Black gospel bleg

Ok, so I’m looking for any film, tv show, advertisement, or other product of pop culture that memorably makes use of a black gospel choir (yes, I’ve already thought of the “Imported from Detroit” ad).

Ready, set, crowdsource.

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  1. Lee wrote:

    Dating myself here… is Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is” too old an example?

  2. SLHardy wrote:

    The Triple Rock Baptist Church choir of Chicago, backing Reverend Cleophus James as seen in “The Blues Brothers”

  3. Bud wrote:

    The Ladykillers (Coen Brothers). The extra features on the dvd would be helpful in your quest. In fact, the sound track contains a variety of styles of black and white gospel. Plus, it is a funny movie.

  4. Rick in southGeorgia wrote:

    U2’s “Rattle & Hum” dvd: “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

  5. 2R wrote:

    The Color Purple has a couple of pretty good scenes at the church.

  6. Brian wrote:

    This is for the Atlanta Falcon’s campaign ‘Rise up’…complete with Samuel L. Jackson…

  7. Brett wrote:

    “ANytime You Need a Friend” from Mariah She is backed by “Black Gospel Choir”

  8. quartet-man wrote:

    If memory serves, there were choir scenes in the “Amen” tv series starring Sherman Hemsley.

  9. Bob wrote:

    The Leap of Faith movie in 1992 featuring Steve Martin and Debra Winger used a black gospel choir. I actually bought the soundtrack and quite enjoyed it. It was adapted into a Broadway musical and debuted at the Ahmanson theater in LA last fall featuring Brooke Shields.

  10. Edie wrote:

    Michael Jackson premiering “Man In The Mirror” on the Grammys…was it 1988? Amazing performance with a black gospel choir that, I think, was led by Andrae Crouch.

  11. Hector Luna wrote:

    Ooohhh… good one Rick. Sister Act 2. Pre-”Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. Pretty sure I began to fall in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt that year.

  12. Shawn Degenhart wrote:

    Preacher’s Wife

  13. Videoguy wrote:

    Though not traditional, the Sister Act movies certainly make use of the Black Gospel genre.

  14. Sensible wrote:

    Veggitales - Jonah. It has an amazing production of a black gospel choir while Jonah is in the belly of the whale.

  15. cdguy wrote:

    Several finales of American Idol. But you better not sing gospel (black or white) in the prelims, or you’re automatically out.

    Also, as has been discussed before, Jesse Dixon Singers in Paul Simon performances for several years.

    And slightly off-topic: many people SWORE the Imperials sang the Miller beer comercial (”When it’s time to relax. . . “) in the late ’60’s - early 70’s. And I can see how they thought that.

  16. Rick in southGeorgia wrote:

    Re:#12- Yes, Shawn! with Whitney singing Dottie Rambo’s “I Go to the Rock.”

  17. Trevor Haley wrote:

    The two that immediately spring to mind are the choir scenes with a young Anna Mae Bullock, in the Tina Turner biopic “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, and Tyler Perry’s “Diary Of A Mad Black Woman”. The choir and music are a big part of the ending of that film in particular.

  18. Sarah wrote:

    Glee has used some in the past, specifically the Madonna episode. There is also a movie called Fighting Temptations.

  19. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Who can forget the Appalachian State University ad? They save the black gospel bit for the end when the slide with the black guy pops up.

  20. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    1990s Footlocker Ad:

    Unofficial McDonalds ad:

    Black Gospel version of Charles Dickens’ _A Christmas Carol_:

    Episode of _Lavergne And Shirley_ starts about 16:30 into the clip:

    “Soon And Very Soon” from the funeral of Michael Jackson:

    And we can’t forget “Oh Happy Day,” AKA “the only Black Gospel song Hollywood knows”
    Here it is in _Big Momma’s House_:

    _Sister Act 2_:

    and it was in _The Klumps_, too…I couldn’t find the scene, but here’s the blooper reel…skip to 2:30:

    and don’t forget _Secretariat_

  21. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Tonight on “The Good Wife” Alicia’s brother was playing gospel music in his vehicle.

  22. MNP wrote:

    Keeping the Faith with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson — oops correction — Edward Norton.

  23. DamonFromKY wrote:

    Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All by Myself.

  24. Hector Luna wrote:

    Black gospel choir tonight singing “I Believe I can Fly” at the All-Star slam dunk contest. wow.

  25. Bob wrote:

    Hector - I was just coming here to post on the Gospel choir at the slam dunk competition and I see you beat me to it. I wonder what sporting event would make a good venue for Southern Gospel. Horseshoes?

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