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From reader Rev. Al, a great little story:

I saw the Oak Ridge Boys several years ago in concert. It was right after they transitioned to country. They were rockin it out - but there were several old ladies who came expecting Smitty Gatlin. After about 5 songs - a little old lady walked down to the stage and stood there until the Oaks finished that song. Duane Allen knelt down and talked to the lady. Then he stood up and announced to the crowd that this sweet lady wants us to turn it down and sing some gospel songs. So - they pretended to turn it down and they sang two acappella gospel songs - Burdens are Lifted at Calvary and Life’s Railway. Afterwards - they went back to their planned agenda. It was first class. He handled that old woman with such respect and dignity.

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  1. John wrote:

    Duane Allen has always been 100% class! Great story, Rev. Al.

  2. Joe Bonsall wrote:

    During a similar time an old woman came to the front of the stage after we finished and pounded on the floor demanding the OAKS come back out and sing some more.
    We thought she was drunk or crazy because she was SO loud. She wasn’t neither one. She was Johnny Cash in disguise… TRUE STORY

  3. Tim wrote:

    The way The Oaks have embraced their gospel roots in recent years is class within itself. They really didn’t have to but it seemed to be from a love and respect for the music.

  4. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The Oaks are a classy group, no matter how you slice it. I have no doubt they were blessed in secular music because they chose to re-direct their style. The other option would have been to stay in gospel and bicker with the holier-than-thous.

  5. Deron wrote:

    I’ve always thought that the Oaks’ arrangement of Life’s Railway is so incredibly beautiful. It’s so simple, yet it never fails to give me chill bumps. Talk about great music…

  6. Tim wrote:

    DBM, if the Oaks had stuck with gospel music, they probably would have had to rely on a Bill Gaither revival of their career.

  7. quartet-man wrote:

    #6 The Oaks have had a long, successful career. They still tour heavily and are legends. Sure, their career is different than it was in the seventies to eighties and into the nineties. However, look at country music in particular. Their contemporaries such as Kenny Rogers, Lee Greenwood, many legends before them like George Jones and even ones that followed like Alabama, Diamond Rio, Travis Tritt, Randy Travis and many others are in similar situations or worse.

    These days Country Music is almost as bad as pop in going for young people with looks and throwing many away in just a few years.

    Granted, Southern Gospel audiences are more dedicated to artists, but as far as success goes, many would LOVE to be in the Oaks shoes and they wouldn’t have to travel as much, work second jobs etc. to be in the music industry.

  8. Brent Roe wrote:

    This July Fourth, the Oaks were @Hannibal, Mo, with the Booth Bros and the Isaacs. We were led to believe that the oaks were going to pay a tribute to their gospel roots. Instead,theysang the best of the oaks over the last 15 years, Sterban looked and sang like Keith Richards, William Lee kinda tried,Joe knew the words to most of the songs. Duane tried to hold it all together, but the sad thing was that the Oaks shoulda opened for the other two groups. If they had even
    bothered to sing “King Jesus” or any other of their SG songs, it would have made my night. Instead , we were treated to WLG in a doorag, Sterban in a baseball jersey, shades, and in desparate need of a stylist, and Joe really strugglingto look like an 80’s idol. I loved these guys in the day and even in their CW years. I just thought it was a little disrespectful to us and to themselves. Maybe it was an off night and I am too hard on them. I am willing to listen. But don’t entice me there with the idea that we might hear just a bit of the SG oaks and the guys I loved , then just phone it in.

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