Dissent of the Day

Thus regular reader Buick:

Why be surprised that we care who left which group, why and where they are going? Why is Keith Obermann [sic] leaving MSNBC? Resigned? Fired? Better offer? Creative differences? Having an affair with Rachel Maddow? Inquiring minds want to know.

What happened to Harry Smith, Dave Price and Maggie Rodgriguez? Will we see any/all of them again? If so, when and where?

When you are a fan of a television show, radio show, a sports team, a SG group or almost anyone else in the public eye, you want to know. Do we have a RIGHT to know? That doesn’t matter; the fact is we want to know. And we DO have the right to ask and to try to find out.

If folk don’t want us to care when personnel leave the group, they ought not to want us to care when the personnel sing with the group. It goes with the territory and if you can’t live with it, sell used cars or open a restaurant.

Olbermann canned for having an affair with Maddow? Now that would definitely be news … particularly, I suspect, to Maddow’s partner, Susan Mikula.

More substantively, I take the reader’s point here. My intention wasn’t to suggest that interest in personnel changes is wrong or hard to figure out. Rather, my point was to explain why I’ve become often so slow to respond or simply silent about the comings and goings that generate so much chatter around here. I just can’t muster much insight. In the case of Tim Duncan, for instance, he always struck me as having the personality of an old shoe: a familiar, easy fit, but somewhat out of place among all the patent leather and shiny calf skin in the rest of the group. But he was fine … until he wasn’t, and now he’s gone and say what we chatterers will, the only personality that really matters in that group is Ernie Haase’s. So via vaya con Dios.

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  1. CVH wrote:

    Hmmm…Rachel Maddow. Well, she’s hot no doubt but uh, not likely.

    I think you’re wise to step one level above the noise and constant buzz of personnel changes. Seem like they’re happening more often, for whatever reasons. As far as fans and readers go, as our collective attention spans become shorter and our frontal lobes are increasingly oversaturated with trivial “infotainment” - on the web, on cable, in music - people have become conditioned to expect to know “why”, looking for stories where there may be none. At least nothing as salacious as we’d often like to imagine.

    There are other blogs and websites that detail the comings and goings of the SG bubble. Let them. I prefer it when you delve into more substantive topics, open-ended questions and stretch people beyond their comfort zone.

    Unless of course you get some good dish on Lauren Talley or Sonya Isaacs; then we expect a full report.

  2. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    [sic] back at ya!

  3. Joseph wrote:

    Someone post more about the Melton Campbell affair. (The Inspirations)
    I am very interested. A few blogs say that is why he left. People are criticizing them for saying that, but if it it true we have the right to blog about it right?! Just like you said — “If folk don’t want us to care when personnel leave the group, they ought not to want us to care when the personnel sing with the group. It goes with the territory and if you can’t live with it, sell used cars or open a restaurant.”

  4. irishlad wrote:

    I’ve a pal over here who’s pretty clued in about all things SG, he more or less backs up about Tim and the ‘old shoe’ business although he puts it down to acute shyness(Tim) being a half- cheerokee or whatever. Although I have never noticed Ivan Parker ever too backward at coming forwards.

  5. no-more wrote:

    Sad to say but true, Ernie’s opinion is the only one that matters. I hate that SSQ has fallen apart like it has. He’s ruined it. He has changed. If you are not one of the few butt kissers then you don’t get as much as a hand shake. however if you buy him gifts, “give” to his group, etc, he may speak to you and may not, depending on his mood. The fans are what pays the bills. It would do him some good to remember that. Kicking Roy to the curb was mistake 1. Kicking Ryan to the curb was mistake 2. And kicking Tim to the curb was mistake 3. 3 strikes usually does it. I think there will be a fall coming…a hard one. It’s his own fault.

  6. Janet B wrote:

    In all the times that I’ve talked with the EHSS guys, Tim never came off as shy. Sweet & sincere, yes - never timid. That goes for all of them…even Ernie.
    I’m sad that Tim has left, but I do not believe he was “kicked to the curb.” There are no facts to back that up, so be careful about speculating.
    Things change…needs change…groups change…it shouldn’t be so earth-shattering to realize that.

  7. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Better things to do in life than speculating!
    Look what speculating did to all the people in the stock market meltdown.

  8. Byron Kinard wrote:

    Just one thought about group change. The Oak Ridge Boys. Even if you are a fan or not a fan, how much change have they had. In almost forty years only one change and even Bill Golden came back. Just a thought about group change.

  9. JM wrote:

    There is a degree of vanity that those in the entire SGM community seem to have in excess. This comment includes those who read and contribute to this blog. Buick makes an insightful and sober remark, when he compares SGM to the entertainment business, in general. Why do we expect more of SGM artists than newscasters or movie actors/actresses or pop artists? It’s because we “talk ourselves into believing” that somehow identity within the SGM community should raise all all parameters of behavior, business protocol and interpersonal relationships to the highest levels possible, because, after all, these people sing about redemption and love and Jesus. It is naturally expected that ALL of their thoughts, words, deeds, attitudes and actions will forever be perfectly aligned perfectly with the One they sing about. While this is a wonderful thought, it is perfectly naive. We are all (newscasters, actors, SGM artists, SGM bloggers, etc.) failable men and women, who too often look at life’s circumstances through our own self-intersted point of view, rather than through the eyes of Christ. We act rashly, harbor ill-feelings, remember slights, indulge in our own conceits and bring reproach upon our Christian identity. We are not reborn into perfection; rather, each day, we wrestle with all the same sins and transgressions which we claim to have left behind. When we put Christ first, he can do wonderful things through us; when we choose to manipulate, shame, coerce, plot and conspire, we resemble the person we claim to have left behind. Also, it has to be understood that not everyone who is active in SGM is a Christian. A good number of talented writers, singers, musicians, talent agents and concert promoters are active in the SGM community as a matter of personal decision, with no thought of ministry or the things of eternity. Some look to make a buck; some want to change their personal circumstances by travelling the road; others may be avoiding a less than happy homelife. There are as many reasons as their are people. This does not discount those who are in SGM to truly minister the power of Christ and his love. Many folks pursue true ministry and we are all blessed by their efforts and dedication. However, please don’t think that all thoughts, intentions or desires are noble and pure, just because someone happens to pursue a livelihood within the parameters of the SGM community.

  10. Odeliya wrote:

    oy, what, cancelling personell changes column? whats wrong with lite gossip, you r a killjoy, avery. You mean the rubric i am highly interested in “which baritone singer is still a 1)bachelor, 2)straight and 3) a christian” is not gonna run either?!

    seriously though..You I like! You raise very smart questions and dont allow rampant religious assholery that plagues many other gospel sites.So I agree with poster #1..

  11. Ben wrote:

    our church had EHSS when they first started, the originial lineup, which seems hard to remember, but my dad who was the pastor handed ernie a check for $1200…and ernie simply said “well, that’s pretty good considering….” in my mind i was thinking pretty good considering you wont be back…hving said that, i don’t think he kicked these guys to the curb i think they just get tired of “performing” every night, trying to be the gospel version of the temptations i’m sure gets old
    i’ve thought for a long time that doug was the only real person in that group

  12. quartet-man wrote:

    #8 Pretty close. William Lee joined in January 1965, Duane in May 1966, Richard in Oct. 1972 and Joe in Oct. 1973. So, since late 1973 (37 years), the only membership changes have been William Lee in 1987 (replaced by Steve Sanders) and then back again January 01 1996. Now, that doesn’t include their band, but that is a different beast.

  13. judi wrote:

    The correct phrase in Spanish is vaya con Dios. Just sayin’

  14. Over-it wrote:

    Byron- In response to your Oak Ridge Boys post…if ANY group was making the money those boys were making, especially in their prime, why WOULD they leave?

  15. DG wrote:

    in response to the “Melton affair” — He has left the group to “be home with family” as states their web page. I am sure he will do like the rest, come off the road for a short period and eventually sign with another group. I think it is funny how Southern Gospel groups do that..get fired from one and sign with another as if they did nothing wrong.
    I haven’t read anywhere about his affair though. They are keeping things pretty quiet. I do know it to be true, I spoke to a good friend of mine that is close with them, who says he was having an affair with an unknown women. Probably some “crazed” fan…

  16. irishlad wrote:

    The rot (or rat some would believe) has been there from seminal days. I can remember an almost public, well it was public, bust up at NQC 2002. Garry Jones and Shane Dunlap ended up going their own ways citing ‘creative’differences, I think it was, with Ernie. One could see even then Ernie was out to call the shots big time. Funny though,looking back on old clips they probably had their finest line up then . Never start a sentence with but,but when Ernie said jump Garry didn’t say ‘how high?’

  17. wanderer wrote:

    C’mon I hardly think SSQ ia about to fall apart. You’ve got to be in tip top shape mentally and physically to pull off what they do. Tim says he never fully recovered from a stroke he had. I think that pretty much says it all.
    The Oaks are built differently than most groups. All four singers own a piece of it as opposed to just one owner. Ernie owns SSQ. So yeah, he’s the boss! So yeah, his opinion does matter most. You don’t think George and Glen’s opinions mattered most with the Cathedrals? You don’t think Hovie’s opnions mattered more with the Statesmen?

  18. Hector Luna wrote:

    EHSS: they kinda ruined their Gaither connections. good decision by Gaither, however.

  19. quartet-man wrote:

    #14 Over it, I thought about that, but William was out for a while. Besides that, there have been groups or bands that were doing splendidly well in the money department but either broke up or had members leave no matter how good the money was. People either think they can make it on their own, or whatever sacrifices they have to make are not worth it. Granted, not having to worry about money does make staying with a group easier.

    #17 Good point. Although not impossible, having a part ownership makes one leaving a group less likely. Sure they can sell their portion, but having a financial stake and being able to not only offer opinions, but have a part in running the group (even as a democracy) can give someone more “ownership” (no pun intended)in a group. Some people take to that better than being told what to do and either not having a voice whatsoever, or at least not really able to make decisions and at best only be able to offer opinions.

  20. Jake wrote:

    Hector (# 18) — How did EHSS ruin their Gaither connections? Bill told Ernie — just as he had told George & Glenn years earlier — that they should leave the nest so they could really soar. Gaither helped make them what they are, but BG knows when someone is being held back by being tied to the Homecoming Series. EHSS still records with the Gaither label, and BG was on their latest DVD. So saying they ruined their Gaither connections I think is rather disingenuous, if not downright dishonest.

  21. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    So when you are ready to bury relationships, they resurface in public view so that means old friends are never left far behind!

  22. cynical one wrote:

    I’d say comments like “they kinda ruined their Gaither connections” show that we’re jumping to conclusions, of which we don’t know as much as we’d like others to believe.

  23. jim wrote:

    Who does EHSSQ have a recording deal with? It has been reported that the Cathedral cover project was the last with the Gaither folks.

    BTW, SSQ is not the only act to get the Homecoming tour hatchet. This year it is only the GVB and the Isaacs.

  24. Jake wrote:

    Daniel Mount did an interview with Ernie just a couple of weeks ago, and it is on his site. He asked about EHSS & Gaither’s future business relationship. Ernie’s answer was that, while nothing is planned beyond the Cathedral project, that as long as he (Ernie) has any say in the matter he wants to stay with Gaither.

  25. SteveSmith wrote:

    Problem is, he doesn’t have a say it; only Bill.

  26. Hector Luna wrote:

    #20 & #22. I admit that may have been a rather distasteful quote by me…one in which I should have not commented at all, for that I apologize. However, it wasn’t that Gaither “let them loose, because he was holding them back”. I decline to mention further detailed comments regarding their situation with Gaither.

  27. Rob wrote:

    I think that if you are following EHSS you should know that Ernie has started his own studio. Think it’s called STOW MUSIC. Their first release will be some of George’s music. Where will the studio go from there and who will be recording there. We’ll wait and see.

  28. no-more wrote:

    #11 Ben, your comment does not surprise me at all. Not even one tiny bit. Doug is the only REAL person in that group, especially now. Ernie might as well call the group “The Ernie Haase Quartet” since their Signature Sound has obviously diminished to just mediocre at best.

  29. Jake wrote:

    #28 (No-more) — Are you saying that Ian and Devon are not “real” people, and that they are only mediocre singers? That seems to be the clear implication.

  30. Shorty Bradford wrote:

    You guys are crazy harsh on Ernie. I am not a huge fan of SS and I have no reason to blow smoke concerning him. I know him but we are not close. My take is he has been smart. He has used the Younce connection appropriately and has benefited greatly from Gaither’s kindness. He realized the partnership with Gary Jones was not what he wanted so he cut his losses and moved on. I have no idea why Tim and Ryan left. I want to believe they left for family reasons or maybe a less strenuous schedule. It seems this is fair.

    I was a friend of George and Glen. Glen could be one tough boss. He loved The Cathedrals brand and he protected it. He was tough when he needed to be. Not ugly but tough - way tougher than you think if you only know him through the Gaither videos. I AM NOT SAYING Ernie is just like Glen. I am saying he seems to be running a really professional group even as he navigates through some significant personnel changes. He might be tough to deal with but I imagine most singers would love the chance to sing in his group.

  31. no-more wrote:

    #28 Jake, I’ve followed SSQ from the beginning of their careers. Doug has always been the real deal. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to sing from the heart. I have not seen the group with Ian as bass, since he was just hired. Their sound has TOTALLY changed, and I feel it’s changed for the worse, not the better. There are just some things that don’t need to be “fixed” and their 8 year line-up was one of them. I’m sure the new guy is nice, or at least I hope he is. Devin is very nice but there comes a point in a concert when it just looks like they are goofing off for a paycheck instead of being gospel singers. Don’t get me wrong, a little fun is awesome and it’s what hooked me in 8 years ago. However, Ernie’s jokes and innuendos are getting more and more out of hand and they, as a whole, are getting the “I’m too big for my britches” mentality. When you treat the fans like we are not worthy enough to be spoken to, then you really run into some problems. Like I said, been following Ernie for a long time and I can pretty much tell whether he’s in a “mood” or not. I just try not to speak to him at all when he’s got that look. He never appreciates anything anyway and my time is better spent speaking to one of the other 3 guys who appreciate our thoughts and prayers.

  32. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Matt Dibler, lead singer of a few years ago, with the Inspirations admittedly had an affair which was the reason for his departure. I do hope no one is confusing Matt with Melton with rumors flying.

    On EHSS’s (and GC for that matter)recent changes, I don’t know why most group owner’s don’t do whatever it takes to keep a group together. I wasn’t a big fan, but EHSS had some consistency for several years which would give them much more credibility and potential longevity than most recycled quartets like the DMB or Anchormen.
    GC had such a great new lineup a few years back with Steve Ladd and McCune–I know that group could’ve been saved if the owners had tried. Even last year’s version could’ve been phenomenal, but now they’re pretty much the last version of Mercy’s Mark. Not sure why I care.

    On a good note, the final Greene’s recording “Hallelujah” is pretty awesome!

  33. kjones wrote:

    Okay let me say #5 you comment is not true in any way EH&SS is the nicest bunch of guys I have ever met and I don’t bring them anything when I go see them! And let me say Ernie did not Kick Roy, Ryan or Tim to the curb it was their choice to leave the group and Ernie supported their choice get your facts straight!!!! none of us fans are buttkissers just big fans!!!!! Keep up the good work Ernie, Devin, Doug and Ian~ Love you all.

  34. Audrey Cole wrote:

    #32 Tad Kirkland, where did you purchase the Greene’s recording, Hallelujah? I have tried to find some of there recordings and have not had any luck.

  35. quartet-man wrote:

    Audrey, You can find that CD and their Far Down the Road CD at Springside Marketing (in addition to tracks). If you get their newsletter and use the code, you get it cheaper (they actually are doing that Greenes one two weeks in a row as I got it last week). If you spend $40. (post discount price) you get free shipping. I have dealt with them for probably 20 or more years although less than 25.

  36. Irishlad wrote:

    #35 I second that Q- Man,i’ve dealt with Springside myself for many years and even as an overseas customer i have never been disapointed even once with them.They are a very honest up front business.

  37. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    34. Audrey- Here is a direct link to order the Greene’s CD. https://www.springside.com/prodinfo.asp?number=GRHL-CD

    It is one phenomenal CD, that I believe everyone that loves Southern Gospel music should own!

  38. no-more wrote:

    #33 Maybe you should ask the actual people involved and not automatically trust Ernie. Just a thought. When who you are onstage is drastically different from who you are in real life, something is terribly wrong. It’s not just me who knows this. It’s many of the long time supporters. When the smoke dies down enough to see what’s real for you, then you’ll understand where I’m coming from. I am not saying this to be rude, so please don’t think that. There are many faces of Mr. Haase and I’m not sure you’ve seen them all.

  39. Kitten wrote:

    No-More (38) — Because I do not know Ernie, I cannot refute what you say. But are you helping anyone by posting it here?

    Prov 16:28
    A perverse man stirs up dissension,
    and a gossip separates close friends.

    Prov 18:8
    The words of a gossip are like choice morsels;
    they go down to a man’s inmost parts.

    Matt 5:23-24
    “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift.

    Rather than discuss Ernie’s alleged dirty laundry here, you have a biblical responsibility to deal with it elsewhere.

  40. Jake wrote:

    Here’s a question for “no-more” — since you claim to have such insight into Ernie’s character (or as you claim, lack thereof), perhaps you could/should tell us the level of relationship you have/had with him, so we can determine your level of credibility.

    Did you ever work for him? Were you involved with Gaither Homecomings where you could see him regularly? Are you a volunteer at concerts put on by EHSS? Or are you one of the butt-kissers whom he (by his own admission) avoids?

  41. Skip online buying wrote:

    Audrey #34, now you can buy it at your local Christian bookstore. Taranda Greene has just started distributing that “Hallelujah” CD through New Day.

  42. kjones wrote:

    #38 I have seen Ernie on stage and off stage and he is the same person and only thing I do know is this! Ernie Haase is the same person on stage as he is off stage! He has a good heart and loves all of his fans!!!!!! I will always support Ernie Haase and Signature Sound

  43. kjones wrote:

    Also I have worked with EH&SS behind their table at their concerts and I don’t know who anyone could say that EH&SS don’t treat you nice! they take time to talk to you, sign stuff and get their pictures taken with you! I’ve even been to concerts where they were sicker then dogs and they were still out doing thier jobs! so I don’t know how anyone can say they are not real!

  44. no-more wrote:

    #40 Jake, Yes I was a volunteer for both SSQ and Gaither, which I do not do anymore for the reasons I’ve stated on here–drama among staff/fans. No, I am not nor will I ever be a buttkisser–another reason which I do not volunteer anymore. A person, regardless of whether or not they are a fan, bus driver, venue staff, etc… should not have to suck up and sugar coat everything in order to speak to someone. Sorry if that offends you but it’s the truth in my case. Being behind the scenes, you see and hear more than you want. People automatically assume just because you are a “gospel singer” you can do no wrong, which is so untrue, which is why I said earlier to ask the people directly involved. Everyone has their faults, I know. I am not perfect nor do I claim to be. To avoid any more stink on here, which is partly my fault for even giving my opinion, I will try not to post any more “negative” comments. This is all getting ridiculous anyway. It’s resembling facebook…

  45. observor wrote:

    #44 - what are you talking about???

    Speaking of the Greenes any word on the possibility of Tim carrying on the group with “yet to be named singers” (I’ve heard rumors of Amy Lambert and others of Melina Parks)???

  46. be-kind wrote:

    No-more! I have also worked behind EH&SS table and the way you talk about Ernie and the Guys you must take everything you hear and turn it negative because they are the best buch of Quartet guys out there!!! Ernie has done a great job putting a Quartet together and he should be proud! I have been to other SG concerts and couldn’t believe they way I was treated when I asked for pictures I was asked if they could see my ticket and was told my ticket didn’t include pictures with the members of the Quartet after I paid $ 45 for my ticket. so I would be careful and check my facts before I go around spreading false information about other groups!

  47. Irishlad wrote:

    Going to see EHSS 12th Feb in Whitewell Metropolitan Church Belfast tickets are a fairly hefty £20($30).Will let everyone know how Ian fitted in.

  48. Audrey Cole wrote:

    #45 - I received a newsletter earlier this week from TaRanda Greene and she announced that she will be going on the road as a soloist beginning in March. She is on facebook. You may be able to see the newsletter on there.

  49. Audrey Cole wrote:

    #35, 37 & 41 -Thanks for the information. I have tried several local Christian Music Stores, but had no luck.

  50. NG wrote:

    #46 be-kind: If I read your posting correctly (and please excuse me if I didn’t), there are SG acts selling special tickets that allow you to have your picture taken with them. Do you mind saying how much more these tickets costs then regular tickets and which acts are doing this. I was unaware of such a practice in SG or any other musical field.

  51. Kyle wrote:

    How ’bout that Justin Bieber???

  52. yeah... wrote:

    The first two projects to be coming out of Ernie’s new studio will be a George Younce CD of previously-unreleased songs, and a solo project from Doug Anderson. Ernie’s stated this in interviews. He was directly asked if Doug’s solo effort was going to be setting him up for a solo career, and Ernie stated that for as long as it was viable, Doug is with SSQ; but that if the Lord ever moved Doug into something else, he (Ernie) would be the first to encourage him to follow the Lord’s leading. As much as I admire Devin and love his voice, Doug is an amazing singer and human being. I’ll buy his solo CD the day it’s available.

  53. cynical one wrote:

    It’s been said, but apparently it bears repeating: People change jobs. Not always because of firings. Not always about money. Not always about personality conflicts, or poor job performance, or any of the other things we might suggest. It happens.

    And sgm is no different. There have been comings and goings since the very first Vaughn Quartet 100 years ago, and it’s not gonna stop in our collective lifetimes. It happens.

    And the replacements will always be touted by management as the best thing since sliced bread, and the former member will always be wished the best.

    And by the fans, the former person will always be considered the best ever. The first incarnation we heard of any group will always be the best combination they ever had, no matter how good the following configurations are. “The group is not the same, and should not go by the same name.”

    And we’ll continue to argue ad nauseum about it.

    Let’s wise up, folks.

  54. be-kind wrote:

    #50 NG - I don’t want to say the name of the Quartet for the sake of the group but I will say this they are a pretty popular Quartet! and the Tickets that inculded pictures were $50 so it was only 5 dollars more and I was even willing to pay the extra $5 but was told I couldn’t by one of the members in the Quartet! I’m not saying everyone has to like EH&SS because everyone has their own taste and style when it comes to music! what I am saying is they shouldn’t not be bashing or spreading gossip about EH&SS. If you don’t like them thats fine but keep it to yourself!

  55. DMP wrote:

    @cynical one, and sometimes they are just drunks who get caught sleeping around. But, what you said is true too.

  56. Ben Storie wrote:

    I’m aware of at least two members of a well-known national quartet who go several days at a time without flossing. And I don’t even think they’re repentant.

    I’ll name names for the right dollar amount.

  57. Wade wrote:

    DMP… if getting drunk and sleeping around disqualified you from singing SGM would there even be SGM???

  58. Irishlad wrote:

    #54 “shouldn’t not”..would that be a double negative?

  59. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Semester break is over!
    Five days have passed sine your last commentary.
    People might start thinking or wishing you is retired!

  60. cynical one wrote:

    #55 - DMP — The new guys, the old guys, or the management? :-)

  61. Tommy wrote:

    #32 - im not sure if you are aware of this but dispite changes the Anchormen and the DMbs have been around a looooooong time. Over 30 and one is celebrating 50. lol Just messing with ya. I think when you are on the top like Ernie is people will make bigger out of every situation than they should. They make drop some or who knows this line up may be better. Time will tell.

  62. AAron wrote:

    #9 and everyone that writes loooong comments… make it shorter, i skip you!

  63. observor wrote:

    SingingNews.com is reporting that Tim Greene’s new group is the Tim Green Trio. All male trio though - I guess all the rumors of a resurrection of a previous version of the Greenes were incorrect.

  64. DP wrote:

    Saw The Perry’s last night. They were great as usual… Bryan fits in well on baritone. The blend was very solid and the crowd hung on to every note. Tracy looked great and sounded great.It was strange to not see a pianist, but after the 2nd song, I had gotten over that. First class tracks and the sound was awesome. A great night and it was a packed house. Southern Gospel is alive and well in south central Indiana!

  65. J C wrote:

    Well!.. EHSS has a personnel change and sone of you think this is your chance to rip into Ernie; not so fast!.. EHSS is as great or greater than they ever were, now that Devin has replaced that arrogant Ryan. Yes Doug is the real deal, and so is Ernie. The difference is that Ernie has to also manage the group. Hands down, Ernie Haase is the nicest and most kind guy around. What most don’t realize is that Ernie is also shy. Tim Duncan resigned to spend some time at home before he decides what else he wants to do… EHSS is too good for this pettiness in SG. I wish they would go into CCM or in secular music where the real Christians are.

  66. Kyle wrote:

    When a group celebrates a landmark anniversary, are you celebrating the group’s history of past members, or are you simply acknowledging that the name has existed in some form for a certain amount of years??

    2005 marked the 60th anniversary of the “Oak Ridge” name, and whenever they are asked, the current group members are quick to point out about the original group, “None of us were there!!” Three years later marked the 35th anniversary of the current lineup (Joe Bonsall, the newest member, joined in 1973).

    Not counting William Lee Golden’s absence, which anniversary do you count??

  67. quartet-man wrote:

    Or you could go back to 1965 when Golden joined as the beginning of the group. :P Or, you could go to 1966 when Duane the lead and longest tenured member joined. :D

    Also, bear in mind that the group disbanded and was started up by other owners. You could argue that the second group evolved into the current and the first was in name only. I am not sure I subscribe to that notion, but I know some who do.

  68. yeah... wrote:

    Is it just me, or is this blog winding down? Often, a week or more can pass with no new posts, and even the subject content is lacking these days. It could be just that there’s not much that’s newsworthy, or is it that Doug’s passion for it has waned? Once upon a day, open threads could have 100 to 150 comments. These days, 75 is about the maximum. And, the majority of them are about personnel changes, which are speculative at best.

  69. quartet-man wrote:

    #68, I think it is a combination of things. First, a lot of things have already been discussed here (sometimes more than once).
    Secondly, Doug gets busy and doesn’t post as often.

    Thirdly, blogs and message boards aren’t as popular as they once were and there are more choices in them or other things to do than maybe there once were.

    And also, since we talk about things going on in the industry (at least some of the time) and not so much about past things, it would be dependent on what happens in the industry. Since not a lot seems to be happening (or at least new things), there is less discussion.

  70. Jake wrote:

    #68 (Yeah) — the Singing News site used to be full of conversations, arguments, games, etc. all the time. There were many, many entries every day. And this was just a few months ago. Now there are some days that it gets less use that averyfineline. Maybe everybody is getting tired of all the fighting and nastyness hidden behind non-real names that seems to be so prevailant. Daniel Mount seems to get the most responses of any of them right now, but his is a little different. It becomes more of a conversation back and forth.

  71. accent wrote:

    Singing news problem came whith the mods there deleting or moving so much stuff and banning so many that was posting there. Most folks get tired of some of the mods decisions either quite or go someplace else. From what I’ve seen a lot of them have moved to Daniel’s site southern gospel forums.

  72. be-kind wrote:

    J C #65 You sound stupid Ryan was not arrogant! and Ernie is not shy at all they are just nice guys! you guys need to get your facts straight and they will never go to CCM because the are Souther Gospel and the real Christians are not only in CCM they are everywhere so get your facts straight because you sound like a fool.

  73. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 72: Signature Sound has gone to great lengths over the past 2+ years to prove to themselves and everyone else that they are nothing more than southern gospel. And I absolutely do not mean that as a compliment.

    There isn’t anything “signature” about their sound anymore.

  74. Wade wrote:

    65 jc - Try promoting an event with CCM Event and see if you still think they got ALL The Christians!!! It is all the same.

    As much as I love SGM I still enjoy doing secular event promoting… least there you know from where every one is coming!!!

    Good Singing by NEW MEMBERS make many forget the OLD!!!

  75. Ron F wrote:

    I had Tim Greene on my show several weeks ago and he was hoping that Amy Lambert would be back with him but I guess that didn”t work out. But I am glad Tim is coming back.

  76. cynical one wrote:

    #72 be-kind — You state JC sounds like a fool, yet you TYPE like a fool.

    Go back to your 7th grade English grammar class, and learn about run-on sentences, capitalization, and punctuation.

    This has always been one of my biggest peeves — folks who call out other people’s ignorace, then show their own in their inability to write the language.

    Yes, I occaisionally type sentence fragments, and misspell, but at least I strive to make my thoughts clear in these postings. Or I perhaps I should say, I try to not show my own ignorance, when pointing out that of others.

    Have a fun February, y’all.

  77. oldtimer wrote:

    #68 yeah — “Once upon a day, open threads could have 100 to 150 comments. These days, 75 is about the maximum.”

    Maybe you hadn’t looked closely enough before posting, but the latest open thread currently has 112 comments. That’s right in there.

  78. You'll be surprised wrote:

    Because Ernie Haase and SS work very hard on their vocals, and treat touring like boot camp, they are holding themselves to a higher standard than most SG groups who dabble. In fact, I think their “Signature Sound” will become more and more evident as they take on new musical challenges. They are brave enough and capable enough to do it.

  79. be-kind wrote:

    #76 this is just for you. i dont care what you think people who bash signature sound need to shutup and get a life if you dont like them fine then keep it to your self dont post it for everyone to see how did you like my runo on sentences whatever else you said in this post huh

  80. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 78: Capable? Yes. Brave? Hardly.

    For an example of capability and bravery, see “Dream On.” For an example of an utter lack of bravery, see everything that has follwed “Dream On” (i.e., “Influenced Vols. 1 and 2, and “Tribute to the Cathedral Quartet”).

    No rational person would consider three consecutive albums of rehashing old quartet music a “new musical challenge” regardless of how hard the group works on vocals…

  81. Jake wrote:

    Note to Be-Kind (# 72 & 79) — You may want to check back and compare your comments with your title. You call yourself “be kind” but the words you are typing are kind of nasty.

    And BTW, I am an EHSS fan too. I know you are trying to defend Ernie and EHSS, and I understand that you feel passionate about defending them in the face of criticism here. I really do understand that. Some posts get my back up too. But defend the group with kindness, not nasty remarks, which will only add fuel to the fire. And ultimately, just remember that nothing that is said here for or against EHSS is going to change who they are and what they do. They stand on their own merits.

  82. lovelife wrote:

    Surely something else has happened in the world of southern gospel music in the past 10 days. This is getting old.

  83. yeah... wrote:

    #82: lovelife - You just illustrated my point perfectly. Thanks.

    #77: oldtimer - After 18 days, is it much surprise that the “latest” open thread has that many comments? The two posts that followed it, prior to this one, have just over 30 combined. It’s just getting really boring.

  84. CVH wrote:

    #82 - yep, here’s some breaking news…Tim Duncan is teaming up with Tim Parton (late of L5), Bjorn Issacson (from Sweden - you saw him on the Homecoming video from Stockholm), Mark Ivey from Atlanta and Logan Smith to form a new quartet called Bjorn Again. The only catch is their shows have to be done by 9 pm so Logan can go to bed on time. And Tim has mandated the guys all wear tassled loafers.

  85. oldtimer wrote:

    #83 - yeah — In a non-scientific random search, I found an open thread Doug had posted almost exactly a year prior to this last one. It garnered a grand total of 119 comments, in about 3 weeks’ time.

    Not a whole lot different.

    Another very non-scientific observation: It appears Doug may be posting more frequently now, than he was last spring and summer.


    Maybe it isn’t Doug (or the majority of his followers) who’s boring?

  86. Me wrote:

    Keith Obermann was the biggest windbag to ever call himself a “reporter.”

    And we’re talking about him…why??

  87. DMP wrote:

    The most populated blogs are the most controversial ones. However, in those types of conversations, 30% of the comments left are from people telling others to mind their own business and to be “real Christians.”

  88. cynical one wrote:

    79-be-kind: I don’t care who you bash. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, and to express it here. That’s part of the joy of this setting.

    I just feel we would be more effective as writers, and our opinions taken more seriously, if we used established rules of grammar.

    I know I don’t always proof-read my comments well enough, and often have misspellings/typos, or leave out a word here and there, but I do TRY to be clear in my wording and grammar, so as to not make myself look too stupid.

    I have plenty of other ways to make myself look stupid. :-)

  89. Irishlad wrote:

    The grammer hear is getting worser and worser.

  90. truleymay wrote:

    #89 So is the spelling

  91. pnumbral wrote:

    #33 - I disagree with you 100%. I have known Ernie since his early Cathedral days. During that time Glen and George kept him real. After he started the group, he was the one in charge and he let that be known early on. He and Gary Jones had a difference of opinion and Gary walked on his own. Shane chose the wrong side in the differences and he was gone. I know for a fact that Ernie gave Roy,Ryan and Tim the boot. I was personal friends with George and Glen and their families. I have also been personal friends with members of the group and their families. Suffice it to say I am not gonna name names but it has been said by members of the group that “Ernie don’t like to lose” and “Ernie is in charge and you have to do what he says”. I don’t go to their concerts anymore and Ernie doesn’t speak to me!!

  92. Me wrote:

    Uh, 91, I’m not even an Ernie fan, but I call skewed facts when I see them.

    Ryan was let go by all indications, yes.

    Roy was publicly invited back after he (on his own) left to mend ties with his ailing father.

    Tim left for unstated reasons, but we all assume it was at least partially health and family-related.

    Ernie may be many things to many people, but he is not stupid. He would never fire the best singer in his group (Tim) unless there was some major problem. By all indications, there wasn’t a problem and he wasn’t fired. So…

  93. pnumbral wrote:

    Well, 92, Your post tells me that you do not know the facts. Roy didn’t leave to mend ties with his father and I know that for a fact. Also, you don’t know Ernie very well to say he would never fire the best singer in his group - Tim - ’cause he did! We could argue all day but this will be my last post. Your final paragraph tells me that you are assuming. So…

  94. hturz wrote:

    Pnumbral, and whoever is bashing Ernie & the Guys, and is saying they know Ernie, and saying he’s not real!!!! Let me just say I am Ernie’s Niece! and I know him VERY well!!!! He is not fake at all! He is the same guy on stage as he is off stage. Also, He didn’t KICK Roy, Ryan or Tim out of the group!!! It was thier choice to leave!!!! So shut your mouthe’s and GET a LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  95. cdguy wrote:

    Thank you, #97 hturz. I’m guessing you have probably been around Ernie much more than anyone else who has posted about how well they know him.

    Most of us who post on here have never been around any of the artists we claim to know, other than surrounding their concerts. How many of us have ridden on their busses? How many have shared a meal? Have we visited in each others’ homes?

    Yes, we’ve monopolized the artists’ time at the record tables, and told them about Aunt Beulah’s ingrown toenail, etc. But have we REALLY seen them in any real-life situations.

    We really don’t know them any more than we know Liz Taylor or the President of the United States. Maybe less.

    Not that that’s good or bad, just not enough to say unequivicably that he/she is a great/terrible person.

    We know not of what we speak.

  96. lovelife wrote:

    #91: IF George and Glen “kept Earnie real” then that is not real. Noone keeps you real. YOu either are or you ain’t….Not nit-picking you, that comment just jumped out at me.

  97. J C wrote:

    I only know Ernie Haase as a fan. I have been to numerous concerts. My opinion of Ernie is that he is real!~ He is extremely caring! ~ He is of course not perfect, but he is the most true example of a Christian that I have seen in a long time. People leave groups all of the time. The reason they leave is no one’s business but the member and the owner!.. After concerts, Ernie usually hang around young honest kids or the elderly or sick who are requesting prayer. He also seeks a sincere person and requests prayer for himself and for the group.

  98. Nanc S. wrote:

    I just want to say, I also have been to a number of EHSS concerts, and have NEVER witnessed Ernie Haase being anything but kind and compassionate with those in attendance who wish to speak with him, have a picture taken with him, or whatever! I also have noticed that he never seems to make anyone feel rushed when spending time with them! He has a way of making a person feel like ,he or she, is not just a fan of his, but a friend as well! He is the REAL DEAL! AND THE SAME GOES FOR DOUG! And Kitten….AMEN to your post!!

  99. Nanc S. wrote:

    P.S. To my previous post: Ernie is a Christian, not Jesus Christ! Therefore, maybe he does have “off” days….but don’t we all? I don’t know anyone who can WALK ON WATER, except Christ! Just because we are Christians, doesn’t mean that we are NOT still human beings, flaws and all! But, what I witness in Ernie, is a man after God’s own heart!……Just like David!

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