Classic culture clash, with Juanita Bynum

Via Avery’s pal KC, a clip from Juanita Bynum’s Gospel Goes Classical. Here Bynum takes off a-testifyin’ between tunes before laying into the testimony-clincher, “I Don’t Mind Waiting (on the Lord).” Even if you can’t make it all the way through the full ten minutes, it’s worth watching for the first half or so. Around the 1′40″ mark, the spirit really starts moving with Juanita. Keep your eye on the orchestra’s faces during the preaching:

As KC notes: “That orchestra behind her looks frightened at times; and a little in doubt. Makes me miss the pentecostal churches I went to as a kid.” Frightened indeed. I think my favorite part is that with a full orchestra sitting right behind her, she’s got a synthesizer backing up her sermonnette. Feel the culture clash!

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  1. JOF wrote:

    All I can say is: Shadi-di-ba-ba-messiah.


  2. Bill Enwright wrote:

    Might do you some good to go back to some of those spiritual meetings too. Did it ever occur to you that this may be the first time that some of those musicians have ever heard the gospel? Culture clash, of course. But the darkness always needs the light. Be careful what you say my friend. You nor anyone else is the final authority. That belongs to God. I personally am not a Bynum fan, but I am a fan of the spirit of God.

  3. cynical one wrote:

    #2 Bill — You’re right: that may have been the first time some of the players had heard the gospel. But I don’t think Doug, nor his friend KC, made any editorial comment against the goings on here. So, the “be careful what you say” comment might have been a little premature.

    Otherwise, I liked your comment.

  4. Melvin Klaudt wrote:

    I don’t know Juanita Bynum and have never heard her, But I am now a fan of hers, because I am also openly a fan of the Lord no matter where I am. Let the seed be planted.

  5. DARREL PEATON wrote:

    I love it,thats the kind of spirit i was raised in. It would be good if the world was exposed to more of this. If you can’t fill the spitit in this you probly don’t have any.

  6. Kermit The Hermit wrote:

    Juanita just scared the very breath out of my body. Good for her… but holy cow. And now, I bid you a Shadi-di-bye-bye.

  7. Catoe wrote:

    This is not the true gospel or anything close to it.

  8. KC wrote:

    I’ve ordered the DVD. :)

  9. parttimeSGfan wrote:

    in reality… this is an example of lack of wisdom. To assume that the gospel must be “Screamed” in order to be affective is non-sense. And if that IS the first time that orchestra heard the “gospel” (which it wasn’t the gospel it was a testimony) it might very well be the last.

  10. Jonathan Wilburn wrote:

    Thanks so much for this blessing!

  11. John Lanier wrote:

    Re: #10 - I agree, Jonathan. In effect, her “testimony” is the gospel in that she spoke of trusting in the Lord for her slavation and/or deliverance in sinful/adverse circumstances.

    And, no, indeed, the gospel doesn’t have to be “screamed” to be effective.

    But it seems that some can’t see the forest for the trees in this case. She is expressing her heart that is full of joy and gratitude for what the Lord has meant in her life and done in her life.

    Her statement, “If you don’t know my pain, then you’ll never understand my praise” says a lot about the moment captured in this clip. (I could speak in tongues myself right there as my spirit sure bears witness with that truth.) I can relate to that statement in my own life.

    What is so wrong with encouraging people with a testimony of God’s grace and goodness with excitement and joy? I am happy for the lady and she is relating to the people, in essence, that those who are broken and suffering painful circumstances can find this same joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Ghost of they will only call out to God and allow Him to work in their lives.

    My kind of meeting.

  12. melvin klaudt wrote:

    To some the testimony of the, “woman at the well” was not the Gospel. Also, the Pharasees wanting the Lord to keep his converts quiet speaks volumns as to how we should worship and praise the Lord. One thing I will not do is Worship responsibly. If we don’t praise our creator, most likely the elements will rock His praises.

  13. Reaboka wrote:

    No 7, yes thats not the gospel, but its life dear, get it inside you, let the spirit move u, u nid it….that was splendid sister Juanita, the gates of hell are shaking and the kingdom of the evil one is falling apart…move it babe…God bless you

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