Isle of Tune

From the department of random holiday week silliness comes Isle of Tune. It is a strange, mildly transfixing time-suck. And hard to explain … or maybe just make sense of. Anyway, here’s one attempt:

Isle of Tune is a musical sequencer with a twist…you build little roads with houses, trees, streetlights, etc. that cars can then drive past, making music as they go. This is currently the top-rated island. And here’s Michael Jackson’s Beat It. Neat!

Anyone wanna take a stab at sequencing an sg tune?

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  1. Only Southern wrote:

    Where’s the Art Coach or Clarence G when you need them? They’d probably crank out a few of the best SG songs for us to enjoy.

  2. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I played with it for a few minutes. The samples sound so bad and the interface is so tedious, it’s really not worth wasting time trying to create an entire song.

  3. steven wrote:

    like david- i tried it out but gave up after a while. Would have been an interesting “Glory Road” to say the least

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