More Classic Quartets

This, from Jason Crabb and His Fabulous Omnicompetent Combo at NQC, who turned in another of my favorite moments at NQC (h/t, RK). Take a look (no embed available that I could see).

Video, of course, doesn’t do all this justice, can’t capture the palpable immediacy of the set’s aliveness. We’re accustomed to hearing this kind of sound from a soloist … singing with a track. But here were musicians working masterfully, gracefully, gloriously alone together. More of this please.

Update: Thanks to DBM for pointing out the embed for this video:

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  1. Wade wrote:

    Great performance by Jason!! Great accompaniment by keyboard & bass player, but the drummer WAY WAY WAY over played. It was distracting to even some one like me who has made a living playing drums!!!

  2. Sam wrote:

    I just wanted to say about Jason….

    Personally, I think what sets Jason apart from other talented artists is his ability to sing with conviction, to the point where I don’t even notice his range or what was right or wrong with the music. I just get this ‘feeling’ deep down in my soul and it gets me every time.

    How many times have I heard him sing “I’d rather have Jesus”? About 9 million. Each time I think “Doesn’t he sing other songs??” But by the end I’m a blubbering mess, saying “Dang it he got me again!”

    So thank you Jason, you are my very favorite. And yep that band is brilliant. And Merry Christmas everybody.

  3. dontkikamoocow wrote:

    Jayce is the real deal. What a talent, regardless of what the nay-sayers say or think. The band is tremendous, and Jason turns in a stellar performance. He always does, whether singing to a group of 50 in a country church or an audience of 20,000 in an auditorium, 110% is what you always get from Jason.

  4. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    To get the embed code, click on the following link and then on Embed.

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