Southern gospel the whole world over

As part of a recent discussion about Big Chief Wetherington, ethnicity, and southern gospel, regular Irish reader Irishlad made reference to a moonwalking first generation Indo-Pakistani Irish kid who won a talent contest in Ireland Scotland singing “Happy Rhythm” a la Signature Sound.

No, really! Turns out, the kid’s name is Colet Selwyn. Here he is winning the Larbet East’s 2010 Got Talent contest and having a blast singing his winning entry (h/t, quartet-man):

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  1. Odeliya wrote:

    Excellent! :)

  2. Shawn Degenhart wrote:

    Colet and his whole family were students at last year’s Stamps-Baxter School of Music. The Selwyns (huge EHSS fans) met Ernie and the guys when they came to sing. Ernie invited him to do a song or two when Signature Sound recently sang in Scotland and Ireland. Here’s a link to that footage: His family’s group, The Sunbeam Singers, have a page of videos as well. They are a wonderful family and have a great ministry in Scotland!

  3. Rick in southGeorgia wrote:

    Absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Irishlad wrote:

    Yea,Larbet East is a Church of Scotland church in Stenhousemuir in Scotland(not Ireland).I found it slightly surprising to have the CoS embrace Sg since they have no shortage of evangelical Baptist’s there,but hey,no harm in that! It’s a bit like an Episcopal Church in downtown Harlem throwing a Sg talent night…well, not quite.

  5. Irishlad wrote:

    Baptists not Baptist’s. Tut tut.

  6. ode wrote:

    @2 Shawn Degenhart, thanx for the clip. Boy is admirable.

    Also, lovely site ! Exibit A of what i just said - not a single word “Southern” in sight ;) Gospelthis, that, Summergospel
    You know how to do business! Have you thougth of internet radio verision? I, for one, ‘d pay for subscription (if its good, and music-only, no preaching/money begging)

  7. Darren Jalland wrote:


    I was the compere of the competition (the slightly overweight, bald guy at the start!) and I just want to thank you for posting this.

    Colet is an extraordinarily talented young man with a real heart for sharing God’s love through Gospel music. To see him given the opportunities he is starting to get is great.

  8. Tjeerd wrote:

    SG in not dying one bit.

  9. Nicky wrote:

    Ditto that Tjeerd.
    I was searching for more of his songs and found his music page on facebook.
    Does my heart good to see young ‘uns carrying on with SG.

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