote:

    Post #20 mentioned thought and planning of a marriage(in SG,wow).I just saw on the Kinsmens website that Randy Crawford got married once again in September,this is at least his third marriage if I’m not mistaken.Who in SG holds the record for most marriages anyway?

  45. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:

    LOL #44 wow, not sure!

  46. Andrew S. wrote:

    #44 (Josh)- Pop & Mom Crabb have now been married at least 3 times each. I’m not sure of any others though.

    Randy was engaged to another female earlier this year, but, for undisclosed reasons, it didn’t go through. Don’t you love how Southern Gospel is so family oriented? :)

  47. Josh wrote:

    #44 I didn’t think of Crabbs,but that is true,also maybe I should learn to spell,noticed I left the “G” from Kingsmen in my earlier post,lol

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