The Flea-Marketization of sg, part 2,516

I just got an email from Allison Durham Speer’s office alerting me to the exciting opportunity to buy some of Allison’s jewelry just in time for Christmas. Oh my.  Because what southern gospel really needs is more tacky glass art jewelry (h/t, KC).

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  1. NG wrote:

    Went to her site but couldn’t make up my mind on what was the better deal — one large glass cross for $65 or 10 copies of her Christmas CD for $100.

  2. Irishlad wrote:

    At 3.5in tall and 3in wide and 65 bucks the large glass cross must be a steal…i must say Allison’s creativity knows no bounds.

  3. Aachen1720 wrote:

    Never liked all the jewelry and such that groups sold. Just seemed to cheapen the experience. But I still have a pair of red socks Derrell Stewart sold at the Florida Boys table. That was unique.

  4. Tommy wrote:

    Not sure if this is my she is doing it but maybe if people bought CD’s or put more than # bucks into the plate, groups wouldnt have to sell t-shirts, hats, etc. Do you really think they want that stuff? I did see on her site that she paints also so maybe she is just very artistic.

  5. Buffy wrote:

    Allison is an extremely talented artist - she does beautiful paintings and I believe the jewelry is just another way of expressing that talent. Her new cd “The Holy Hills” is probably the best she has ever done.

  6. KDM wrote:

    Is this her personal jewelry, like from out of her jewelry box, or stuff that she designs and makes?

  7. rr wrote:

    I believe it is jewelry that she creates herself, such that no two pieces are identical.

  8. KDM wrote:

    Whew. I thought for a second there…

    I guess it’s cool if you have creative products to sell on your website, if there’s a market for them. If she’s good at it, and the jewelry’s nice, why not? If it’s overpriced, folks just won’t buy it.

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