Classic quartet music

One of my favorite moments at NQC 10 (h/t, KC):

Now if someone can just find a clip of Jason Crabb at NQC on Thursday night

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  1. cathy wrote:

    love seeing Katy Peach!!!!

  2. quartet-man wrote:

    Nice. I still prefer the Duvall Family’s version though. Have you heard Janet do “If I’d Had My Way”? The version I am referring to is a bonus track on the Gaither Freedom Band DVD. It is far better and more intimate than the recorded version. As I recall, the only instrumentation was Whitmire on piano. I once talked with Janet, and she said that was her favorite version too.

  3. lovelife wrote:

    It’s funny how “taste” differs. I saw this the night they sang and I’ll just hold my comments, but, who is the young lady with the black bow in her hair. I don’t recognize her.

  4. Andrew S. wrote:

    #3- The woman is Sherri Parker Miller. Her father, Kenny Parker, played piano for the Rambos back in the 70s and later started a trio that consisted of himself, his wife, Peggy, and their daughter, Sherri. He passed away sometime in the early 90s. Sherri is also married to the infamous Randy Miller, former Kingsmen band member & specialty soloist. In the quartet’s first performance (God Rides on Wings of Love), Randy was seen playing a blazing harmonica. Not literally, of course. :o)

  5. Diana wrote:

    Beautiful ladies!! I was there, too, and loved, loved, loved it!

  6. DRL wrote:

    Am I missing something? The title of the post is “Classic Quartet Music”, yet you post a youtube video of a female trio and ask for someone to direct you to a link for a soloist.

    And we wonder why the genre is in trouble.

  7. Odeliya wrote:

    Lovely video, great singers!

    @DLR, I thought - again , as a non native english speaker , I could be wrong- that nqc, while standing for “national quartet convention” has females, males, non-quartets and soloists, etc in various combinations. IOW, isnt it just a generic name used for all music of that genre?

    Is that musical genre in trouble, btw? that’s sad. Why though?

  8. joe wrote:

    #6: Yes, you’re missing something, perhaps because you didn’t watch the video. There were four people, not three. Maybe it was classic because they were all females!

  9. copperhill wrote:

    About that Jason Crabb clip from Thursday night at NQC: here ’tis–

  10. oldtimer wrote:

    #7 — When the NQC first started in the 1950’s, only male quartets were on the program. Over the years, the program has expanded, although the name has not changed.

    Some people, as stated on many threads on this site, feel the genre is in trouble, due to the aging of the audience. Others, however, will point to groups who have appeal to a younger crowd. So, each of us has to draw our own conclusion that question.

    My opinion tends to be somewhere in the middle. Yes, the primary audience is getting older, but we’re also living longer. (I’m not dead yet, and I’m still listening.) And there is evidence that some sg groups ARE drawing a young audience that some of the more traditional groups can’t.

    And since we keep seeing young performers adding to the rank almost daily, I tend to be optimistic overall.

  11. Odeliya wrote:

    @10 - Thanks, got it.

  12. Wade wrote:

    joe…thanks… I hate always being the person calling out dummies.

    copperhill… thanks for the link!!!

    I can’t comment on any thread that talks about Janet Paschal without saying she is a Total Class Act!!! No BS , No Drama, just comes sings, smiles and just a total joy to work with!!!

  13. Andrew S. wrote:

    Wade– You are so right. I saw Janet back in March at a benefit for a local Christian school, and I was ultimately impressed. Her emotions & power imputed in her vocals is amazing–or better– astounding. Two things I liked:
    1. how she sat down on the platform’s steps & read to the audience from her book and
    2. how she talked to individuals during the concert who had experienced cancer & came out victorious.

    What amazes me is how she gets away with singing older songs, and hardly no one complains. It’s not everyday you have an artist –especially a soloist– live off of a hymns cd & a “treasures” cd back to back in 4 years timing. Her success is completely derived from communication. Communication with the lyrics, music, the audience, & most importantly, God. I could go on, but I feel a little blushed at the moment. :)

  14. Wade wrote:

    Andrew… I understand I have stood in front of Janet or thought about her many times and blushed myself!!! :-) ;-)

  15. cdguy wrote:

    Andrew & Wade, I’m about the age of Janet (though we won’t talk about any specific number), and I remember having a huge crush on her when I first saw her with the Lefevres. My wife still teases me about it, and how she doesn’t care for Janet’s singing as I do, although she follow’s Janet’s blog quite faithfully.

    Janet’s probably aged better than I.

  16. Wade wrote:

    cdguy.. Oh surely you did not have a CRUSH!!! :-)) Janet has aged WAY better than MOST but again we have not probably had as much help!! But I ain’t hatin’!!! Love IT!!!

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