Spring break open thread

I’ve been so busy writing about gospel elsewhere lately (mainly, late-stage revisions to the book) that I haven’t had much time to write about southern gospel here. Mea cupla, dear neglected ones. I would apologize on behalf of Avery’s derelict interns, but they appear to have hied themselves away to some undisclosed location in protest of the poor working conditions around here. I keep telling them I work on a state teacher’s salary, but for some reason they have it their heads that that means I’m the Boss Hogg of southern gospel blogging.

Fortunately, they’ve chosen a fine to leave me (seriously …  not in that “fine time to leave me Lucille” kinda way). Except for what appears to be the Crabb Revival disbanding (those poor kids just never did have very good role models for what stability looks like, I’m afraid), there’s not a lot to report, so feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

I’ve got a handful of meta-music related links to share when I get back from spring break traveling this week. Until then, keep an eye out for my interns.

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  1. w w wrote:

    Did you say open thread???

    Many songs on the Singing News Chart appear to be written by the same guy. His name is In-House. That has to be some kind of record! I want to write songs with him! That is obviously the default listing for songs with no info provided to list.

    Thirty, count them, thirty songs on the March Singing News top 80 have no songwriter or publisher listed. I contacted the Singing News, only to find that they have been begging labels and promoters to supply that info. They have even asked to receive the promo discs so they could glean that info themselves and list it, and yet, very few provide it.

    The Singing News top 80 is the industry’s most viewed and respected chart - and artists and labels pay lots of money to promote their singles to have them show up there. Then to have incomplete info for the song is just, well . . . it looks highly un-pro.

    I emailed 20 artists today in hopes of seeing the chart look better next month. Perhaps the responsibility should fall on the radio promoters. Whoever, however, I know the writers and publishers would appreciate it, and the industry would be better for it!

  2. Just Me wrote:

    As everywhere in SG, everyone wants the “title” but NO ONE wants to do the work.

  3. Brett wrote:

    Now they are done. According to the Back Home website Adam is doing dates with them, it says that Crabb Revival came off the road.

    Here is the article,
    scroll down till you get to Adam Crabb and it says they came off the road.

  4. Irishlad wrote:

    Had a great night at the GVB concert,it was billed as an “intimate evening with GVB” they weren’t kidding,it was so intimate i could almost see Bill’s roots.
    I wonder if i could talk Phil Boles into writing a short review of the concert for you good folks?…he’s so much better at it than i am.

  5. In-House Hit Man wrote:

    #1 WW:
    Well said. Go to it!

    But then, I guess “In-House” is slightly better than naming just ONE of the writers on a song, as is typical when SG projects are reviewed by (some) bloggers. That’s also a very unprofessional practice.

  6. wanderer wrote:

    Stepping way back in time…I just converted my Run Little Brother album by the DMB Band to C-D-R. Very enjoyable music. Really enjoyed I Met God in the Morning and Oh Hosanna. Wish they had lasted longer.

  7. Just Me wrote:

    DMB Band was just before their time. Today it would fit just perfect.

  8. Wade wrote:

    Irish Lad PLEASE write your thoughts. I treasure them!!!

    Just ME … you are correct… WAY before their time!!!

  9. wanderer wrote:

    #7 Yes that album should’ve given them “superstar” status. Instead it seemed to drive them into a hole.

  10. Ron F wrote:

    The Singing News folks are changing the way the Charts are done again. What do you all think?

  11. BUICK wrote:

    Recently there was a thread about the appeal of Black Gospel Choirs. Got me to thinking: there have been a few African American artists that have become accepted/popular in SGM circles (Babbie Mason, Larnelle Harris, Andre Crouch, Jessy Dixon, Sherman Andrus and Lily Knowles are examples). Are there any white singers that have been accepted/popular in African American circles?

  12. Hector Luna wrote:

    #11 Does Taranda Greene count? Brooklyn Tab…

  13. Hector Luna wrote:

    Guess you would have to include Michael English if Taranda was an acceptable option.

  14. irishlad wrote:

    #11 Paul Simon on the Gospel Show he did..but I see where you’re coming from, it seems to be a bit of a one-way street.
    Wade…will do.

  15. irishlad wrote:

    #11 Also did Hovie & The Statesmen not play an all Black church in Chicago back in the day? Although I believe it went down like a fart in a space-suit.

  16. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    #11, I think that Crystal Lewis found some acceptance in Black gospel circles.

  17. Ode wrote:

    :) yeah, Irishlad, pretty please, with cherry on top, give the review.Was David Phelps there? What songs did impress you?

    (ps so you say the good old Billyboy still colors his hair?that horny goat…. :) But i gladly forgive him all minor idiocies /vanity for being such a great businessman and producing excellent shows)

  18. Carlos wrote:

    Has anything heard anything on something happening with Gold City this weekend? They were supposed to be in Terrell Tx tonight and the promoter said there had been something personal that had happened and they would not be there and he didn’t know if Gold City would be able to go on.

  19. Carl wrote:

    About Buick’s comment about white singers in African American gospel.

    I think it’s the style more than the identity of the artist.

    I can’t think of a place where more Black gospel greats would be assembled than at the late Albertina Walker’s funeral. Can you imagine a situation where it would be more important to get the music right?

    Juli Woods is jazz sax player. She was chosen to do one of Walker’s signature songs. She’s got really good reviews and one reason I think she’s white is that one of her reviewers says she sings “like” an African American. She’s also a member of a church band at a church in Chicago that looks like it’s either mostly African American or mixed.


    First time I heard this youtube clip I stood up and I about started shouting. I reckon she nailed the style.

  20. irishlad wrote:

    Lost in Translation : Ode 4 Melvin 3..where would you get? ;)

  21. irishlad wrote:

    ‘Don’t that sound like Heaven?’ don’t that sound like sentimental claptrap more like. I’ve heard this song since it was charted weeks ago; love the tune, love the singer(Darst) and the first time I listened the words seemed to fit the mix. Never start a sentence with but but the idea of an imperfect human wrestling with the idea of Heaven and the afterlife when really we don’t have any idea makes for a load of pure conjecture, in fact I wonder how the writer could even see through those rose-tinted glasses.Now all the die-hards out there will say the words of the song are Bible based and maybe even Theologically sound..ok but the idea of ‘a special place for the unborn to play’ sounds great but really is that not the wishful and somewhat naive thinking of a romantic Christian. Afterall if I was literalist apologist I would say if it’s not in the KJV you’re not allowed writer’s license.

  22. NG wrote:

    #18: Gold City Schedule says on March 13 at 6 pm there are to appear in Lake Jackson Texas which is five hours from Terrell.

  23. josh wrote:

    Heard them in Ada oklahoma friday night and Gold City sounded good they however didn’t have Tim Riley with them

  24. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    I’m pretty sure the over/under for number of posts before someone brought up Gold City was 20. Knowing this crowd, I took the under.

    Looks like I won.

  25. Andrew S. wrote:

    Has anyone had a chance to catch Joseph Habedank’s wife, Lindsay’s, performance (with her cousins) at their wedding? Her mom has loaded the performance on YouTube. It starts at the 2:00 mark. :)


  26. Carlos wrote:

    I only brought up Gold City because I am concerned based on what was said at the concert last night and was looking forward to hearing them last night. It looks like Freedom sang in Lake Jackson today instead of the (They were in Terrell last night with the Perrys)

  27. quartet-man wrote:

    A good friend of Danny’s (at least) committed suicide, (I believe Thursday), so perhaps the services were Sunday or they needed that day for travel.

  28. quartet-man wrote:

    #25, so which one is Lindsay? ;)

  29. Auke wrote:

    I went to the Vocal Band’s concert in Apeldoorn The Netherlands…and they were awesome…met Michael English backstage and he is not only a amazing singer..he’s also a great brother…and very very kind and generous..i had a awesome night!
    The Vocal Band still has it…although fatique showed..and that made it even more special..and made me respect them even more…singing the same songs over and over again, traveling,sleeping in hotels…and still have such power and vigor.
    Michael English is awesome!

  30. cdguy wrote:

    White singer who appeals to the African-American audience: P&W artist Martha Munizzi.

  31. Andrew S. wrote:

    #25 (quartet-man)- The one in the wedding dress is Lindsay. :) She & the cousins singing here sang in a trio called Third Generation. They won the talent contest at CrabbFest and recorded a cd at Daywind.

  32. Ode wrote:

    @20 done,end of the match. Maccabi Haifa beaten The F(Lying) Cheifs.What made you think he scored 3 times though? neah,dude is 80, may God bless his days! his ego is 3 times bigger then it shoud be, thats about it… Wait,are Irishmen known to age to perfection in that sense..?Hm.. all that fresh air.. (note to self:keep an eye for those)

  33. Ode wrote:

    @ 25 - beautiful song,thanks

  34. quartet-man wrote:

    #31, I was just being silly. :D

  35. Fleur wrote:

    Is Crabb Revival disbanding? I just checked their website and they still have a bunch of tour dates in 2011 to get through.

    I haven’t seen much of the Crabb Family singers on TV but what I have seen is interesting. The body language alone speaks volumes!

  36. Olaneljonoisle wrote:

    So does anyone know why Gold City had to send out an email explaining why they are still around?

  37. irishlad wrote:

    I’ve been to Haifa, Ode. Beautiful city especially Haifa bay area, we sailed over from Cyprus then travelled inland to Jerusalem via Tel Aviv through the orange groves…really Lovely.
    Btw maybe I meant to say 4-0 :)

  38. observor wrote:

    Was finally able to get my hands on the Tim Greene Trio’s new recording. A couple of observations from the recording: 1) The harmony is really good (actually better than many of the “mainstream” groups out there now). 2) The sound is very fresh and different. The recording is not ground breaking or anything, but the sound is really good. The Greene’s songs that they remade sound a little different and original.

    I would encourage everyone to try and get a copy of the recording. I think you would enjoy it and it is very easy to listen to.

    I am not sure who it is being distributed through or who is involved in radio promotion, etc… However, the quality of the sound is very good and a top notch recording.

  39. Andrew S. wrote:

    #33, that’s what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. There are some people who’ve blonde roots as I do. :)

  40. Kitten wrote:

    I see from Facebook (also reported on another site) that Tim Duncan will be going to the studio to record a solo album. He has a beautiful voice and it should be well received.

    He doesn’t mention who it will be released by. Since Stow Town records has said nothing about it I assume it isn’t them. Unfortunately that adds to the speculation that there may have been some bad blood in his departure from EHSS, particularly since Doug Anderson is preparing a solo CD with Stow Town.

    I’m sure we all wish Tim the very best.

  41. Irishlad wrote:

    Anyone know of The Conquerors Qt? Have to say they’re top notch, all great individual singers with a lady playing great piano and a 747 bass to round things out.Caught them on Youtube.

  42. NG wrote:

    On Gold City’s website it says: “This past weekend, Gold City had to prematurely close an extended tour due to unfortunate circumstances beyond the control of the group’s management.” Future concerts will go ahead according to the websute. Maybe there are legal reasons that the information about the missed concerts couldn’t have been clearer but it sure doesn’t tell fans much.

  43. Irishlad wrote:

    The GVB in Belfast.At 8pm on a Wednesday evening on to a darkened stage came two figures, a drummer and a guitarist.Kevin Williams soon had the crowd humming and gently clapping to his easy Hank Marvin/Chet Atkins style.Then they came:one by one, David,Mike,Wes,Mark,Bill on to the stage lit by a single floodlight to a thunderous wolf-whistling applause.For a full hour they belted out their latest and much loved stuff,stuff from the Better Day CD.The crowd were in raptures..then came the intimate stuff,Mike and his “Please Forgive Me”, David and his “Nessun Dorma” and “Bring Him Home”,Mark with “Mary Did You Know?” hardly a dry eye in the house.For me though the outstanding man of the night was Wes Hampton rather than being fazed in such illustrious company he shone;really shone.Bill out of the blue landed “Little is Much” on him in a key that would have panicked David Phelps, and boy did he do it justice? he belted out those top notes first in falsetto and then when Mark goaded him he hit them in full voice,it was spectacular performance to say the least.By 11pm the crowd were on their feet for the umpteenth time. I left the Odyessy Arena that freezing night with the cockles of my heart well and truely warmed.

  44. quartet-man wrote:

    #43, great report. Are you sure that wasn’t “Because He Lives” instead of “Little Is Much”? I’ve heard them do the same thing (Wes in a difficult key, but sings falsetto and then Mark goads him into singing it full voice) before, but on “Because He Lives”.

  45. Irishlad wrote:

    #43 Q-man i think you could be right..i was slightly overwhelmed by the whole thing to be 100% sure,but i’ll check with Phil Boles,knowing him he’ll have the whole set list :)

  46. Irishlad wrote:

    I was saddened to hear of the passing of Gary Miller bass for Vocal Union and associate of Keith Lancaster,he was only 60 years old.

  47. Chuck Peters wrote:

    The Gold City press info in the Singing News is vague. The headline reads: “Stop The Rumors: Gold City” Hint: This kind of incomplete news report is what starts more rumors. I emailed to ask WHY? So far.. no answer.

  48. irishlad wrote:

    I could be wrong but I feel what you have now with GC is 1 solid reliable guy(who has no choice but to be)and 3 loose cannons. Now that’s the type of Qt D.N.A. that’s designed to unravel .

  49. lovelife wrote:

    #34: “The body language alone speaks volume”. That struck me funny. I hope noone is watching my body language as I’m sure it’s saying alot….It was just funny!

  50. Me wrote:

    Gold City really needs to start being more open and honest with the fans. These speculation-packed “press releases” with no details are one of the worst things they have going for them right now.

    One cool thing is that we all still love Tim Riley. No matter what happens, he’s still the man.

  51. observor wrote:

    With as much seemingly free publicity “the Quartet which is not to be named” is getting from all their issues, it would almost make you think some of this is set up…. lol

    Maybe some of these other struggling groups should take notice.

  52. ode wrote:

    then u surely saw the Naval Base- i served there(as a boring office clerk, not close to level of sexiness TV gives to IDF)I’m from Carmel Tsarfati. Glad you loved it, I-lad:)

    Hope Melvin took me the right way, its all friendly banter.We’ll give him 3 honorary points:)-for his long, godly, scandal-free ministry.He is already ahead of many his peers - some old women in deep Texas still ask for white nurse instead of black in hospital -but he required kick in the rear to keep him moving further, as cliche about morality and godliness has it, its like bycicle, if you dont advance in it, you fall. I see potential in the boy.

    @48 Splendiferous. MAybe your friend Mr Phil Boles has to add some, too. Don’t personally enjoy gossip about personel changes but love useful reviews and links, thanks.

    Andrew @ 25, clicking tru…one of Katy Peach, my friend KathyVAn Horn’s daughter,girl has incredibly rich, spiritual voice, refreshing and shining, like snow on picks of Hebron :)


  53. Irishlad wrote:

    Happy St Patrick’s Day ya’ll :)

  54. cdguy wrote:

    And to you, as well, Irishlad. I’m wearing the green, today.

  55. just me wrote:

    It’s really time for a NEW Gold City….Tim and 4 new team players…let each man have some ownership in the group…like it was in Gold Citys BEST days….about 20 years ago. Maybe that would help keep good singers there for more than a year or less…alot less with some. Gold City really needs a new way of thinking, the Gold City family thing is NOT working.

  56. nonsgfan wrote:


    “Would have panicked David Phelps”—
    HAHAHAHAHAHA- you’re hilarious.

  57. lauren wrote:

    Crabb Family body language? Seriously?

    The entire family did more than 20 dates together this past winter. I spoke to the booking agent about hosting one next year. It seems they were great sold out dates. All seems to be well in Crabb/Bowlingville.
    Even though this is a difficult message to communicate to some people, the Crabb siblings are still close. I think they are ALL doing well. Bowlings are still recovering somewhat, but all in all things seem good. It would seem to me that Adam is a commodity on his own. The guitar player just had his second child within the last 15 months, his wife was a singer with Crabb Revival. I am sure that is a contributing factor. It is difficult at best to have small children on a bus. Adam is smart to make life easier and do the solo thing. He is affordable and talented.

    Jason seems to have a great career. He is the closest thing to a star we have in SG. Go Jason!

    Aaron is at Hagee’s church. He has always wanted to be a worship leader. Good for him. He started at the top!

    Kelly and Terah are poised to have a great year, all depending on Mike’s health. Someone sent me a video of them from a few weeks ago, and OMG is all I can say! Watch them, they are going to see some good things.Mike Bowling..can’t describe the performance! Amazing. They have the Greene’s piano player and Troy Peach road managing according to my source. It sounds like they have it right. Appears that the world wrapped them in love during the recovery from this wreck.

    So body language you say? What the heck does that mean??

    They are booking dates again for next winter’s tour, doing a cruise called CrabbFest at sea, according to the facebook pictures they spend a lot of time together as a family. I am fb friends with Kathy Crabb Hannah, Kelly Bowling, and Shellye Crabb and I stalk their photos. It looks like they are still having a blast to me.

    Just my observation.

  58. cynical one wrote:

    #57 — I think you’re right. The kids always appeared to have a great time together, and support each other’s individual efforts, even when their parents were going through their toughest times.

    And from what little I see and hear, it appears time has healed some wounds for the parents, too. That happens in many families, especially when both parties go on with their lives. And it appears they have.

    The kids are great singers/musicians, both individually and collectively. I pray God continues to bless the entire clan.

  59. gina wrote:

    Saw on another site that Scoot Shelnut was engaged to be married to Penny Greene. Anyone know if this is the Penny Greene who sang with the Chuck Wagon Gang? The announcement didn’t say but I seemed to recall that Penny left the CWG to spend time with her husband and two small kids. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else.

  60. twylite wrote:

    Hi, Does anyone know how I can get a copy of DMB band -Run Little Brother CD.. I remember When I was young, That song “Two of a Kind” ministered to.. I really ned that song.. Please help.

    please email me

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