Concert Review: MTQ, Ivan Parker, The Perrys

Date: January 1, 2011
Location: Fort Myers, FL

Riverdale High School Auditorium
Average age guesstimate: Snow bird


I’ll be honest: I almost didn’t go to this concert. Pretty much knowing that two out of three acts would be mediocre-to-bad was not enticing, no matter how reliably the Perrys come through. So I did what anyone in a dilemma would do: I phoned a friend, who reminded me that when you live in a place where there’s little access to live southern gospel, you should take the opportunities as they come.

When I got there, Mark Trammell Quartet was about halfway through their set in the middle of a piano-bass number featuring the newish bass singer, Pat Barker. The group seems to be getting a warm reception these days, particularly since they are now a quartet. Indeed, I gather a lot of the love flowing their way right now has to do with quartet fetishization, as if a quartet is prima facie superior to other formations. There is ample reason to doubt this dubious proposition in general (namely, the fact that entire flotillas of toxic-sounding quartets are vocally at sea at any given moment in the churches and county fairs and benefit concerts of the American byways). But in MTQ’s case, Barker undoubtedly adds a lot of energy and personality to a group that has never been in danger of being nominated for Most Charismatic Singers.

For my part, Barker spends too much time trotting out every trick and tic from the bass singer’s handbook of gimmicks and attention-grabbers: the knee-bend, the leg swivel, the sternum pat while tilting the upper body back, leaning forward and giving the mike chord a squiggly shake out in front of his body as if making room for the enormity of his own sound, pointing to random audience members like he’s sending this note out just for you … and so on. But whatever. Though somewhat self-involved, he’s a gifted singer, and the group’s sound is equally solid in the lower voices. The tenor frequently mars the ensemble sound, but not any more so than any other quartet on the road.

The thing about MTQ – as with MTT before – is that it really turns out to rise on fall pretty much entirely on Trammell’s reputation as a former member of the Cathedrals. No former Cathedral will ever let an audience forget his time with the Cats, but once you get past that fact in this case - unlike Greater Vision and EHSSQ and L5 - there’s just not much there but a lot of overproduced tracks and some stale banter between Trammell and Barker. George Younce once famously remarked that Trammell was the best quartet man in the business, and by this, Younce seemed to be referring to a constellation of qualities – among them, dependability over flashiness, a capacity to surrender the spotlight to others, a voice well-suited to the ensemble more than the marquee lights – that every good group needs and that Trammell has in spades. But no matter how desirable these qualities are, they aren’t indispensable to a group’s greatness, and listening to MTQ leaves the impression of people on both sides of the footlights trying hard to convince each other that something just ok is actually really great.

As for Ivan Parker, I caught his stand at NQC a few years ago and wrote at the time that it might have qualified as one of his worst performances ever. Alas, I’m sad to report that I must take that back after last night. Parker’s sets usually go – as things more or less did yesterday - something like: uptempo, midtempo, Gaither, “Midnight Cry.” Yesterday, there were hints that things were going south around the midtempo part of things. By about halfway through the Gaither portion, I was thinking to myself, there’s going to be serious trouble here. And oh was there ever. I mean, he struggled not just to place his tones but just to generate sounds at all in some places of “Midnight Cry.” To get through the song’s ending, Parker basically had to hum histrionically around the BGVs  on the track, and in order to encore the final chorus, he had to turn it into a singalong.

Crowds love this stuff and him, of course. He’s Gold City When They Weren’t a Punchline and Gaither in one convenient plastic package. But watching him struggle so visibly on stage, I was by turns baffled – does he think no one notices just because everyone keeps clapping? Is he unwell? Out of shape? Can he not hear what’s going on? – and embarrassed …. for him, yes, but also for myself, as if I had done something wrong by not looking away.

The Perrys came on last and lit the place up. I’ve raved about the Perrys before, and last night they were in high form, arriving with their particular brand of energy and charisma and warmbloodedness. No matter how many times I encounter it, I’m always amazed and mildly awestruck by their capacity to fill a room not just with music but with a mood, a feeling, a presence of grace and glory.

Last night they achieved all this despite getting knobbed a little throughout the set. Tracey Stuffle made a point of saying they come to bless not blast, which is great and all. But there’s a difference between blasting and sonic balance. In their case, the instrumental tracks were backed too far out of the overall sound for most of the set. In at least once instance, the band track abruptly just disappeared from the house mix while the vocals were still closing out the song’s final phrase. The effect of these oddities was a mildly hollowed out sound that tended to dull the leading edge of the group’s energy. Strange, but not insurmountable.

A little better than half of the set was given over to songs from the new album, Blue Skies, which could be judged a success at least in terms of providing a good mix of material for a live set. “Celebrate Me Home,” as the title implies, is written from the perspective of a dying saint imploring those who survive to grieve but also to “celebrate me home.” Inevitably this song makes me think of the Kenny Loggins Christmas tune of the same name, so much so that I don’t think I really listened to it that closely on the cd itself. But encountering it live, I noticed two things. First, it has what is an increasing rarity: an almost purely vocal bridge. That is, the bridge doesn’t rely on half the orchestras in the eastern bloc countries of the former Soviet Union to make its point and instead uses a series of ascending harmonic intervals in the vocal ensemble to sonically illustrate the song’s key concept of spiritual flight. Coming off two songs propped up by hymnic bridges (”He Will Hide Me” and “It Was the Blood”), this was particularly refreshing.

Second, I couldn’t help but hear in this song a kind of dialog with another Perrys’ tune about death and faith, “I Will Find You Again.” Whereas the latter song addresses itself to the experience of dying for those who live on in grief, the newer tune speaks to this same experience from the perspective of the person crossing over, creating what literary critics would call a intertextual dialog with the earlier song between those who must go and those who stay behind.

Things concluded with the show-stopping “If You Knew Him.” I’ve taken issue with the song lyrically, and I still cringe at the conceptually disjointed relationship between the first verse and the chorus. But when the song works, as it almost always does live, one doesn’t think about it so much as emote through it. This was certainly true last night: somewhere near the middle of the second verse, the lyrics started to dissolve as linguistic signifiers and meld into a verbal scaffolding for the conveyance of great, glorious feeling.

This was my first time hearing the new guy, Bryan Walker. And I think I can say that after struggling with personnel choices in the baritone slot for a while, the Perrys seem to have made the Goldilocks choice here. If Nick Trammell was too tepid and Troy Peach was too raw, Bryan Walker is just right: vocally confident and pleasantly in tune, charismatic and self-possessed but with a light touch that doesn’t seem to rival His Habedankishness, which would of course destabilize more than just the group’s musical dynamics.

Habedank and most of the Perrys’ fans seem to think he’s the star of their show, and (obviously) the Stuffles think so too. But as much as I enjoy listening to him sing, I can imagine the Perrys without Joseph Habedank (indeed, one wonders how long it will be before he launches off on some venture of his own where he is the unmistakable locus of the sound). I cannot, however, imagine the Perrys without Her. Indeed, this often seems to be what most people don’t realize: that Libbi is the real center of the Perrys’ musical universe, which means the group really just needs solid, dependable, blendable voices to fill out that wall of sound around her. Because, really, does anybody go to see anyone but Libbi? Not me, dear readers, not me.

Happy New Year.

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  1. Tjeerd wrote:

    Good review.
    Always liked the Perry’s. They put on a good show. Looks like a Bill Baily production.

  2. Guymiddle wrote:

    200 people to see The Perry’s, Ivan Parker and the Mark Trammel Quartet? Did you mean to say 2,000?

  3. NG wrote:

    Thanks Doug for the thorough review. I always hoped that someone would write such critical pieces about SGM rather than comment on which act was the most annointed.

    Bailey’s website says there was no admission cost but a $10 donation was requested. If all 200 put in $10 that comes to $2,000 (unless some gave more but that might only cover those who gave less). That’s not a lot of money for Bailey to pay the 3 acts, rent the high school and do some promotion. That’s a poor crowd although folks might still be doing holiday stuff that soon after New Year’s.

  4. NR wrote:

    Agreed. I saw Ivan at a church a year ago and he pulled a lot of the same “sing along” opportunities when he struggled vocally. If he’s going to continue to travel, he should refresh his arrangements in a better (lower) key that isn’t as demanding. The majority of listeners won’t notice/mind and will probably appreciate and enjoy it more instead of cringing through the concert. In his day, Ivan was one of the best, wish I could enjoy him as I once did.

  5. Ben wrote:

    its good to see honest review and opinoin in the sg music world…almost everytime i post an opinoin that even resembles a strong statement daniel edits it out…which is fine…his rules for his site…but it is refreshing to see your review on ivan parker…wow, he’s really bad…when he was with gold city and they were the beatles of gospel music they would come to our church where my dad was pastor, so we got to know them pretty well…he’s smoked his voice away…sad actually, but he’s been a has-been for at least 10 yrs, and like you said, i wonder if he even notices???
    thanks for being honest…i think its good for southern gospel to have a balance

  6. gone guy wrote:

    Hmmm, I’d have to say, it’s always funny to read your articles. It seems you go to these concerts only to leave putting down, no i revise that, slamming the artist on stage. I wonder if it comes from someone who has wanted or even tried out with one of the top artist and didn’t make the cut.. Hmm, as far as these and other artist you try to cut, have you put yourself in their shoes or maybe that’s it, you wanted to but didn’t. From what you call a fans point of view, time has a lot to say. Look at how many artist who have tried to start it out here and didn’t stay. I can see it now, you go to every concert, sit there and think that you could do better than them, however, undoubtably, God didn’t have it in His plans for you to be up there because all you can see or write is negative things and he probably saw that in your future. As someone who is out here with the artist and seeing them on the bus and off the bus, I can say without a doubt, I am blessed to be a part of it. Think about it, a ministry, one more chain in the link of christianity. I like to think i’m a part of it, the part of building up lives instead of slamming the ones out here every weekend, leaving their families to proclaim the gospel for just one soul. I know your not in the salvation business, at least thats what you’ve told me, but maybe God does has a plan for you, who knows, it may be a plan that he may take something you want, you desire away from you. Who knows, he probably already did.
    To all your readers, this is the last time I will read this filth and condemning comments. It’s about time we as Christians pray and look for someone who picks up our fellow Christians instead of kicking them constantly. From me to you, if your always looking for the negative when you go to concerts instead of God, then stay at home and watch CNN…

  7. Hector Luna wrote:

    Doug, I believe God is using you to help refine this SG industry that you love so dearly. nevermind gone guy. You are negative, but it does brings balance. Even in the scope of ministry. On the other hand, I do see the point of views of your op posers..God uses mediocrity. He proves that time and time again.

  8. Wade wrote:

    Don’t guess gone guy has been around much really at all. If he had he would know that was a POSITIVE review relative to a few others that have been posted!!!

    Some times you wonder if they really read the same thing!!!

    Ben you are right about… lord heaven to betsy don’t say any thing that isn’t sugar pie honey bun on some other blogs!!!

    I could take this opportunity to tell you what WOULD get edited by Dr. DH, but I am all about LOVE MOOD right now. Plus this blog is kinda like the American Rule of Law and The Government Structure… IT SUCKZ but it is better than anything else going!!! :-)))

    I gotta go check out some current Ivan Parker youtubes. Ivan is a good guy… a little bit of a Diva, but it was always cute. Hope he will readjust his presentation and do good.

    Brian Free is still without a doubt THE BEST OVERALL SGM Tenor!!! The Boy can still GO!!!

    Any Melton Campbell News???

  9. Derek wrote:

    Ivan has already lowered the key on “Midnight Cry”. I noticed that change a while back, but if you’ve ever tried to sing it in the key recorded by Gold City then you know you need to be a tenor to hit those lead notes! I imgine singing night after night as a soloist could really wear on your voice even with proper technique. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m not defending him, but I’m not surprised!

  10. SteveSmith wrote:

    His Habedankishness? I love it. There is no bigger ego in the business.

  11. cdguy wrote:

    I saw MTQ at the video shoot for GV-BB-L5’s “Jubilee 2″, back in the fall. Pat may have done a lot of schtick, and Mark may have played up on the Cats connection as much as Gerald and Scott, but the fact of the matter is — they brought down the house!

    MTQ received bigger applause that any of the other 3 groups that night. Not that the others didn’t get great ovations. Just that MTQ’s was noticably bigger.

    It may have been the element of surprise. I don’t know. I’m a long-time fan of GV, BB, and L5, but I was really impressed with my first exposure to MTQ.

  12. Keith Waggoner wrote:

    Comments such as “the bridge doesn’t rely on half the orchestras in the eastern bloc countries of the former Soviet Union to make its point” just crack me up. While I might disagree with how you deliver your critique, more often than not you hit the nail on the head. I appreciate good writing, whether or not I agree with the point being made. Thanks for the lexical levity.

  13. Libby Lover wrote:

    I go for Libby. She is as good as they get.

  14. Odeliya wrote:

    @ 6 (hopeyouareindeed)goneguy ;) come on.. You probably didnt read the essay at all. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism and wonderful wordsmithing Avery is presenting.He gives credit where credit is due!

    Perpetual kissing of artists’ asses doesnt help their advancement at all, regardless of what genre they perform. It just feeds their egos and makes them rest on their laurels. Music business is a tough business, they need to be pushed and strive for excellence, not reside in mediocrity.

  15. DMP wrote:

    Goneguy, it is complete crap to say that these artist are out to reach “just one soul.” These artists preach to the choir, and you know it… Oh yeah, you won’t be reading this.

  16. BUICK wrote:

    I especially enjoyed the “one more chain in the link of Christianity” comment. What goneguy wrote seems to imply that he helps hump gear on and off of buses. I don’t know if he can sing or play. But he sure can’t write like Doug…or even like a 5th grader. But I have no doubt that God loves him and is blessing his heart.

  17. Extra Ink wrote:

    #10, Steve Smith, I think you’ve got Habedank all wrong. He’s a nice guy, humble and always ready to talk to a fan before or after a concert. One of the most likable guys in SG music and a great talent as well.

    Avery, I do enjoy your honesty in your critiques. Keep up the good work.

    Regarding the Perrys, they’ve been the best thing in SG music now for 6 or 8 years. They are annointed, they choose great material for their recordings, they can sing.

  18. Lilly Stone wrote:

    I agree with your assertion that we would have no Perrys without Libbi Perry. She is an original. This has happened many times in the history of our music. The Goodmans without Vestal just didn’t work on the same level as it did with her. Greater Vision without Gerald Wolfe couldn’t happen and we would have never heard of the Rambos without the legendary Dottie Rambo. Many times one person has the unique task of carrying a group.

  19. oldtimer wrote:

    #18 — Lilly — Add to your list The Kingsmen, without Jim Hamill; Gaither Homecoming wouldn’t be the same without Bill; Gold City wasn’t the same without Tim Riley; The Stamps without JD. . . The list could go on and on. A lot of groups heavily revolve around one person. And that’s a shame, because that person can fall ill, retire, or die, and the group needs to go on and survive.

  20. Jamey wrote:

    I finally think understand why Mr. AVeryFineLine blogs the way he does meaning his point of view.

    Read the following:
    If you never read the Bible or pray, you’ll become a backslider. If you read the Bible but never pray, you’ll become a legalistic. If you pray but never read the Bible, you’ll become a fanatic. But if you read the Bible and pray, you’ll become a Spirit-filled Christian

    It took reading that to understand why Mr. AVeryFineLine blogs in the style he does. This “review”, and many if not most of the other post he submits, says nothing of the Ministry of the groups. I never see what is spoke of in the book of Joel.

    Joel 2:12-13 - ” “Yet even now,” declares the Lord , “Return to Me with all your heart, and with fasting, weeping and mourning; and rend your heart and not your garments. Now return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness and relenting of evil.”

    I appreciate the musical opinions, I even appreciate comments on stage presence - even if he talks about my liked groups. I guess I get a bit defensive the same as someone talking about my favorite ball team. But this isn’t main stream music. This is music with a purpose - with the objective to spread the Good News of the Gospel. I do wonder if Mr. AVeryFineLine has even read the missions statements of any group? I wonder even more if he even cares. His writings suggests that he does not.

    In his review of the song “If You Knew Him” from the Perry’s he sums up his opinion with, “lots of rich and yummy – but mostly empty – calories.”

    I offer the same opinion about Mr. AVeryFineLine’s blog … lots of rich (legalistic) and yummy (sometimes bitter) - but mostly empty - calories.

  21. Steve Smith wrote:

    #17 I know Joseph very well, and have for many years. If I had a group, he would definitely not be welcome to join. And I will leave it at that.

  22. NotAFan wrote:

    First, who even remembered that Joel was a book in the Bible? I had to look it up! Minor prophet, indeed.

    Second, the unwillingness to stop supporting bad gospel music or consistently awful performances is what is partially killing the genre. You can be “annointed” and sing “music with a purpose” all you want, but it does more disservice to the message when its presented in a terrible fashion. Leave the professional singing to singing professionals. And when the voice isn’t what it was, make the adjustments that need to be made to deliver a good product.

  23. blackstone wrote:

    Now and then I read this blog. The comments on this sing were quite good and I could imagine this concert. Do not feel bad for Bill Bailey. He does ok.
    I love the Perrys–all of them. Have been my favorite group for years. Nothing wrong with Joe’s ego. He is good. Someday he will go somewhere else in the industry. For a young man, he has a great future. Probably isn’t perfect, but who is? Will see them this month in Dothan so am looking forward to it.

  24. oldtimer wrote:

    Here’s a review of a concert I attended Saturday night, at Legacy 5’s celebration. In addition to L5, Triumphant, Collingsworth Family, and comedian Ken Davis also performed.

    As I like all those performers, I was looking forward to the concert. All delivered as expected, except Triumphant.

    I don’t know if it was someone different on the sound board, of if Triumphant just didn’t deliver, but there was a marked difference. We sat in the very back, so I first attributed the inability to hear/understand on that fact. But when the Collingsworth’s came out and sounded WONDERFUL, I began to wonder what happened.

    One of the ladies with me also had trouble hearing/understandin Ken Davis, but I attribute that to Ken’s propencity to holding the mic a little to the side, rather in front of his mouth.

    All-in-all, an enjoyable experience.

  25. Irishlad wrote:

    #23 #24.Now that’s what i call a good old fashioned down to to earth gripe.

  26. sharp ear warm heart wrote:

    Ivan Parker has smoked too many cigarettes and ruined his vocal ability. Aging is no excuse for losing your voice.

    Glen Payne sounded as good as ever right up until he died. He also took voice lessons his entire life and worked at his trade. He worked at it,. he didnt rely on the popularity of one song to carry him his entire career as Parker has done with Midnight Cry.

  27. Wade wrote:

    Sharp Ear Warm Heart… funny you should say that cause setting around with a few friends ready AFL the other night when this thread first started and Ivan was brought up, one of the friends said…”Glen Payne sounded better on his death bed that Ivan did the last time they saw him”

    Whoa… Ivan has such a vain driven ego it is gonna kill him y’all talking about him not being able to sing or aging… he will be down to Kim Hopper Plastic Surgeon!!! Too bad Leroy Abernathy is dead!!!

  28. Wade wrote:

    ready in that last post = reading

  29. Susan wrote:

    It is so obvious that you are just jealous of Ivan’s fan support. Keep on posting your trash talk.. it just makes you look like an idiot.

  30. Wade wrote:

    Susan… People are just stating the obvious!! If you think he is singing well and has not fell off the cliff from the days he was called “The Voice”… then it is so obvious you are just an Ivanizer Kool-Aid Drinker!!!

  31. Susan wrote:

    I am referring to comments such as… his vain driven ego and running to a plastic surgeon and smoking too many cigarettes which has ruined his voice……
    I agree that he has had issues with his voice, but I dont see where it is necessary to much such degrading remarks. I dont have a problem with the original posting… just some of the followup comments.

  32. Rev. Al wrote:

    #24 - Could it be that The Collingsworths are using stacked tracks so high that it’s like playing a cd in your stereo system? Triumphant does not use stacked vocal tracks. The last two times I heard them they sounded great - something like a real - live quartet!

  33. oldtimer wrote:

    #32 — Possibly, but they did one number with the piano, and L5 did several with just piano, and the sound was wonderful. I think there must have been someone different on the board.

    And I’ve heard Triumphant when their sound filled the room, too. It just didn’t happen this time.

  34. Wade wrote:


    Honey as far as my Vain Driven Ego comment!!! If you have ever had to deal with him much I was just staying the truth. But I am not hatin’ on him. My GF has a Vain Driven Ego too and I LOVE HER!!!… and I do not think it is bad to go see a plastic surgeon I have invested ( not for me PERSONALLY ) with a Plastics Guy 3-4 times. Again just stating the obvious.

    As far as Cigs it has been 3+ years since I’e seen Ivan, but I do know he was a heavy smoker. It has been said it will mess with your voice.

    But I do know some world renown bass singers that will suck down a cigarette as close to going out on stage as possible… I am not just talking about JD, but some OTHER VERY well known singers. But I have seen JD still have smoke coming out of his head as he was walking on stage!!!

    So Susan stating the OBVIOUS TRUTH is not HATING!!! I am not jealous. I want him to do good!!! But we are here to discuss SGM.

    What flavor is Ivan’s Kool-Aid any way???

    I was thinking it would be more of a soft drink… Like a Diet Dr Marlboro!!!!

  35. noninsider wrote:

    OldTimer- I was at the L5 event as well and I totally agree with your assessment of TQ … Something was just off… L5 did like three numbers Something About That Name/I Will Serve Thee and Boundless Love with just piano and it sounded great… I also sat towards the back…

  36. Thetenor wrote:

    Just a comment, on some of the comments! I was surprised to hear some of the comments about Triumphant. They are one of the up, and comers IMO! To hear that they were off the mark is a little surprising. When I filled in with the Booth Bro’s this summer, I had the chance to hear them quite often. They knocked it out of the park every night. They must have been tired, or something. That is not like them to deliver night in, and night out.
    As far as Ivan goes, he should have given up on the smokes long ago. He had, and still has for the most part a wonderful voice. It appears like it is catching up to him as he continues to struggle with his voice! I hate to see that happen to a great man who has blessed so many over the years.
    As far as Mr. Baileys concerts goes…. I don’t know how he can continue to book the talent he does, and only put 200 butts in the seats. If everyone did give the suggested 10.00, 2,000.00 would not take care of the flat, and expenses for a part time group, let alone 3 full time groups! I know there are many, myself included,
    who appreciate the work that Bill does for the world of S/G. However, in the days we are now living, full time groups cannot justify doing multi-group dates when they can’t meet their payroll for the week! I know, I know, it’s a ministry…. It is still a business, and Tracy still needs to keep Libbi, and the rest of the gang happy, but he cannot keep her happy splitting a 2,000.00 date 3 ways! I know God blesses those who continue his work, and I’m sure the groups involved will not go bankrupt this year. Just wanted to share my thoughts! God bless…. Randy.

  37. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    someone mentioned L5’s NYE event above; I was there as well and have a couple of reviews up from the weekend linked below… And speaking of L5, Tim Parton has resigned and will be taking a job in a studio of sorts in Illinois… L5 will have a hard time finding someone of his talent as a replacement; but I am sure Scott will find the right person to fill the job. Tim was a class act through and through!

  38. SG holic wrote:

    Ivan Parker, sure he is aging aren’t we all.
    His stage presence and his ability to stand for hrs.on end and speak to his fans is another thing that makes him so popular..
    His Kool aid BTW is watermellon..
    Love this guy and his music..

  39. IvanParkerFan wrote:

    Ivan does NOT smoke. Sure he’s getting older, he’s 53 anyway. I haven’t heard him lately but I spend a lot of time watching him with Gold City. I know a lot of Ivanizer-holics I’m one of them. If Ivan smokes then why is he a CHRISTIAN singer? they don’t smoke. or get into drugs, ya’ll are mean no matter how old he gets, he sounds a little different then from when he was young. But look at Jake Hess, Glen Payne, even Howard Goodman sounded great they were older then Ivan. I agree with Susan and SG Holic. Ivan is Awesome !!!

  40. Wade wrote:

    IvanParkerFan… are you REALLY saying no Christian Singers Smoke???

  41. A-man wrote:

    I too saw Ivan THIS past year at the NQC… I was shocked by what I saw (and heard). However, later on, I found out officially what is wrong with him. I don’t want to spread it, though, I’m sure if he wants it out he’ll spill the beans sometime in the near future… Just keep him in your prayers… :D

  42. A-man wrote:

    NotAFan… Are you suggesting that Ivan Parker is not a proffessional singer?

  43. Faith wrote:

    “…half the orchestras in the eastern bloc countries of the former Soviet Union to make its point”…”His Habedankishness”…
    Oh, btw, yeah…Ivan Parker is done. He should retire now. Or five years ago. That once-golden voice is now…not. And do we REALLY need to hear ‘Midnight Cry’ AGAIN? All it makes us do is lament his current tragicomic wails, and remind us of a time when he used to be able to sing.

  44. IvanParkerFan wrote:

    As far as I know, I’m gonna see Ivan for the first in my whole life in Conroe tomorrow. I can’t wait. Hey, what christian singer smoked? Ivan didn’t you all are just being silly.

  45. Brannon wrote:

    Wow….whatever happened to showing love and compassion to our brothers and sisters in Christ? Some of these posts are just downright mean and hateful! Didn’t your parents ever teach you if you can’t say anything nice…..

  46. Brannon wrote:

    Oh and BTW, Ivan is still AWESOME and always will be!

  47. Debbie in Georgia wrote:

    To all the Ivan bashers—
    May I remind you that Ivan recently won the 2010 Singing News Fan Awards for Favorite Soloist AND Favorite Male Vocalist. Does that sound like someone who isn’t at the top of his game? Hellooooo. At a recent Ivan concert that I attended in Ft. Payne, AL (Feb. 2011), it was standing room only.
    #43-If you don’t want to hear Ivan sing “Midnight Cry”, then stay at home and listen to whomever you listen to, Satan,by chance, and let us Ivanizers enjoy him until Jesus comes back for us.
    As far as the Kool-Aid remarks go, as many fans that Ivan has all over the world, there is not nearly enough Kool-Aid to go around. Bye bye now.

  48. Dr. Jim Loving wrote:

    We heard Ivan Parker at the winter convention in Palmetto, Florida. Ivan could not hit most of the high/medium high notes. Is something wrong with his voice?

  49. Ryan wrote:

    Hey all you Ivan bashers…Why are you bashing a guy who Has sang for years for Jesus Christ? Sure he can’t sing the way he used to, but come on…Quit being jerks and putting the guy down…Im always gonna be a fan and he’s in my top 5 all time!!! Its just pathetic because all the bashing does is start arguing back and forth….Its sad

  50. Cynthia Vickery wrote:

    Ivan Parker had my respect until his wife Teresa told us he HAD TO HAVE 2000.00. IF ANYONE CAME TO HEAR HIM SING THEY WOULD HAVE A TICKET. I heard him sing years ago but now I hear a lot of negatives about him. The one problem we ran into is that he cancelled at a church BC tickets at the door of church would not be sold. I say Christianity has become a business and not a ministry for lost souls.

  51. Susan wrote:

    Some years ago I heard Ivan Parker in concert in Denver Happy Goodmans were there
    With Bill Gaither
    Ivan Parker has the most wonderful voice and gospel music From what I see
    Its unique and beautiful
    He is John Starnes are the best in my opinion.
    After I got his autograph on one of his pictures
    I was standing right next to him
    I remember one thing I went away with
    He was tall and looks like an angel
    He was so clean And His countenance Was radiant.
    Thank God for Ivan Parker.
    And may God help all those who criticize people.

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