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Via reader MVC, I draw your attention - should you be interested - to An Illustrated History of Gospel Music (Amazon page here). From the looks of things, I’d wager this is one of those books that assumes, as so many folks do, that gospel is more or less synonymous with the black gospel style. But that wouldn’t necessarily make it an uninteresting book (just an incomplete one) and besides: I know nothing more of it than what I see on the two websites I link to above, so I could be wrong. And I hope I am.

In any event, if anyone manages to look through it before I secure a copy, update us on what you find.

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  1. NG wrote:

    One website’s description of the book (see below) makes it sound like the emphasis will be on black gospel. However, it might touch on white gospel (not necessarily SGM) since Turner has written books on Johnny Cash and Cliff Richard.

    “Renowned British author Steve Turner, well known for his books on Johnny Cash, The Beatles and Cliff Richard, has written An Illustrated History Of Gospel: Gospel Music From Early Spirituals To Contemporary Urban. The large format hardback is published by Lion and tells the history of gospel music with several new interviews conducted by Turner with such figures as Ray Charles, Jessy Dixon and Sallie Martin.”

  2. NG wrote:

    Forgot to mention that Turner’s book on the Beatles was called: “The Gospel According to the Beatles.” You can read a description of it at Amazon:

  3. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Anyone interested in the history of southern gospel need only venture to Louisville next September. Same old people, same old songs, same old stories. A book is completely unnecessary.

  4. NG wrote:

    I looked at the book in a bookstore today. It is a book on black gospel although there are passing references to SGM. As an example, there is one reference to Gaither but it is basically about Jessy Dixon becoming a star on the videos. There is material on Jesus music in the 70s but refers to Andre Crouch appealing to a white audience. Statesmen, Blackwoods get one or two referencs.

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