Personnel Changes: A Modest Manifesto

Because people come and go.

Because if things were the same, they wouldn’t be different.

Because when you hear hoofbeats, why think zebras?

Because bosses and owners and big shots and shot-callers can boss, own, shoot big and call the shots.

Because usually, it doesn’t really matter as much I/you/we/they think it does, and even if it did, there’s not much that talking it death will do to change things.

Because there is never a shortage of opinions around here anyway.

For all these reasons, I think I’m pretty much done with the personnel-changes drama (and yes, I reserve the bloggerly right to decide when to violate my own policy without advance notice or justification). Come, go. Leave, stay. Pink slip or two weeks notice. Or just no notice at all. Good luck. God speed. And is the new guy any good?

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  1. Over-it wrote:

    It would be of interest to me to know how many big shots/group owners/bosses (and all southern gospel singers) are actually college educated. In my experience, educated people are more professional (most of the time) I’d have to guess that MOST so-called gospel singers are below the poverty level when it comes to living off of what they make singing. I’m in the ‘over it’ boat too..

  2. Over-it wrote:

    and no, he’s not good, by the way

  3. Hector Luna wrote:

    everyone that seems so disjointed about a group member leaving, really don’t care. it’s just another voice. comments such as “just when i was getting into legacy five, Tim Parton leaves” and so forth. like it really matters to us what they do afterward and what the “new sound” will be. does it make a difference? yes. but when people leave the industry for a couple of years, they’re missed and we all want them to come back to the fold. the majority are probably making better money and not sacrificing the livelihoods and unity of their families. But after those first few years are gone and they’re still not back. we forget about them. the majority of us won’t really mention them again until they die.

    us SG fans are selfish, and usually self-centered fans. i’m over it too. have been for years. that’s what makes this great genre so unique in my opinion. the turnover. the only market that has more personnel changes than Southern Gospel is Major League Baseball. and maybe that’s why I enjoy it still.

  4. Just Me wrote:

    no good, no not one…

  5. RDB wrote:

    You really think you’re going to be able to stay away?

  6. Credit when it's due wrote:

    “Because bosses and owners and big shots and shot-callers can boss, own, shoot big and call the shots.”

    Okay, that’s just universally true, and it made me laugh. Thanks for that.

  7. cynical one wrote:

    Is the new guy any good? Why, he’s the best there’s ever been in the history of the world!

    ‘Til the next new guy that replaces him.

  8. art wrote:

    I understand the desire to avoid chewing over every one of SG’s frequent personnel changes. So…what else do you want to talk about?

    Tracks? Theology? Hypocrisy? How much SG needs to change? How much we hate change in SG?

    As discussion topics go, personnel changes seem to offer low-hanging fruit.

    It seems like we’ve exhausted just about every topic there is in the small world of SG — unless you want to get a lot more active in reviewing CDs and concerts. I’m all for that, Avery, even if that means more work for you.

  9. Steve Eaton wrote:

    Finally, someone else who feels the same way about group personnel changes.

  10. The Art Coach wrote:

    I personnally like the way Ernie Haase has handled personnel changes…just before they need to happen and on a need to know basis. And since there tends to not be alot of “leaks”…sounds like most people don’t “need to know ahead.”

    I don’t want to see EHSS become the “punchline” that GC has become…and I don’t imagine they will.

    EH is sharp…he has dared to take all he has learned from history, his mentors and his opposers of this business and use it to better his team.

  11. cynical one wrote:

    #10 — Yes, Ernie is sharp, but generally flat, too.

  12. Mountain Man wrote:

    Interesting to contrast the departures of Leg 5’s Tim Parton — going to 3 Angels Broadcasting Network — and Ernie’s great bass singer, Tim Duncan — going … no where?

  13. Mountain Man wrote:

    Oh, and there’s no successor named for Parton, while Duncan’s successor was all ready. BTW, Ian’s dad Butch used to sing bass for The Stamps, and then, what, Palmetto or the Florida Boys — just before they were sold?

  14. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    I much rather have a person flat than thick who knows it all!.
    Ernie has been a good student, observer and listener.
    It shows!

  15. BUICK wrote:

    Why be surprised that we care who left which group, why and where they are going? Why is Keith Obermann leaving MSNBC? Resigned? Fired? Better offer? Creative differences? Having an affair with Rachel Maddow? Inquiring minds want to know.

    What happened to Harry Smith, Dave Price and Maggie Rodgriguez? Will we see any/all of them again? If so, when and where?

    When you are a fan of a television show, radio show, a sports team, a SG group or almost anyone else in the public eye, you want to know. Do we have a RIGHT to know? That doesn’t matter; the fact is we want to know. And we DO have the right to ask and to try to find out.

    If folk don’t want us to care when personnel leave the group, they ought not to want us to care when the personnel sing with the group. It goes with the territory and if you can’t live with it, sell used cars or open a restaurant.

  16. lovelife wrote:

    And sometimes when you “leave”, you get a big severence pkg. to keep quiet…

  17. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Hello old friend. It’s been a while since I’ve read your blog (which, of course, is my loss) But I read this today and have to say, it’s brilliant writing. I would like permission to re-post on my own blog. I have had my share of “what happened” questions thrown at me since the recent cancelation of a radio show I participated in. Everyone wants to know “what happened?”
    “Was there a fight?”
    “Did someone get busted for drugs?”
    “Was it a money dispute?”
    “Who is pregnant?”
    “Is the baby-daddy in the building?”

    The answer is “The show was canceled. PERIOD.” There doesn’t have to be a reason if the person that calls the shots decides to call it “outta here.”

  18. bayougurl wrote:

    #11 — Lol! I thought it was just me.

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