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Earlier this week I read somewhere that I’m in the only state in the continental U.S. without snow on the ground, so maybe the big freeze accounts for the silence in Southerngospelstan lately. Anyway, a round up of some items for our collective consideration:

  • Tim Parton is leaving Legacy 5 for a position with the 3ABN television network. I’ve always enjoyed his style of playing and his artistic temperament, so I hate to see him leave. But I don’t get the impression that he ever really intended to stay on the road forever. Here’s hoping tv work scratches the itch.
  • For a while now I’ve been meaning to mention that Tom Jones has a quasi-gospel album out, Praise and Blame (there was some minor kerfuffle between Jones and the record company when it first came out but this seemed to me mostly teapots and tempests). I confess I haven’t listened to the entire thing yet but what I’ve sampled was … interesting. Not “Bob Dylan does Christmas music” interesting but … curious, interesting.
  • I confess that when I lived in colder climes I was not unknown to bundle my little pooch up some doggie winterwear from time to time, but I now see that I was far too unimaginative in my choice of chien coture: Check out Norman Holland’s adorable little fashionista, Bella (though, really, Bella would be much safer fastened in the back seat with a body harness, which I highly recommend).
  • As you may have already seen, Doug Anderson’s solo album will be released on a new joint-venture label by Ernie Haase and Wayne Haun. Not sure what this means for the future of Haun’s other label, Vine, but I am looking forward to the Anderson release.
  • Also in the “in case you’re interested” category, I stumbled across a decent album of hymn rearrangements for piano the other day on my Bill Evans Pandora station at work: Hymnprovisations, by Phil DeGreg. It’s not on par with, say, Eric Reed’s hymns album, but it holds one’s attention pleasantly all the same.
  • And finally, as you may have already seen, Susan Unthank - founder of Absolutely Gospel (nee died recently. She was 55. Rest in peace, Susan.

Consider this an open thread.

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  1. Bryce wrote:

    3ABN is the flagship production center for the Seventh-Day Adventist church.

  2. quartet-man wrote:

    I wish Tim well. He was about as perfect a choice for L5 as anyone (other than Bennett). They need someone like Whitmire (which I am sure not going to happen).

  3. Robert York wrote:

    Tim is certainly going to be missed with L5. He has been there since Roger’s departure and everyone has gotten so use to him. Hope L5 comes up with another great piano player. Best of luck to Tim in his new venture.

  4. gina wrote:

    Sure would love to see Randall Hunley playing for a group again. Anyone know what he’s up to these days?

  5. noninsider wrote:

    I will miss Tim with L5 for sure, he is one of the very best!

    Stan Whitmire would be a major hire for L5; but alas I don’t see that happening…

  6. Wade wrote:

    Went to see Ernie Haase & Signature Sound tonight in Chattanooga at the Highland Park Baptist Church!!

    This is the church of Tenn Temple University. They have done amazing job making the once HUGE Church that required students to attend the church. Now it looks like they have cut the sanctuary in about half and installed about ever multi media trick you can have.

    I am not going to give you a blow by blow set list and repeat over and over that this person or that person had a NICE SET. GAWD that MAKES ME CRAZY!!!

    But just a general over view from the perspective of a long time church & current secular performer who loves SGM and the Lord!!

    I paid 25$ for a ticket and it was WORTH every cent. They were the only group and the biggest problem they had was the Local DJ who introduced them was told 5 minutes and preached almost 12. I am always amazed but never surprised.

    It was a complete multi media experience with Great Singing, Fly ins from George and Glenn via the big screens, Great Singing and a LIVE BAND!!!

    Think or say what you want about Ernie. But the boy works it!! Anybody that wants to bad mouth him let me say… let’s let you get up there and take the stick and see how you do!!!

    I am NOT a HUGE EHSS Fan. But I wanted to go hear and see for myself!!! I am sure he had on more make up than my date and wonder what they are going to do after the Cat’s & Gaither Rub is more distant!!!

    Every singer was in good voice, Especially Tim!!! I did not hear him miss anything and sounded like to me he could have covered any trick George could do or at least in his own style.

    It was a good night of fun clean Christian Entertainment!!! Was not overly politicized. There was not even a formal invitation. The Pastor did not take the stage to plug a million things coming up at the church. No passing of the chicken buckets for a hard luck offering. No promoter selling poorly copied CD or DVD’s or worse.

    Ernie almost talked too much 1 time but brought it around.

    Wayne Haun did a great job filling in a 5th part more than most people realized as I watched him. Did a great job producing and arranging the show. While I can’t say anything technically bad about him coming out to sing CHAMPION of LOVE, but why some one who is not a noted singer would want to sing it after Gerald Wolfe I do not know???

    IMO I always felt bad for Scott having to sing it back in the day but guess somebody had to. I would even give it a pass if he sang the 1st verse. But you have Devin & Doug RIGHT there with much FULLER voices let them take it!!!

    IMO Devin is under used. I enjoy the energy and attention he brings to the stage. When I say attention I mean I can tell is is always AWARE of what is happening by always looking around paying attention. Not a lead singer who constantly thinks it is about THEM!!! (Insert Ivan Parker comment here)

    Speaking of… all of the singers were dressed in dark colors although not matching suits. Devin & Doug in their skinny pants. But Ernie had on a cheap looking local men’s clothing outlet shiny suit. I just don’t think in the long run he needs to be so different. Especially being the weakest singer. But again it is his group… and when I say weakest singer he still does a good job!!

    While the band was live they still play along with the tracts, which is way harder than you think. But they were not over done. I was surprised the over all VOLUME was not a little louder so surely no OLD FOLKS were complaining!!

    The singers had a portion of the concert where they stood by the piano and just sang along with it.

    I would say there was about 500-600 ppl there in the newly reformed Sanctuary but there was VERY weak media support (if Ethan from here had not told me I would not have known) and I am fairly busy with the media…and the weather here in Chattanooga is frigid and just got finished being nasty!!!

    FUNNY Moment of the night…local DJ had a hard time giving away a set of tickets to an upcoming Inspos, McKameys, Gleasons and some other group. BIG POINT MADE!!!!

    If this show comes close go see it. Was surprised to see that their concert tomorrow night is not a SOLO Group Event…Triumphant Quartet, Talley Trio, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Aaron Wilburn will also be there.UHGGGGGG GAWD those are the type concerts that drive me crazy!!! Some promoters gonna loose some money unless it’s a HUGE High School gym.

    Tonight the show started at 7:30… they sang to almost 9 took a 20 minute smoke, let’s sell some merch break and then they came back and sang another hour to almost 10:30.

    REMEMBER, these thoughts were from NOT a EHSS Fan. I own NO product from them. So I am sure the true fans were peeing their pants tonight!!!

    From some one who produces and/or performed over 100 shows last year who loves Gospel Music… GREAT SHOW!!!

  7. Charles wrote:

    Is anyone a McMillan and Life fan? They have some great song like I’m Gonna Reach Heaven no matter the cost and Don’t Let This Storm GO to Waste. They are great. We heard them New Year’s Eve with some other groups and they had another girl singing with them who was absolutely really good. She blew us away. I don’t know if she’s a temp or permanent, but ya’ll need to hear this trio. They are real good and a top notch above other groups. They stand at their table and talk to you, sign CD’s and are just nice down home folks. It’s getting harder to find genuine artists these day.

  8. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    I didn’t think Wade (No. 6) was capable of saying so much without referencing Gold City a few times.

  9. Sensible wrote:

    I’m not surprise that the DJ had a hard time giving away the Inspo, McKameys tickets. Why? It is a totally different fan base. If the DJ was trying to give EHSS tickets away at a Inspo / McKameys concert, I dare say it would be just as hard.

    I remember a promoter in Mississippi was worried about his concert with just the Inspirations. The Crabb Family was going to be in or around the same town the same night. Martin told the promoter not to worry about it. Both concerts did well with packed houses. Why? Two different fan bases.

  10. mlubg wrote:

    #6 I would guestimate that the OPHS auditorium seats aprox. 1,000. Last night (01/14/11), I’d say aprox. 80% of seats filled. (A Frank promotion)

    My review (from a non-theological perspective or music critique) in order of appearance.

    1. I could listen to Karen Peck talk for hours…she isn’t too shabby looking either.

    2. Wish the Perry’s could’ve sung longer. Bryan Walker is much cuter and shorter in person. Does Josh/Joseph H. have a spray on tan?

    3. As a teen I use to make so much fun of the McKamey’s, now I love them. Peg’s shoes flying across the stage was worth the price of admission.

    4. After reading posts on this site, I was expecting a horrid sound from Gold City. WOW. They still have it.

    5. I really like Guy Penrod’s voice, but who wrote the lyrics for his new project…the Veggie Tales? I laughed out loud at the lyrics of “The World Goes Round.” If he sang as much as he talked it would’ve been even nicer.

    My final impression. I could have listend to the Perry’s and GC for the 2+ hours and would’ve been much happier.

  11. Not Really Wade wrote:

    Gold City once made a fake plea for a cage match for EHSS and prior to that Wilburn dissed them. Have I mentioned Gold City yet? Gold City has the best bass. Ernie wears more make up on the tenor end. The edge probably goes to GC on the lead end. I am not sure which baritone mows the grass better.

    (All said as Wade even though I agree on the bass and lead comments).

    Enough about EHSS, let’s talk Gold City…..

  12. Brett wrote:

    Gold City is old news.

  13. Jake wrote:

    Wade (#6) — That was one of the nicest and most positive posts I’ve ever seen from you. We know you always speak your mind and you mean what you say, but … I was impressed! Thanks buddy.

  14. Amazed wrote:

    To #7 I have not heard of McMillan and Life but I know what you mean about kind and genuine artists.

    My family and I went to two concerts this weekend. One night was “America’s Favorite Family of Gospel Music” and the other night was a Bluegrass Gospel Family. There were some interesting contrasts. The one group’s sound was not so good, the others was great. As far as the singing was concerned both groups sounded great despite a few members that were under the weather.

    My kids love SG. They get excited about going to concerts and want to sing one day. The kids had asked about getting a picture with each of these groups, and we told them that we would do our best. The one group actually asked us if we wanted to take a picture. The other group was too busy trying to leave to take a picture. We waited until the end of each concert to get a picture with the groups. I figured that it would be better when the artists didn’t have as many people around to try to get a picture. A member of the “busy” group muttered under their breath that we should have come during the intermission. At that point we decided to leave.

    A lot of people point out that SG is the only genre that has the most interaction between artists and fans. As with all things that can be good and can be bad.

    Just because you have to drive 9 hours to get to your next date doesn’t mean you get to be rude to fans.

  15. Ethan wrote:

    I’d like to chime in a few words regarding the EHSS concert in Chattanooga. While Wade may not be a EHSS fan, I am. I have seen EHSS many times, and this concert had a completely different feel to it. It seemed as if Ernie just made up the set list as they went. It did not seem to be a scripted concert and that is no criticism either way. You could see Ernie calling the next song quite a bit. I have never seen him make that many changes during a concert, but you can do that when you have 4 piece band. The concert had a nice flow to it and everyone sang great. It was also the first concert I have not seen them do “Get Away Jordan” and I believe it is the first time they have done “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” around the two microphones instead of each singer using his own microphone.

    This was also the first time my uncle has gotten to see EHSS. He has downs. I asked him if he wanted to meet Ernie as we were leaving and he said he did. When we got to Ernie, I introduced him and Ernie was so kind and gracious and really make him feel special. Ernie even gave him a big hug.

    It was a super concert. If the weather had been nicer and with some promotion, it would have been a bigger crowd.

  16. DRL wrote:

    Saw L5 6 months ago for the first time in several years. I was amazed at the difference Tim Parton made to the group. They were so much better in so many ways without Roger. The crowd of 800 or so was mostly people who would not be familiar with sg, and it was interesting to hear the comments the next day. If any one member of the group stood out above the rest, it was Tim and most of the people I talked to were blown away by his playing. L5 is coming back again, and it will be interesting to see the response if Tim isn’t with them.

    Wade (#6) , great review! The reason Devin is underused is because Sig Sound had to hobble along for 5 years with a lead singer who simply didn’t have the goods to be used the way a lead singer should. Now they have somebody in that slot who can “tote the mail”, so to speak, but it’s going to take time to re-work things to feature him properly.

    I’m with you on those ridiculous concerts where there are 15 groups involved. Why do promoters do that? Would they sell any fewer tickets if it was just Sig Sound and Jeff & Sheri? Why not save yourself 6 grand in flats and let the audience hear 2 groups do their thing properly? The groups don’t like it. It cuts into their product sales when there are 4 other groups to compete with, and limits how they can interact with the audience when they’ve only got a 30 minute set instead of 90. I don’t understand it.

  17. Extra Ink wrote:

    I hear that the Singing News is upping their charting stations back to over 100 again…wonder why? About 3 or 4 years ago they had over 100 charting stations, decided that was too many, and dropped a bunch of charting stations to lower the number to 70-75. Now they are raising the number back. Anybody know the scoop on this?

  18. Jason Reese wrote:

    If anyone is interested, The Cavaliers Qt. (I am the lead singer) is hosting EHSS on Feb. 3, 2011 in Tullahoma, TN @ The South Jackson Civic Center. For ticket info. visit us @ It’s gonna be a great night, and we would love to see yall there.

  19. Butch wrote:

    Signature Sound’s cheap spray-on tan sure didn’t do anything for them on their Cathedral’s tribute video. Tim D sounds at times like he is trying too hard to make his voice sound bassy. I must say that their sound in the ensemble is really tops.

  20. N. Watkins wrote:

    Jason, Is this date going to be a live band night for EHSS?

  21. Guymiddle wrote:

    Ernie and team are the real deal, a pleasure to see in concert. As for Tim Parton, I took my wife to a L5 concert recently. She is not a big SG fan. She cried when Tim sang a solo; i don’t recall then name of the song. I don’t have a stong opinion on Tim either way, but he sure touched my wife’s heart.

  22. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    21. Agree on EHSS… As for Tim’s song it was probably “God’s Been Good” he has been touching hearts with that song for the last 4 years he was with L5…

  23. quartet-man wrote:

    #21 Would that be “God’s Been Good?”

  24. quartet-man wrote:

    I think trying to compare Bennett and Parton is like trying to compare English and Penrod. Both had enough commonalities were able to fill the positions, but were different in many ways too.

    Penrod and Parton were both more technically superior, but English and Bennett cut loose with more passion and more creativity. At least that is my perception. Now, I like all four and like material from each. It depends on what we like best I suppose on if we have favorites between them. (And I do, I suppose.)

  25. quartet-man wrote:

    Well, as I stepped away earlier, I realized I should qualify a bit. Guy and Tim are creative too. Michael and Roger seemed to be more so in some ways. Michael changed the way he sang things a lot, whereas Guy finds something that works and pretty much sticks with it. Roger was more in your face entertaining as far as humor and licks, whereas Tim’s are more classy and understated from what I have heard. It isn’t that Roger couldn’t be classy or Tim entertaining, they just had some different strengths and preferences.

  26. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    NQC has posted its first draft of the NQC weekly schedule…

  27. Revpaul wrote:

    Re” #26 NQC schedule. Interesting that on both Tuesday and Friday main stage, there’s a brand new group nobody’s ever heard of called “McCarneys”. Oops.

  28. Dontkikamoocow wrote:

    I always thought Michael English music sounded “sexed up” for lack of a better description. All that moaning and groaning doesn’t fit TRUE gospel music.

  29. Mark Crary wrote:

    Just Looked at the NQC schedule and sorry to see that the Dixie Melody Boys are not there. The Dixie Melody Boys have appeared on the National Quartet Convention for over thirty years and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Dixie Melody Boys. I had hoped to see NQC celebrate that event with former members of the DMB. Most groups on the main stage have a singer that was with the Dixie Melody Boys. Maybe you don’t think The Dixie Melody Boys are the best or the greatest…but Ed O’Neal has done a ton for Southern Gospel Music and it’s the 50th anniversary of the Dixie Melody Boys. No man has more for new/young singers in Gospel Music then Ed O’Neal…really just think about all the groups, The Dove Brothers, Greater Vision, The Perrys, Mark Tramell Quartet, Ernie Haase & Signature “Ernie was with the DMB”, The Kingsmen, all have somebody in the group that started with The Dixie Melody Boys. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s sad to see the NQC do Ed O’Neal this way. By the way they “NQC” have The King’s Heralds on 4 times…yes 4 times…who are they and what have they done for Southern Gospel Music ? I don’t know The Kings Heralds or have I heard them, Im sure they are a good Quartet…..but 4 times…come on the right thing…let The Dixie Melody Boys Sing.

  30. Ethan wrote:

    EHSS has their band play at all concerts.

  31. Mark Crary wrote:

    Should read…DONE

    No man has DONE more for new/young singers in Gospel Music then Ed O’Neal.

  32. DMP wrote:

    Who are you?! And what have you done with Wade?!

  33. cynical one wrote:

    Another possible reason why Devin is underused (as was his predecessor) — It’s Ernie’s show. The arrangements are written to showcase him, even though he’s probably not the strongest voice on stage.

    And on recording, he’s generally the one who most needs (but seldom gets) pitch correction.

    I always enjoy their concerts much more than their recordings. L5’s newest cd has better recordings of old Cathedral songs than EHSS’ tribute cd. IMHO

  34. NG wrote:

    This site says the King’s Heralds have been around for 70 years. Don’t know why I never heard of them or why they were never at NQC before (at least to my knowledge).

  35. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:

    Mark, I agree on Ed & DMB. For any others that do as well, there is a FB page that is urging the NQC to bring them back at least for this year’s 50th celebration.

    Also Clarke Beasley can be reached at and you can make your opinions known to him by email.

    I know they have dropped other groups as well this year and in the last few years. But on the 50th year of the group could timing be any worse?

    Surely there is a place for at least one slot for them!!

  36. BUICK wrote:

    @29 - The Heralds (used to be King’s Heralds) were affiliated with the Seventh Day Adventists and have, indeed, been around a very long time. They had a radio gig for a number of years and then went on to 7th D A television. (Note the connection with Tim Parton and 3ABN). They have become somewhat independent of the 7th D A connection in recent years and, with the addition of Jeff Pearles on bass, have made some inroads in the more traditional SG circle. I think they have a great sound but that’s just my opinion. Google them for a gaggle of YouTube clips from back in the day and also with Jeff. Might want to check out this link:

  37. Tony Watson wrote:

    Good words, DeeAnn, as usual. There is NEVER going to be an NQC lineup that all of us would agree with - it belongs to the Board of Directors and they always put on a great program so I have no real complaint normally.

    In this case, however, it does seem like some special consideration could have been given to DMB’s 50th anniversary. I realize their status has dropped over the years with the many personnel changes and I think an overall drop in quality to a certain degree, so I could understand how it could be argued that they could be dropped in order to give others more time which accomplishes a couple of things. It just seems like next year would have been a better year to get at that.

    The other one I’m a little confused about is Soul’d Out Quartet. I realize that the NQC and the Singing News Fan Awards are two totally separate entities but it seems that a group that has won the Horizon Group Award that continues the tradition of male 4-part quartet music and does it very well should merit continued appearances on the main stage.

    This will always be a fun point for debate and discussion though I’m sure.

  38. Karalyn wrote:

    Hey! The Hunters aren’t on the main stage this year! :( Maaannn, I liked them. They were really entertaining!

  39. Ken Grady wrote:

    King’s Heralds sang on the NQC main stage last year. In previous years they did a capella songs from the floor during stage waits. They have been our booth neighbors for a few years at NQC. They are a capella masters and very nice guys.

  40. accent wrote:

    So what is the big deal with Ed O’Neal not being able to celebrate his 50th anniversary. I recall three or 4 years ago the Chuch Wagon Gang celebrated 70 years of singing and they were not given recognition on main stage. They continued to attend and support NQC. They didn’t stay at home. I think this whole thing has mushroomed out of one person desiring to show what they can do to disrupt what the Board at NQC has done. You can see by all the post the person is doing on different forums.
    The NQC is an organization run by and owned by a Board of Directors that right to do what they want without others trying to tell them what or who to have on stage. They know what they are doing and I commend them for doing a great job at putting NQC together. After all they are NEVER gonna please everyone. There were complaints last year about Sara Palin being on stage but it did not phase their decision. She appeared and was well received. Others have been in the same situation. If you don’t like what goes on at NQC no one is making you attend, you are the only one that makes that decision, so stay home.

  41. justafan wrote:

    Where are the Lesters? They belong on the main stage. They’re more than quality from a vocal standpoint. Brian was the emcee for a few years recently, and they were still on the main stage multiple nights until the last year or two, when they were reduced to one night. Disappointing.

  42. accent wrote:

    One other thing that is a mystery, why is the creator or the Ed O’neal page on face book so anonymous. It’s as she doesn’t want to be tied to any of the statements she is making about NQC Board of Directors. It’s as she is making friends with Ed O’Neal but don’t want to destroy herself with the other groups or board members.

  43. Jason Reese wrote:

    #20 - yes it will be a live band concert for EHSS. Hope to see u there.

  44. steven wrote:

    Absolutely hate that the DMB aren’t on the main stage this year - I’m in no way a big “fan” but saw them right before their tenor left to go to the doves and they put on a killer program that night. Ed was classy and all the singers were great.

    On Soul’d Out and others - they are one of the best quartet’s out there. As much as they don’t want to admit it, most fans correlate the fan awards with the nqc. Its a shame that Soul’d Out will not be represented from the main stage. Another group that hasn’t had much recognition lately, and definitely deserves a slot is the Old Paths Qt. I saw them not long ago and they were excellent. From tenor to bass to piano, they are top notch…definitely stand toe to toe with ANY quartet today.

    On EHSS and Bands - EHSS puts on great concerts. period. Their program is well thought out, and I do believe they go “off the cuff” also. The decision to bring on a band is awesome, plus they have great staging and lights. No wonder, even with terrible promotion, they can garner a good crowd with people playing 25.00 or more. The boys work hard
    side note: I find it funny that only in our genre will we ask “will the singers be bringing the band for this concert” - No one has ever heard this “will Michael Buble be bringing his band for this performance”
    God Bless groups like EHSS and The Dove Brothers that carry a band!

  45. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Ordinarily I would applaud a decision to keep one more 100-year-old and his completely pedestrian quartet off the main stage. However, it seems clear that southern gospel has no interest in reaching any other audience than those who clamor to see one more 100-year-old and his completely pedestrian quartet on the main stage. So, I’ll refrain.

    And really? Seventh Day Adventist-affiliated groups? What’s next, Mormon quartets? Jehovah’s Witness mixed trios? But I guess it’s all good so long as they don’t use vocal stacking in their tracks…

  46. Kevin T. wrote:

    #41: I couldn’t agree more. One of the pioneers left in the industry( and the oldest group) and they get cut form mainstage. I’ve heard this several times that “the Lesters are the most underrated in the industry.” They’re songs actually have meaning and don’t put on some “fluff feel-good show” like EH&SS. I could name other groups but that would take WAY too long. I’m sorry but if you want entertainment, go see EH&SS. but as far as a “spiritual” value goes there is none there. As for Tim leaving, hate it, but this could be a great and new opportunity for him. By far, the best pianist in SG.

  47. JLL wrote:

    28: “I always thought Michael English music sounded “sexed up” for lack of a better description. All that moaning and groaning doesn’t fit TRUE gospel music.”

    This made me laugh. While watching a documentary about Mahalia Jackson the other day, I heard that they used to say the exact same thing about HER singing way, way back in the day. They didn’t want that “blues shoutin’” going on their churches. Looks like Michael is in good company!

  48. Rev. Al wrote:

    I agree - the Lesters are very underated. They seemed to have been snubbed by the powers that be - in SG. They are seldom played on Solid Gospel network.

  49. art wrote:

    Wade’s review in #6 confirms my own experience with EHSS in a few concerts. They deliver a high-energy performance, quality entertainment — and they seem to be paying attention to the show.

    This thread’s focus on EHSS offers a nice excuse for me to talk about their CD tribute to the Cathedrals.

    I first got into SG several years ago by watching Gaither’s Cathedrals Farewell. So last week I bought EHSS tribute CD. I realized how much EHSS tries to modernize the genre, which is a frequent topic here.

    The phrase came to my mind that EHSS is trying to drag SG out of the 1960s and into the 1990s. In EHSS’ arrangements, I heard echoes of “We will Rock You” and “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head” plus some Dixieland. Also, one of the singers sounded a lot like Canadian-born Lee Greenwood blessing the USA.

    I’ve always appreciated Ernie’s effort to modernize the SG sound. Listening to this CD, I concluded that he’s aiming toward a younger demographic, but not the 20-somethings or 30-somethings with their notorious disposable income. Instead he seems to be aiming at my demographic of 50-somethings — basically the next generation of old folks.


    Also I listened to the EHSS version of those two magnificent songs: “Sinner Saved by Grace” and “We Shall See Jesus.” The singer’s voice had a more contemporary vibe and was very controlled. I missed the exuberance that Glen Payne brought as he walked the line between singing and shouting. Glen’s singing gets lots of praise on this site, but I have to wonder if the quality of his voice would find a market in SG today.

    I don’t follow the SG industry closely, but I wondered if anyone besides EHSS is trying to modernize the SG sound.

    The answer came when I listened for the first time to another new CD acquisition: “Top Ten Southern Gospel Songs of 2010.”

    The Booth Brothers “Peace in The Shelter” and Brian Free and Assurance’s “You Must Have Met Him” both had a very contemporary feel and were very enjoyable.

    On the other hand, I found that L5’s “When They Found Nothing” and Greater Vision’s “It Pays to Pray” did nothing for me at all. I’ve enjoyed other songs by these groups, but I am at a loss to explain why these particular songs would be in the Top Ten. They are performed solemnly and competently, but as a musical experience they did nothing at all for me.

    Side note to #16, DRL said EHSS hobbled along for five years with Devin’s predecessor??!! Maybe you have inside knowledge that I lack, but it seems to me that most SG groups would love to hobble along at the level of success that EHSS has enjoyed. I heard EHSS shortly after Devin joined the group and frankly was not impressed. Still, I guess Ernie saw some ability there, and I’m glad Devin is doing well.

    Sorry for being so long-winded. I did a lot of driving this weekend and had a lot of time to think and solve the world’s problems.

  50. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:

    #40 accent- since I have posted on several forums I’ll answer just a bit about my thoughts on this. I don’t have your name to address you properly but can’t help but wonder if you may be the same person who tried to bait me into an argument about this on twitter yesterday and who posted that the folks with opinions are the problem on the FaceBook page. But whether or not that is who you are, here is what I think and why.

    First, several times in years past groups have decided because of singing on the main stage or the amount they got paid they did not intend to attend. They have let their friends and fans know this and in most cases their friends and fans have let the NQC know they weren’t happy about it. In some cases it changed and in other cases it didn’t. This is NO different from those cases. Not sure why a few people feel that it is but that is their opinion and they are entitled to it.

    You are right, they are never going to please everyone but when an entity offers a product (in this case concerts) they have to be prepared to handle complaints just as well as they handle happy customers. It is a part of doing business.

    Disrupt the board? Get real, if you know those guys, it would take a LOT more than a few emails and a FaceBook page to DISRUPT them.

    As I have said several places my disagreement here is with the timing another year (last or next) it would have been sad. This year is leaves the impression of unconcern and/or disrespect to a lot of (albeit not all) people.

    I did receive an email from Gerald Wolfe in answer to my email to him. He stated he was not aware this was Ed’s 50th year and he didn’t believe the rest of the board was aware either. He stated he hoped a workable solution could be found.

    I’ve known Gerald a LOT of years and I believe him.

    I do know there were a number of other groups cut including the Lesters and I wish there was a way that every group that everyone likes was able to be on the stage but that’s not humanly possible. I also know other groups with longevity have been removed from the lineup in previous years. That being said there is possibly no one in SGM that has mentored and groomed as many talents as Ed O’Neal that combined with this longevity make the situation just a little different IMHO. You don’t have to share that opinion but it is mine.

  51. LS wrote:

    It was just announced that Tim Duncan is leaving EHSSQ; Ian Owens will start this weekend. It’s good to have Ian back…he’ll do a great job!

  52. JTH wrote:

    I don’t think it’s NQC’s responsiblity to provide a platform for the Dixie Melody Boys to celebrate their anniversary. Perhaps NQC seemed an ideal time to celebrate that, with fans and fellow performers present, but that was a little presemptous on DMB’s part.

    It just brings the question to mind, is NQC about honoring yesterday, or setting it’s sights on the future? There were similar complaints a few years ago, when Eva Mae had a ringside seat each evening for the entire week, yet no mention was made from the stage of her presence whatsoever. To be honest, that upsets me more than this does. I think it was the last convention she was able to attend.

  53. Hector Luna wrote:

    #42 I believe I heard somewhere that DeeAnn Bailey had created the page. I believe all the e-mails that are being sent to the NQC board may do more harm than good. But they may change their minds. But if I was Ed O’Neal, I don’t even know if I’d want to do it at this point.

    #46 I read recently in an interview with Ernie Haase on Daniel Mount’s blog, “I love my suits. I love God and I don’t think you prove your love for God by shopping at Goodwill.”
    check it out for yourself. I have shopped at Goodwill on numerous occasions. I know a lot of SG artists would hold to this “dress philosophy” on stage and it is what it is, I personally have no problem with looking nice. But I don’t know many who would be bold enough to publicly declare such a thing. Seems very empty, vain, egotastical and the opposite of God honoring. I wonder with what concsience he can support Compassion International and say something so outlandish.

  54. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Tim Duncan has left EHSS… Ian Owens is joining…

  55. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:

    #42 & #52 no I did not create the Facebook page. I did post on it and have made no secret of that.

    The person who did create it I do know and they after the fact made me an admin on it before they even told me they had. It as after I had ‘liked’ the page.

    As to the person creating not putting their name on it #42- how is that any different than you not using your name here?

  56. accent wrote:

    Probably your daughter created it DeeAnn and turned it over to you.

  57. Me wrote:

    This is going to tank EHSS. Timmy was their best singer, and the big reason many people loved them.

  58. Irishlad wrote:

    wade my man just listened to GC on solid gospel “Its just another red sea” from the album “first class” and it was first class..refresh my memory who was that particular line- up?

  59. SteveSmith wrote:

    #53 I don’t understand how writing of my displeasure to the board could cause harm. What could happen? They already have taken DMB off the main stage. What else can they do? I applaud the effort to get BDM on the main stage this year. The board can reverse their decision, or not. I hope they appreciate that people have taken the time to express their opinions.

  60. Delores G. wrote:

    #56 Accent my daughter did create it and she made me an admin but she didn’t turn it over to me. She is an adult, she isn’t under my control.

    She makes her own decisions and speaks her own mind. Sound like anyone you know?

  61. DeeAnn Bailey wrote:

    Note to self, when you are checking sites on others computers- look at the sign in name.

    I’m used to my name being pre-populated and didn’t even think about it. So just to clarify, it is MY daughter that set up the site, not Delores’. Actually since she doesn’t have a daughter it couldn’t be her’s.

    Sorry girl, didn’t mean to bring you into this!

  62. Just Thinking wrote:

    I sure didn’t see it coming–Tim Duncan leaving EHSSQ! He was my favorite member of the group, and I’m not sure I will still be a fan, especially if this was not his choice. Does anyone know what happened?

  63. Just Thinking wrote:

    Not sure I will still be a fan of EHSSQ, I mean–I will still be a Tim Duncan fan!

  64. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    IrishLad that lineup was:
    Lead- Jonathan Wilburn
    Tenor- Steve Ladd- His first GC record
    Baritone- Daniel Riley
    Bass- Tim Riley

  65. Wade wrote:

    Irish Lad… Sorry without doing much digging I do not know. I am sure Brandon Coomer can answer it with out even looking!!! :-)

  66. irishlad wrote:

    ok nate ‘& wade got the goods thanks.

  67. RDB wrote:

    I see people are commenting about Tim Duncan leaving here - I saw the replacement announcement over at musicscribe and went whaaaaat?? But I guess the news did get out sorta kinda. I don’t know if EHSS will “tank” - hopefully they’re greater than the sum of their parts lol, but I don’t think Ian Owens is a big improvement. Come to think of it though, it’s not like his work with Cumberland was less impressive than Tim Duncan with Poet Voices et al. So this might work out just fine. Providing, you know, he actually sticks around a few years and this doesn’t become the second coming of the ’00s GC.

  68. Dontkikamoocow wrote:

    I watched the videos of Ian Owens that DBM posted on his sight. He’s not an improvement at all. Sorry, he’s just not that good.

    Tim Duncan sounded like the second coming of George Younce.

    If EH let Tim go for the sake of change, he has rocks in his head IMHO.

  69. yeah... wrote:

    The first I learned of Tim Duncan’s departure from EHSSQ was when I noticed dozens of comments flooding his Facebook page. Stunning. I had just read an interview with Ernie on another site where he named Ian Owens as his next-favorite bass, and even as I read it I though “hmmm.” After the announcement, I checked everything I could find on YouTube with Ian, and let’s say that as of now, I’m quite underwhelmed. In a short period of time, Roy Webb, Ryan Seaton, and now Tim gone? Devin’s good; different, but good. Wayne Haun, compared with Roy? Not much comparison. And, it looks as if Ernie’s traded one of the top-3 current bass singers for one not in the same class. Pretty sad at this point…. Not sure what Duncan’s plans are, but seriously, bass soloists aren’t in much demand, and what quartet could he join that would be an equal gig to SSQ?

  70. NotAFan wrote:

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see Duncan become part of the Vocal Band. Bill is pretty old, ya know.

  71. Just Thinking wrote:

    After thinking about this, I have a possible scenerio. I know that Tim and his family recently moved to Tennessee. Maybe he is going into studio singing in order to be able to spend more time at home. If so, then possibly it was Tim’s idea, and not Ernie’s. And of course, Tim would have discussed this with Ernie and given him a heads-up so Ernie could find another bass.

  72. LS wrote:

    Give Ian a chance! I’ve seen him live…not YouTube clips…and he’s a great singer. He’ll do just fine with Ernie. Ernie isn’t going to make a move that will hurt SSQ; so please at least see Ian before you make up your minds. (And no, I’m not his mother or his aunt or his sister!)

  73. lovelife wrote:

    #69…I can think of many quartets that are equal to or greater than EHSS, however, they already have bass singers. just sayin.

  74. pj wrote:

    #69 Yeah: you asked “what quartet could he join that would be an equal gig to SSQ?”

    Makes me go ‘hmmmm.’ How about not “equal” but better gig?

  75. tommy jones wrote:

    Devin is way too country-sounding for my taste.
    He sounds like he is wailing rather than singing.
    Perhaps he would be a great fit for the current
    style of the Dove Bros. JMHO.

  76. Butch wrote:

    Second coming of George Younce! Not even close. Tim’s thin nasal bass doesn’t come close to what George pounded out. Sorry dontkikamoocow, but you got to clean out your ears a little and cut back on the coffee.

  77. Dontkikamoocow wrote:

    76: Butch, if you listen to George’s stuff from late 70’s, which I have, the cut and tone of their voices are very similar. Of course George pounded it out fuller and richer as he got older, but 30 years ago (before Talley, Bennett, Trammel), there are a lot of similarities…hence my comment on the second coming of Younce.

    Thin, nasal bass? What videos and CDs are you listening to?

    Cleaneth your ears out, start drinking the coffee….lol

  78. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    The thing that set Signature Sound apart was the fact that they weren’t like any other quartet. They were young, hip, made progressive music, wore wild clothes and used interesting choreography. They also branded their group like a group, not like the ridiculous revolving door, no original members but we’re still the same group, nonsense. Signature Sound was more Beatles than Cathedrals.

    For the past few years, however, Signature Sound has seemingly made it their mission to derail everything that made them what they were by attempting to make the group look like every other group. Two “Influenced” albums and a Cathedrals tribute album later, Signature Sound looks and sounds like every other group.

    It is irrelevant whether the new guys can out sing the former guys. This group had personality. For the same reasons the Beatles didn’t ditch Ringo, Signature Sound should have kept Ryan Seaton. That goes double for the group’s most dynamic performer, Tim Duncan.

    So now, Signature Sound is wearing virtually matching outfits, replacing members left and right, and singing all the old songs. Or, put another way, they’ve abandoned everything that led them to prominence.

    Congrats, old school. You stifled the most innovative group in decades. And so long, Signature Sound. You were fun while you lasted.

  79. Jake wrote:

    According to a post on Musicscribe blog, Tim announced at his last concert that he was leaving because he needs time to regain his health. He has never fully recovered from the stroke he had about a year ago. Apparently he made the decision to leave before the Christmas tour, and it has been in the works for a while.

  80. quartet-man wrote:

    #68 - George (of any era) and Tim sound nothing really alike.

    #72 - Cousin maybe? ;-)

  81. Knows Nothing wrote:

    Ryan Seaton lead..Tim Duncan bass….Who will sing the other two parts?What will the name of the new group be?

  82. noninsider wrote:

    80. Toby Hitchcock on Tenor and Andrew Goldman on baritone… :) Video proof below… sans Tim Duncan and add in Aaron Mcune…

  83. lovelife wrote:

    Well my goodness. Who knew Tim had a stroke..Never heard that one, but, I don’t follow them.

  84. Odeliya wrote:

    @53 Hector, I love yours and Soli’s posts and constructive criticism, but may i suggest that you might be mistaken about the suits quote. Reading it in context, it seems like the boy meant to convey the message :” originality in image, hair, dance moves and style overall is my responisiblity as a quality entertainer. I won’t be performing in old, standard carsalesman suits from discount stores, I want to please my audience and God by being the best I can, not looking like a shlub, dont expect to see me in old garb ”

    He mentioned modesty,too. Looking at his suits they are not more the 500$ tops, unless he doesnt know how to shop and overpays. The fellow is what, he looks about 50, give or take a few years? Now he HAS to pay attention to clothes, older suit models will age him.

    Said that, I love GOODWILL myself, despite being quite vain. They have great finds. I don’t mind searching, I am a jew, after all, i like buying stuff for free and getting change back ;)

  85. cdguy wrote:

    Did anyone else see 16yr old sg singer Victoria Huggins on American Idol last night. The judges appeared very impressed by her, and sent her on to Hollywood.

    I’d seen her ads in SN, but had never heard anything by her. Quite good.

  86. RK wrote:

    Not to change the subject, but I found the Tom Jones gospel to be “interesting” as well. More than anything, it seemed to me to be the type of artistic indulgence that entertainers of Jones’ stature are often granted in the twilight of their careers. Stepping outside one’s well-established style is, many times, the only way a past-their-prime artist can once again gain the attention of the critics and fans.

    Jones’ album breaks very little new creative and stylistic ground in terms of the bluesy black gospel he sings, but perhaps the novelty of the Welsh-born performer returning to roots-based music that is so far removed from his roots is enough to compensate.

  87. LS wrote:

    #80…Nope, not even a cousin! I met Ian when he was with the Cumberland Quartet; since then, I’ve seen him maybe 10 times at NQC and a few Imperials concerts. I just think he’s a very sweet, talented young man, and I’m glad he going to be singing again. I think he may surprise a few people if they’ll give him a chance!

  88. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 84, I think Hector’s point was that, regardless of context, it’s an extremely bizarre statement from any Christian, let alone a “professional” one.

  89. Hector Luna wrote:

    #84 thanks. i admit i may have assumed what he meant by that wrongly. but i still maintain that if Ernie wants to stay progressive and be ahead of the game, drop the suits altogether. nobody else is really doing that. you ain’t gotta look homeless, though. their suits scream, “look how nice and meticulous i dress” rather than “how awesome is our God?” i just can’t imagine with their work and affiliations through compassion international, going to the Domincan Republic wearing those things as Latinos began to shout, “Rich, White Americans!!!” in unison.

  90. yeah... wrote:

    #73 and #74: Good responses. My thoughts: Instant credibility; EHSSQ hit the circuit with an unprecedented splash. They had immediate star power, the weight and publicity of the Gaither organization behind them…TV appearances each week, part of the Homecoming tour, and only Ernie had paid any dues. Income: Obviously I don’t know specifics, but would you argue that there are any quartets out there whose members are compensated like SSQ, with the exception of the Vocal Band? Lastly, touring schedule. With the flat they can command, SSQ isn’t gone 270 days each year. Their touring pace isn’t like so many who have no choice but to be out there most of the time, just to eke out a meager living. I’d still love to know what other group there is who could provide all this. I had not heard about Tim having a stroke. I pray for his complete recovery. I still feel that he’s one of the top-3 basses in the business right now.

  91. Odeliya wrote:

    @ 89, I am with you, ditch the suits altogether. Or.. cauz I generally like to see a man in a suit.. just ditch the outdated, old approach to performing. I wish they realised the importance of being progressive :)

    re: Dominican mission, I’d hope , unless totally out of their minds, they dont walk around the mission field in suites. But for performing at a concern in church or concerthall setting it should be ok. I have enough christian friends from eastern europe, they dress their best to church out there. Visiting american/UK missionaries are generally advised to show respect the culture and not wear jeans /shorts to services.

  92. NG wrote:

    #83 This website says Tim Duncan had a mini-stroke in July 2009 but I don’t know if he has had problems since then.

  93. jim wrote:

    Just saw where Trace Atkins will be participating in the GMA Hall of Fame induction ceremony at TBN (Wow, never thought GMA and TBN could be in the same sentence. We live in a sad world).

    Wonder. . . will he perform Holy Ghost Badonkadonk?

  94. quartet-man wrote:

    #87 I was just being silly.

  95. Derek wrote:

    Maybe Tim Duncan could join Gold City! Since someone said he was a “thin, nasally bass,” I say we should let him sing baritone. LOL

  96. Olaneljonoisle wrote:

    We saw Gold City last night and got a glimpse of the future. Tim Riley is out this weekend due to bronchitis, so Chris West did the complete program. I spoke with Brent Mitchell and the West Brothers before the concert and they were all very nice (I only mention this because of comments I’ve read concerning aloofness and rudeness). I asked about the new recording and was told that all the vocals were being recut with the new lineup. Chris West even mentioned that he just completed recording his vocals on one song. He said he was going to be doing a few. We saw GC back in the Spring of ‘10, and they did not seem to have a cohesiveness or gel. Last night the group looked excited to be together and had a great chemistry and blend. I believe that this group, if they stay together, will make all of us forget about the last few years of position instability.

  97. Tommy wrote:

    I was shocked to see that the powers that be at NQC have dropped the Dixie Melody Boys from the main stage. Now many of you may say that they are not the top tier group they once were and you may be correct but they are higher up then most of the groups on NQC. How do you drop one of the legendary groups on their 50th anniversary but keep soloists, trios, etc. What suprised e most was the arrogance and rudeness of Chris Alman of Greater Vision. GV continues to think the sun rotates around them. Chris commented on a facebook page started to support the DMB that NQC finally was doing a “quality” show and expressed his satisfaction that they were cut. I was suprised he was stupide enough to share what most of us already knew. That Greater Vision is arrogant and egotistic. Have they ever conidered that many of the fans would want to hear a quartet at QUARTET CONVENTION instead of just their watered down plastic version of SOuthern Gospel. It is a clear effort to get rid of other groups and give more stage time to GV, legacy 5 and the groups in their lillte circle. I hope Chris knows that if it wasnt for Ed ONeal there most likely would not be a Greater Vision, Signature SOund or the Dove Brothers. We would also not know of great singers like Harold Reed, Derick Selph, Larry Delawder, Dustin Sweatman and countless others. Every year they do some sort of Cathedrals nostalgia moment. frankly Im sick og Geral and Scott using George and Gelns legacy to keep them relevant. How about a DMB event? They have birthed more singers than ANY group. While they may not be the top quartet, Ed has always put out a great group and this lineup looks to be tough now with Matt Felts. They kept Gold City after a complete turnover…again, but cut a hall of fame legend. Wow, now thats class Gerald.

  98. noninsider wrote:

    97. Nice way to twist what Chris said, actually I will post what he said about the DMBs… “I love brother Ed and appreciate his contribution; but the call is obviously one the board felt would be best for the NQC.”
    That does not seem arrogant to me, get off your high horse and wake up to reality the NQC is BUSINESS… I have been attending for many years and every time for the last several years there have been mass walk outs of the the fans during the DMBs sets. Gold City on the other hand when they get on stage regardless of group turnover still draws people in from the exhibit hall, ice cream stands ect… The NQC board is doing what they can to keep afloat and that means making hard line decisions…

  99. Irishlad wrote:

    In response to #82 i had a look at 2 or 3 clips all taken from the Ryan Seaton and friends concert.The qt he “got together” were: Tony Hitchcock tenor, Ryan Seaton lead,Andrew Goldman baritone,Aaron McCune bass. One of rhe clips from the same night featured “The Love of God”,a tried and tested favourite.Now for all you folks who are part of the endless debate about SG and were’s it going and how can it move foward and we’re sick of 4 old clones in matching suits and…just take a peek. What i got was a fresh,infectious(listen to the riproars of the notabluhairinsight crowd) performance in which is showcased an enduring artform in all it’s brazen glory.Not a suit in sight.

  100. noninsider wrote:

    L5 has possibly (not confirmed yet) hired Landon Beene, formerly of the Beene family as their new pianist… Roger Bennett was his hero and he is great friends with Fowler so this would make sense…

  101. Terri Collins wrote:

    The best thing to happen to EHSS was when arrogant Seaton and his wife left. I attended concerts where Seaton refused to sing when Ernie directed him to sing a part. Doug had to then sing it. Devin is greater talent and he has a personality. Now, Seaton is trying to become the next Buble!.. EHSS was built around Haase and Doug… Younce is the most over rated Bass! Many including Duncan are better. In a few months Ian will be classed as a great bass!.. That said, EHSS is still the best there is! .. @53 Ernie did not make any vain statement. In an interview, he was asked about his he has been questioned many time. Ernie was only trying to give an honest response.

  102. noninsider wrote:

    101. “Younce is the most overrated Bass, Duncan among others are better”

    That may be the most outlandish statement I have ever read on this site (in the comments section) George in his prime could have sung just about any bass singer off the stage…

  103. Jeff Gurnett wrote:

    Terry Collins, your comment that George Younce is “overrated” is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read on this site. And that’s saying something…

  104. LaRolf McCoin wrote:

    #100 In response to your post re: Landon Beene. Is it true that L5 is considering Landon Beene as their new piano player. According to his Facebook account, Landon Beene was accompanying L5 this past weekend as promoter (IMC PROMOTIONS)

  105. Hector Luna wrote:

    Terri, not just sang any other bass singer off the stage, but many other singers off the stage. period. That was ridiculous.

  106. Andrew S. wrote:

    The rumors about L5’s piano player can be dismissed. Trey Ivey is the new pianist. He formerly played with the LeFevre Quartet & the Old Paths Quartet. He doesn’t start playing with the group until Feb. 28, but he will be traveling with them starting the second weekend of February.

  107. noninsider wrote:

    I dropped the ball on that one… I was wrong and I jumped to some conclusions when I didn’t have all the facts at the time…

    As for Trey Ivy well he is a fine player, and I look forward to seeing what he brings to L5’s table (so to speak) :)

  108. LaRolf McCoin wrote:

    To “noninsider”….Thanks for your apologies in what you said was “jumping to conclusions.” I am not pointing fingers, as this could happen to any of us. We all should follow the scripture” whatsoever things are honest…think on these things.” THIS IS A GOOD LESSON TO ALL BLOGGERS.

  109. quartet-man wrote:

    “Younce is the most over rated Bass! Many including Duncan are better. ” Terri, It is hard to take anything you have to say seriously after that statement.

  110. Robert York wrote:

    Looks like L5 has named Tray Ivey as their new pianist. Tray has played with LeFevre Quartet and recently The Old Paths.

  111. noninsider wrote:

    108. Yes to err is human… :) I try not to jump to conclusions like that; but alas it happens to the best of people… (not saying I am the best of people or anything) :)

  112. irishlad wrote:

    I have a hunch Terri didn’t mean to say Younce.(im a poet and didn’t know it).

  113. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    I saw the Palmetto State Quartet last night in Ft. Myers, Florida. We had a packed house. They sang some of the old standards and did a great job singing classic quartet harmony. Larry did a good of blending in the upper bass range.

    The group is moving to a country gospel sound. They have a good blend and presented a great program that balanced ministry and entertainment. The emcee, David Durst-the baritone- did a great job. I love their new song “Don’t That Sound Like Heaven.”. The group did a great job of presenting that one.

    I had never heard PSQ in person, but I plan to go see them anytime they come into the area.

  114. lovelife wrote:

    I’m sorry, but, IMHO, Tim Duncan couldn’t carry George YOunce’s suit case. Duncan is an o.k. bass, but, not nearly as smooth as George. again, just my opinion and everyone has one.

  115. Rob wrote:

    It looks like a merger is coming up. It appears that Daniel Mount & Chris Unthank are going to merge Southern Gospel Forums and Absolutely Gospel Forums together.

  116. cdguy wrote:

    Did anyone notice sg young ‘un Victoria Huggins booted off American Idol during week #1 of Hollywood week.

    I’d never heard her (but had seen news about her in sg press) before Idol, but I thought she was pretty good. Probably better than a lot of the hopefuls who made it through to the next round.

    Maybe she shouldn’t have sung gospel that early in the competition. Seems that’s always a death nail that early.

  117. heini wrote:

    Tim Duncan vs George Younce? Terry that is low!!! Not even my 8 year old would think the possibility to compare Tim on the same level as George… I am not a big George fan but I have heard him a lot and he was gooood!!!!! Tim is trying too much to be a low bass!

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